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Preparing For Battles.

Clarity comes in calmness of the storms around us, the eye of the tornado, and that is the driving factor to rising success, progress. Saturday, I went with my brother, Rick, his wife, Maria, shopping. We went to Olympia, WA, to a few stores, the mall, because they're preparing to do a presentation at our church of their ministry in Honduras where they teach English and share the gospel of Christ, which is to ask Jesus to save us, and we are not saved by our good works, by being a good people, but by asking Jesus to give us a new heart. We went to Auto Parts, Safeway. We ate some chocolate, other snacks. Who was a tougher basketball player, Karl Malone, Shaq, Patrick Ewing, or maybe even Arvydas Sabonis? Maybe Sabonis was tougher. Oh, we didn't play basketball today as planned. Rick told me to my surprise that Sabonis started playing professionally since he was 14. When he entered the NBA in his like late twenties, they claimed that his body was already deteriorating. Yeah, Brandon Roy was stronger, bigger, more well rounded than Damon Stoudamire was for the Portland Trail-Blazers. I was born in 1985 in Oregon and was watching and listening to each Blazers game on TV, on the radio, each game, reading the newspapers each morning around 1998-2002, around that time, for a few years, I transitioned into that climax, that obsession in my life. But after like 2002, it started dying out. Since like 2004, I've been generally only watching NBA basketball just two times a year, that is the All-Star Weekend and the NBA Finals, generally, with a few exceptions where I might have watched a few other games and may have skipped a few years or watched just a few minutes a few times.

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But I do play basketball when I can.

I told Rick that I thought Magic might have been tougher than Michael Jordan in a physical sense as he had to compete with tougher, dirtier, players, in the early 1980's as Michael wasn't drafted until a few years later. But generally speaking, Mike was tougher. Actually, Mike might have been tougher, physically, as well. So, I might have to take that back as well. Lebron is pretty good. Rick said they stretched out the NBA seasons to give them rest. Players were playing too many back to back games. Kobe took a few years to get really good. That's the value of college basketball as a transition into NBA basketball. We also talked about the Internet. I told Rick that I've experienced problems on social networks over the years. I was suspended for a month on Facebook for writing, "Kill All White People" in October, 2018. I was also suspended other times for posting a picture of Hitler and a quote. In 2019, Facebook suspended Franklin, the son of Billy Graham. Rick agreed that big tech have been censoring millions of conservatives, independents, etc. I said that I can't prove that they are going after me, targeting me, personally speaking, but I've experienced all sorts of variations of problems, etc. We talked about how some people can have a lot of money and can become bad. Maybe because they are already bad. Some of what they write and share online can be pretty bad, pretty dumb, but they may get more likes, comments, hits, views, reach, than other people may. I've experimented online with all sorts of things and have struggled. I told Rick that I believe in competing against the monopolies, the big tech, and not that Gab, Minds, Steemit, etc, may or may not overthrow Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Twitter, etc, but rather it is about trying to at least compete, trying to offer better alternatives, choices, for those who want to get out of ghetto social networks, etc. Yeah, mom has struggled with problems all her life since she was maybe ten, maybe younger, maybe things like Bipolar, autism, etc. She didn't really know enough about her problems until she was maybe thirty, and not enough until maybe forty. She was born in 1952 and she started becoming healthier, reading more, like in the 1990's, and she has been even better after the 2000's. So, we talked about family things, basketball stuff, ministry stuff, world issues. They bought a display board and printed out the pictures. Maria put together a display. We went to church for the evening service. We had a display. Maria shared about their ministry during the sharing time. Brian had a great sermon. Great worship. Great testimonies. We went home. We all had dinner, everybody except for me. Then I gave mom my sad hungry bird look. She didn't get it at first but then she got it a minute later. We also talked about Buddhism, politics, religions, and many different things on Saturday.

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Saturday the Twelve of January of 2019

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