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I lived at Old Ink. I taught Lego Mark some English in Vietnam. I wrote about making excuses and people got mad. I taught at the 23/9 Park. Starting Over: I wanted to live in Oklahoma with Rick in the early 2000's. Oprah Joey: You get a like and you get a like. Everybody gets Free Likes. Dictionary: Learning Vietnamese Pictures.

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2015-07-04 - Saturday - 09:49 AM

Some highlights from July of 2015, as follows:

All Times in Pacific Standard Time (PST) unless otherwise noted:

Park English

2015-07-01 - Wednesday - 07:19 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 40 Pictures - Liked by Lịt Lịt - Ngân Quỳnh Lê Hernandez - Hue Ngoc - Ce Ci Lia - Đoàn Trần Mỹ Duyên


2015-07-02 - Thursday - 03:31 AM - I added pics to a Facebook group or page called Thế Giới Tiền Điện Tử (Bitcoin, eth, ...). I didn't know much about Bitcoin in 2015. I didn't buy any Bitcoin for the first time until 2017. I was joining random groups in order to network.

Vietnamese Dictionary

2015-07-02 - Thursday - 09:27 AM - Facebook Album - 213 Photos - 14 Likes - 0 Comments - 3 Shares - Liked by Xu Ruby - Vĩnh Ty Bùi - Nisha Karki - Linh H. Pham - Hoàng Ngọc Cẩm Nguyễn Phượng Hồng - Shared by Irfan Yaman - Phạm Thanh Hương

Park English VN

2015-07-02 - Thursday - Post - 156 Likes - 23 Comments - Share - Liked by Anne Jacqueline Nguyen

Shirtless Joey Pic

2015-07-03 - Friday - 09:53 AM - Facebook Avatar - 26 Likes - 9 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "Joey Arnold: Q.1, TP.HCM - Mobile: 0168-478-5542 (Joey) - Liên hệ: 0167-253-7970 (Châu) - Facebook: Joey Arnold - Email: JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com - I've lived in Vietnam since the year 2012. I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, United States, in the year 1985, February 11, Monday. I'm an American & have been in VN for about three years now as of this year, 2015. My hobbies include filming, blogging, basketball, video games, music, guitar, piano, singing, dancing, volleyball, helping, learning, teaching, debating, board games, inventing, designing, telling stories, comedy, telling jokes, life coach, consultant, adviser, researcher, athlete, teacher, author, motivational speaker, actor, director, musician, artist, pastor, carpenter, builder, thinker, lover of Jesus & the world. Google Me." Liked by Mi Ñon - Romelus Saladar - Regenbry Nainggolan - Ngọc Ánh

Joey & 2 Girls

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Forever Alone Joey

2015-07-04 - Saturday - 09:07 AM - Picture - 75 Likes - 16 Comments - Helen Helen commented: "Hello Joey." Hồng Ngọc: "Hello teacher, add me, please!" Trần Khánh Linh: "you're F.A :D." Liked by Thom Trinh - Thảo Top - Lê Thu Hường - Giang Giang - Hà Sendy - Hồng Thương - Lê Thị Thanh Thanh

1K Friend Requests

2015-07-04 - Saturday - 09:49 AM - Facebook Group Post - Liked by Thuy Nguyen

Don't Understand

2015-07-05 - Sunday - 02:07 AM - Comment - Saga Nhí Nhảnhq - I wrote: "I'm an American ENglish Teacher. Add me." Saga replied: "I 'm don't understand."

I Love VN Joey

2015-07-06 - Monday - 08:18 AM - Picture - 152 Likes - 43 Comments - Trúc Nguyễn: "Really?" Tuyết Mộc Lan: "Are you busy? If I add your phone number, can I talk to you? :)." Nqân Huỳnh: "Hello." Hoang Lai: "Hello... Can I help you ? I'm studies you like to english... Can I help you joey Arnold..." Nguyễn Thùy Dương: "Vn Love u toO = )." Thu Wander "Hello. Nice to meet u. I want to learn E. Can u help me? I will be happy if we are friend. Hope u can help me improve my E. I really want to talk with u. Thanks so much.... :* But I cant add fr with u :(." Nicole Newsome: "What does your bracelet stand for?" My pic was liked by Bà Chằn - Huỳnh Cẩm - Stella Hannah - Nguyễn Thị Thu Thuỷ - Trần Thị Thu Thùy - Geitusmar Paspe Liebling Schatzi - Thanh Trúc Nguyễn Trịnh - Halona Tran - Hoàng Thị Thuận - Nguyễn Huyền - Vũ Lan Anh - July Dao - Tran Quyen - Huynh Tuyen

Life Adventure

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2015-07-07 - Tuesday - 04:38 AM - Thư Phan messaged me: "Who r u?" 05:28 AM: Lego Mark Zuck Lee: "Great! What if they block and ban you from a group." Mark was meeting me, almost daily for English classes in 2015. We talked about many things.


2015-07-08 - Wednesday - 05:44 AM - Hoàng Hồng messaged me: "I'm fine.And you? Can you speak Vietnammes?"


2015-07-09 - Thursday - 04:37 AM - Roldan Calumpang Cadiente messaged me: "So how's your situation this time."

Brother Rick

2015-07-10 - Friday - 07:22 AM - Facebook - 46 Likes - 1 Comment - 2 Shares - This Post was liked by Luc Dinh - Đoàn Mộng Ýnhi - Tan Pinakorn - Hiền Mun - Phạm Thuỳ Linh - An An - Hoàng Mây - Hương Lê - Việt Anh Trần - Ngọc Duyên - KaTy Nguyen - Liên Xô - Hieu Nguyen - Hoai Tram - Thế Lộc - Rierien I was friends with Binh Dong.

Be Confident

2015-07-11 - Saturday - 12:18 AM - Facebook - 227 Likes - 39 Comments - 7 Shares - Liked by Trang Phan - Nguyễn Khải Hoàn - Ngọc Dung - Võ Thị Thảo Nguyên - Alissa Trịnh - Nguyễn Thị Kim Chi

Freak Joey

2015-07-11 - Saturday - 05:15 AM - Screenshot - Michael Shack Allen (BLOCKED) replied: "cảnh báo nghỉ xa tên biến thái tình dục này. Ông có một bệnh tâm thần, rối loạn tâm thần. bị đuổi khỏi trường và đền thờ nơi ông đang giảng dạy miễn phí. thậm chí Circle K đá anh ra khỏi hahaha đó là buồn cười. thực sự tinh thần bị bệnh." I replied to that: "In English, Michael Allen wrote: Warning stay away from this sexual perverts. He has a mental illness, mental disorder. was expelled from school and the temple where he was taught for free. Circle K even kick him out hahaha that's funny. actually mentally ill."

Park Kids

2015-07-12 - Sunday - 01:01 PM - Picture - 114 Likes - 13 Comments - Liked by Jessica Rodriguez - Hoa Ômai - Hoaoc Pham - Bob Xu - Nguyễn Thị Bích Vân - Hường Trần - Tien My - Vicky Nguyen - 23/9 Park Friend Silly Silly Panda Hoa Anh Túc - GiuSa Nguyen - Hà Huyền - Philip Moon

McDonald's Joey

2015-07-13 - Monday - 12:54 PM - Picture - 73 Likes - 9 Comments - I wrote: "Liên hệ để biết thêm chi tiết và xếp lịch phỏng vấn: Mobile: 0167-253-7970 - Mobile: 0166-450-0642." I commented: "Only 3 likes." Thuỳ Linh: "29 likes now :)))." Hoàng Nguyên Giáng Ân: "41." Post.

Meet You

2015-07-14 - Tuesday - 06:58 AM - Hãy lắng nghe messaged me: "what time do I meet you? Hi Why is not answer? Are you busy?"

Not Banned

2015-07-15 - Wednesday - 12:55 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 6 Pictures - 24 Likes - 9 Comments - I wrote: "I was not banned from the Expats in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) group. Here are photos I have from the group. If I was blocked, I would not be able to see these pictures & comments here." Nina Nguyen: "HI Jo Arnold, I want to learn English, I tried to contacted 0167-253-7970 but the number has die, How do I connect with you. Thanks!" Ashley Truong: "You re actually a spamer. I see you spam everywhere." My album was liked by Kh Anh Linh - Ngoc Truong - Two More Screenshots - Liked by Ratna Devi Harjasasmitha - Minh Hằng - Lê Trần Thy Thy

Park Sex

2015-07-16 - Thursday - 12:34 AM - David Carroll messaged me: "So Joey, did you post the sex in the park with children post?"

VN Hat Joey

2015-07-17 - Friday - 06:52 PM - Picture - Hằng Quách: "You're very kute, you know."

Vietnam Banned Oatmeal

2015-07-17 - Friday - 01:14 PM - Miley Temple, on Another side of Vietnam (ASOV), asked: "Why was Joey Arnold banned? Actually, that was in Expats HCMC. Marshall The Anımal of the Drink & Talk Club wrote: "I had a chance to talk to Joey before. He (in real life) is not so disturbing like he (on the internet). But sooner or later the needle would poke out of the bag, and you will see the true face of his. He came to our Drink&Talk English club, and bragging about how he could teach English for free, and of course it's a nice thing to do, but he used our place, our room, our time while the club is running to do his business, that I don't like one bit. When we talked to him, he got on our page and said that (this is what I understand from him) we don't like him and threaten him (yes I did because I'm not really a nice guy when probs started to show) and kicked him out of the club. All we asked is that do your business elsewhere, this is our club, we come here to talk, not for you to come here to teach. And it goes on, not only in our club, but Couchsurfing and other places, as well as Expat. Me, personally, I would beat the shit out of him the moment I saw him on the street of Saigon." Jason Allain: "This is a tread ? Why are the trees green, why is water wet and why is fish sauce unpalatable ? Because that's how God wants it...." Jake Houseago: "because this is an expat forum. not a place to tolerate random people that spam and cause major irritation to real expats." Peter Cornish: "Because he looks weird and people feel better about themselves by being nasty to him." David Carroll: "He's in here. Just in another form. "Miley", is that you Joey? wink emoticon." Fergal McGee: "Say what u want, he is a pr king." Miley Temple Jake Houseago: "Joey Arnold is a fake expat?" Michael Hardy: "I'm with Jake!" Nick Jones: "Wasn't it entertaining?" Why - Part 13. Why 21.

Leech Joey

2015-07-18 - Saturday - 09:51 AM - Philip Nguyen Lie - Philip Nguyen wrote: "Just go meet him Miley, share his feelings, show sympathy, next day you will find him sleeping on your bed and refuse to leave your house, later when he does, he will post on FB that you are gay, rude and took advantage over his situaton."

Sophisticated Beauty

2015-07-19 - Sunday - 01:00 AM - Facebook - 40 Likes - 1 Share - 0 Comments - I wrote to Kim Tuyen Nguyen: "Love you. Happy Woman's Day. You are so beautiful, smart, sophisticated, & fun. You have lovely eyes. Have a good day." Liked by Kim Sơn Nguyễn - Lê Lan Anh - Quyen Le - Dương Thuỳ Lâm - Tran Mai Ly - Mai Thanh - Hà Huỳnh - Thuy Nguyen - Dung Vu - Iuli Ana - Kiều Anh Rose - Nguyễn Huyềnn - Kim Dung - Jennifer Tran - Thuy Anh Nguyen


2015-07-20 - Monday - 04:19 AM - Tâm Nguyên Tran messaged me: "Hi." Myphuong Tranthi messaged me: "I'm not free tomorrow morning, but afternoon... are you free tomorrow afternoon ?" English Post. - 61 Likes.

Horror Film Joey

2015-07-21 - Tuesday - 07:57 AM - Picture - 30 Likes - 5 Comments - Nguyễn Trang: (BLOCKED) "Horror film ^^." Hoan Tran: (BLOCKED) "Spéculum." My Q.12 August 2013 Room-mate, Rick Thành Hưng: "sorry Joey Arnold i've lost your phone number. can you give it to me ?"I replied: "ok." Maybe I didn't give him my number as my number was already on my profile and other places online, public, easy to find. Many people would ask me and I would tell them to look on my profile for it. This pic was liked by John Chamness

Face Avatar

2015-07-22 - Wednesday - 12:37 AM - Facebook Picture - 21 Likes - 3 Comments - Fitri Astuti: "STOP to sending me those emails!!" My picture was liked by Hân Hân - Kiều Anh Rose - I shared a pic of myself to Thuy Anh Nguyen - Pic to Mai Thanh - Trang Tran Ngoc

Vietnamese Hat Pic

2015-07-22 - Wednesday - 10:12 PM - Picture - 67 Likes - 4 Comments - 2 hidden comments - Liked by Linh Nguyễn - Giang Thảo My - Vũ Huệ - Tuno Le - Dương Thị Ngà - Hà An Phạm - Emily Victorino

Freedom Shirts

2015-07-23 - Thursday - 01:18 AM - Facebook - 57 Likes - 5 Comments - I wrote: "Hundreds of Vietnamese were wearing these freedom shirts. The Vietnamese police arrested them this month, July of 2015, & put them in prison. I wore one of those shirts. The police may find me & put me in jail because of this. If you cannot find me, Joey Arnold Oatmeal, it is because the police got me. We believe in the potential & progression of Vietnam. I came to Vietnam to help. I love the people of Vietnam & the developments here. Please take care. Love you." This post was liked by Không Tên - Evita Nguyễn - Nhất Tâm - Thuỳ Linh - Akina Nevaeh - Hiền Minh Hoàng - Hiền Sư Tử - Kiều Anh Rose - Mỹ Lệ - Kim Chi HQ - Phuong Nguyen - Thùy Trang Nguyễn - Lawyer Tân Huy - Thư Huyền Nguyễn - Hà Bích Thủy

Government Funded

2015-07-23 - Thursday - 03:26 AM - Post - 78 Likes - 61 Comments - 4 Shares

Words with the Letter A

2015-07-23 - Thursday - 09:02 PM - Facebook

How are you?

2015-07-24 - Friday - 01:22 AM - Evita Ngọc Nguyễn messaged me: "I'm fine thank. And you??"

VN Hat Joey

2015-07-25 - Saturday - 08:06 AM - Picture - 66 Likes - 16 Comments - Liked by Hồ Ngọc Hân - Faride Özçivit Evcen - Former Lawyer Student of mine, Phuong Nguyen

Oprah Joey

2015-07-25 - Saturday - 01:16 AM - Facebook Cover Banner Picture - 102 Likes - 28 Comments - Aprilly Fee: "Crying Smiley Face Emoticon." Phuong Thuy Nguyen: "Đẹp quá." Lợi Nguyễn: "Haha :-X." Yun Thy: "Happy crying emoticon." Nguyệt Trần: "Hehehe lol." My picture was liked by Huyền Nguyễn - Thu Trang - Thu Thảo Trần - Doremon Co Mic - Thao Huynh - Sự Su Su - Souma Hamrouni - Curly Hair - Hoàng - Huỳnh Thị Thúy Diễm - Ly Phạm - Trúc Nguyễn - Mai Hòa - Nguyễn Lệ Minh Hiền - Thais Sousa - Vo Hg

Travel Shirt Joey

2015-07-25 - Saturday - 06:57 AM - Facebook Picture - 98 Likes - 24 Comments - I wrote: "English. Learn. Listen. Speak. Conversation. Pronunciation Private Classes. Teacher Joey Arnold Mobile: 0167-253-7970." Nguyễn Trang [blocked] replied: "Strangely." My picture was liked by Phoo Pwint - Cẩm Tú Nguyễn - Trần Kim Chi - Van Thi Thuy - Nhất Tâm - Evita Nguyễn - Lý May Mắn - Huyền Nguyễn - Loan Nguyen - Hiền Harry - Tý Nghịch Ngợm - Bảo Ngọc - Hoa Hoét - Phạm Bích - Stubborn Libra - Xuân Juliana - Khue Nguyen - Mỹ Hạnh - Đinh Thị Ngọc Lan - Frank Cafarella

Spike Avatar

2015-07-26 - Sunday - 12:04 AM - Facebook Profile Picture - 30 Likes - 4 Comments - Liked by Vân Anh Nguyễn - Thùy Dương - Virta Phingz Gunay - Crystal Jeanne Empestan - Aching Ching - Nicole Newsome - Nhung Phạm replied: "u look so funny :V." Sarwar Kethelic Jesus: "Bogas." Joshua Loinyio: "YES MY ENGLISH TEACHER." Thành Nam: "ket ban nhe ban ten gi va hien nay o dau." I shared my avatar with Thêm Nguyễn - Thanh Nhàn - Huynh Minh Doan Trang - Eve Hoang - Mai Hoang - Cherry Nguyen - Phan Hồng Lan - Bé Nguyễn - Uyen Dang

Resume Biography

2015-07-26 - Sunday - 02:55 AM - Post - 19 Likes - 8 Comments

Words with the Letter E

2015-07-27 - Monday - 04:42 PM - Facebook

Duck Duck Go

2015-07-28 - Tuesday - 12:15 AM - Picture - Duckling Duckling - I commented on her wall: "Ducks are so beautiful. Love you baby." I wrote to Yuni Van - Mộc Nguyễn - Carmel Jones - Thanh Huyến - Nguyệt Hằng - Tờ Rang

My First Church

2015-07-29 - Wednesday - 01:07 PM - Blogspot - I wrote about my first church: I included some links: Cornelius Community Church - Community Baptist - 860 North Adair Streeet - Cornelius, OR 97113 - Phone: (503) 359-9124 - Web: Corneliuscc.org - Mantra - Established in 1991, said a website. Maybe, officially or something, but the church actually bagen in the early 1980's.

Making Excuses

2015-07-30 - Thursday - 10:46 PM - Blogspot - 09:07 AM - Facebook - 109 Likes - 30 Comments - 6 Shares - I wrote: "My students cancelled class because it was raining. I was sad because they might be making excuses :(
Punctuality means "Arriving to appointments on time (in time)." Some students depend on others. One student is about twenty years old (20) but only goes places with her mother. She says she is only a child, but I told her that she is an adult, not a kid. She does not have a motor bike. Her mother is like a helicopter parent, which means the mother cares :)
But maybe the mother cares too much. As parents, we have to help our kids but we should not help too much. We should give children freedom but maybe not too much freedom. We need some kind of healthy balance. As children, we should do our best to listen & obey our parents as much as we can. However, we also need to find our own way in life, especially since our parents may not always be around for us in the future, which means we need to begin learning how to be individuals with independence :( :)
But independence must be learned & experienced. As we grow up, we have to learn how to do things without the help of our parents or the help of others. We should try our best to make our dreams come true. We should try our best to minimize excuses or reasons for absents, tardiness, procrastination, failures, distractions, retreats, alterations, & apathy."

Kim Liên replied: "Love you." Tươi Vũ commented: "Be punctual! Yes, Saigon has 2 main seasons, dry and rain, so if the raining is the reason for being late, it could be 6 months to be late."

My post was liked by phạm thị dịu - Yola Rosental (Lebanon) - Nhã Thuỳ - Anna Nguyen - Bella Tremedal - Bee Ta - Phạm Phương - Thanh Tâm - Đỗ Hồng Nhung - Ritaa Gigi

Messages & Screenshots

2015-07-31 - Friday - 03:22 AM - Blogspot - Thursday - 11:03 PM - Facebook - 100 Likes - 120 Comments - 2 Shares - I wrote: "What's your email address? We can send you English secrets. Learn how to master the English language in two months. Learn English pronunciation & communication
Listen to native English speakers on the radio, in the movies, & at the 23/9 Park near the Ben Thanh Market, Q.1, TP.HCM. Listen & repeat. Listen, think a little, & debate. Don't just learn English. Learn English while learning other things as well. Keep a daily English journal. Be patient with English. When you make mistakes, write it down in your journal. If you're not much of a writer, then at least write down titles or outlines to what you learn or talk about in English. If you don't write it down, you may forget it eventually. You can revisit what you write in the future to gain insight. Make friends with foreigners as well
What is Your Email Address? What's your phone number? You can join our English classes & clubs. Sometimes, we have special events. We have private classes as well. For more information, you can call my Vietnamese manager, Mark, DT: Mobile: Liên hệ 0167-253-7970
Remember that practice makes perfect. No pain, no gain. If you don't see me today, I can't save you any money. Do the best you can with what you have. Writers are first readers. Never let go. Keep going. English is not just a language but also a multicultural experience
Learn English while learning other subjects like history, science, math, psychology, sociology, business, tourism, marketing, finance, accounting, education, teaching, careers, trades, music, art, medicine, technology, oatmeal, life, love, hope, dreams, urban legends, geography, health, etc....
Have fun when learning English. Use it daily. Sing it. Talk it. Write it. Hear it. Think it. Take it. Use it. Like it. Love it. Dance it. Feel it. Believe it. Take it. Sleep on it. Know it. Understand it. Draw it. Hit it. Punch it. Step on it. Find it. Conquer it. Defeat it. Kill it. Get it. Hold it. Pass it. Share it. Sell it. Buy it. Eat it."

I received comments from Mai Anh - Thanh Truyen - Huế Lê - Trà My - Bùi Thị Nhung - Hoa Nắng - Nhung Nguyễn - Linh Nguyễn - An An - Nguyen Hong - Elsa Ng - Yen Bui - Nhung Vũ - Hoa Nắng - Noel L Thancent - Nhung Vũ - Đào Ngọc Bích - Fame Adamer

Californian Cat

2015-07-31 - Friday - 06:27 PM - Blogspot

Conversation between me and Barbie Anna.


2015-07-31 - Friday - 10:05 PM - Blogspot - I talked about Making Excuses (from yesterday) with Lego Mark Zuck Lee. Mark: "7 Rings for the drawf. 9 rings for the man cause man's thirst of power." Me: "dwarf, not drawf." I posted this link to Mark to an article about ways Vietnam ruined America. Then I wrote: "Anna said I'm not a teacher.... she told me many times she is my friend, not student... these 2 years, she has said that." Mark: "I guess she wants you to be more than a teacher." Me: "i think she does not respect me as a teacher. she got engaged. i am a teacher first and a friend second. or maybe she got married. yes, i am her friend, but not only her friend. want to see me?" Mark: "not now. I am doing my marketing strategy for lego and english." Then I shared pictures of Anna. Mark replied: "Who is that ? Is that Anna ?" Me: "Yes, this is Anna, AKA Thien An... Anna says we are friends. She says she helps me for fun & for free & not because I teach her English. She said this many times these past two years that she helps because she is a good person. I am like a beggar to Anna." Mark: "Ha ha. Like a beggar. Hello Beggar Joey !" Me: "She wrote, "You are not my teacher. You are my friend that helps me study English."" Mark: "ha ha. It's the same but Different way to say." Me: "True. Now, she is threatening me. She is insulting me because I wrote about her indirectly on my Facebook about how she cancelled class because of the rain; but I didn't mention her name in the post & therefore was not actually insulting her."

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