2015, February

Karaoke for my birthday on the 11th with Barbie Anna and her mother. Took dozens of photos, daily, generally, at the 23/9 Park where I taught English for hours each day for free. Had other classes. I was watching House on my laptop in my Old Ink room. I was hanging out with Anna, Zizi, and their mother, for Tet, on Thursday, the 17th. I probably continued teaching the Medical English Group.

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2015-02-23 JA on BUI VIEN with ANNA eat close.jpg
2015-02-23 - Monday - Bui Vien - Anna Barbie & her mom

Some highlights from February of 2015 (in PST time-stamps, generally), as follows:


2015-02-01 - Sunday - 12:05 AM PST - I emailed people: "Joey Arnold joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com - Attachments - Sun, Feb 1, 2015, 12:05 AM - to Thomas, cindyrose03, daehee.hong - I want to ask for advice about visas. I have 2 main questions. I have included information about my visas and passport below. You can share it with people. My current visa is a B3. I extended it 5 times. The last extension cost $200 at a travel agency and it expires 2015-03-10. Now, my first question is, can Americans in Vietnam go to Cambodia and come back the same day (with a letter that allows them to reenter) and make a new visa in Vietnam after that? I heard of an American who had to stay in Cambodia for 3 days in January 2015 before returning to VN. Secondly, since immigration rules/etc. have been modified as of this year of 2015 in Vietnam, can Americans get visa extensions/renewals as they did in previous years? I will try to search for answers online. I will also try to ask around. I plan to go to Cambodia in March and I will try to come back to Vietnam and I will try to make a new visa after that. 3 months after that, I'll try to make a visa extension or I'll leave the country again and come back and make a new visa if I can. Here is some information about my passport as follows: Joseph Scott Arnold - American - Current visa type: B3 - Current extension expires - 2015-03-10...." I showed them scans, pictures, of my passport, of my visa stamps, stickers, extensions. Peter responded. 2015-02-05 - Thursday - 07:57 AM - I replied: "Koreans in Vietnam can't extent B2 visas?" He didn't say anything after that.

Visa & Park Photos

2015-02-01 - Sunday - 05:57 AM - Facebook Photo Album - 194 Pictures - 8 Likes - 3 Comments - 0 Shares


2015-02-01 - Sunday - 11:15 PM - Nam Tran wrote: "Joey Arnold: do you usually log on Skype to communicate with vietnamese students? do you usually teach english, speak with vietnamese people on Skype? if you do, please give me exact time which you log on Skype, and i can log on Skype at that time to speak to you."


2015-02-02 - Monday - Photo Album - 113 Pictures


2015-02-02 - Monday - 10:26 AM - Facebook - 40 Likes - 8 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Happy Valentines Day 2015." This post was liked by people like Hoàng Thu Hằng - Ái Trương - Hồng Nguyễn - Hồ Ngọc Hân - Thanh Hoai Pham - Maian Vu Angle -


2015-02-03 - Tuesday - Photo Album - 45 Photos


2015-02-03 - Tuesday - 04:41 AM - Facebook Picture - 30 Likes - 9 Comments - 2 Shares - Facebook Comment - Allena Orapa commented: "But im c0nfused..where are they???bcoz i saw only 1 girl,where are the others?they are hiding?? hehe..."


2015-02-04 - Wednesday - Photo Album - 40 Photos

First Desk

2015-02-04 - Wednesday - 11:13 PM - Blogspot - My First Desk - I had my first desk in the kitchen next to the two fridges, the floor heater, the cabinet, my parent's hallway, and near the dishwasher and oven. I remember using this desk as far back as about 1990 or so when I was 5 years old. I used it for some years until my teen years I think. I do not remember the exact demise of it but I would mostly draw in it. One time when I was about 5 years old, I awoke to scattered papers that spilled from my desk. It seems that my dad marched by it at night knocking my art to the ground. As usual, my dad was drunk that previous night and I picked up papers with no questioned asked. I do not remember what my mom said to me at that time or even if she said anything to me at all. I can be a rebel and I can be stubborn. I can be the kind of person that does whatever I feel is right, which can be subjective. However, I can also be pretty compliant as well, especially when I was younger. I would submit to authority pretty well and follow instructions like a saint. My name is Joey Arnold, the Original Oatmeal, born in 1985 in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. I want to try to find pictures of my desk on the internet. I want to share as many stories I can related to my desk. My desk was yellow and had a pipe-like metal frame structure or legs. The desk opened up when you would lift the trunk of it like a car. The trunk was also the table or desk of the desk as well."


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My Birthday

2015-02-05 - Thursday - 12:13 AM - Facebook - 38 Likes - 11 Comments - 0 Shares - Ngọc Phương replied: "Happy birthday!!!!" Ninh Nguyen (blocked) replied: "Happy Birthday to you. it's a great day of your." Thanh Nguyen wrote: "I'm a human." This post was liked by people like Abasulo Kohj.


2015-02-05 - Thursday - 06:24 PM - Blogspot - I shared this private Facebook message that I had with Lincoln Hawk - On Blogspot, I made an allegation concerning Lincoln which may or may not be true, as in accurate, completely, entirely, partly, or even at all. At the time, I felt like he wasn't trying to distance himself from me, possibly. But then again, I don't know if this is true or not. There may have been a few different reasons to why I wrote. We can talk more about this in detail, later. There may be more to this story. In other words, it is a long story. I wrote on Blogspot, the following: "Lincoln Hawk Doesn't Care - Lincoln Hawk told me that he does not care that I am mad at him. I saw that he untagged himself from something I wrote. I might be over-reacting, but it is possible that he does not want to be associated or connected with me. I consider him to be like a mentor among other things since the year 2007 in California, USA where I met him. He was like a brother or something. However, he may be ashamed of some my decisions in my life. I question my life as well. I'm not here to say I'm perfect but I am just a little sad or confused or something. Facebook Message Thread - 7 hours ago - Joey: 'I'm mad at you.' - Lincoln: 'Take a number and get in line. You can also email your complaints to DONTCARE.com.' - a few seconds ago - Joey - 'You don't want to be associated or connected with me.'"


2015-02-06 - Friday - Photo Album - 85 Photos

Watching - House M.D.

2015-02-06 - House M.D. - start - Friday, 1 AM, OI: JA - 2015-05-21 - House M.D. - end - Thursday, 9 AM, OI: JA: according to my logs, I watched through the eight seasons of House, the TV show about doctor House, from February to the end of May, which was four months. Watched it on my laptop.


2015-02-06 - Friday - 12:10 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: " JSA/KJA Mutual FB Friends - On FB, I blocked my older sister, Katie Jean Arnold: - Friends - All Friends - Mutual Friends - Recently - Added - People You May Know - Friend - Friends - Rick Arnold - 645 friends - FriendFriends - Marilyn Mitchell - 21 mutual friends - Marlena Dater - Super(star) User / Sales Associate at Gudrun Sjödén America - Lisa A Veshecco - Actors Studio Drama School MFA Program - Chelsea Dee Thom - Owner/Photographer at Chelsea Dee Photography - Ron Tomkins - Long Island City, New York - Michael A. Barnauskas - Alborz Massah - UBC - Melissa Hartman Couture - Texas Woman's University - Jen Lee - Richard Oliver - Kerri Gibbs - Owner-operator at Self Employed Fine Artist - Donovan Raschdorf - Landmark Education - Nora Brannen-Burt - Nanny at Nanny - Rebeca Pineda-Burgos - Works at The Graduate Center, CUNY - Ilana E. Strauss - Design Fellow for Quartz atAtlantic Media - Giovanni Lucchetti - Lara Natalie Slipock - 2 mutual friends - Hindy Leitner - Touro College - Maria Arnold - 2 mutual friends - Katherine Sheck - Forest Grove High School - Robin Frankel - Brooklyn, New York - O'nel David Agbabli....."

Vietnam Update So Far

2015-02-06 - Friday - 10:59 PM - Blogspot - 10:16 PM - Facebook Post - 40 Likes - 20 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "My father asked my brother about me. I emailed my brother the following outline a few minutes ago. I have been living in Saigon for 2 years now. I came to Vietnam Thursday, 2012-11-29. I taught at a school in a city (Bac Ninh) about 20 miles from the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, for 5 days. The manager didn't know much English. He fired me (without a proper reason) without pay. After that, I volunteered at a restaurant, Papa Foods, for 6 weeks. I washed dishes, mopped floors, helped, etc, & taught English to staff and to customers. I applied to schools to no avail. I taught friends in Hanoi for 2 weeks, at a museum in Hoa Binh for a week, and Thanh Hoa for another week during the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet). After that, I moved to Saigon 2013-02-10, Sunday. I signed a 6 months contract with a school and they gave me 4 months of work and wouldn't let me renew my contract and said that they had too many other teachers and that they couldn't give me more work and then they said that I was a bad teacher. With this school, I was sent to different kindergartens, preschools, and elementary schools in different districts all over Saigon. I also worked at a New Star Center in the Tan Phu District of Saigon for 6 months. In September 2013, I taught at an after-school American English program at a high school (Nguyen Thien Hien) in the Tan Binh District near the airport until February 2014. At the same time, I was also teaching at other houses and cafes, or what dad would call "Yard Clients." I lived in different districts at different times all over Saigon for the past 2 years. Where I have lived in Saigon includes the following places:

2013-02-10: Tan Binh District, TP.HCM
2013-02-17: District 8
2013-04-08: Pham Ngu Lao, Balo Backpackers Hostel, District 1
2013-05-01: Binh Thanh
2013-08-15: Tan Binh
2013-08-20: District 12
2013-09-20: Tan Phu
2013-11-15: District 1 & Chua La, Go Vap (sometimes)
2014-03-20: District 3
2014-04-01: Thu Duc & Tan Binh
2014-05-01: Remi Cafe: District 10
2014-06-01: Mr. Ribs, District 4 & District 7
2014-10-10: Old Ink, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1
2015: I am still renting the same room in District 1

Students come and go. Sometimes, students are happy and sometimes they blame me for things that might be their problems. For example, if they're not learning well enough or fast enough, they sometimes say it's my fault. I begin volunteering with a small Christian club called FYG, the Fellowship Youth Group, in April 2013, and they begin paying me some money in November 2013. They paid money for my room for a year. As time went by, we added classes and I began making more money with them. They seem to be Christian as far as I know. I am not sure if they are related to Wayne of Oklahoma. I use to teach all over Saigon. I would spend hours each day on my bike going from place to place like dad. I lived and taught at different places at different times for weeks to months at a time per place or per class. Teaching at one place or in one area or district can be better and can save time. So, I begin canceling my classes in other districts and began only teaching in District 1 as of December 2014. I moved to my current room in an area full of backpackers, as in foreigners, on these streets here in District 1, as of October 10, 2014. I bought a $600 camera early in December 2015. This camera is not a camcorder but it has a video button. This was my first camera-camcorder I ever bought in my life and the most expensive. Before this, my last camcorder-camera that I bought was for $200 at the Wall Mart near Whiz Bang near our house and near Rick's Tires. My brother's name is Rick. That camcorder was a camcorder first and it was also able to take pictures. It seems that this camera/cam has better lens that are a little more analog or more focused with the zooming than some camcorders. Now, I only teach near my room in District 1. I mostly only teach at a milk tea shop near the park that I go to each day. I meet people in person at this park that is smaller than Central Park in NYC. Now, the students come to me. Things are better in some ways because I don't need to ride my bike to my classes now. I like to save more time. Before, I was more scared and was thinking that I can more students and more job security if I were to go around more often to my students. But I think what I have now is still better. My new life in Vietnam is a long story with many twists and turns, but I believe that God wants me here at least for now. Jo Arnold: Ja English: American English Speaking Club: Oatmeal English: Funny English: Rick Arnold...."

First School

2015-02-06 - Friday - 10:56 PM - Facebook Comment - I wrote: "...The manager fired me via an email. He said that I was not good at English speaking, teaching methods, and that students hate me. I was also gaining weight. My hygiene was declining due to poverty as well...."


2015-02-07 - Saturday - Photo Album - 140 Photos

Life Outline

2015-02-07 - Saturday - 12:03 AM - Blogspot 01 Blogspot 02 - Blogspot 03 - Blogspot 04 - Blogspot 05 - Blogspot 06 - Blogspot 07 Blogspot 08 - Blogspot 09 - Blogspot 10 - 11:57 PM - Facebook - 24 Likes - 22 Comments - 4 Shares - Molly Liston-Wyatt replied: "You have Never been affiliated with Master's Cup coffee house in Any way. Please remove our tag from your page.... Joey, you are peddling yourself as someone who ypure not. Being a customer at a coffee house does not give you affiliation. You asked to volunteer as a native English speaker & were politely declined for Various reason that were explained to you. You were extremely rude to the owner & have since then, under various FB aliases, continually trolled our fog pages soliciting your own clubs, business & agenda. Let's not pretend that you, sir, are Christ-like in any manner. Please, as I have asked before, stop making yourself a nuisance to those who ask. I'm not the only one. As we've also said, if you're on God's side, be blessed, but please leave us alone.... I have, unfortunately been drawn into a useless argument with you. I don't listen to rumors. Any reputation you've built is you're responsibility. Please shake the dust off your feet & move on :)..." Sadly, Molly lied. She may think she was not lying. It's a long story. Again, she may think she is right. More on this later.

Master's Cup Molly

2015-02-07 - Saturday - 09:23 AM - Blogspot - War With Master's Cup - Part 06 - Molly Liston-Wyatt lied about me.


2015-02-08 - Sunday - Photo Album - 61 Photos


2015-02-08 - Sunday - sick, sore throat, headache.

Interesting Story

2015-02-08 - Sunday - 09:40 AM - 12:10 AM ICT - Feb. 9 - Huong Nguyen wrote to me in a private Facebook message: "Hi Joey .my name is Huong .May i call you like a friend bc i think you'r a such friendly guy has been livin my Vn , may i ? I following you a long time and i just have read your long story , its interesting to me Joey." - 12:13am Feb 9 - "Oh ,sr , i didn know , too late ! sorry , sleep well !"


2015-02-09 - Monday - Photo Album - 88 Photos

Autism Insult

2015-02-09 - Monday - 09:59 AM - Blogspot - Facebook Photo - 48 Likes - 4 Comments - 0 Shares - Tôi Là Tôi - Facebook Comment - "Không những con nghiện mà thằng này bị tự kỷ, bình thường ko sao, đụng chuyện là nó lên cơn, ghê thằng này lắm, mọi người tránh xa đi, nhìn bệnh vãi...vậy mà nhiều người ngây thơ bị nó dụ, đúng là người việt, thấy tây là ham, cứ như vàng rơi xuống ấy, haizzz." My photo was liked by people like Anig Adriatico - LawunNini Esl Nini Lynn - MD Ariful Islam Babu - HB Dawn - Huỳnh Ngọc Thanh Trúc - Nguyễn Phương - Trần Khánh Linh - Nguyễn Vân - Lan Phuong.

Not Handsome

2015-02-09 - Monday - 10:12 AM - Blogspot - Facebook

More Insults

2015-02-09 - Monday - 10:16 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Tôi Là Tôi wrote: "Nó đổi chỗ quá nhiều, vì nó bị tự kỷ, ở 1 thời gian là bị phát hiện, nên người ta đuổi, nhìn mặt nó mà ko thấy bệnh à, tôi ko kỳ thị người tự kỷ, nhưng thằng này bị điên, dạy cũng tốt đấy, nhưng nó luôn cho là nó đúng, tất cả mọi người sai, ai mà ko vừa ý nó là nó spam face, spam email, mọi người tỉnh ra giùm cái, chẳng có tây nào chuẩn American mà lại khó kiếm việc ở sài gòn cả. Nó bị điên và to mồm quát tháo lại tất cả mọi người, dù là người giúp nó, nên phải chuyển đi thôi, ko tin liên lạc mấy chỗ đó rồi biết, chùa lá, rồi mấy quán cafe đó..."

Duncan Oatmeal

2015-02-09 - Monday - 02:12 PM - Blogspot - YouTube Comment - YouTube Video - 1,012 Views - Mister Duncan commented on my 2014 TLL English Slang Video: "You must be the worst English teacher ever! Formal English is not old fashioned. It is everyday English. Nothing out of the ordinary is formal. Standard English covers most forms of the language. Your crude definition of informal English is both ill- informed and highly offensive. Who calls someone a 'cracker'? This is off-the-scale bad. Do you really think that slang is talking like a crude racial stereotype? If you are such an 'incredible' English teacher, why is your whiteboard prepared by someone else? That is not your handwriting on the board at the start. There is no structure to anything you say. It is just a garbled mess. I would take a...."


2015-02-09 - Monday - 04:30 PM - Facebook Comment - Living The Dream - Rick Arnold wrote: "Life experience is the best experience. You are living your dreams, while others are just reading books about their dreams or watching movies or videos about it, but not doing anything to pursue them. Your courage is an encouragement and inspiration to others because just because there are bumps along the road doesn't mean you should just stay at home, because that road, though difficult at times, is taking you to your destination. Enjoy the ride. As Taylor swift says, haters are gonna hate hate hate. That's all they know how to do. But there are encouragers out there too that God will put in your path at the right time. Yeah, do you realize there are a lot of people afraid to even leave the city they are from, let alone country. If I had a wall of heroes, I would put your picture on it."


2015-02-10 - Tuesday - Photo Album - 36 Photos - Happy 30th Birthday - 219 Photos

My Birthday

2015-02-10 - Tuesday - 09:03 AM PST - 12:03 AM ICT - Wednesday - Facebook Update - 110 Likes - 58 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Today is my birthday." My birthday is February 11. It was the 11th in Vietnam at that time. LyLy Tran commented: "HPBD." Freya Hastings wrote: "fb says it's tomorrow... I trust FB more :P." 09:11 AM PST - I replied: "it is 12:11 AM Wednesday in Vietnam now: I live in a different time zone than you do." Ngọc Bờmm wrote: "Happy birthday to u! wish u always happy💝💝💝." An Hoai Nguyen wrote: "Happy happy day." Emily Le Nguyen (blocked) wrote: "Happy birthday." Tamytamy Tamytamy wrote: "happy birthday to u!!!" Haley Tran (blocked) wrote: "Happy Birthday to you." This post was liked by people like Mae L. Escosar - Hà Boo - San Ah -

Too Many Cooks

2015-02-10 - Tuesday - 11:57 PM - Too Many Cooks - 17 Million Views


2015-02-11 - Wednesday - Photo Album - 72 Photos - Photo Album - 69 Likes-

Shia LaBeouf

2015-02-11 - Wednesday - 11:26 AM - Facebook - [YouTube Video - Rob Cantor - "Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor - 61 Million Views - Published on Oct 21, 2014.

Stand By Me Video

2015-02-11 - Wednesday - 04:07 PM - Facebook Video - 264 Views - 18 Likes - 4 Comments - Karaoke Room - I went karaoke singing with Anna and her mother. I uploaded 6 other videos between 11:37 AM - 04:07 PM.

Birthday Photos

2015-02-11 - Wednesday - 12:22 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 23 Likes - 7 Comments - 0 Shares


2015-02-12 - Thursday - Photo Album - 85 Photos - Photo Album - 85 Photos

New York

2015-02-12 - Thursday - 10:36 AM - Facebook Post - 22 Likes - 10 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "I lived in New York for 2 years. Their accent is more Italian than other American accents. Dog = dawg. Final sounds are skipped in words like here. Get out of here = get outa hea. Talk like Sylvester Stallone or Jerry Lewis, or even maybe Jo Arnold: Both = boat (pronunciation). Three = tree. Coffee = caw-fee. Liar = Lawyer. In order to immitate NYC accents, develop attitude that is confident, arrogant, direct, & opinionated. Forget about it = fawget bout-it. Copy Judge Judy, The Nanny, & some of the characters on Seinfeld. In 2001, I made a film (called Gangster Run) about a New York gangster named Big Red Dog, AKA Mickey Morehead. I played this character & I talked about moving there. In 2004, I moved there. You can also copy the characters in Disney's Newsies. After seeing this film in the theater in 1992 when I was 7, I started singing their songs, especially the song, "I'm The King Of New York." Hello = Hey. For greetings, say "Hey" quickly instead of saying hello or hi. Long Island = Lawn GuyLand. Sunday = sun-dA. Monday = mun-dey. Tuesday = two-dey. Wednesday = wehn-s-dey. Thursday = thers-dey (rolled R). Friday = fry-dey.Saturday = sater-dey."

Pet Cockroach

2015-02-12 - Thursday - 10:51 PM - Facebook Update - 15 Likes - 5 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "I have a pet cockroach." Luong Hien replied: "Is it the smelly and disgusting one? There must be many more in your room if you dont use any insecticide to kill them." I replied: "this is the only one I have seen in my room on the third floor of this house. It is smelly and disgusting as they normally are." Luong: "I have to use sort of chemical to spray in every corner in my house once every 6 month. I'm disgusted to find them lying facing death on the floor then." This post was liked by people like Thoa Nguyễn


2015-02-13 - Friday - Photo Album - 34 Photos

Tet Holiday

2015-02-13 - Friday - 12:54 AM - Email - 03:24 PM ICT - Facebook - Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Nhung messaged me on Facebook: "you have a very happy birthday? it's going to be Tet holiday in this country. do you ever go to a flower market? this year they will hold a flower market in Ham Nghi street. you can go there. there're many kinds of flower."


2015-02-14 - Saturday - Photo Album - 419 Photos

Happy Tet

2015-02-14 - Saturday - 09:19 PM - Facebook Post - 137 Likes - 65 Comments - 2 Shares - Tina Chu Thị Thủy Tiên replied: "I live on Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak province. I like English, and I'm learning things all of the time. I'm gree with Viet Tien, you should go out and talk to Vietnamese people, it's easy to learn. Joey Arnold." I replied to Tina: "I already do. I have been in Vietnam since the year of 2012 and I am already out there talking to people all of the time during the past 26 months or more. Look at my photos. People who know me will know that I am already doing all of those things all of the time."


2015-02-15 - Sunday - Photo Album - 10 Photos

What is Homeless?

2015-02-15 - Sunday - 02:22 AM - Blogspot - Private Facebook Conversation with Lê Thị Quí Phi. He asked me where I was. I said homeless. He then said that he lives in District 7 in a school dorm and then asked me: "How about you?"


2015-02-16 - Monday - Photo Album - 9 Photos

Kiss Me

2015-02-16 - Monday - 04:13 AM - Facebook Post - 96 Likes - 38 Comments - 16 Shares - I wrote: "Some words are both verbs and nouns. For example, you can provide answers when you answer questions. Do you have my back? Please back me up. Give me a break (rest, vacation, sleep). Please don't break (hurt) me - I want to quiz you. Here is a quiz - I want a kiss. Please kiss me - I want milk. Please milk the cow - I like humor. Please humor me - I need help. Please help me - Here is the jump. You can jump off the jump - I will be in a hurry. I will hurry.." Ewi Dachi replied: "teach me..."

Anna Family Tet Photos

2015-02-17 - Thursday - Photo Album - 159 Photos


2015-02-18 - Wednesday - 11:22 AM - Facebook Comment - Mercy Augustus wrote: "I love your courage.....because I understand what you went through, It only takes a real man to endure it."

Lucky Money

2015-02-19 - Thursday - 07:21 AM - Facebook Post - 160 Likes - 68 Comments - I wrote: "Did you get any lucky money this year?"

Do You Know English

2015-02-19 - Thursday - 07:21 AM - Facebook Post - 142 Likes - 107 Comments - 2 Shares - I wrote: "Do you know English? Can you speak English? How many native English speakers are there in this world & how many speak English as an additional language (not the first language/mother tongue) to at least some extent? Some say there are around 400 million native English speakers in this world: native English speakers are third only to native Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) speakers. However, there might be more than a billion people who speak English as an additional language. There are about 7 billion people in the world. About one in every seven people know some English. This adds to the importance of this language. Jo Arnold. Marilyn Mitchell. Rick Arnold."


2015-02-20 - Friday - 07:27 AM - Hoàng Cẩm Tú messaged me: "Teacher ? Are you teacher english ? Where are you in hcm city ? I live in dictrict 4 ... I want know english but i dont have a lot of money.... teacher can you teach me ?"

English Questions

2015-02-21 - Saturday - 07:01 AM - Facebook Post - 174 Likes - 149 Comments - 9 Shares - I wrote: "1. How are you? I'm fine & you? Not too bad. 2. How are you doing? I'm doing good, thanks. What about you? 3. What's new? Not much, & you? 4. How're you? I'm bored (not boring) - What's going on? What's going down? What is up? Wassup? How you doing? How are you feeling? What's cracking? Are you good? Are you fine? Are you ok?" I replied to a comment: "I'm fine. You can say you are bored, not boring. You can sick when it is cold if you get exposed to germs or other problems. Cold weather doesn't have to make people sick if your immune system is strong enough to compensate for the climate changes." 08:07 AM - Nhật Minh replied: "I like you (teacher) !" This post was liked by Merjorie Tigoy Siao. - Diệu Hòa asked me some English questions. I answered them.

4 Secrets to Life Video

2015-02-21 - Saturday - 02:44 PM - Facebook Video - 14 Likes - 2 Comments - 4 Shares - 192 Views - I wrote: "1. Live Life 2. Love Life 3. Love Love 4. Live Love: which Stage are you at? We are born into the first stage. As we grow, we graduate to the second level of appreciation. Education and reflection is part of the third stage. The final stage is all about sharing what you have with others unconditionally without selfish refrain."


2015-02-22 - Sunday - Photo Album - 42 Photos - Photo of my 2 Sisters at the same age - 2 pictures parallel - Photo Album - 58 Photos


2015-02-23 - Monday - Photo Album - 82 Photos

Phone Call Video

2015-02-23 - Monday - 09:00 PM - Facebook Video - 6,500 Views - 194 Comments - 300 Likes - 83 Shares - Former Friend Nguyễn Bích Ngọc Người (whom probably blocked me) wrote: "nước ngoài viết như thế này cũng không khác gì người việt viết tiếng anh :))))))." Minh Hải wrote: "Oh." I probably knew Vũ Kim Thanh.


2015-02-24 - Tuesday - 10:27 AM - Facebook Video - 27 Views - 13 Likes - 6 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Tôi biết một số tiếng Việt. Tôi ăn cơm gà và bánh mì trứng. Tôi uống cà phê sữa đá. Tôi dạy tiếng Anh tại Sài Gòn. Tôi đến từ Mỹ. Tôi đến Việt Nam trong năm 2012. Tôi sống ở thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Tôi thích Việt Nam. Nơi mẹ là? Tên tôi là Joey Arnold. Tôi sống trên đường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, TP.HCM. Tôi chơi bóng rổ. Tôi có nhiều sở thích. Tôi thích hát và nhảy múa. Tôi thích giúp đỡ mọi người phát hiện ra niềm đam mê và mục đích của họ trong cuộc sống của họ."

Anna Got Me Wrong

2015-02-25 - Wednesday - 09:05 AM - Blogspot 01 Blogspot 02 - Mỹ Duyên Nguyễn Thị - 08:58 AM - Facebook - 225 Likes - 58 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "Sometimes, when I tell my Facebook Friends that I am an English Teacher, they block me: it is very sad: they sometimes will tell me "No thank you" as if I was just an advertisement." Ted Pickett told me that the haters are saving you time by getting out of the way so you can focus on your core customers, audience, the ones that may want it more. That's true. This post was liked by people like Nguyễn Ngân Hiếu - Thu Thảo - Trương Nhi - Na Na - Thùy Nguyễn - Hồng Ngọc - Kaly Mộc Lan - Xử Nữ - Phương Linh - Nhung Na Na - Cái Thị Lượng - Lê Mỹ Liến - Jen Retiza - Duyên Lê - Manintorn Sripoo - Hoang Le - Marialuz Ramirez Bulan - Sơn Trang - Thu Lá - Ý Nguyên Nguyên - Huyen Sally - Nguyễn Ngọc Minh - Hoàng Hà - Thiều Thúy Huệ - Đại Ca - Nhà Giàu Húp Tương - Thanh Hoa - Đỗ Thùy Linh - Nguyệt Minh - Ngô Hồng Ân.


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Circle K Evaluation

2015-02-26 - Thursday - 11:18 AM - Blogspot - Facebook Private Message Conversation with Michael Bones - 2014-10-10 - Friday - 2015-02-27 - Friday (ICT) - He asked me questions about what happened on Wednesday, the 8th of October of 2014 in Vietnam, in District 4, at a Circle K store, when police came due to false allegations. I filmed some of it. I uploaded videos to Facebook and YouTube. I talked about it. I wrote about it. Thousands of people saw the videos. Many gossiped about it. I was trying to raise awareness to many different issues. But Mike told me to step back and to think about things before reacting. But I wasn't reacting. I think about what to do and I proact. I'm not emotionally lost and manipulated by rage, emotions. Same thing with Alex Jones, Trump, and other people. People lie about Alex and say he cannot control himself. Likewise, people have falsely accused me of things. It's a long story, more on this later.

Bear Boo

2015-02-27 - Friday - 08:25 PM - 10:55 AM ICT - Feb. 28th - Bear Boo messaged me: "Can you teach me English."


2015-02-28 - Saturday - 12:34 AM - Facebook - 02:23 AM - Blogspot 01 - Blogspot 02 - Blogspot 03 - 12:34 AM - Facebook - 74 Likes - 104 Comments - 3 Shares - I wrote on Blogspot: " Tutor $100/hr - I'm a private freelance American English Teacher & Tutor at coffee shops in Q.1, TP.HCM. Tuition: negotiable. People always ask me how much is the fee for learning English. That question is very hard to answer because I always end up offending people if I go too high or low. For example, I suggested a higher price here which led to a public outcry automatically. I could say to say people a number like $100 per hour. However, people are going to misunderstand what I mean by that. Jo Arnold: Ja English: TP.HCM. If you are reading this, you might be misreading it. Most people misread what I write. People misinterpret what I write. Even native English speakers misunderstand me. People jump to conclusions and to deductions and assumptions and associations and implications and they read between the lines and read into things some things that are not really there. What I wrote here is an example of how easy it is for people to misunderstand things in English. I did not say that I charge $100 per hour. I wrote that "I say $100." Now, that is not a requirement and it is not an exact demand. Well, it can be a demand, but people can barter to bring down the price and I also teach for free. People who know me knows that I negotiate prices with people. People are prone to fighting and to misunderstandings like this one. This is a perfect example of how people are pretty arrogant, ignorant, blind, and too quick to assume, imply, judge, and to jump to conclusions and logic without sufficient evidence and data that can help them understand what is really going on. I did not say that I get $100. That would be different. I did not say that I will not teach for less than $100. You need to know that I do not get $100. Sometimes, I might get $5 per hour if I am lucky. However, education is still priceless and some teacher are paid as high as $30 per hour or more. What I wrote was in order to persuade people towards my value. However, ti did not really work. instead, people decided to beat me up and to tell me that I have no value and that I am a horrible person. If I say that I teach for free, then I get in trouble. When I say that I teach for a very high price, then people hate me for that as well. I pretty much get attacked from both extremes from different people no matter what I do. People need to think about what teachers and tutors do in real life instead of only thinking about what they think I said. I did not say that people have to give me a certain amount. I used the word "Say" which is very casual and very general it can be flexible in the meanings that you give to that word "Say." You need to see that "Say" is not in the past tense of "Said" for a reason. That reason is to invoke an idea that is ongoing and in a world of like utopia or something like that. However, people are still misunderstanding me for different reasons and to different extremes, mostly due to their inability to understand English enough: they do not see what I am writing here." I wrote on Facebook: "I'm a private freelance American English Teacher & Tutor at coffee shops in Q.1, TP.HCM. Tuition: negotiable - Jo Arnold: Ja English."


2015-02-28 - Saturday - 01:44 AM - Facebook - 02:14 AM - Blogspot - I Teach English For Free - English Tutor - Scam - 01:44 AM - Facebook - 154 Likes - 57 Comments - 0 Shares - Trần Hà My wrote: "Really? :x." Lê Trang wrote: "Thanks." Huyền Thanh (blocked) wrote: "Help me." Tài Trần (blocked) wrote: "Really? I have just read that your tuition is $100 per hour per student in another status. and now it's free. what happen?"

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