2015, June

I was renting a room at Old Ink Tattoos in Saigon, Vietnam. I was teaching English at places like the 23/9 Park (Công Viên 23 Tháng 9), McDonald's which was next to that park, and that bubble tea shop across the street from that park. I taught English to Vietnamese people, mostly young adults in their twenties, to people like Lego Mark (Zuck Lee) and Thuy Tran. Had a dream about McDonald's Power Ranger cyborg creatures. Somebody invited me for some ice-cream at Baskin-Robbins and I said no. I was invited to teach at AAA Spa, but I didn't until like 2016. I was invited to work online marketing and I declined. In 2015, I was saying no to people more. Saying no to students. Saying no to potential employers as well. I was already busy with my main student, Lego Mark, and we would meet almost daily for like a few months in 2015 and off and on at other times for like a few hours each time, each day. The rest of the time, I was probably binge watching movies and television shows on my laptop or teaching English for free at the 23/9 park which was across the street from my house.

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Don't Worry About The Money

2015-06-01 - Monday - 08:16 AM PST (all times in PST unless otherwise stated) - Facebook - 404 likes - 179 Comments - 20 Shares - Liked by people like Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhi - Xu Ruby - Thùyy Trangg - Linh Lỳ - Anna Tran - Eve Hoang - Trân Suby - Brenda Warouw (Indonesia) - Nguyễn Kim Ngân - Vũ Mai Kim Hà - Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên - Quỳnh Anh Phùng - Huynh Thanh Nga - Vivian Tran - Du Tran - Ngo Hang - Bill Hathorn - Alex Fong (Singapore) - Nicholas Littlejohn (USA) - Nguyên Cát Lợi Trinh (Vietnam)

I wrote: "I told my student, "Don't worry about money. You could give me money someday, but not now. I hope you find a new job. Try your best & don't let finances derail you from accelerated success."
Most of my students are college students. Some of my students are looking for work. One student said, "I can't study with you because I don't have enough money to give you." I replied, "Don't let that stop you. You can still see me when you can for free. You do not have to give me money."
She replied, "I owe you." I answered, "No. You do not owe me. You can compensate (pay me back) me later if you want, but it will not be required. You're not obligated. You do not need to. You do not have to. This is better than a loan. You are not just borrowing my time. Consider it a gift."
If you don't already know, I'm a freelance American English Teacher, pronunciation tutor, motivational speaker, & life coach in Q.1, TP.HCM. I was born in America (USA country) in the year 1985. I moved to Vietnam in the year 2012. I have been living in Vietnam for over two years now. I live in Q.1 right now
I am giving my English students adjustable payment plans and discounts. I do not want my students to have increased stress due to the rising education fees. Some Vietnamese (people) only earn about $200 per month. Many Vietnamese earn less than that each month. However, some Vietnamese will spend more than $200 per month at English Centers like VUS.
I tell my students that I take donations. In other words, class fees are customizable based on the situations of the students. The fees need to be high enough in order to support my financial needs, but also low enough so that the students don't become homeless and without food.
I want to help people find jobs. If the students are already working, then they should give me more money. But I don't want to steal too much money from people. I did not come to Vietnam to make money but to truly help people as much as I could. I need to make enough money for food and rent, but I should not be too greedy.
Students can give me whatever money they can afford. Someday, students can pay me back if they want after they find employment. So, in other words, you can call me a missionary, or even a pastor
I am dedicating my life to as many people as I can now. I am trying to donate my time and talents to as many people as possible
I don't only teach English. I also teach history, music, guitar, piano, basketball, filming, photography, morality, logic, debate, speech, love, comedy, fiction, literature, writing, reading, speaking, listening, video games, movies, TV shows, story telling, marketing, business, taking risks, marriage, family, family trees, biking, exercising, hiking, camping, America, hobbies, volleyball, P.E., sports, health, science, math, travel, religion, dance, technology, careers, carpentry, art, comics, cartoons, design, computers, legends, destiny, & life in general: just tell me what you want to learn & do."

Zuck Lee Lego Mark

2015-06-02 - Tuesday - 09:54 PM - Zuck Lee Lego Mark messaged me: "unlimited , i think." Huh, unlimited wanted? Don't remember. 10:29 PM: Nguyễn Phương Ân left me this comment: "I'm just a cosmetic seller, do u want add me? :))."


2015-06-03 - Wednesday - 08:31 AM PST - 10:01 PM ICT - Cẩm Tú Nguyễn messaged me: "CRY EMOTICON: Help me: I must pay passage about the most memorable experience in my life.... but I do not know how to write both."


2015-06-03 - Wednesday - 07:57 PM - Facebook - 10 Likes - 5 Comments - Travel Group - 104 Page Likes - Nguyễn Thanh Tú replied: "He looks like a monkey, but it's a handsome monkey:)." I responded: "I look like a monkey? Ok, thanks."

Hello Teacher

2015-06-04 - Thursday - 05:34 AM PST - Email - 07:04 PM ICT - Bùi Thương messaged me: "i'm fine... how are you teacher?"


2015-06-04 - Thursday - 06:04 AM PST - Email - 07:34 PM ICT - Ngo Hang messaged me: "Hello, Im happy to read I will tell all my staffs to study from you cause my spa has foreigner clients everyday but English is a "big problem" for me and myself too. If you have time pls come to my spa: AAA Spa 133 bui vien d1. Im Hang. Nice to meet you." I eventually went on to teach a female staff of that spa, but not until like 2016 and not Ngo Hang. This might have been a missed opportunity. I'm not sure if I saw this message in 2015. Ironically, regardless of that, I ended up teaching there later on, anyways.

Full Friend List

2015-06-05 - Friday - 04:10 AM PST - Email - 05:40 PM ICT - Anna Tran messaged me: "Hi, your friend list is full.... I can not add u." Trương Milk messaged me: "?" 07:44 PM: Prey Chii Ciruela (Eu Fritz) messaged me: "hi."

PR Donald

2015-06-06 - Saturday - 12:54 AM PST - Blogspot - 02:00 PM ICT OI (Old Ink) - Dreams of Oatmeal Joey - I wrote: " PR Donald 2015-06-06 2 PM OI: In my dream, I was watching the new imaginary TV channel Power Rangers. Either that or I was partaking in the real-life world of the cynbotic rangers assist with or fight against the transformer robot rangers. After that scene, there was a McDonald's Play Place Power Rangers Super Droid. I think the whole McDonald's store transformed like the transformers and was fighting something, but then I awaoke." In other words, I awoke after that.

Thảo Ruacon

2015-06-06 - Saturday - 09:45 PM - Thảo Ruacon messaged me: "I am Thao. Can you speak japanese or vietnamese? What about vietnamese? Can you speak?

Class Schedule Idea

2015-06-06 - Saturday - 11:15 PM - Facebook Post - 221 Likes - 136 Comments - 3 Shares - Liked by people like Kaylee Belle - LovelyRose Prejoles Smith Davis - Trang Anh Thơ - Hà Phương Đinh - Chu Vân Yoga - Teacher Nissi Pearl - Tran Thuy I love you. You are so adorable.

Phạm Ngọc Nhung commented: "i want learn:))." I responded: "5 PM at the 23/9 park." Nhung: "Not today, today i'm busy, hjxhjx." Hehe.

Friend Requests

2015-06-07 - Sunday - 12:44 AM - Joeyarnoldvn Facebook Friend Requested by 1,109 Friends - 1109 Friend Requests 06:00 PM: Zuck Lee messaged me: "So funny ! 10 000/ person/day . Really ? Unbeleivable (unbelievable).

Zuck Lee Conversation

2015-06-07 - Sunday - 12:53 AM - In the comments, I was chatting with Lego Mark, AKA Zuck Lee - First, I replied: "Zuck Lee, what would Chuck Norris do?" we went back and forth. His responses are no longer there. His comments may have removed. His Facebook profile may have been banned, deactivated, hidden, by Lego Mark or by Facebook. I'm not exactly sure what happened. He had other accounts as well. He was my favorite student in Vietnam. He met me in 2015. 02:44 AM: Zuck lee messaged me: "ok. 01664500642. Vietel."

Desiring to Learn English

2015-06-07 - Sunday - 02:34 AM - Thư Huyền Nguyễn commented: "I want to learn but i live in haiphong city." Tường Vy commented with a smile: "he can't speak VietNamee." Vivian Nguyen commented: Nguyễn Thụy Gia Tường, look here, how do you feel?" She responded: "Ngày nào ranh m đi thử , chứ đọc ko sao biết thế lào."


2015-06-08 - Monday - 04:18 PM - Hường Đỗ meesaged me: "I live in hanoi and you live in ho chi minh.it too far.so what do I meet you?"

SME Photography

2015-06-09 - Tuesday - 12:22 AM - SME Photography (Thiên Ân) commented: "I hateeee you. Ck canada noi tui la ban bi than kinh nhe. Nhiu nguoi dang muon hoc vs 1 thay giao bi than kinh ko khac ji may ban bi than kinh nhe. Haizzz."

Study English

2015-06-10 - Wednesday - 05:42 PM - Nhung Nguyễn messaged me: "Ok... Tôi đang cần học tiếng anh giao tiếp. smile emoticon."

Marketing Job

2015-06-11 - Thursday - 01:09 AM - Ball Phisitbutr (Monvit Phisitbutr) messaged me with this job offer: "Hello Joey Arnold, My name is Ball I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I see you on Facebook. Do you live in HCMC? My company is the distributor of consumer products in many countries. I'm doing marketing in Hongkong, U.S.A., Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam is new for me. I'm looking for nice and active people who wanted to make more income while studying or doing their job. You can work as a part time job. The job is about marketing, selling, and servicing our customers. The income is quite interesting. We pay our marketer as a marketing license. You can make the income starting from 20-30 millions VND per month in the first year and can be around 60 millions VND or more within 3 years. This is a long term business that can give you a stable income. Don't worry we're not the spam, you can check my Facebook. So if you are interested, we will discuss about the details. My Vietnamese partner who live in HCMC will give you more information. I'm looking forward for your reply. Thanks ^^."

New Friend

2015-06-12 - Friday - 10:53 PM - Đỗ Ly accepted my friend request

Climate Change

2015-06-13 - Saturday - 01:03 AM PST - Email Time - 01:19 PM - 12 Jun 2015 - Twitter Time - Barack Obama Tweeted: "States like Hawaii are leading the fight against climate change: http://ofa.bo/i7zy #SwitchToClean." I got an email about this, maybe because I made a new account @joeyarnoldvn on Twitter around that time. This was the first Twitter email that I've seen sent to that email address of mine, joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com. Inter Nation emailed me asking why I haven't visited their website in a while.

Improve My English Skills

2015-06-13 - Saturday - 05:23 AM - Dang Kim Oanh (Green Tree) messaged me: "hello joeh, My name is Oanh, I am a student in Open university, I want to improve my skill English . Can y help m ?"

Office Staff

2015-06-14 - Sunday - 08:03 PM - Nguyễn Lợi messaged me: "Hi Mr Joey Arnold, i'm a office staff. i wan to improve my language. can you help me ?"

Can, May, Impossible

2015-06-15 - Monday - 06:32 PM: Uyen Jung messaged me: "Joey, when use can, may, impossible ?" 09:12 PM: Thuy Tran messaged me: "Joey, are you free today?" Maybe we met for class.


2015-06-16 - Tuesday - 08:10 PM - Oumerzoug Youssef messaged me: "Hiho.... hi... hi joey can you tell me zorbia what it means thanks in advance please do answer me.... Joey.

Profile Picture

2015-06-17 - Wednesday - 10:00 PM - Facebook Avatar - 170 Likes - 31 Comments - I wrote my then phone number: "0168-478-5542." Eliseo Alfaro Parreño Jr. commented: "cool :-)." Some laughed. Some wrote: "Handsome." Some commented: "Haha." My pic was liked by people like Tam Doan - Najeeb Sadat (Afghanistan) - Sonia Abreu (Brazil) - Duyên Phạm - Phuonguyen Truong - Anh Jul Nguyen - Shayra Eunice Abalos Manuel - Aileensweet Mercado - Rosie Vu

Love You

2015-06-18 - Thursday - 10:42 AM - I love you. Facebook update: I wrote: "love u" - 63 Likes - 9 Comments - Trần Khánh Linh commented: "i know i know :v.... recently you use very often this word, Jo :v." Aihau Vo commented: "lovesick :3." My post was liked by people like Bích Phương

Just Friends Love Story

2015-06-19 - Friday - 07:48 AM - Girls say, "Joey Arnold, we are just friends. We are not lovers." This is what the female community announce since the day I was born back in the year 1985 in my hometown city of Forest Grove, Oregon, of the United States
What is love? Is love only emotional? Sadly, our feelings impresses and suppresses our impulses, actions, habits, lifestyles, through and to and for what we do and how we do them. I'm only 30 years old, but I've been around and I feel like I understand life maybe a little too well. I've always been single, as in Forever Alone (FA) as I am living in Saigon, Vietnam (Q.1, TP.HCM) currently as an American English Teacher in VN since the year 2012, but I'm not like totally lonely
But what is love, really? Love is what you do, not how you feel. Love is commitment. Love is patient (1 Cor.13). Love is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not get jealous. Love is forever. Love is commitment. Love is unconditional. Love forgives, forgets, grows, encourages, inspires, uplifts, corrects, exhorts, flies, tries, loves, hopes, dreams, cares, and continues on
I try my best to love other people. I try my best to love my enemies, especially when I don't want to. I may not want to, but I should. I first found love from my mother, my family, and later in Tiffany Cumbo when I was five years old. Some years later, Tiffany died, and that broke my heart. However, hearts can heal and tomorrow is a new day
Life is full of pain, but things are getting better. Life is worth living. Life is full of surprises. Today is called the "Present" because it is a gift. We can use it or lose it. For me, I have dreamed of marriage since I was 8 years old, back 22 years ago. Girls reject me and it breaks my heart each time. However, I refuse to let rejection define me. Failure can only make you stronger. No pain, no gain. It helps you discover what doesn't work in order to help you redirect your rainbows to better horizons.

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Skype English Idea

2015-06-20 - Saturday - 12:41 AM - Hoàng Thị Kim Xuyến commented: "đặt lịch học lúc 23:00 thì học ở nhà qua kiểu chat, webcam, skype chứ nhỉ?" I think she was asking me about my online teaching schedule. I wasn't teaching via Skype, but I have put up some videos on Facebook, YouTube, etc.

How are you?

2015-06-21 - Sunday - 07:32 PM - Trái Tim Băng Giá (Duyên Phạm) messaged me: "Hi. How are U?"

Add Me

2015-06-22 - Monday - 10:58 AM - Kim Phúc commented: "Ax. Nick này vừa đăng pàj pảo "tôj là gv mĩ, hãy kb vs t" trog nhóm xog này."

Be Careful

2015-06-23 - Tuesday - 03:41 AM - Dương Huyền commented: "CẨN THẬN .Câu kinh điển của người này là im an America English Teacher. Add me. Mà thầygiáo kiểu gì mà suốt ngày add me mọi nơi. Mà lại chỉ accept bạn gái cái trên kia có cái bạn trai xin kết bạn thì bảo maybe vì có hơn nghìn request. Đã thế cứ add me add me cái gì. Hay tại mình đa nghi nhỉ? Căn bản thấy người này khắp nơi add me cả năm nay rồi. Đã là thầy có tâm thế thì thiếu gì cách gây dựng lớp học mà cứ Park với Lun Nguyen cũng đã cảnh báo rồi. Nói chung là nên cẩn thận." I'm not sure if this comment is directed to me and/or other people. Translated, this message might read as follows: "Be careful. The Classic sentence of this person is quiet an America English teacher. Add me. Why do you add me everywhere all the time? Just accept the girlfriend that there is a boyfriend who is asking for a friend, said maybe because there are more than a thousand requests. Just add me to add me something. Or is it because I doubt it? I've basically seen this person everywhere add me for a year. If you are so interested, there is no way to create a class but just park with Lun Nguyen also have to warn you. In General, be careful."

Comedy Club

2015-06-24 - Wednesday - 10:24 PM - Facebook - 8 Likes - 0 Comments - Comedy Club Group - 784 Members

Delicious Soup

2015-06-25 - Thursday - 09:21 AM - I love you. I'm sick. I miss mother. She makes delicious soup. My mother lives in America. I live in Vietnam. I love my mother so much.
Vietnamese ask me, "Are you home sick?" Yes, I am homesick. I miss the United States. I was born there 30 years ago in 1985, February 11, in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. Vietnamese return, "Why not return?" I like to answer with: "Because then I'll be Vietnam Sick."
I'm sick & homesick at the same time. I love people. I meet people at the park. I love meeting people. I love everybody. I will say it to you, "I love you." I care about that. Nothing will stop me from my determination
My mother made soups from beans, fruits, vegetables, lentils, carrots, green vegetables; and she fed me nuts, grains, and different food groups (families) with different colors of the Pocahontas rainbow
I am sicker than a rainbow but I still go to the park each day. I refuse to take a break. I am still working hard even when I'm sick
Did the rain make me sick? I have been sick since Saturday, the 21st of June 2015, and I have had headaches, sore throats, fevers, coughing, a running nose, tiredness, & things like that this week. Now it is 11 PM Thursday, the 25th of June 2015. I should keep a better like sick journal and prepare for this kind of sickness for next year. I think I use to get sick in June when I was a little boy as well in America. I moved to Vietnam in 2012. So, writing is very important. Keep journals of things before you forget stuff. And write down a list of the people you meet in your life
You can travel the world to learn about the people of the world, or you can go to the 23/9 park, Q.1, TP.HCM and meet those same people there instead and save thousands of dollars. Why go to them when they can go to you? Travel the world if you can.If you can't travel the world, at least go to the park
Meet foreigners..... or if you are too shy to talk to foreigners, then just talk to me, Joey Arnold, the Oatmeal of your Soul
And talk to me all about culture, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, fashion, people, technology, making movies, photography, art, drama, girls, guys, animals, birds and the bees, camps, random things, or anything, and everything, and cars..... sports, video games, music, dance, science, math, education, more history, heroes, the future, the past, love, hate, more about people, how to read people, forgiveness, progress, purpose, meaning, tranquility, character, integrity, peace, happiness, business, marketing, spam, the internet, eternity, professionalism, careers, failures, contagious unconditional love agape, and joyfulness.

464 Likes - 130 Comments - 14 Shares - Lương Quỳnh Nga replied: "I want speak E but i speak very bad because i don't remember word. You teach E for me." Aihau Vo was probably one of my students. She commented: "I'm on my voluntary work, so I dont have time to go meet u. When coming back, I'll bring u mixed girdled cake as promised. Take care,man." I replied: "Love you." She liked that. Trang Anh Thơ commented: "Take care." Le Thi Thu Ha commented: "You are not a real persob (person)." Thảo Chi commented: "I wanna speak english, but i don't have generous vocabulary, i can't construct question. can you add friend with me? , we can talk English together." Thuỳ Linh commented: "Wish you fell better. :* share your felling, maybe we can help." Minh Trang Lavande commented: "Get well soon :)... hope one day, we can meet each other in Hanoi :)." Nak Ainha commented: "So go to ur home bcz ur mother will alone."

Saw You At The Park

2015-06-26 - Friday - 11:32 PM - Anh Cao commented: "i saw you at the park, talking with passion to the students and you are getting better because this is the time for much climate changes. When you are sick, your soul is weak, maybe that's the reason why you are home sick and miss your mother. You will be alright! thank you for the post with simple words. i learn some new words, too." Lucy Tran commented: "i've just readed your sentences and iam really like it what you said i can saw your list of those topics you writting above but iam scare that i don't have enough the words to talk all the topics...so sad.. :(." My post was liked by Linh H. Pham - Phạm Thuỳ Linh - Trần Như Ngọc - Lương Thuỳ Linh - Thy - Tien Pham - Ngọc Ánh - Trà Lê - Ngọc Phùng - Yuri Ko - Phương Jennifer - Huỳnh Hiền - Elijah Sunday (Nigeria) - Kim Anh - Nguyễn Thanh Hằng - Lương Quỳnh Nga - Dang Nguyen - Huynh Thanh Nga

New Friend

2015-06-27 - Saturday - 09:16 PM - Thoa Kim Vo

New Classes

2015-06-28 - Sunday - 06:54 AM - Thanh Xuân Đinh messaged me: "Hi teacher, can I join your class? I want to speak and listen because I' m not good it. What's your class address? Thank you."

Baskin Robbins Denied

2015-06-29 - Monday - 09:23 AM - Nguyen Tu Kim Uyen (nguyentukimuyen@yahoo.com) emailed me: "Hi Joey, Tomorrow (30 June), we will meet at 5pm. I will invite you a cup of ice cream at Baskin Robbins (173, Pham Ngu Lao street, distric 1), I have a discount voucher :-) We will discuss about our class at Baskin Robbins instead of at the 23/9 Park. Pls give me your cell phone number. Tks and see you tomorrow! Ms Kim." 10:58 AM: I replied: "no thank you." 11:06 AM: I sent Kim a second email reply: "My phone number is on Facebook. I love ice cream but I want to be available for people at the park. I need to be there for more people and think more long term about many people."

Venus & Jupiter

2015-06-30 - Tuesday - 11:17 AM - Mom sent me an email about an event that hasn't happened in like 2,000 years, where we might see the star of Bethlehem." I replied: "Is it a star or planet or something else? Is it an alignment of celestial bodies?" Mom replied: "alignment of venus and Jupiter." I replied: "how often do they align? How often do the other planets align?" She didn't reply. I probably could have googled it. I mean, Duck Duck Go.

Big Book

2015-06-30 - Tuesday - 10:00 PM - Oatmeal Joey holding a Vietnamese English Dictionary at the 23/9 Park at night near Vietnamese English learners

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Teaching English at the Park

2015-06-30 - Tuesday - 10:00 PM - Oatmeal Joey holding a Vietnamese English Dictionary

2015-06-30 - Tuesday - 10:00 PM - Oatmeal Joey holding a Vietnamese English Dictionary at that 23 9 Park.jpg

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