Why is Trump going too slow?

How do we help Trump go faster in helping America, our country, recover more and more? That was the biggest thing on my mind, today, Saturday, the 19th of January of 2019. Secondly, I was unable to screenshot on Windows. So, I can do it on Ubuntu operating-systems (OS), generally, and have been via FN + Print or FN + Delete. FN means the Function key on the computer keyboard. Trump made a speech today about the wall.

Chronology of My Biography

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Friday Review

09:47 AM - Friday Review - I wrote my April of 2013 and Fuller House 410 reviews on Friday. Before that, Thursday night at 09:28 PM PST, I wrote my Thursday review and included some Friday notes in the comments. Thursday night, 09:44 PM, Mom was reading about ancient European history. Friday morning, 10:57 AM, I wrote, UFO stands for Unidentified Facebook Objections. I talked about resurrecting my Oatmeal English Facebook Group.

Mentor Box

11:06 AM - Mentor Box - I just watched a YouTube ad by Mentor Box. In the video, a man talked about how some people make time for books while others don't. Regardless, we do better when we read them, learn from them. That's what Mentor Box is all about. They get top book sellers to teach their books via videos, online courses, at Mentor Box. It costs some money but it may be more valuable than the SJW aspects of colleges, universities. Also saw an ad for Tai Lopez which was about making money via social network marketing. I don't know if Lopez has specifically good advice. But regardless, there is some truth there, either way, as you can make money. There are so many ways to make money. First, save money. Second, long-term investments. Third, give people what they need, not want. Fourth, build your name recognition, your brand, your name, your slogan, slowly, faithfully, be patient. Fifth, try new things. Sixth, however, spend 80% of your time on things that work, that have been working. Seventh, let other people help you sometimes. And you can also support others as well as that helps you as well.

Pew Die Pie OwO

11:29 AM - Mentor Box - This ad came while watching a funny OwO Pew Die Pie video which he made with Cinnamon Toast Ken. They read creepy role-playing scripts, instant messages, texts, where casual small talk turns into dirty one-sided erotic romance advances. For example, somebody might write, "How are you?" Oh, I'm alright. But then the person can then respond, "pulls out meat sepulcher." Very interesting, psychologically speaking. Bits of comedy all over, as well.

Ten Year Challenge

11:51 AM - Ten Years Challenge 2009-2019 - Be patient when starting out. Promote your brand, gradually. Don't be afraid to get messy. I uploaded thousands of videos to my Ojawall channel on YouTube, which began in 2009 and it died in October of 2017. My Joeyarnoldvn channel, likewise, was murdered in Oct of 2018, which was the next year, exactly twelve months later. So, there were so many lessons there. Who knows how many channels, profiles, pages, groups, accounts, videos, pictures, articles, posts, links, memes, and other things, were deactivated, removed, erased, shadow banned, disabled, forbidden, deleted, shredded, ended, murdered, taken, stolen, eradicated, over the years, by Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and others. But through it, I learned so many things.

Caitlin Bennett

02:08 PM - Caitlin Bennett made a great video on Trump and Pelosi. She is almost as beautiful and daring as Millie Weaver. I was watching her video on Brighteon. It is brilliant, natural, and worth spreading. On Info Wars, you can watch videos, click a button below the videos to download the videos, and then you can upload them on other ghetto social networks, websites.

Fuller House 411

02:55 PM - Fuller House 411 Review - My favorite part was when Max went to explain that Inception film to Stephanie's BF. So, is everything real or not real when the thing is spinning in that movie? Also, Kimmy dressed up at Mrs. Doubtfire at the end. So, is that Robin Williams character real? No? Wow. Mind blown. So, maybe we are in a Scott Adams simulation. Steph and DJ were doing yoga in a gym. An old lady kicked them and then yelled, "Canceled the ambulance, they're alive." The dodge ball coach insulted them, "Get off the court cupcake." Which one is cupcake? Who cares, just get off. Oh, how rude. Steph forced him to let her play and she became the star.

Tagged Girl - Ruth

05:57 PM - Ruth - Favorite girl of the day award on Tagged.com goes to Ruth J. for her smile and fitness and energy.

Big Plans

07:03 PM - Big Plans - Watched the dishes. Ate potatoes, 3 pieces of toast. Brought in more bread from the big garage. Watched a trailer on YouTube of season 2 of Cobra Kai of the Karate Kid series. I like the girl in it. You can download show and movies off websites for free and put them on hard drives, physical DVDs, thumb drives, whatever you want. I watched a music video called Big Plans by Why Don't We. They appear to be soy boy versions of 90's bands like Nsync, 98 Degrees, New Kids On The Block, etc. I should do cover. People are unhappy with the NWO federal government shutdown among other things. I want to make fun videos and focus more on fun things and also educational things. I want to find better ways to educate people.

Disney vs. Star Wars

09:40 PM - Watched the Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers video by Robot Head on YouTube. I learned that Disney put too much soy in the laser swords. Notice how people aren't cut in half. They develop flesh wounds, instead. Before that, I was watching Movies In Minutes. For example, Rogue One in 4 Minutes tells the story of this Star Wars A New Hope prequel in four minutes. I like this channel.

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