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We went to Seattle.

We didn't go up into the Space Needle, Friday. Too expensive. But we did ride the mono-rail, AKA the Over-Way, not to be confused with the Subway. I like the people here. Reminds me of PDX and Saigon, two other cities I've lived in. Yes, there seems to be too many 1984 UFO angels in the skies, AKA helicopters, airplanes. We talked about Full House and Fuller House. Are the characters, like Danny Tanner whom Bob Saget plays, acting more like the actors, like themselves, rather than the characters they are playing? We saw the dancing, musical, water fountain. We played in and on a play place, a dome. We went to a mall. We stopped at a cafe. Me and Ricky played a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. We looked at NBA Jam. I saw a new turtles game. We lost Maria but then found her. We went up and down many stairs. During the start of the day, I wrote my tenth of January of 2019 and my March of 2013 reviews. Then we hopped into Rick's rented car from Shelton to Seattle, which only took like 90 minutes. We were out the door about 3 minutes after 12:34:27 PM PST, according to the timestamp of the last photo Maria took of us. We took photos next to random things like statues, the river, buildings, etc. Maria got random people to take photos of all four of us, Marilyn Mitchell, my mother, Rick Arnold, my older brother, my only brother, Maria, his wife of Honduras, and me. We walked around. We went into Old Navy. Where is New Navy? One time, mom went into the elevator, and we went up the stairs. We lost her for a while. I sang for a second while a street piano musician played. Mom said he was an it instead of a him. We ate some fish & chips. I had orange juice and water. We talked about things. Ricky said he doesn't know much about Star Wars, Star Trek, other movies, shows, news, Infowars, etc. He says he doesn't really watch the news or other things too much. I tried to say a few things. We walked around. We got lost on our way home. We were home by like 10 PM PST. My favorite part of the trip might have been the arcade. On our way to Seattle, we talked about our life memories, playing video games, arcades, our trip to California in 1992, our relatives, for example.

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Marilyn, Joseph, Richard

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Friday the 11th of January, 2019

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