2018, October

Come On Over Monday the 1st of October of 2018. Super MAGA Unicorn Hat Tuesday. United States of District Columbia Wednesday. Climbing Ladders Thursday. Small Computers Friday. Rising Luck Saturday.

Facebook Portal

Dino Mario Sunday. Facebook Portal Monday the 8th. Good Morning Vietnam Tuesday. Vaccines Talk Wednesday. Future Baby Thursday. Smoking Roseanne Barr Friday. Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries Saturday

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Wonderland DJ Alice Sunday the 14th. Internally Online Monday. Dry Titanic Lips Tuesday. Roseanne Died Wednesday. VCR Dubbing Thursday. Kill All White People Friday. Don't Move Tables Saturday.

You Shall Not Pass

No Borders No Wall No USA At All Monday the 22nd. Trump News Tuesday. You Shall Not Pass Wednesday. NPC Meme Maker Thursday. Transgender Bomb Friday. Synagogue Shooting Saturday. Hard To Be Human Sunday. Family Friendly Monday. Trading Masks. Happy Halloween Wednesday the 31st of October of 2018.

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October of 2018

2020-02-08 - Saturday - 02:00 PM | 2020-03-10 - Tuesday - 11:33 PM - Published

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Savannah Hernandez - Sav Says

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in February of 2020

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Come On Over

2018-10-01 - Monday - 12:31 AM - To Marilyn Mitchell - Some people feel like they know people very well even when they first meet them, the first five seconds, and they may choose to open up if they like the other person. So, it is the same as Vietnam in the sense that we open up to people we know. That's not up to debate. What is at question is how long it may take for a person to get to know and like another person in order to open up to compliment, etc. It can take anywhere between zero seconds to an eternity for that to happen. When it happens, then it is like dominoes and everything else follows from there.

Some mean it and some really really really mean it, and you can try to read them to see what kind of person is talking to you. If a person means it, that person may give you eye contact, may try to help you and try to be your friend for a long time maybe.

12:16 AM - Hailey Vu, I might say you're beautiful, even if I do not know you. But I may feel like I know you, like in my heart, in my gut, in my soul, in my spirit, in my spider sense. People sometimes feel like they know people they do not know, but maybe they know people like you, and they feel like they know you because they can read your heart somehow. In that way, they are the same as Vietnamese because they know you even when they don't know you because they get to know you in ONE SECOND, like very fast.

Peter Borowski, I only compliment when I mean it, whether you are male or female. I will either compliment, criticize, or I will not address it specifically and say nothing or talk about other things or walk away or something.

02:43 PM - My Room: Come On Over Baby Song Hahahaha

Super MAGA Unicorn Hat

2018-10-02 - Tuesday - 01:28 AM

Super MAGA Unicorn Hat

United States of District Columbia

2018-10-03 - Wednesday - 05:31 AM

United States of District Columbia

02:20 AM - What are your favorite Vietnamese stories, legends, myths?

03:09 AM - Holes in clouds are blue not because they're blue clouds but that the sky is blanketed with clouds except for a few blue holes, not clouds, in the sky.

03:28 AM - Jason Silverman, your body rots every zero to seven years as your cells are replaced with newer cells which means you are only 0-7 years old, biologically speaking.

11:43 AM - Soros Meme - Trump Will Disappear in 2020 or Sooner

Climbing Ladders

2018-10-04 - Thursday - 01:44 AM | 08:55 PM | 11:37 PM

11:55 AM - David Carroll, I'm Alex Jones and I am only as shady as Alex is shady, whatever that means. I am only as shady as Tommy Robinson and Trump and even Tucker Carlson. I'm only as shady as Milo and even Kanye West on SNL with a MAGA hat.

12:04 PM - Xoan Do, why get a theory when you can get the facts ha ha ha ha ha ha ha? You know, the information is easy to find. It may take some time, but truth sets people free. Finding the truth starts with questions. First, you become curious. Second, you ask questions. Third, you investigate and find the answers. Fourth, you tell people about it. After that, the world gets better and better! Aint nothing better than that haha.

12:17 PM - Xoan Do, I love people who love their countries. I do not like people who destroy culture, countries, people. I am here to encourage people to not forget their heritage, their history, their traditions. It is a beautiful thing. But some people are trying to destroy culture. I love culture. That is why I ask these questions. Because I love culture. Toi yeu viet nam.

Climbing Ladders
All In The Family

Small Computers

2018-10-05 - Friday - 12:10 AM | 12:48 PM | 12:53 PM

07:27 PM - Trường Nhâm, are those computers and phones in Vietnam or not in Vietnam? If they are in Vietnam, that is the connection. I've talked to many Vietnamese in Vietnam about things like this and other things and they told me about how they felt about these things and other things too.

Rising Luck

2018-10-06 - Saturday - 11:03 AM

12:12 PM - Nga Luong - Patrick Schneider ghost towns are very popular and it pulls in a lot of money and a lot of people and the reputation for Dalat is bigger than ghost stories which means people would still come as it has strawberries and waterfalls and fresh air and I loved my visit to Dalat City and would not let ghost stop me from returning to it no matter how big the ghosts were.

Rising Luck

Dino Mario

2018-10-07 - Sunday - 12:29 AM - Dino Mario Zombie Cat Woman

Facebook Portal

2018-10-08 - Monday - 10:58 AM - I'm for draining swamps, for making government smaller, less taxes, more jobs, & also justice according to the constitution or even more specifically, the Bible. That reminds of the judges in the Bible, which came before the time of King David and the kings of Israel. In some ways, the judges were like the other prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.

11:15 AM | 11:17 AM - When was the last time you did karaoke at a random store, haha? Just make sure you take off your shoes before you dance on chairs, hehe!

02:45 PM - Facebook Portal

Good Morning Vietnam

2018-10-09 - Tuesday - 01:08 AM | 01:20 AM | 03:25 PM - Popcorn App on Steemit | 11:18 PM

11:34 PM - Vietnam Question - Hải Yến, I first saw Vietnam in Good Morning Vietnam, which is a movie starring Robin Williams. You can see him in Saigon, filmed around 1988 or so. You can see him chasing a girl. Then he feels the girl got ahead of him. So, he started chasing her. But she kept on getting away. It was almost like every girl looked like that other girl. But he eventually met her. But then he had to go back to America. It was very sad and also very romantic and magical. Some things like that are in my heart as I was living in Saigon for 5 years.

Vaccines Talk

2018-10-10 - Wednesday - 04:28 PM

10:15 PM - people get some and then get sick and some die because they get the vvvvvvv vaccines.

Future Baby

2018-10-11 - Thursday - 09:35 AM | 11:56 AM | 12:24 PM | 07:59 PM

Future Baby
CNN Mocked Black People
10:54 AM - Kanye West met with Trump

Smoking Roseanne Barr

2018-10-12 - Friday - 02:10 AM | 11:54 AM | 12:19 PM | 12:42 PM | 01:36 PM

12:44 AM - What is the alternative to this? Is this unique or not unique? I need more contrast, comparison, context. This post mentions a few different things. First, it mentions government. I want government to get smaller. Second, it mentions anthropology, sociology, the behaviors of humans, both good and bad. Third, it kind of demonizes money as if money is bad and that government is our Lord & Savior and that if bad stuff happens, then Daddy Government must save us and take away our rights, our guns, our money, our choices, our lives, to make choices, and freedom includes the freedom to do good and the freedom to do bad as seen with the garden of Eden with the tree of good and evil.

Smoking Roseanne Barr
12:19 PM - Internet Blackouts, Offline Assassination Attempts, Coming
12:42 PM - Hillary Michelle 2020 — with David Duke

Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries

2018-10-13 - Saturday - 04:31 AM | 05:05 AM | 05:48 AM | 03:08 PM | 11:41 PM

05:48 AM - Jorge Peralta, CNN said Trump was scary but then said silly. Scott Adams talked about this in his video. For people who hate Trump, they are then given a choice to see Trump as scary or silly. When Trump was seen with Kanye West, some people saw it as silly. But that might be better than seeing Trump as scary, that is for people who hate Trump. It is about giving people who are already closed minded a choice in order to maybe change their mind in how they see the world. That is why I posted this poll in order to encourage people to rethink everything just for fun.

Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries
Digging Smiles
Slow Incline

Wonderland DJ Alice

2018-10-14 - Sunday - 01:02 AM - @Council Upvoting Authors with Good Content. Sponsored by @Yehey | 08:39 PM | 10:02 PM | 10:04 PM

When it is the Internet, then the video pauses & it always says, the past few years since 2014 or so that the Internet strength is low and it tries to reconnect. Today, it did that a few times but it also just stopped and ended the last few lice stream videos I did today. Maybe because I said keywords that the robots do not like when I was reading your comments.

PBS - Please Be Silent

10:04 PM - Hoa Anh Túc knew me at the 23/9 Park in Vietnam in 2015. We talked many times. I commented on her photo: Magical DJ From Alice In Wonderland.

Internally Online

2018-10-15 - Monday - 01:32 AM | 01:24 PM

12:11 PM - Satire Cartoon. Reasons to vote Democrat from the point of view of many different types of people of different places, races, religions, etc. This video is pretty funny but full of truth that stabs you in the heart with conviction.

01:00 PM - Jordan D Winslow, wrong. That is wrong. Please look at the real people who were banned. Then look at all the porn on Facebook. Look at ISIS on Facebook. Look at some live streams of violence, sometimes murder, sometimes, sex, sometimes all shorts of things. You can find so many different types of things and people on Facebook. I have reported them to Facebook but FB said they don't violated the terms. Look at the contrast between who's banned and who's not banned.

Internally Online

Dry Titanic Lips

2018-10-16 - Tuesday - 01:58 AM | 01:26 PM

Dry Titanic Lips

Roseanne Died

2018-10-17 - Wednesday - 07:00 AM - Mark Dice - Facebook Stole Family's Money | 09:12 AM | 09:41 AM | 11:24 AM - Taylor Swift Special at KFC Meme

Roseanne Died

Mark Dice

Facebook Stole Family's Money

VCR Dubbing

2018-10-18 - Thursday - 03:10 PM

Jorge Peralta, I recorded audio from my VCR via an AV cable through my Roxio Video Capture USB device with a program on my Ubuntu laptop, but I'm not able to pick up the video. Do I have to buy a S-Video Cable?

Kill All White People

2018-10-19 - Friday - 01:23 AM | 05:55 PM


America is Being Invaded
Kill All White People

Don't Move Tables

2018-10-20 - Saturday - 06:54 PM | 08:14 PM

Sun Fun Gun Sad Mad Bad Rad Fad

2018-10-21 - Sunday - 08:46 AM | 09:34 AM | 07:35 PM | 09:06 PM

Sun Fun Gun Sad Mad Bad Rad Fad

No Borders No Wall No USA At All

2018-10-22 - Monday - 06:32 AM - My Life - SAW | 11:22 PM

no walls

No Borders No Wall No USA At All

Trump News

2018-10-23 - Tuesday - Trump Declares Himself A ‘Nationalist; CNN Says It’s Racist

You Shall Not Pass

2018-10-24 - Wednesday - 01:38 PM | 03:07 PM

You Shall Not Pass

NPC Meme Maker

2018-10-25 - Thursday - 12:06 PM

Can you make an NPC Meme using this two-page comic template? Do you like making videos, images, stories, GIFs, posts, funnies, etc? Why not pass around memes, if you aren't already?

Transgender Bomb

2018-10-26 - Friday - 04:23 PM | 07:02 PM

Transgender Bomb

Synagogue Shooting

2018-10-27 - Saturday - 10:17 AM

Watch: Infowars On The Scene at the Synagogue Shooting

Hard To Be Human

2018-10-28 - Sunday - 01:11 AM | 07:28 PM | 08:55 PM | 10:50 PM

Meme Challenge #93

Walk Away
Meme Challenge #93
Hard To Be Human

Family Friendly

2018-10-29 - Monday - 10:20 AM | 07:22 PM

Family Friendly

YouTube Terminated Me Again

2018-10-30 - Tuesday - 01:18 AM | 11:26 PM

youtube banned joeyarnoldvn 2018 oct 30

YouTube Terminated Me Again
My YouTube History
Lose Wands

Happy Halloween

2018-10-31 - Wednesday - 02:14 PM | 09:20 PM

Happy Halloween
Trading Masks

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