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Met Mark Zuck Lego Man, one of my favorite students. Shaved My Head. Banning Oatmeal. I Ate Adam Edermo Salt of ASOV Video - Under The Sea Video - 23/9 Park English

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Some highlights from March of 2015, as follows:

Highland Coffee

2015-03-01 - Sunday - 02:38 AM PST (all timestamps in PST unless otherwise noted) - Anna Barbie Thiên Ân messaged me: "hey. my mother out side high land." Anna was one of my students. She was also a friend. Met her in 2013. So, we would meet for coffee and talk at coffee shops sometimes.

Nicholas Littlejohn

2015-03-01 - Sunday - 02:48 AM - He wrote to me and Anna Barbie in a Facebook PM: "I have to go to bed, yall! Good night!"

I Know Adam Edermo

2015-03-01 - Sunday - 06:57 AM - Blogspot - 06:35 AM - Facebook - 21 Likes - 35 Comments - Huyền Thanh Trần (blocked) replied: "Im s0rry. But wh0's Adam ederm0." Nguyễn Đỗ Hương Ly replied: "Some would simply say, “to believe in Jesus” makes you a Christian. But what does it mean “to believe?” And who, really, is “Jesus Christ?”" 09:58 AM - Private Conversation on Facebook Concerning Online Marketing - Kevin B. O'Connor - Ali Rose. - private conversation - Ali asked me if I wanted to work at their company - YouTube Video 01 - Rocket Fuel Team - YouTube Video 02 - FG Xpress Opportunity Video (unavailable now on YouTube) - online marketing things - At the end of the conversation, I wrote: "....you are not listening to me. there are details that are missing.... look at some of the feedback online. you are being very vague and indirect about the details. specifics are fundamental to success." That was the end of the private message exchange between me and the other person on Facebook."

I Eat Salt Video

2015-03-01 - Sunday - 01:33 PM - Facebook Page - Ja English - Facebook Video - I Ate Adam Edermo of ASOV Video - 1.2K Views - 29 Likes - 8 Comments - 12 Shares

Collars v Colors

2015-03-02 - Monday - 10:23 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 58 Likes - 25 Comments - 8 Shares - I wrote: "Learn English. Practice these questions & answers as follows. today, the topic is about work, jobs, careers, occupations...... What do you do for a living? I'm a fire fighter. What about you? What do you do? I organize things for my boss? Oh, like a secretary? Uh, more like a slave. Haha, that bad? Yes, or maybe more like a manager or assistant. What's your job? What kind of work do you do? I'm an architect. You mean, like a construction artist? Yes, and I use math in order to plan the layouts, the blueprints to buildings/etc. Do you love your occupation? Yes, a little, but I've always wanted to have a career in modelling. You want to be a model? What kind of model? Well, maybe a hand model. Oh wow, you have beautiful hands. What is your profession? I'm a lawyer. What is your vocation? I'm a teacher. Oh, you must love people. Yes, and you love money. Sure, don't we all just love money. Well, my passion is in educating people for the sake of our future. That's good & my focus is in defending those people in sticky situations, especially when they are framed for murder or something drastic like that. Hello, what do you do? I'm a landscaper? Oh, you mean like an outside janitor/gardener. Yep, you could say that. What about you? What kind of life do you live? Oh, I'm glad you asked. I'm a real-estate agent. Do you want to buy this house right here? Oh no, I'm not that rich. I'm not a billionaire like Bill Gates or Joey Arnold. What, who is Joey Arnold? Some nerd in Asia, haha. Yeah, like a real geek, OMG. Collars (not colors): Different collars = job fields/categories/kinds: here is an introduction of different kinds of jobs. Below, you can see what kind of work people do in Vietnam. What kind of collar are you? What kind of collar do westerners have when they work in Asia? Those answers & more are below..... White-collar workers includes managers, office workers, teachers, bosses, CEOs, professionals, lawyers, assistants, etc..."

Banning Oatmeal

2015-03-02 - Monday - 11:21 PM - Blogspot - I messaged Adam Edermo of Another side of Vietnam (ASOV) who probably banned me from ASOV. He was an admin of that Facebook group. He was probably the founder. Other admins or other moderators may have banned me. I was first attacked and then banned on ASOV in 2014. This whole thing is a long story. More on this later.

Barry Piper

2015-03-03 - Tuesday - 12:06 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - I wrote via Speak English to Barry Piper concerning Banning Oatmeal at 03:05 AM: "You and/or others blocked me from ASOV or allowed it to happen. It seems that you think that I have problems. You think I spam/etc. You think I have mental problems. This all started early in 2014 when some posters on ASOV. I came in to defend myself against the mockery & I was blocked. I continue to come back to ASOV & to like-spam as Rosa Parks would . I made an ASOV page as a protest against your actions. I am here to threaten you and others with possible future consequences. You don't take me serious & you don't care at all. I will be posting this message and other things on the internet as a way of sharing injustices to the world. You are a bully at least by association it seems to say the least . I will continue to do what I believe is right in this world. I believe that your thinking is fundamentally flawed through depravity and a bunch of other things. I have a lot more to say but I don't know if you are even reading this. I will continue to do what I do because I believe in what I do . If you ask me to take down my ASOV page, then I will ask you to let me rejoin the ASOV group. But you will never let me rejoin the ASOV group. Therefore, I will continue to do whatever I have to in order to let people know that your priorities in life have been jeopardized..."

Learn English: 10 Tips Video

2015-03-03 - Tuesday - 01:29 PM - Video - 162 Views - 8 Likes - 5 Comments - 2 Shares

Dating Advice Video

2015-03-04 - Wednesday - 03:26 PM - Facebook Video - 26 Likes - 41 Comments - 2 Shares - 311 Views - Giuliano Cecconi replied: "Anyway I'm sick of this guy. He said a lot of bullshit, i mean, yeah, guys are suppose to treat woman simply good and stuff like that, but which women? Which women deserve that? One in hundred and more. So dude, DUDE!!! U have to get laid with them, do ur business, go on with ur life, dress some contact lenses and don't make video like this, who needs it? So guys Sir Lorenc And Lord samir, I'm out, I've a girlfriend u know, I'm gonna fuck her and let her clean the rest u know, my room, wash dishes etc..." Samir Anis wrote: "maybe you're right, he doesn't reply anymore....He's a fake....or a girl." Lorenc Hoxha wrote: "I'm sad because this world is full of sadness.... Joey is an english teacher." Oat Milk.

Harmless Joe

2015-03-05 - Thursday - 01:00 AM- Blogspot - Hubert F Alberquerqe - 1 hr Ago - Circle K Crap - Hubert wrote: "I dunno what's weong with you folk but I think joey Arnold is a unique, harmless, funny off the hook guy smile emoticon. I think peeps who take a dislike to him take themselves and the world way to seriously smile emoticon." Bilbo Mcbaggins replied: "This gotta be a joke right.. ask Joey about when he was arrested by a VN cops for constantly harassing a young vietnamese clerk. I think the store was called Circle K." - 02:02 AM - Thu Huong FUCKS JOEY ARNOLD - 03:14 AM - Fired From a Free Job at the Leaf Pagoda - 08:30 AM - Joey Mantis Controls Her - Wanting Joey

Prayer Hat Avatar Picture

2015-03-06 - Friday - 09:00 PM - Facebook Picture - 121 Likes - 25 Comments - Liked by people like Kyle Smith

Joey Arnold Ate Adam Edermo

2015-03-07 - Saturday - 01:20 AM - Blogspot - 09:14 AM - Joey Arnold Is a Virus - 11:37 PM - People Spread Lies About Oatmeal

Happy Women's Day 01

2015-03-07 - Saturday - 06:30 PM - Facebook - 155 Likes - 70 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Happy Women's Day. I Love You. Kiss Kiss. Take care." Nancy Ngan Nguyen (blocked) replied: "thank you." Mom said it was strange as Larry was extra nice to her Saturday.

Happy Women's Day 02

2015-03-08 - Sunday - 01:19 AM - Facebook - 69 Likes - 17 Comments - I wrote: "Happy Women's Day. I love you so much."

Free English

2015-03-09 - Monday - 09:51 AM - Facebook Update - 180 Likes - 105 Comments - I wrote: "I can teach English for free in TP.HCM." Yến Phạm replied: "really, i would to learn......and i hope to meet soon hjhjhj."

Learn English

2015-03-10 - Tuesday - 11:37 AM - Facebook Update - 11:54 PM - Dung Thùy messaged me: "what happened with your facebook??? your facebook is alway notify in my wall... what happened?"

Zuck Lee

2015-03-11 - Wednesday - 09:16 AM PST - Email Received - 10:46 PM ICT Mar 11 - Mark Zuck Lee Lego Man Quyen Chao Ly wrote: "Hi , We have met each other in the park with 3 lovely girls and 2 handsome guys . ^^" Mark and his friends met me for the first time ever around this time, probably on that Wednesday, the eleventh of March of 2015. We began having classes at the Bubble Tea Shop across the street from 23/9 Park where we met. We had classes there for like a few weeks and some of them stopped attending. But Mark continued being my student almost daily for most of 2015, for the rest of that year and off and on until he dropped me off at the airport upon my departure in 2017 as I left Vietnam and returned to America, my home country. Mark was one of my best students.

Reading Vietnamese Video

2015-03-12 - Thursday - 09:13 AM - Facebook Video - 14:47 Minutes - 179 Views

Hat Orange Avatar

2015-03-12 - Thursday - 04:52 PM - Facebook Picture

Rap Battle Video

2015-03-13 - Friday - 02:25 AM - Facebook - 5 Likes - 9 Comments - YouTube - CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon) - Whitney Avalon - Published on Mar 11, 2015 - Gates Đình Bill commented: "What is this?"

Paper v Plastic

2015-03-13 - Friday - 12:24 PM - Blogspot - 12:35 AM - Facebook - World English Club - Facebook Group - 8 Likes - 354 Comments - 0 Shares - Poll Results - 15 Paper - 7 It Depends - 1 Plastic - 1 Oils are better than plants - 1 Plants over oils - Danh Công Bùi wrote: "paper because it's friendly with environment." Điệp Gà (blocked) "I like the 1st cmt @@." Nelson Nguyen wrote: "Plastic because it can be recycled and we will not cut more trees, therefore we can protect forest and the environment. Plastic can not pollute the environment itself. It's us who throw it to the environment. But it also depends." Most of the 354 comments were split between me and Nelson. Luong Hien wrote: "People tend to break laws whenever, wherever they have chance in VN. This means our laws are not strict enough or law executers have not been doing right. Not many dare to be responsible for what they do nor to accept punishment or blame for the bad thing they do. Individual self-conciousness cannot change the situation..... Joey Arnold, why are there laws? Why do we need laws? Laws are just agreement among people to keep people from doing bad things to others. If we knew clearly what is right what is wrong and just do the right things or moral things, then there would be no need of laws. We are human, human make mistakes, human are selfish, so laws are indispensable...... Our Uncle Ho once desired to lead us to a society where there is no private ownership, people live in harmony with each other, and morality value is highly respected, which means laws are no longer needed. Do you think it is possible?..... We are in the stage of capitalism and noone knows when this stage ends. I guess it will never end. We dont expect a world where everyone is equal in ownership and in contribution. The development of a society depends on the harder one works the more he gains basis. Let's get back to our original topic, when people fail to be conscious or responsible for their using plastic and paper products or for their gradually destroying the envirionment, there must laws to stop/ prevent them."

Under The Sea Song

2015-03-14 - Saturday - 07:51 AM - Facebook Video - 08:41 Minutes - 241 Views - 9 Likes - 9 Comments

Vietnam Shouldn't Copy America?

2015-03-15 - Sunday - 12:12 AM - In a Facebook PM, Nicholas Littlejohn messaged me and Anna Barbie: "I liked Anna's post about VN being more capitalistic than even the U.S..I suggested not to copy us!"

Nói chuyện với khách du lịch

2015-03-16 - Monday - 04:42 AM - Facebook Video - 308 Videos - 34 Likes - 11 Comments - 2 Shares - How-To Talk to foreigners video

Park English

2015-03-17 - Tuesday - 09:26 PM - Facebook Post - 178 Likes - 74 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Tôi giáo viên tiếng Anh ở Q.1, TP.HCM. Tôi đến từ Mỹ. I'm an American English Teacher (for free) in District 1, Saigon. Add me. Tôi giảng dạy tại các quán cà phê xung quanh đường Phạm Ngũ Lão. Hãy tìm tôi tại công viên 23/9 tại 17h00 mỗi ngày. Tôi dạy cho trẻ em và người lớn. Tôi dạy cho bất cứ ai và tất cả mọi người. Tôi dạy cho người mới bắt đầu và các học sinh trước. Tôi dạy cho các cá nhân và nhóm của tất cả các kích cỡ. Tôi dạy cho mọi người nghe, nói, viết, đọc, TOEIC, TESOL, IELTS, TEFL, đàm thoại, phát âm, kỹ năng sống, kỹ năng phỏng vấn công việc, kỹ năng mềm, làm thế nào để có được một công việc, làm thế nào để nghiên cứu và đi đến các nước khác, và khác điều. Tôi dạy cho mọi người những gì họ muốn tìm hiểu. Học sinh thực hành nói với tôi. Đôi khi tôi dạy miễn phí. I moved to Vietnam in 2012. I teach at cafes around Pham Ngu Lao street. Find me at the 23/9 park at 5 PM each day. I teach children and adults. I teach anybody and everybody. I teach beginners & advance students. I teach individuals and groups of all sizes. I teach people listening, speaking, writing, reading, TOEIC, TESOL, IELTS, TEFL, conversations, pronunciation, life skills, job interviewing skills, soft skills, how to get a job, how to study & travel to other countries, and other things. I teach people what they want to learn. Students practice speaking with me. I sometimes teach for free." Sakia Maiker (blocked) wrote: "U are wonderful! U can teach free for everyone?" Huyền Thanh (blocked) wrote: "i live in hanoi 😌." Trân Châu wrote: "where can I meet you at 23/9 park?,where do you often seat?" I replied: "I have a mobile phone. Do not call me. I am busy. I am always busy. My super secret private cell phone number is 0917-705-831."

Tiffany Cumbo Video

2015-03-18 - Wednesday - 07:13 PM - Facebook Video - World English - 8 Likes - 0 Comments - 1 Share - 234 Views - I wrote: "ôi nói về Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, 1986/12/02 - 2003/04/05, người mà tôi đã gặp trong năm 1990. Tôi muốn kết hôn với cô. Tôi nói về cô ấy ở đây. Cô sống cùng anh trai Michael & cha mẹ Don & Teresa. Cô có liên quan đến một Amber. Cô đã sáng tạo và tràn đầy sức sống. Cô là ngắn, khoảng 5'2 ", nhưng cô lấy cảm hứng từ những người khác để yêu cuộc sống hơn. Cô đã có một cây đàn guitar và giống như một nhạc punk mát. Tôi lớn lên bảy ngôi nhà từ cô ấy. Tôi không biết làm thế nào cô ấy đã chết nhưng tôi biết rằng cô ấy sống một cuộc sống tự nhiên của lòng từ bi. cô ấy không thường ăn tất cả trứng của cô, nhưng cô luôn ăn lên cuộc sống. Tôi muốn biết thêm về cô. Tôi biết rằng cuộc sống là ngắn. Hãy cho người bạn yêu thương trong khi bạn vẫn còn có thể. Tận dụng tối đa của cuộc sống của bạn và không trì hoãn. I talk about Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, 1986-12-02 - 2003-04-05, whom I met in 1990. I wanted to marry her. I talk about her here. She is survived by brother Michael & parents Don & Teresa. She is related to an Amber. She was creative and full of life. She was short, about 5'2," but she inspired others to love life more. She had a guitar and was like a cool punk. I grew up seven houses from her. I do not know how she died but I know that she lived a spontaneous life of kindness and compassion. She didn't always eat all of her eggs but she was always eating up life. I would like to know more about her. I know that life is short. Tell people you love while you still can. Make the most of your life and don't procrastinate." Photo with Boy Hat.


2015-03-18 - Wednesday - 11:38 PM - Facebook Post - 65 Likes - 33 Comments - I wrote about how I was free all the time as a tourist, that I wasn't working. Kim Chau replied: "Lazy man." Luong Hien responded to Kim: "Joey Arnold is single, he lives on his own, so he has freedom of his activities. He does not do anything illegal or immoral here. He does not have to say yes to all of people's requests. He does not have to help people. Just look at everything he has done, do you still think that he is lazy and not serious?" Sakura Sakura wrote: "buldshitttttttttt...i don't think u are serious like a teacher all ur statuss is buldshittt." Love Where You Were Born (Facebook)

People From My Ghetto

2015-03-19 - Thursday - 12:01 AM - Blogspot 01 - Blogspot 02 - Blogspot 03 - Blogspot 04 - Blogspot 05 - Blogspot 06 - 136 - Donald Early. 161 - Maria Villa, Ben Roby. 163 - Arnold Family (me). 164 - Aspurias Family - Nerissa, Rosana, Rick. Unit 2 - Crystal Arnold, Pearl Donley. David Russell Baucom was the brother of Teresa Cumbo who was the mother of Tiffany Rochell Cumbo. Tiffany's dad had my father's name, Don. 12:22 AM - Cumbo Family - I wrote: "Cumbos - Donald Cumbo Age 47 View Details - Forest Grove, OR - McMinnville, OR - Forest Grove, OR - Teresa Lynn Cumbo - Verna J Cumbo - Tiffany R Cumbo."

Tiffany Cumbo Grave Stone

2015-03-19 - Thursday - 12:26 AM - Facebook Picture - 180 Likes - 26 Comments - Rick Arnold wrote: "She died from a drug overdose. Her parents were divorced and I think that made her unhappy with life." Mom wrote: "I told her not to go to that party." I thought it was Tylenol overdose while babysitting. Somebody must have said that to me. But it was probably drugs at a party. I never heard an official statement concerning how she died, 1986-12-02 - 2003-04-05, Saturday. Lorenc Hoxha wrote: "She died because you wanted to marry her." Rasp Family History Information.

What is a Sentence?

2015-03-20 - Friday - 02:10 AM - Facebook Post - 47 Likes - 18 Comments - 1 Share

English Books

2015-03-20 - Friday - 09:22 AM - Facebook Post - 116 Likes - 52 Comments - 1 Share

Master English Video

2015-03-20 - Friday - 11:43 AM - Facebook Video - 28 Likes - 7 Comments - 1 Share - 680 Views - Translate Words - Tôi có sách học tiếng Anh - Tôi là giáo viên tiếng Anh Tôi dạy tiếng Anh tại quán cà phê 99 Phạm Ngũ Lão / Yersin, Q.1, TP.HCM. Hãy gọi cho tôi theo số điện thoại di động của tôi 0917-705-831

Star Wars Six Ranking

2015-03-21 - Saturday - 12:45 PM - Blogspot - 12:44 PM - The Force - I ranked the first six Star Wars Films from Best to Least: 1. ROTJ 2. ROTS 3. ESB 4. ANH 5. TPM 6. AOTC. Yoda (The Force). - Tôi dạy tiếng Anh tại quán cà phê 99 Phạm Ngũ Lão

Blanket Photo

2015-03-21 - Saturday - 10:00 PM - Facebook Photo - 58 Likes - 15 Comments - 1 Share

Movie Quote

2015-03-21 - Saturday - 11:44 PM - Facebook Update - 48 Likes - 25 Comments - I wrote: "I will find you & I will kill you." Lien Pham replied: "Come kill me ,if u can life for me." Her meaning was that I could kill her but only if I could live in her place. Like Freaky Friday. Like trading bodies. A joke but food for thought as well.Richard Island-sweet wrote: "He will not kill you Joey is mental retarded lol... He has the illusion of being English teacher duh." - Doremon Card Avatar

Message Me

2015-03-22 - Sunday - 12:08 AM - Facebook Post - 122 Likes - 52 Comments - I wrote: "If you want to learn English, message me." - Add me - Will you add me? Yes or no? - Banned YouTube English Flash Cards Video - Will you marry me? Yes or no? - Tôi dạy cho trẻ em và người lớn - Avatar - Free English Club at the Công Viên 23/9, Q.1, TP.HCM - 17h00 PM (5 PM) Saturday - Avatar

What kind of phone should I buy?

2015-03-22 - Sunday - 11:28 PM - Facebook Status Question - 49 Likes - 45 Comments - Some said Apple. Some said Microsoft. Some said it depends. Some said Sony. Some said LG.

Still Steal Video

2015-03-23 - Monday - 02:39 PM - Facebook Video - Picture - I teach at a sunflower cafe

Star Wars Ban

2015-03-23 - Monday - 09:16 PM - Blogspot - The Force - Banning Oatmeal - I wrote: "I was banned. I was not told why. I published one post on this website about Yoda. I was not trying to say anything bad about Yoda. I also wrote a comment about my favorite films in a particular order. I wrote some comments and Created just one thread about Yoda as I already said. I am a new user. I joined a few days ago. I love Star Wars. I create the new Yoda thread in a section that deals with the whole saga of Star Wars I think because my question was about Yoda and it is especially about a comparison of his personality in the PT, the prequel trilogy, and the OT, original trilogy, because Yoda seemed darked in Jedi. I made an observation about Yoda and I just wanted to see if others see what I saw. I also want to know if Talzin is totally dead now or not. I watched the films, Clone Wars, and the first season of Rebels. I like that Maul is back....." Yoda's Personality: PT vs. OT - (The Force). - Banned YouTube He Was She Video


2015-03-24 - Tuesday - Banned YouTube Taxi 2013 Reference Video - Facebook

What if Padme Lived?

2015-03-25 - Wednesday - 12:16 AM - Blogspot - Boards.TheForce.net - 12:13 AM - What if Padme lived? - Star Wars Internet Forum Debate - Fan Theory - What If Scenerio - Jedi Master Original Oatmeal (me) replied: "If Padme lived, Vader would have either joined her eventually, or not as seen in ROTS. My question would be in how the Emperor got Anakin to see the Jedi as evil from a certain point of view. I understand it to some extent but I am confused.

Anakin wanted to save his wife from childbirth death. If she didn't die, then his attempt to save her would have felt pointless or very bad. He could go on to blame the Emperor and ultimately himself to some extent & he would have turned back to the light side and would have sought revenge against the Emperor. He would have eventually leave the Sith and go off with his wife..... but maybe they would get a divorce or a restraining order and she would probably never forgive him to some extent for permanently or temporarily going to the dark side of the force.... and for turning against the Jedi.....

If she lived and if Vader sought reconciliation instead of divorce, they might have found a way to go into hiding from the Emperor or find a way to kill the Emperor.... but only if Padme found a way to forgive him for killing jedi younglings.... and for the thing with Mace Windu going out the window.....

But Padme would have probably divorced Anakin or something..... which would probably lead him back to join the Emperor.... and they would probably find her and kill her or use her as a slave....

It seems that he just wanted to be with her. That is what he would say. they talked about how things could change after the war. Somehow, the Emperor persuaded him to do whatever necessary to save her and then the Emperor got him to see the Jedi as evil. I am sorry for talking about all of this. I know this thread is not about Anakin and his turn to the dark side and the Emperor and the Jedi Purge and those other things.

So, to get back on topic, I would say that if Padme survived, she would have ran away (go into hiding) but if the Emperor knew then he would have still said that Vader killed her or something like what he said to Vader in ROTS.

So, in conclusion, if she didn't die, then she would probably eventually die... unless if Ben and Yoda and others found ways to help protect her like they protected Leia in ANH. I prefer that Padme stay in the Rebellion and then she could be in the Rebels cartoons.

Dear Disney, find a way to undo her death and get Padme into the Rebels cartoons."

How To Grow Up Video

2015-03-25 - Wednesday - 10:16 AM - Banned YouTube How To Grow Up Video - Facebook - What does it mean to grow up?

Do you like cartoon animation?

2015-03-26 - Thursday - 10:27 AM - Facebook Post - 55 Likes - 4 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "Do you like cartoon animation? I love it because of the stories they share with the world. I just finished taking a survey at the AMC website. They are having a March Madness cartoons playoffs. Some of my favorite cartoons of all time include the following: Aladdin, Frozen, Mermaid, Lion King, Incredibles, Wall-E, Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters, & Pocahontas" Police Brutality Video


2015-03-27 - Friday - 12:02 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "McDonald's 1 gave out free toys, shirts, & prizes in Saigon. Dozens of Vietnamese came by as they threw them off the rooftop." - Free English Club - Saturday: 11 AM: Sunflower Cafe: come find me here tomorrow at this shop on Pham Ngu Lao, Q.1, TP.HCM - Bald Head Avatar

Shaved My Head

2015-03-27 - Friday - 11:29 AM - Facebook Photo Album - 37 Photos - 54 Likes - 16 Comments - I do not know what to say. My students ask me "How much" and I answer with vague generalities: I don't know


2015-03-27 - Friday - 12:06 AM - Facebook - YouTube - What is the University Diversity Scam?

How are you?

2015-03-28 - Saturday - 10:36 AM - Facebook Update - 26 Likes - 13 Comments

Handsome Baldness

2015-03-29 - Sunday - 01:48 AM - Facebook Message - Anna Barbie wrote: "Hey joey, I call ya now... Wanna see ya cux my mother said ya re handsome without hair."

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2015-03-27 - Friday - 12:06 AM - Facebook - YouTube - What is the University Diversity Scam?

March of 2015

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Rap Battle Video

2015-03-13 - Friday - 02:25 AM - YouTube - CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon) - Whitney Avalon - Published on Mar 11, 2015

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