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Bad News, Good News.

First, the bad news is that you're Uncle Fester of the the Addams Family. The good news is that you're Doc from Back To The Future, starring alongside Canada Actor of the Century, Michael J. Fox. Actually, to put it in other words, the bad news is that, as seen in that photo above from Freaking News, on one hand, you're a mad scientist, but yet on the other hand, at the same time, on the other side of that same coin, you're a mad scientist. Yeah, I said the same thing twice, why? Because there are two words there. On one hand, you're mad. And yet, you're smart, too, haha. In other words, you're a mad scientist. But you're also a mad scientist. The first word is "MAD." Maybe that is bad, and not to be confused with the comedy entertainment magazine with that same name, "Mad." The word has different meanings, like angry, insane, awesome, bad, crazy, something unpredictable, something stupid, something not yet understood, and variations therein. And yet, you're also a scientist, which contradicts the first word, "MAD." How can you be mad and a scientist at the same time?

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Tale of Two Cities?

Better question would be how could you not be? Maybe you have to be both. When I say you, I mean me, that somebody compared me to Uncle Fester, played by Christopher Lloyd who also played that mad scientist who invented that time-machine car in Back To The Future (BTTF) that Marty McFly used to accidentally get his mom to fall in love with him which then may have resulted in a time paradox or something insane to blow up the universe or something. You can see what people have been saying about me in a Facebook group, Sunday. Long story short, I'm documenting what people have been saying about me for the record, so I can have it in the future, just in case, legally speaking, and everything else speaking on top of that. I was teaching English in Vietnam for 5 years from 2012-2017, and some Vietnamese, and some foreigners, have been spreading lies, false rumors, gossip, allegations, assumptions, hearsay, speculation, jokes, allegedly, etc, about me, things related to me, be it serious, be it jokingly, be it variations therein, online, offline, via Facebook, Couch Surfing, YouTube, BlogSpot, via Tyler Capp, other people, via word of mouth, etc. It's an going situation. Some people might be saying that I'm still living in Vietnam even as I'm living near Seattle since 2018. I returned to the USA in 2017. I can't say if some people really think I'm really still in Vietnam or if they're joking or what. It depends on the person, but I'm not going to assume the best out of them. You can ask me why does this matter. Long story, and I'll talk more about that in the future. There is so much to say and explain. So, stay tune for more Oatmeal.

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Fester or Doc?

How you choose to see yourself is as easy as that. I took an insult and turned it into a good thing. A person can call me four eyes, because I'm a nerd, geek, retarded, on the short bus, slow, etc. But I can respond, "But I have more eyes than you." I told them in Sunday School about what happened that week online. Similar things happened to others at our table. We can love Christ with our heart, mind, soul, Matthew 22:37, which correlates with aligning with that mindset, Philippians 2:5. We can gird that up, 1 Peters 1:13. You can choose to look at things in a bad way or in a good way, as much as possible, whenever possible, to whatever extent, in the moment, through the lens of eternal perspective, hope over dope, joy over circumstantial kites (JOCK), original oatmeal, foundational principles, destinies, infinite altitude. But generally, we look at things in bad ways, negatively, in bad light. But we can try to see it as a part of life, as a small aspect, a small piece of the puzzle. Stand back to see the bigger picture like trimming a bush which we did Monday morning, a few minutes ago. Stand back. Get some perspective at what you're cutting and keeping in your life, like pruning, like refining gold in fire. Choose to filter or else. Choose to procrastination from your own desires, temptations, sins, lust, whatever that you may feel like doing. You feel that you want to do it ONE more time to get it out of your system so you will stop feeling it. But it will be back LIKE THE TERMINATOR. Tell yourself what you want and go after that each morning. Pray if you have to and focus on that. Tell yourself that you can give in to temptations tomorrow. That is procrastination which can be a good thing. Put it off and focus on smaller steps towards bigger goals each day, wake up early, and prepare yourself mentally. Tell your closest friends and keep each other accountable. AND WRITE IT DOWN ON THE WALL. Be creative in reminding yourself of who you are, what you really want in life, what you really believe in life. GO AFTER THAT. Put off the bad and focus on the good. We all share in the bad but each one of us may go about it differently. But we share in the bonds of the struggles and weaknesses that we often do share. We often fail and fall as we feel that is not true, that we are more isolated than we really are. We can cry that we are weak or we can see it as part of life and take out the trash each day, in our houses and in our brains as well. We have equality in problems. People will tell you what to think. You can tell them to get out of your bubble. Give thanks in, not to, everything. There is a great prison to praise book. Does Luke 2:1 talk about a world tax introduced by the Roman Empire to many countries around the world or only to citizens within that partly global empire? I do not know yet. Are witches going through walls to tell people how much they hate them for being light in a dark world? How do we expose them? Are giants coming from the depths of our planet to America? We see it in fiction, on television, via Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc. So, we turn off and think these things are not real. When we are faced with bad dreams, desires, thoughts, we can be reminded that other people are going through the same thing at the same time, and we can pray. Better yet, we can find those people and seek to encourage, convict, inspire, exhort, train, discipline, and help them THROUGH what they're facing, be it temptation, depression, sadness, confusion, pain, anger, bitterness, jealousy, the 7 deadly sins, etc. Sunday night, I biked to church, recorded the Larry Mitchell praise band. Gently threw the bike in the back of the truck. It's cold cuz it's January. I like the cold.

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