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Learning to Drive.

I need to learn how to drive and I'm 33 years old and I never got around to it. I'm telling myself this. Other people were telling me that as well, Friday, the 4th of January, 2019, to me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, near Seattle. The past few months, I've been studying the written test. On Facebook, I asked in the Shelton Talks group about where I can take the test and people were saying you have to go to a driving school as the DMV is not doing it. Years ago, back in the early 2000's, I went to my local DMV in Hillsboro, OR, and took the test on a computer at least one time, possibly twice, and failed, got around ten of the questions wrong. My Christmas 2018 Post was downvoted.

Learn How-To Drive

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When is Tet?

I was in Vietnam Is Awesome (VIA) asking about that, about when the Chinese New Years was or would be. The Vietnamese counterpart of that day is called Tết. I asked how long it was. I was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years until 2017 and have experienced Tet there. Friday, I was asking why some Vietnamese may tell you when Tet is according to the Lunar Moon Calendar as oppose to the Solar Gregorian Sun Calendar. I asked why they or others wouldn't try or want to maybe translate that holiday from the moon to the sun calendar even as they translate Vietnamese words to English words. My first post, thread, was probably removed by a group administrator in that VIA group on Facebook. I asked a few Facebookers in the threads about consistency in connecting the dots, in logic, because if you begin to westernize yourself part way via using English, then why not take it a step farther or further by integrating the sun calendar more and more. I asked these questions because I believe that it helps people solidify what they believe, how they do things. I'm open to how they see things. But some of them appeared offended and accused me of being too self-centered. They told me to use Google. I responded, "If we use Google, then what would be the purpose of this group as all the questions in this Facebook group could be answered via Google as other people have already asked these same questions and had similar conversations on other websites. In fact, some of the videos, photos, links, in this group, came from other websites which we all can Google for and therefore we could do without this group, right?" My questions seem to have landed mostly on deaf ears. Since 2012, I've had similar interactions both online and offline in Vietnam and on websites, on Facebook, on Couch Surfing, in groups. In other words, over the years, I've been accused of being gay, crazy, insane, racist, closed minded, retarded, a rapist, a pedophile, a deplorable, a Russian bot, etc. I wrote the following to VIA today, Saturday morning, "Vietnam Is Awesome, two of my posts, threads, here were removed, it seems, just for asking when Tet was. I asked about the moon calendar as well. I wanted to understand why people use the sun and the moon calendar. I cannot find those threads. I am learning about Vietnamese culture. I am being accused of not being sincere and honest and real about my questions, allegedly, but I am being transparent, and I love Vietnam. I cannot find those threads, those posts. This post may not be removed but my posts are removed, as far as I can tell. Why is that? People can complain about me in groups, and those posts are not removed, but when I ask a real question, those posts and comments are removed, but why? I was simply asking about consistency in how people do what they do in regards to culture, languages, calendars, and everything. Please tell me what is going on." Tom Braley wrote, "tbh, I don’t see the problem. He asked a legitimate question. One I was wondering too (even after having been here for Tet last year). I’d have probably just Googled the answer, but still — I don’t get why there’s such an uproar?"

Day In Review

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Consequences For Dumb Question Asking

Dan Koenen wrote, in Vietnam Is Awesome (VIA), "After two annoying threads from Joey Arnold regarding the tet questions. Can there be some kind of accountability? I'd dislike if he was able to simply continue deleting his threads as soon as he's called out for his nonsense. I'm not saying kick him from this page, but at least make some type of consequence for future events if it so happens that it's going to be an ongoing annoyance."

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Professional Troll

Denis Charlebois Francoeur wrote at 05:49 AM PST, 2019-01-05, Saturday, "Don't worry he his like that with everyone i think he his a professional troll you just have to ignore him." Dan Koenen replied, "yeah I suspected as much. Though people bullshitting like that is a pet peeve of mine. So I guess he did his job right if it pulled me in like that." Denis: "Unfortunately it is the reality of the social media." Denis: "just block him he want boder you anymore." Jay Essex wrote, "Can people not use block, ignore or delete?" Mathieu Cole Byers wrote, "This is not new for this guy and his EPIC loser mentality." VIA wrote, "for the time being you can block people that annoy you and we will discuss issues as a moderation team. thanks for your post." Dan: "I didn't want to be a bother, I will accept whatever you think is best." Harris Laurence wrote, "Anh it was just a matter of time." Eric Kim wrote, "He's ban from many groups if you search joey oatmeal you will know why." Lucas Orn: "Legit question. Is he delusional or mentally unstable? I'd cringe so hard if I embarrassed myself in front of such a large community. He just seemed to keep digging. 🙄" Eric: "He was supposed to be deported back but seems like he never return." Độc Hành Nhân: " He is have some trouble in his life and if he want to fix it, he just have to connect with social person. So if you just fell him annoying, just block him by your self and let another will fixing that. I don't want let him alone where every group he goes. Not good if let person alone when they need our help." Dion Richardson: "that is very considerate of you. 😀" Matt James: "He's unstable and has some issues. He's harmless though." Nguyễn Apple Luân: " What did the guy ask? I hate peoples who ask questions/ post status but omitting facts . Like the guy Ray earlier who ask about experience with cops in VN. He delete the post after realizing who stupid the question was." Dan: " So he started a thread like this just before this one as well. Simply asking about when Tet holiday is. Them that one was deleted for him answering everything very rudely and expecting everyone to answer every single question as he had it. People obviously said no, then he deleted his thread. Then he started this one. Where he immediately started accusing people of not wanting to communicate because they didn't answer his questions as he had them. As if not wanting to talk to an absolute moron was a bad thing. 🙄" I DID NOT DELETE MY OWN THREAD. BIG LIE. Very sad that people have to lie about Oatmeal all the time. But they lie about anybody who is over the target.

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Gotta Catch Em All

Dan: "Hopefully that should spell things out for you. I didn't get screenshots of every single thread before you deleted it but imagine this guy going on in another six or so threads of the post." That's the problem we have. We allow censorship to come in the name of fighting against terrorism, hate speech, spam, racism, crazy people like me assuming that I am one, etc. We let tyranny get a foot in the door. I've written about this in previous posts and so has others. Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, Billy Graham's son (Franklin), Gavin, Milo, Diamond & Silk, Trump, Roger Stone, and many other people and groups have been censored, shadow banned, removed, purged, off social networks as described in that book named 1984. If we do not stand up against tyranny, then we fall for anything, we begin losing free speech, the first amendment, the 2nd, and especially the 4th in regards to privacy. Whether people know it or not, they are bullying and harassing people like me and you in the name of alleged safety. When you sacrifice freedom for a fake version of safety, right on up to tyranny, government, corporatism, etc, then you end up with nothing, generally speaking. Who was the first person to say that? Was it Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, not Button. I think it was Big Ben. Maybe he was not big but what he said was big. Give me liberty or give me death. And do you like my Oatmeal Boobs?

Free Speech

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Sacrifice Freedom For Security?

Again, Jay Essex wrote, "Can people not use block, ignore or delete?" Dan Koenen responded with something similar to what Tim Cook of Apple and Sundar of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and that guy of Twitter and others have said, "because the point is not just to improve my own experience on this page it is to improve the experience of all people on this page. If I simply blocked him it just means I can't see the problem. Not that the problem has been solved." Some of my previous posts can still be found in VIA. Besides that, I was downvoted on Steemit for posts about family first values. My Christmas 2018 post on Steemit was flagged, downvoted. In that post I mentioned how my previous posts were downvoted. In other words, I am not allowed to believe in journalism. I have been getting flagged, downvoted, a bunch this week by Bernie Sanders and others. It probably all started from that meme I made from what the person said at a Game Stop on Friday, the 28th of December, 2018, and I only quoted in my meme what he said in the video, and I quote, "It's ma'am... Take it outside, if you wanna call me sir again, I'll show you a sir." In other news, Owen Shroyer interviewed a lady who mentioned the six in one vaccines they give to babies.

Friday, the 4th of January, 2019

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