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Trimming hedges.

Trimmed a bush. Which reminds of what we talked about at church, Sunday, AKA yesterday. Now, back to today, at around 11 AM PST LMS JA, I was watching Lisa Haven on YouTube, talking about how Apple sold out user data to the Chinese government in China. In 2019, so far, there's a revolt, a decline in sales. Chinese people in China are not happy. I'm writing this while eating lunch on this Monday. I'm happy to be eating, writing, living, and I'm even happy that they're unhappy. I don't want the people to be NOT happy but I do want Chinese revolutions, as in Chinese government reform, or a rebirth, to continue in acceleration, as it is already happening to some extent. Also, Lisa talked about how Chinese military were given orders to prepare for war with America, Taiwan, things like that. By the way, China has been buying up so many things in America. My mom made me a yummy lunch with turkey, vegetables, biscuits, etc. Larry helped me trim the bush, gave me advice on how to do it, how he does it. Good to get advice in life. Good to learn from mistakes. Good to appreciate what you do have in life. That is why we stand up against globalism as they continue to take more and more of our freedoms away from us. The good news is that people around the world are doing that and you can join us if you have not already. Why not? The day is not over yet. Stay tune for more updates in the comments below.

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Vietnam Drama

Back to the never ending Vietnam Oatmeal Drama, Daniel Brodrick wrote in that Expats & Locals In Ho Chi Minh City HCM Saigon at 01:33 AM PST LMS JA, Monday, today, 2019-01-07, the following, "Not him again, i thought he moved back to america and stopped pestering girls at the park in d1." Phil Watson, not to be confused with Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet, liked Dan's comment & added, "he certainly went quiet for a good long time. I think he's been back in the states, but hang on to your hats because he's BACK!" Jenny Nguyen interjected, "How do you know he is back ? He is still in the US , anyway who cares." Phil: "Back on here, not in Vietnam." Jay Essex: " People who can't use block, delete or ignore are the retards."

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Monday, the Seventh Day of January, 2019

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