2017 - Year in Review

Architect Chinh English & Opera Tea Club throughout that year. Phone Lost January. Obama Simpsons Rigged Video February. Blossom Rangers March. Gabs Mind April. Opera Tea Club May. Steemit June.

Rising Fate

Home Improvement July. Angry August. Psych September. Losing Ojawall October. America Return November. Hello Mike. Landscaping. Oatmeal beer. Robin. Arnold Attic Hunt. Lois & Clark December.

My Life in Vietnam

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2017 - Year in Review

Published - 2020-05-12 - Tuesday - 10:45 PM | 2019 Version | 2018 Version

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

Phone Lost

2017-01 - January of 2017 - Month in Review

At the 23/9 Park in my red Circle K rain jacket.


Bill Nye debated Ken Ham: Evolution vs Creation. I lost my phone. I was watching the first 27 seasons of the Simpsons (into the end of February) and noticed how they painted some of the good U.S. Presidents in bad light. I also watched as Trump became the 45th President. I seriously started thinking even more about returning to America because of that for example. Tears were in my eyes. Purio Cookies.

Obama Simpsons Rigged Video

2017-02 - February of 2017 - Month in Review

2017-02-06 - Monday - 10:00 PM ICT - Simpsons Obama Rigged Elections Meme Video - 1 Minute by Oatmeal Joey at AC THD Screenshot at 2019-11-01 23:59:43.png
Obama Simpsons Rigged Video

I was watching through the Simpsons from January to the end of February of 2017, the first 27 seasons. I made that rigged video using a cip from Homer and Obama. Near the end of February, started watching Blossom.

Blossom Rangers

2017-03 - March of 2017 - Month in Review

Power Rangers Original Six.jpeg
The Original Six Power Rangers

I was watching through Blossom, all five seasons. Oh, by the way, the actress that played Blossom went on to play the GF of that one guy on the Big Bang Theory who played the BF on Roseanne. So, where am I going with all of this? I don't know. I have some intuition and I go with my gut sometimes. When aligned with eternal principles, when developed, our heart can be our guide through the power of Christ. So, in March of 2017, after watching Blossom, I began watching through the first 13 seasons of the Power Rangers through to May. As usual, I was teaching English to Architect Chinh, at Purio, sometimes at the 23.9 Park in Saigon, and possibly a few other places. I was still trying to fix my visa problem. I sometimes taught English at McDonald's and at coffee shops.

Gabs Mind

2017-04 - April of 2017 - Month in Review

2014-04-01 - Saturday - Power Rangers Kids Rita Crytal Video Screenshot from 1996.png
Power Rangers Kids Movie from 1996

Was watching through Power Rangers and made some ranger related videos. Joined Minds, maybe Vid Me, and Gab partly because of Facebook Prison near the end of the month.

Girl Meets World

Opera Tea Club

2017-05 - May of 2017 - Month in Review

Tommy Back in Green.jpeg
I was still binge-watching Power Rangers.

Allegedly banned from Anh Coffee or so I think I was told. After that, started going to the Opera Tea Club coffee shop each night through to November of 2017. This cafe was recommended to me by Rom.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder


2017-06 - of 2017 - Month in Review

2017-06-29 JA03.JPG
At Purio Coffee

I joined Steemit on Father's Day, Saturday, the 17th of June of 2017. I was watching Home Improvement. I was trying to fix my visa. I talked about Bitcoin. The biggest thing that happened during the month of June 2017 was joining the Steem blockchain. The future is all about decentralizing the Internet and money systems in a variety of ways in order to promote and innovate free market competition.

Home Improvement

2017-07 - July of 2017 - Month in Review

2017-07-10 JA ALONE MD NH HCM .jpg
At McDonald's Nguyen Hue

Trump vs CNN Memes. Facebook blocked Agenda of Evil's art which illuminates the history of Jihadism. Some of my Facebook groups with links to the Agenda of Evil (AOE) website was blocked for like months. So, I could not visit those groups that I was an admin of for like a year or so. I was watching through Home Improvement from June to August of 2017. I was at Purio in the morning. I would eat rice and eggs for breakfast and rice and chicken at night. That was generally my daily two-meal diet in 2016 and 2017. I was not always visiting the 23/9 Park like I used to. I was posting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Steemit, Gab, Minds, etc.


2017-08 - August of 2017 - Month in Review

2017-08-01 Alex Jones Folk Song Contest proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg

Infowars Alex Jones Super Deluxe We Love Our Somalis Folk Song Video Contest was happening in July and August of 2017. I submitted some entries. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do. 1,500+ Steemit Followers. Millie Weaver | Fly Over Country. I was on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vidme, Steemit, Gab, Minds, etc. Finished watching all 8 seasons of Home Improvement. Watched the 12th season of Bones. I was teaching English in Saigon, Vietnam. I was trying to fix my visa. I was at Opera Tea Club, Purio, McDonald's Nguyen Hue, and a rice stand, each day, generally. I was writing about McMaster who was a globalist who was working for Soros in the Trump administration with the goal of trying to remove Trump and destroy America and ultimately the entire world by extension.


2017-09 - September of 2017 - Month in Review

Psych Movie.jpeg

Blade Runner | Should We Reject Religion? | ANTIFA George Orwell? | The Future of Mobile House Cars | Watch Log | Video Games 1990's | Power Rangers SPD | Watched a few Dick Van Dyke episodes | Rick & Morty | Alex Jones | Infowars | David Knight | Clown Jones | Scott Adams | LEGO Batman | Emoji Movie | Planet of the Apes | Criminal Minds | Psych | Star Trek Discovery | NFL Boycott | DACA | Debt Ceiling Raised | Geoengineering Watch | It Chapter One - The Movie of the Clown & the Children | President Trump | Bankruptcy Potential | What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton | Beauty & the Beta | Stefan Molyneux


Losing Ojawall

2017-10 - October of 2017 - Month in Review

Hunting Hitler.jpeg
Hunter Hitler - History Channel

YouTube Murdered Ojawall | Catalonia Theft | 2017 Las Vegas Shooting | Vietnam is Awesome (VIA) Banned Oatmeal Joey Arnold in October 2017 - Moderators Attacked Me | Full Dank House | Crypto Anarchist Vietnamese | My Life Plans For the 2020's | Infowars | Beauty & the Beta | Hunting Hitler | How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) | Was teaching English in Saigon as usual. Was trying to fix my visa. Opera Tea Club (OTC) | Purio Nguyen Trai (NPT) | McDonald's Nguyen Hue (MDNH) | Rice Stand | Favorite Video Games Per Decade

America Return

2017-11 - November of 2017 - Month in Review

At Purio Coffee

I was finally able to extend my visa. I was trying to extend my visa since 2015 and was unable to until now. So, I was packing and saying goodbye to students. Chinh took me out to a restaurant and Lego Mark took me out to see Justice League. The bike broke down and we had to walk around that one night until we were able to find a shop that could fix the bike. We got to the airport too late. So, I used some of my Bitcoin to buy a second plane ticket. When I flew into America, I was held and questioned by police. Mike picked me up at the airport in Portland. We had a good reunion for Thanksgiving. After that, visited my dad.

Lois & Clark

2017-12 - December of 2017 - Month in Review

At my childhood home.

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