Was building a snow volcano. What if you were the Devil? What would you do? Close your eyes and think about that?

Trump vs Swamp Flags Drawing 9d210618e9252946f9b0b69cfde8bf597a535938.jpeg

Mind Bender 12

12:53 AM - MindBenderPodcast 12: IWA SERVER IS ALIVE RECREATED - Brighteon - They talked about me and drunk Alex Jones.

Be Right Back

01:07 AM - 01:55 AM - Watching - Black Water 201 - Immortality - Be Right Back - Scott Adams talked about how they could make a simulated version of him based on all of his videos.

Getting Freedoms Back

09:39 AM - Me Patriot Vaccines Article - I'm going to continue to Write Trump and tell Trump to stop 5G and bad vaccines and big tech tyranny and geoengineering and Open Borders and other things. I'm going to continue to try to tell everybody and demand for more freedoms, to get freedoms back. Don't forget how Trump is deep inside the swamp. They're all lying to Trump. They're stopping Trump over 90% of the time. How can Trump do anything good at all if his own cabinet is stopping him? Would be better for him to be assassinated, Pence too, so that Pelosi becomes the President? If that happens, she would likely step down and let Hillary Clinton become the President. CHecked on the small heater in the bookshed. Pretty small heater. A book is sitting on top of it to keep it on. We are heating it up. I'm planning to build more walls for my snow fortress which may allow water and ice to build up inside the volcano later and the ice structure may last to April 2019, at least.

How-To Upload Videos

10:27 AM - Good Advice - You could upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, https://bitchute.com, https://brighteon.com, https://d.tube, https://vimeo.com, etc......

Hunting For Dinosaurs

10:45 AM - Travel: Joy The Wanderer - I was using Google Maps to look for dinosaurs in the Solomon Islands above Australia. I didn't see anything. I saw some dark waves in the ocean. I was also trying to study the South Pole. I'm trying to figure out what is deep inside the Congo Jungle as well. So full of so many mysteries.

Visiting Vietnam

10:51 AM - Travel Advice - To say thank you, you say, "CAM ON." Well, it is pronounced more like Cam Un. I enjoyed my time in Dalat City, above Saigon. Was in Vietnam for five years until 2017. I love the people. YEU = love. Yeu is pronounced ewww. I love eating rice chicken (com ga).

Which Picture Would You Choose?

10:59 AM - Erikah Game - Click Here to see the three pictures to play the game - I'd pick that first picture as it is bigger, more land, more options, healthier, more exciting, in a variety of ways. I see a lot less in the other 2 pictures. I could build some burger trees haha in the park, the first photo, and plant flowers, as seen in the third image, in the park. I can walk, which is healthy. We cans it down and talk on the bench. So many options. There are more options. You can eat a burger and smell flowers in the first picture. The more, the better.

Different Types of Sciences

11:08 AM - The Emphasis is on the Continuous Nature of Observation Science Over Historical Science - There are strong differences between observing things in the recent past, and ongoing, in a continual process, the scientific process, and simply looking at something from long ago that you were not there to see in the process. The two are two different types of sciences. They're not the same in a variety of ways. That should be the emphasis. Of course, everything is in the past. But that is not the difference between the two sciences. The difference is that one is past-tense while the other is past-tense continuous. The second one is ongoing in the moment as the experiments and observations are taken place in real-time. @onthewayout: "Scientific consensus is built based on the ability of the scientific community to replicate..." - But can we replicate the Big Bang?

Banning Oatmeal - Part 019

12:24 PM - Like Twitter - Can somebody ban you from offline activism? Imagine being banned from Twitter like Laura Loomer was. If you were Laura, what would you do? How is she able to go viral on Twitter? How does Laura trend on Twitter? But she is not even on Twitter. She is not allowed to because she supports country first perspective. If you love your family, you might be banned. I'm saying might be. But will you let that stop you from offline activism? How is Alex Jones able to trend on Twitter even after getting banned? Should we ban Hate Speech and what is Hate Speech? Are younger people taught enough Molyneux philosophy in order to understand how free speech is being stolen from people?

Wash the Dishes

Around 12:30 PM

Are we winning?

02:24 PM - Cryptocurrencies Debate - Speaking of, there is that Smoke.io website that is similar to Steemit and it promotes what might be natural remedies, alternative medicines. I'm on Smoke. I like Dash. I love dapps. I don't have any Dash yet.

Mount St. Helens vs the Grand Canyon

02:42 PM - Science Debate - I was asking you a question and not making a statement. I didn't say you can or cannot try to determine things from the past. However, in doing so, you may make too many assumptions on patterns, on how things were, on the rate of decay that things may have, on certain events, especially when they contradict what we do observe. Again, there are many cases that you seem to be either ignoring or you may unaware of what I'm talking about because you have NOT brought up these cases of things that have happened the past few thousands of years. There are strong contradictions that we can see in those cases. We should talk about those cases. We should talk about how these scientists say one thing while the other scientists say something different while providing concrete evidence. Why don't we talk about the evidence of Mount St. Helens in 1980 when we also talk about the formation of the Grand Canyon?

Know More Lies With Adam Green

02:46 PM - Lies About Alex Jones - I love Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN). I listen to them. Why is Adam Green of Know More News lying about Alex Jones? Why are you promoting those lies? You are saying that Alex says and does things he does not.

Snow Volcano

03:00 PM - 06:19 PM - Continued building my Ice Palace. I've decided to build up the walls to resemble a volcano. I may try to let water build up to see if it will freeze inside the ice hole, the ice volcano of that animated movie, Frozen. Do you want to build a snow man? No, I want to build a climate change defying snow fortress. I made a video about that in 2019, not too long ago. Finished transporting two front yard snow piles to the snow fortress today. Now, my arms are sore. Took a shower. Now, watching today's Alex Jones Show. Was also watching Stix.

Day By Day Science Experiments

06:31 PM - Observational Science Defined - Thousands of scientists disagree with you and you did not observe earth form, step by step, day by day, like you would in a scientific experiment where you take something and you test it, take notes, come back the next day, observe it, take more notes, and continue to observe it, step by step and day by day. That is observational science and thousands of scientists would tell you that. If you do not know that, then you are in fact ignoring those scientists. Why don't you already know what I'm talking about? Are you saying that you only know about the scientists that agree with you and not the thousands and thousands of scientists that disagree with you? When scientists disagree with what you believe, you ignore it you move on?

Fake News

06:35 PM - Alex Jones Did Not Say That - That is not what Alex Jones was saying. You need to listen to Alex. You are taking Alex out of context. Just like with Sandy Hook. Alex did not say what the fake news said he said about Sandy Hook. People did die in Sandy Hook. Alex said people died. It was not fake. People are always taking Alex out of context. They don't show you the whole story. Alex has said many times that he does not like Jared Kushner.

Killing Patriots

07:19 PM - The Fall of England - They're trying to kill Tommy Robinson. He exposed fake news in Panodrama. They banned him from social networks. Muslims and police surrounded his home. Tommy's website is https://www.TR.News.

Finding Happiness

10:25 PM - Looking For L4OJ Joy - Beautiful. I love art. I love to draw. I love looking for outrageous joy in the sunsets. Our sun might be taking us to a magical place and the sun may flash. There is a singularity. I find my happiness in Jesus and in those eternal principles, that perspective, those vibrations.

Being You

10:28 PM - Near the end of third hour of today's Alex Jones Show, Kristin called in, talked about being raised by a single father, which means no mother in the household, but he died when she was like seventeen years old. But Alex Jones became her father figure. She realize that she has to stand up to become somebody. Alex means so much to her. There was so much passion in her voice. That is beautiful, I like her already. Men got to be men, biologically, emotionally, as manly men, not girly men. Women got to be women. Dear Jesus, thank you for guiding me and others. Soryy for being so bad at times. Sorry for not talking about you more. It is a big no no to talk about Jesus because Jesus is powerful. So, they ban Jesus off television, radio, the Internet, in churches, even by conservatives. Jesus saves. Jesus is alive.

Demon Sandy

10:39 PM - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sandy - Agreed, Sandy is in the wrong country. She is pushing America to become different. These people are attacking country first priorities. Beyond that, Sandy attacks family first perspective.

If I Were The Devil

10:43 PM - If I Were The Devil - Paul Harvey - 1965 - Watch this video which was published in 1965, the audio part of the video, and it describes the world we live in right now in so many ways.

Free Markets

11:21 PM - President Trump Participates in an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting - video - Employers say don't have enough potential qualified workers. So, Trump said that we must let more people into our country. No. Bad idea. Why is Trump supporting George Soros Open Borders which is destroying Europe in the 2010's in a variety of ways, the past few years, especially in England? How do we tell Trump that we want the borders closed? We want free market competition but we should not try to mess with immigration in doing so. We should not increase government in order to manipulate free markets. Why? Because that accelerates what the United States of America (USA) towards what it already has, crony capitalism. We are sinking into globalism, the swamp, the deep state, in a variety of ways. Government should stay out of the free market. If there are not enough employees, then the companies should stop expanding. Some of the already employed workers could quit and move over to these other jobs or work multiple jobs. That is competition. Remember what Obama said in 2008 during the big bailouts. Go look at that. Look at how the federal government increases debt ceilings. This is a big problem. I'm watching the War Room. Apple is failing and that is good. Competition is good. Stefan Molyneux has made so many videos about how open borders destroys countries. Look at how Rome fell. Do we want to fall as a nation by letting people come in who are not assimilating? Should we let people immigrate, legally and illegally, people who yell, "Death to America"? Should we let too many people in, people who are against American values? Should we let Sand and others endorse socialism, bigger 1984 government, tyranny? Should we let them take our guns, our rights, liberties, freedoms, free speech, our rain water, etc, etc? I plan to watch Gotham 509 soon.

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If I Were the Devil - Paul Harvey - 1965

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