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Been There Before.

Actually, not so much, but Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada, was our destination. We left around 09:25 AM PST APX Monday, returned back home to Shelton, WA, by 01:34 AM Tuesday morning. I was looking for my passport. Rick helped. I found in a drawer. Didn't go to the bathroom. Held for a few hours until we made to West Park, where I met a really nice receptionist girl there. It looked like it might been a police place or I thought I saw like a sign somewhere around here that said police. We drove on Richard Street. Went by water, the Stanley Park, but couldn't find free parking or place that accepted credit cards as we didn't have pounds or a a pay by phone as we had no phone service in Canada. I was able to use the restroom eventually when we stopped by West Park. It was around 1 PM and we drove over a bridge. Took places of a downtown area place. We went back over. She gave us advice. The green circles or no signs are the places where we can park. She told us to go rent bikes. I said I liked potatoes. She gave me and Maria advice on where to go and that didn't really totally help us according to Rick and we drove around and found a parking spot. We walked around, took more pictures, videos, talked more. We saw electric buses, Starbucks. Ate lunch at Bin 4. Not to be confused with a place we have been before. See them on Facebook. Where no American has gone before. Cute waitress with a nose ring. I ordered a big fat Greek burger that was $16. I don't remember what they had. I got the password for the free wifi there and they acted like it might not have been free but it was easy to get the password. The waitress was cute and very nice. I love How I Met Your Mother and learned a lot about Canada over the years from Robin, the female character on that show. We had good talks all day. A joke about the girl with no boobs according to Maria whom I liked more than the second from where we had lunch at perhaps. Good jokes and many conversations about everything all day. We went to 2 Asian malls and then one Canadian Mall, like the biggest in the world it would seem like. At one mall, there was an indoors piano and basketball hoop. There were many Asians everywhere. Especially Asian stores. Some people did not wear hats. They wore coats, jackets, I love the fashion. They should wear more hats but at least they wore coats. beautiful people walking around the city. We took many photos and videos. We will be sharing more later on. Here are few here and more on the way. We stopped by a 7Eleven and gas station past Seattle on our way home. Rick mentioned Amy who lived at that big tree down the road from 163, our house we grew up in, back in Forest Grove, OR. They had a Nintendo, a brown carpet which I remember. I told him Alisha, near Tony, had what I thought was ghost stories. Turn off the TV, but it was still on, and people or things came out of the TV to throw stuff at them. Behind Katrina and Kathy's house, near Sarah Ford's house, there was a house that had a fire. I mean trailer, not house. We grew up in a ghetto. Another house on a road towards 7 Eleven had a house that had a fire too. The father (maybe of that same house) came to Katie and our club we had in the early 90's to get a dollar back that we got from the girl for the club fees, AKA dues. He was mad. Before Tiffany and Michael Cumbo moved to space 170, 2 boys lived there. We climbed a tree to get on the roof. That was cut down later on. The small room had a fire. A bus 57 driver said he was Bob Saget as a way of yelling back to a bad person or something one time. Don't remember or knew exactly what happened. One driver got out to take pictures of birds at a field near Rick Tires. And Rick got a computer tower from Rich Libby as he went to Oklahoma for college, in 2000. I forgot about that. Back to our Canada trip, I had $5 hot milk coffee and $3 spring rolls at a Vietnamese place at one mall. And $10 rice and chicken at the other Vietnamese place at the Canada Mall place in the food court and sang the Tet song to them. We saw a petting cats cafe. That 3rd mall we visited might have been the Vancouver Centre Mall. We saw Toysrus where a kid can be a kid. I thought that went out of business. The other day, we saw Chucky Cheese's. We went to Walmart at that last mall. We stopped by clothing and shoe stores all day all over for Maria. She went to a few places and we stood and waited. I talked in the car on the way back about how writing and talking about memories and life is like looking and connecting dots and reading between the lines of the small stars, the constellations. I continued telling them all day my life story of the past ten years especially.

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Monday the 14th of January of 2019

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