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Making Time.

That's the biggest theme. See Lucy Nancy Pelosi saying to Charlie Brown Trump, "No." Wait a minute, "Didn't you say yes before?" Yeah, many people have talked about building walls, barriers, security, in the past. They've said many different things over the years. It is much worse than that. Lionel Nation asked incredible questions today concerning all of it. Who controls the body? The head said it does as it tells the body what to do. Then the heart says no, it does as it pumps the blood. Then the ass said, wait no, I do. They laughed at him. So he closed, and then everything closed up. The legs stopped working. Everything else clogged up as well. That may be a joke, but there is a lot of truth there. Who controls the government? Do the little pawns know what the kings and queens of chess are doing? Is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook trying to make a new thing for the cool kids of the future of tomorrow, a place called LOL? Some people fall for Instagram of Facebook, thinking it has no connection to Facebook. Sunday began around 7 AM. Got up for some coffee. Mom gave me that meme idea. So, I made it, as seen above.

Harry Potter

10:50 PM - Saturday - Watched the The Story of Lord Voldemort - Tom Riddle Origins Explained (Re-Upload July, 2017) YouTube Video by MovieFlame which had over ten million views in 2017 and YouTube killed that video like it did mine. It was uploaded again in 2018 and it has a million views now. It tells the story of the main villain of Harry Potter. I think I want to watch all the films, now.

Bird Box

12:06 AM - Good video about why I don't live in the city. The problems with 5G and what it does to people is scary. Bird Box is scary. That is why I plant gardens.

Lucy Pelosi Meme

07:17 AM - Put Trump on the face of Charlie Brown, saying, "Good Grief, I just want a wall." Put Pelosi on the face of Lucy. Have her say, "No." Not I Love Lucy. Mom just gave me that idea. Had some weird dreams but don't really remember them right now. Just got ready for church. Too cold last night. Add blankets or coats next time, not to self. Just got coffee. Set to study more driver's education this morning.

Desktop Notifications

08:58 AM - I wrote on Infocoms: @FlagDUDE08, "The most important thing you said was number 3, as that is a thing that happens all the time. When I go to a website on my laptop, or an app on my phone, it asks if I want desktop notifications, updates. That can be a problem as that gives them access into the computer and phone and device and tablet itself, the machine. So, I click no and never. Remember to click on the never option so the thing does not keep on popping up to ask. I do not want desktop notifications to be turned on for a bunch of reasons."

Adding More to my Plate.

12:52 PM - Went to church at 9 AM. Learned about the stock market, how to trade. We talked about that until like 11 AM, almost 2 hours. I listened. I've traded cryptocurrencies but I didn't tell them. Had too much coffee, again, and too much French vanilla creamer and then added too much chocolate syrup stuff. So, that's my addiction, my drug, and I should stop and drink water instead. Too much juice can be a problem because it's better to eat the fruits instead, if you can, generally. Missed Sunday School because we were talking in the lobby about trading. Good talk. We can all learn so much from each other. During the morning service, there was a talk on abortion and there is a march at the capitol, that is Olympia, on Tuesday. People should do that. I may take my written drivers test on that day. Good that people were able to share ministries that help women and families. We all have roles to play. Pastor played a video of a wild puppy dog, a stray. Very scared, angry, was barking. But was adopted and the dog turned into a nice dog after some weeks. It takes time. People are the same. There are ministries that are helping people get back on their feet. Great to talk about. Great shows online. I'm planning to post an article for my favorite Sunday shows for example and for each day of the week. I want to help connect people to things daily. So much to do, so little time. We got some chips, potatoes, bread. The kids were running around. Good to say hello to them. Maybe I should become a youth pastor or something. I got to do so much. So much on my plate.

Nationalism Family First Umbrella

01:04 PM - Family First Nationalism Umbrella - See that the umbrella shields our local communities from the threats of Islam, social justice warriors (SJW NPC), globalism, Nazism, communism, Sorosism, nihilism, LGBT paganism, China, technocracy, plutocracy, monopolism, corporatism, Big Pharma, Skull & Bones, pacifism, etc.

Thanksgiving 2018

03:30-05:40 PM - It's not what you think, my bloody Americans. I mean, from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other. Was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years until I return to the USA on Thanksgiving Day 2017 via airplane, where I was retained at the border for like hours while Asians walked by me. They questioned me, looked and searched through all my bags, my clothes, my papers, as if I was a terrorist, but I returned because of Trump and Infowars and family first, community first, country first, rejuvenation, revolution, refocus, a rebirth like never ever before. The picture above is from Thanksgiving 2018 where we went to see Aunt Karen, my mom's sister, and Karen's husband, Phil. Also saw Karen's sons, Nathan and Alan Williams. Saw Nathan's kids, his family. I told Nathan that he introduced me to Sim City on the Super Nintendo, the SNES, around 1994, where he showed us kids how to get like a million dollars which allows you to make a whole a city, a map, full of hundreds of airports which cost like $10K each.

Ten Videos

06:00-07:20 PM - I made ten videos where I sang random songs and I uploaded them to Facebook, to my English group, and also to YouTube. I washed the dishes, took a shower, went back to watching YouTube videos from people like Lionel Media. Went to bed at 10 PM. Now, I'm back up at midnight. The videos I made are funny to me. I sang about A Whole New World of Aladdin which turned into Fly Me To The Moon. I sang the Steal Still Vietnam song. I sang the Ra Ra Roo Roo Boo Boo Song. I sang 7 Rings by Adriana Grande, not to be confused with that person Rocky Balboa screams. I sang a Sad Mai Song. Twinkle Star Bar Car Song. God Is An Awesome God Song. Baby One More Time by Britney Spears, featuring an Oatmeal man identifying as a woman. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way. Alien Freestyle Song. My throat is a little sore. Stuffy nose. I have a cold. A little sick. But will sleep more. Will drink more water. Will recover.

Day In Review

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Sunday the 20th of January of 2019

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