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My first day in review post for the first day of 2019 was downvoted as seen here. probably because of that photo above which is a meme of what happened at GameStop. You can look at the comments in those articles, those posts. It was downvoted, like flagged, by @cyberdemon531 and possibly others, maybe because they don't like to talk about history, news, psychology, biology, patterns found in anthropology. This person is still downvoting all of my posts and comments. This person will probably downvote this article as well.

Misgendered Man at Gamestop Video

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Two Genders

One of the first things I saw Wednesday was those downvotes on the past few posts by that one person as far as I can tell because I say there are only two genders, sexes, like Jordan Peterson who I'm not really a fan of because he seems to be against Alex Jones possibly. I wrote a few articles on that second day of January, 2019. I went to a Bible Study and talked about how we are all the same and yet different at the same time. It can be tough for people to do well in school, to keep a job, and to be a good person. What does it even mean to be a righteous person? We may all have more similarities than we know and we may be more diverse than we know at the same time. When you say you love Indians, how they tell great stories, you do not have to say that you are not being racist unless if you are some kind of comedy and that is your bit and I can get that. I struggled at school and at work at times. I came back to America after teaching in Vietnam for 5 years to 2017 for a bunch of reasons and to consider options in finding how I can be most effective and to do some family historian research, documenting, etc. So, 3 people at our first Bible Study, Wednesday night. Other people are invited, if you know anybody. Drank 3 big mug size cups of coffee that night with almost a quarter of it being some kind of like ice-cream creamer. That is an addiction of mine, coffee and more so the creamer. In the past, I would eat a box of ice-cream each day. I am trying to get out of that and I have not eaten ice-cream in a few weeks and before that, just once a week for the past year or longer. We talked about overcoming addictions and what we believe and they both work together. I turned off my computer and my phone last night for the first time in maybe ten years or something. I usually have laptop on hibernate, which is almost off but I would not totally turn it off and it may be better to totally turn it off and the phone too. I opened up the curtain. Wednesday night, which was last night, I was also reading Classic Myths to Read Aloud by William F. Russell, 1989. He talks about how messed up education has been for the past 20 years. And that was back in 1989, which then means not 20 years but the past 50 years, things have been going down, where kids don't know references, history, geography, etc, that is at the level that many people did prior to that. He gave an example about the Trojan Horse. He overheard people reading a book about it. As they walked off the bus, one girl was like, "Who is this Troy guy?" And those girls probably became teachers. By the way, the Greek Gods had a trinity in Zeus the Father, Hades the Son, Jesus, and the father or grandfather of Ariel, of the Little Mermaid, as the Holy Spirit. I made up that analogy to the Greek gods to the trinity. I only say that because of the number three. The writer also talked about how we can connect to words through etymology, the study of words. That water god had a trident and tri is a prefix meaning three and dent is a root meaning teeth which means trident means three teeth. Maybe like a trinity sword.


2019, January 2nd, Wednesday

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