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The Farmer & the Hell.

Wednesday, they turned their backs on the American people yet again, they being Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. That's why we need to Decentralized National Parks as opposed to federalizing too much, too often. I was studying how to drive, the written test. I reviewed Tuesday and Fuller House 409. We talked about Laminin & Crux. Yes, Trump walked away from a meeting because they lied, they refuse to give Americans security. But Democrats have said many times that we need walls, barriers, fences, over the years. You can watch the videos, read about it, ask around. They sometimes talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk of getting things done. Follow the money. Who funds and lobbies for the Rats & Rhinos, the Swamp in the United States of America (USA), since like the 1800's? Why do they get so much both directly and indirectly from Soros, Rothschild, the UN, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama Foundation, the Bush Foundation, China, Islam related groups, globalism related groups, Bilderberg, Big Pharma related groups, CFR, EU, NWO related groups, etc?

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