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I reviewed Fuller House 407 but then found out that the people at Smoke.io are against that tv show, not personally but because it may not be directly connected to Cannabis. Oh, I'm looking at my last post on Smoke and I am seeing some kind of debate there where some say that Smoke is like Steemit and may allow for anything that Steemit may allow in regards to what is posted, shared, commented, and everything. Some seem to be disagreeing.

Day In Review

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Star Wars

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Icarus and Daedalus

The Crete King didn't have open borders like Europe does right now but he did have Minotaur, a bullheaded man that was eating people, which is almost as bad as the Trojan Horse, AKA what we have right now in many countries around the world. The king hired Daedalus to build a cage or something to capture that Minotaur. Daedalus built a super mega MAGA labyrinth maze. They somehow got that Beowolf monster inside. Later on, the king grew jealous or something and threw Daedalus and his son, Icarus, in a tall tower but without the long hair to climb out with like some Disney princesses may have. Daedalus gathered feathers he found laying around. He made wings, gave his son advice on how to fly, and they flew off that island as people looked at in awe and shock at these gods like Apollo & Cupid. They were only men. Icarus flew too close to the hot sun, he fell, and drowned. His daddy, Daedalus was too far away to save him as Icarus flew too far from him. So, that smart Einstein father man gave up flying. That's sad. Why didn't he go back to flying? He is not responsible for what his son does. He could have taught others how to fly like a Greek version of Peter Pan.

Emulating Entertainment

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Origin of the Seasons

The Greek god of all the other gods, was Zeus, who overthrown a Titan, his father, Lord Zedd, AKA Cronus. Zeus had 2 brothers, Hades, AKA Jesus or King David, lord of the dead in the underworld, and Poseidon, god of the sea, grandpa of Ariel. Zeus had 3 sisters. His one sister, Demeter, the gods of agriculture, fertility, and marriage, had a noble brow, broad shoulders, and her Roman name was Ceres which the word Cereal is derived from. I'm Oatmeal, haha, and I'm a cereal, which derived from a god of marriage, of life, of Hope Over Dope, meaning I derived from that Fountain of Youth, that legacy. Nymphs are beautiful fairy like creatures that inhabitant mountains, forest, rivers, places where there is life, not the deserts, not the big SMART CAR cities. Demeter is the earth mother and she had a beautiful daughter name Persephone, pronounced purr-SEFF-uh-nee. The last 5 letters to her name is PHONE. But that last part is pronounced FF-uh-nee, which almost sounds like FUNNY. Next time you hold up your phone, you can say, "Do you like my FUNNY?" I love to talk to people on my FUNNY, not to be confused with STEPHANIE. Hades stole that frozen princess girl, STEPHANIE, I mean, PERSEPHONE, in his chariots, there were black clouds, as Persephone was dancing around in the meadows like Snow White. Hades snatched her like a thief in the knight, I mean night, and HADES magically parted the earth, the dirt, like he was Bob The Builder Mud Moses, instead of parting seas, he was parting the crust of our planet into a big Mario Bros Hole, a earthquake chasm. Just like when Lion Aslan left Never Ever Peter Pan Michael Samuel L. Jackson TV Land, I mean Narnia, everything turned as white as snow, like Game of Thrones, winter is coming. No, wait, winter is here, because Demeter was so sad and could NOT supernaturally turn the earth into spring and summer. For a long time, she ran around like that old lady with the poisonous apple from that Snow White story. She eventually got Zeus to Let's Make A Deal, to get her daughter back in a trade, her daughter or no more life on earth. But Hades tricked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit in the Garden of Eden, just kidding, I mean, Persephone to eat 7 seeds of a pomegranate. Zeus said he could change the laws of the Fates which declared that if you touch anything while in Hell, just like Aladdin did in that cave, you then have to stay there forever. Maybe not touch, but if you eat anything. Zeus also said she didn't eat the whole thing and that he could reinterpret the U.S. Constitution, I mean the Fates. So, he has to follow the Fates but can do so any way he deems fit? Sounds pretty progressive to me. Zeus commanded that she stays in Hell as the wife, the queen bee, of Satan, AKA Santa, AKA Cronos, AKA Saturn, for 7 months each year, and that is why we have fall and winter. When she comes back, her mother becomes happy again and the earth springs back to live. In other words, no commitment to doing their jobs. An emphasis on emotionalism and being triggered to death, to literal winter each year. Hermes was the father, the god, of magic, or medicine, of chemistry and what came before chemistry, alchemy. He was the father of hermetic art. The goddess of the rainbow was Iris which is also the name of the pigmented membrane of the eyes. Those are the stories I read Thursday night, Friday morning, the story of the flying guy and the story of how Satan found a wife which created the 4 seasons which Vietnam has been lacking around Sagion where I lived for 5 years, and I read those stories from that book, Classic Myths to Read Aloud by William F. Russell.

Geeks & Gamers

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What Else

I was downvoted Thursday a few times for saying that there are 2 genders. I am NOT talking about changing genders. I am not talking about whether a person can change from being male to being female as that has to do with 2 genders which I agree with. People attacked me on the changing one's gender part and I am not even addressing that. I am not even talking about it. I made a video about it yesterday, a song all about that. I wrote a few articles. I was on Facebook, Tagged, Steemit, Smoke,, BearShares, Serey, forbidden frogs forums which you cannot ever see. I also started making folders that outline my life as folders can be smaller and easier to edit and copy and save then bigger text and word document files. Maybe smaller. Mostly faster to edit. Easier to read. Faster to read. How do you do it? First make a folder called ARCHIVE. Inside, make a folder named 2019. Then make a folder inside that called 2019-01. Inside that folder, make a folder named 2019-01-04 Friday. And inside that folder, make a folder named Oatmeal Is Telling Me to do a bunch of things oh, no, what is he talking about? Just kidding. I am not really kidding but you can get the point that you can even name each folder, each note, at the hour you wrote it at, military time or AM PM style. I prefer military time. So, I wrote a folder named 23h Star Wars Fans vs Disney as I ended yesterday watching that video documentary. YouTube terminated some of accounts like Facebook has as well many times the past few years. Twitter has attacked me as well. My current YouTube channels would get 2 views per video on average, or much less. But I still think about making more videos. I need to find ways to make better videos. I want to do more about Star Wars. I like that hour long video which did a recap of the past few years for SW. I want to make a video where I talk about my each day diary folder idea. I have millions of ideas for videos but I have a slow computer, not a lot of space, poor audio and video recording equipment. I might want to bid it farewell. By the way, the past tense of bid is bade, pronounced BAD.

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2019 Day In Review #003

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