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Demanding Tyranny.

The biggest thing that happened Tuesday didn't even happen Tuesday according to some people, assuming that the response, the rebuttal, from the Donkey Rat Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Norris, I mean Schumer, were perhaps either pre-written by ghost writers or prerecorded. It was aired after the USA President Trump Oval Office Prime Time Address. Trump talked about all the problems we have. Nancy & Chuck looked stoned, scared, messed up. They talked about how Trump manufactured the crisis, the murders, the crimes, all the poop in San Francisco, in the streets, and much more. Never mind how the Roman Empire fell due to open borders. Never mind what is happening in Venezuela. Never mind how Soros, the UN, the EU, and others, destroy countries all over Europe for example. Trump talked about how we lose way over 100 billion dollars each year because of these problems. How big is a few billion dollars USD, that can be spent for building a wall when compared to over 100 billion dollars that we lose each year already? Tuesday morning, around midnight, I watched Fuller House 408. Tuesday night, around 11 PM PST, I watched Fuller House 409. Earlier that day, I wrote my 2019 Week 01 Review. Still studying to learn how to drive. The biggest thing that happened was the Trump Address to the nation Tuesday evening.

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