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The Joker LEGO Mark Zuck Lee was also my main manager around August, 2015. So, he was not only my English student in Vietnam. I met Adam Wills at WOLBI NY back in 2004. So, Adam told me to stop adding him to Facebook groups, I didn't, and he blocked me. I wrote about excuses in order to teach a life lesson online. Anna Barbie took what I wrote as an insult to her friends. I wasn't trying to attack people. Was only trying to help. I wasn't actually specific in what I was writing. I was teaching English to people at different places and at the 23/9 park. I lost my house key. I shared a video of Trump in the first debate. I watched a video about a South Park theory about being stuck in a time-loop or something.

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Some highlights from August 2015, as follows:

All times in Pacific Standard Time (PST) unless noted otherwise:


2015-07-31 - Friday - 09:36 PM - Luc Dinh messaged me: "if you want to read bible with 2 languages, you can use Bible."

Zuck Lee

2015-08-01 - Saturday - 12:00 AM - LEGO Mark Zuck Lee messaged me: "ok... Hey... Next week... Can we make a video about lego ? I want to start my Lego fanpage first..." Giang Nguyen messaged me a photo. This picture is now gone.

Anna 05

2015-08-01 - Saturday - 01:12 AM - Blogspot - Facebook Post from Friday, the 31st of July, 2015 - Conversation between me, my student, Anna Barbie, and other people in a Facebook group. We were talking about Anna's friends who may have failed to make it to our English club. An excuses that may have been made was related to how it was raining. So, I probably wrote about that a few times on Facebook during the summer of 2015. Anna probably got mad. Maybe she thought I was attacking her friends as I talked about it. I was not trying to attack. I was trying to use the situation as an object lesson.

Fellowship Youth Group (FYG)

2015-08-01 - Saturday - 01:28 AM - Luc Dinh messaged me: "i can't call you, could we meet after 4pm?" I was teaching English Group since 2013. We had a club in District 11 and 1. In 2014, in District 3 and then at Mr. Ribs in District 4. In 2015, we reunited to restart that club again. 01:32 AM - Nam Dương messaged me: "I live at Thanh Hoa... Do you kown Thanh Hoa?" Yes, I do know that place. 02:52 AM - Giang Phạm messaged me: "hi smile emoticon i'm giang... nice to meet you... do you teach English?" 03:13 AM - Khoa Anh messaged me: "Hi, I don't like the things you are posting. Would you please stop? Thanks."

Reputation Cancel

2015-08-01 - Saturday - 10:04 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: "I was talking to four college age Vietnamese girls at the 23/9 Park this evening, Saturday, about 7 PM, 2015-08-01, & some of them were going to become my new students someday at McDonald's nearby until a Vietnamese college boy said something bad about me which scared them away & they were also not committed enough either."

Timeline Party

2015-08-01 - Saturday - 04:47 PM - Nguyễn Mai Hạ messaged me: "Hi... Why did you comment everywhere on my timeline? =.=." She probably blocked me on Facebook. Many people have blocked me. 05:27 PM - Anna Barbie Thiên Ân messaged me: "Crazzy... You look like a child... 30 yrs... Do nothing... You fall... Dog... Before i dont hate you... Now i hate you... Crazzy dog... A American dog... Eat money of me and mother... Die hungry... You are a homeless... Jobless."

Remi English

2015-08-02 - Sunday - 05:04 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: "I taught English for free at Remi Cafe a few times around April 2014. Later, they banned me from the cafe & began telling others that I, Joey Arnold Oatmeal Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Oregon 1985-02-11 542-13-4324 is crazy and stuff. It is a long story but long story short, many people say many different things to and about me with and without truth to different levels and combinations." 07:51 PM - Phan Ngọc Ánh messaged me: "Hi."

Bạn có khỏe không?

2015-08-02 - Sunday - 06:45 PM - Facebook - 147 Likes - 38 Comments - 0 Shares - Linh Nguyễn: "oa. thầy nói và viết được cả tiếng việt sao? :)." Thuy Anh Nguyen: "very good....i love it." Nhan Hong T: "we like you Joey. We appreciate your teaching." Mộc Nguyễn Bạn: "thật đáng yêu!" Sự Su Su: "Nếu bạn có thể giao tiếp tốt bằng Tiếng Việtt.thì việc bạn dạy Tiếng Anh cho người Việt sẽ có hiệu qủa hơn !" Trương Thắm: "pro quá Joey , ngưỡng mộ bạn rồi." Liked by Ân Ân - Chinh Pham - [

i want study ENG

2015-08-03 - Monday - 10:56 PM - Dại Dại messaged me: "hi Joey, i want study ENG with you, but i can't contact you by phone. please reply to me when you read this message. please...please..." 11:07 PM - Thùy Nguyễn messaged me: "ello. I want to teacher english. Where do you live ?... How much you teacher english... Now i live in district 9... I want to learn english... How much money do you learn e."

Topica Native

2015-08-03 - Monday - 11:21 PM - David Lyonz messaged me: "hey Joey.. there's an online teaching agency called Topica Native that have been trying to recruit me for a while, but I don't like teaching online.. I prefer the classroom... I told them to contact you and see if you were interested... I got the impression you liked online teaching... they'll probably message you if they haven't already.. I think they've been trawling Saigon Teachers."

Like Saving The World

2015-08-04 - Tuesday - 01:46 AM - Facebook Post - 29 Likes - 14 Comments - 2 Shares - Liked by Ngọc Hân

Bill Cosby Joke

2015-08-04 - Tuesday - 02:16 AM - Comment - I replied: "Study English like Bill Cosby studies Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: hey hey HEEEEY." David Lyonz: "temptation to make jokes about something else Bill Cosby does... almost unconquerable :D." 03:23 AM - Me: "allegations are not automatically realization; it is more a popular culture reference than it is a personal attack against somebody I never met. I do not know Bill Cosby. I cannot prove that he did or did not do what people say he did or did not do. However, i use his name as a quick reference in order to make a point that is not directed at him but rather at irony and at progress towards passion and towards doing what is best; I use Cosby's name as a sarcastic and/or irony slur or something like that: but I don't always say exactly what I mean: people who know me know that I do not always try to personally attack and destroy individuals in immoral, unproductive, impractical, selfish ways."


2015-08-04 - Tuesday - 02:35 AM - Trần Vương Anh messaged me: "hi colonthree emoticon.... im impressed by the way people treat u... im really so curious... who u are and what u did..." 03:18 AM - Ngọc Ngọc messaged me: "Hello... Are you a teacher E???"

Nice To Meet You

2015-08-05 - Wednesday - 09:13 AM - Kim Nana messaged me: "hi... nice to meet you."

Soul Mate

2015-08-05 - Wednesday - 02:29 PM - Blogspot - Facebook Group - I wrote: "I'm an English Teacher. Add me." Pou Pouchie replied: "Hey! Joey Arnold!.we don't need English teacher... All we need here is a member that know how to follow rules! No add me request... Or get ban! Pls.hit our group pinned post... Try to read and follow! #admin_Pou." I replied: "you are misunderstanding me.... I am here for the same reasons the guys are here... I am here for the girls... but you are distracted by the details... I am following the rules... I am looking for a soul mate... I am looking for a soul mate. But I did not say it. i wrote something else. But I am a person. We all need love. That is obvious. You are asking me to say what everybody else says.... But my creative style of writing goes beyond that. I mentioned the name of my job in that group but that is not a bad thing. That is not spam. That is not marketing. That is just a fact. I mentioned a small fact. but of course I am single and I want to find a wife someday. That is why I am in that group. Therefore, I am doing the same things that everybody is doing in that group. But you assume that I am a robot or spam or a troll or something because we see spam all over the internet and we jump prematurely to those conclusions." Pou Pouchie: "I don't mis understand you! I understand you much.. And please understand our group rules! That's only what we want.. #admin .... No add me ... In comment box!. One of our rules.. #admin... No add me....." Me: "DO NOT ADD ME... But people add people regardless of whether they ask them to or not. It is still going to happen... You are closed minded. You think I am breaking the rules because you compare me to other jerks. I am different. but people add others all of the time. You are trying to create a better environment in your group, but it is not that simple. I am an administrator of groups as well. So, I'm trying to give you advice on how to run a group. You are endorsing communism, which I am against. Capitalism wouldn't be like this. Your IQ is low. Your rules are counterproductive. You live in a world of contradictions. You ask people not ask for friend requests. However, that is still going to happen unofficially. I was there in your group for the same reasons that the other people were there. But you are making up reasons to be my enemy. You are closed minded. You are arrogant. You are unwilling to think rationally and logically about life. You assume I am spam and stuff. And that means you are not even reading this really...... ou are closed minded. You think I am breaking the rules because you compare me to other jerks. I am different. but people add others all of the time. You are trying to create a better environment in your group, but it is not that simple. I am an administrator of groups as well. So, I'm trying to give you advice on how to run a group. You are endorsing communism, which I am against. Capitalism wouldn't be like this...." Steven Stok: "Joey Arnold, ok bye bye moron." Second post. Pou. Steven. Conversation with Steven.

Contact Us Now

2015-08-06 - Thursday - 01:10 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 26 Likes - 14 Comments - 2 Shares - Commented by Xử Nữ - Chi Nhi - Abby Nguyễn - M Ihtishaam Andhar from Pakistan - Liked by Helen Nguyen - Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Thảo - Phuong Nguyen - Kim Tuyen Nguyen - Live each day like it's your last

Learn English

2015-08-07 - Friday - 12:31 AM - nguyễn dương dương messaged me: "I m staff office... i want to study E... i want to impove listening and speaking skil... Do you open class?" 01:13 AM - "Ohm no... i live in Hai Phong... Could you have advice to improve speaking E."

Visa Info August 2015

2015-08-07 - Friday - 11:47 AM - Blogspot - Expat Blog - VN Immigration - Doing Business - Mua Ban - I wrote on that Friday, the seventh of August of 2015, just five months before my visa was blocked: "I was born in the United States & moved to Vietnam in 2012, November 29th, with a 3 month tourist visa. I extended my visa every three months until August 2013. I did a visa run to & from Cambodia. I was in Cambodia for a day. I renewed or made a new visa for Vietnam & went back to extending it every three months like before for five or six times, until December 2014 when I extended it again but this time for about $210 USD, which is about 4.200.000 VND.
Around March 2015, I paid about the same amount, $210, to visit Cambodia again (Cambodia visa) & to return with a new 3 months single entry DL (tourist) VN visa.
In June 2015, I extended my visa for three more months for about $170.
In September 2015, I will try my best to maybe extend, renew, or return to Cambodia for a visit, and I will try my best to try to look for any visa sales.
I know visa costs are rising each year and it also may rise for those who stay in VN longer without exiting. I don't understand all of the rules but I try my best to stay as educated as I can. I read all the comments here.
Thanks for the information here, everybody.
Joey Arnold."

Leaf Pagoda Whei Yi Chew

2015-08-08 - Saturday - 07:22 AM - Blogspot - Kieu Nhiep - Whei Yi Chew Leaf Pagoda - Facebook - 285 Likes - 35 Comments - I wrote: "My name is Joe Buy-Done." Somebody tagged Whei with the letter B. As in bitch or Bitcoin or what? Liked by Haruna Kpei Zuu - Roylyn Barrientos - Junita Yuphueak - Marjorie Burdeos MJ - Aye Aye Soe from Burma - Than Dar Aunĝ - Moses - Moh Moh San - Nem Nem - محمد الرحالي - Kim Luu of ANNA BARBIE - Châu Nhật Huỳnh - Arr Mwe - Nguyễn Hoa - Thiện Nguyễn - Phí T Thúy - Van Dang - Thomas Bissell Alexander - Ngọc Ngọc - Nhật Minh - Nguyễn Huyền - Mitzi Laguatan - Sergiio D'prata - Lê Thu Thuỷ - Ngan Thanh Nguyen - Dương Vân Hiền - Nguyệt Võ - Ganiyu Mupheedah from Ghana - Trịnh Phượng - Ai Phan - Nguyễn Thị Hà Lê - Evel Spirit- Con Gio Tinh Yeu - Lợi Nguyễn - Xuân Juliana - Nguyễn Ngân - Quỳnh Everlasting - Van Phan - Bùi Thanh Duy - Sien Kelly - Kim Nana - Vũ Lan Anh - Giang Tran - Nguyễn Huyềnn - Man Nguyen - Trần Vương Anh - Thu Hà - Jimmy Thuy Trang - Luong Ai Trinh

Happy Birthday

2015-08-08 - Saturday - To LEGO Mark Zuck Lee according to Facebook.

Donald Trump

2015-08-08 - Saturday - 12:50 AM - IWA - Facebook - YouTube - Group - 936 Members - I wrote: "2016 Republican Party President Debate - 6 August 2015: FULL Republican Primetime Debate 2015 - Fox News - August 6, 2015 - Featuring Donald Trump: #donaldtrump." Liked by Tuyen Thanh - Mua Thu Nang

"Only Rosie O'Donnell."

First Republican Primary Debate - Main Stage - August 6 2015 on Fox News - At 15:16 Minutes - Donald Trump, replied to Megyn Kelly: "Only Rosie O'Donnell." Kelly was saying that Trump was racist, sexist, terrible, against women. So, he struck back with that zinger. I eventually heard about that famous zinger, even while living in Vietnam. That's probably why I shared a video of that debate on Facebook.

Joey is Vietnamese

2015-08-08 - Saturday - 10:54 AM - Blogspot - Michael Charbonneau messaged me: " You're not fooling anyone." Tarrin Buttimer Post. His Facebook. Facebook Post - Yesterday at 7:49pm. Post in the expatshcmc group on Facebook. He got in an accident. Was in a hospital. They gave him medicine that he didn't order. I think was in Vietnam. He wrote a long post about the details. Other people have had similar stories. Comments 01. More Comments 02. Comments Part 03. Comments 04. Comments 05.

Nice To Meet You

2015-08-09 - Sunday - Ha Na messaged me: "nice to meet you." Jurassic Park. YouTube. LEGO Video.

Can I Talk To You?

2015-08-10 - Monday - 06:35 AM - Hoàng Thiên messaged me: "Hello. Can i talk to you?" 06:44 AM - Lê Thị Thanh Vân messaged me: "Hi."

Question About My Groups

2015-08-10 - Monday - 07:20 AM - Facebook: Do you like my groups? 96 Likes - 19 Comments - Most said yes. Some said no. Nicole Newsome: "Yes. But, I know English. Can you help me in your native language though?" Liked by Sau Thanh Thủy - Võ Như Phụng - Như Ý Võ - Thu Thy - Nguyễn Huyềnn - Igi Anapah - Phuong Nguyen - Violet Nguyen - Đinh Trần Ngọc Anh - Friend Red King - Hai

My English Is Terrible

2015-08-11 - Tuesday - 02:38 AM - Nguyen Thi Nga messaged me: "Hi. I alway would like to meet you but I can't. Can you teach me english, please because my English very terrible. Thanks a lot."

Friends Will Be Added To Groups

2015-08-12 - Wednesday - 02:04 AM - Facebook - 65 Likes - 20 Comments - Liked by Khai Keinz - Nguyễn Hiền - Hallie Ngo - Liem Le

LEGO Photos

2015-08-12 - Wednesday - 11:29 AM - Facebook - August 13th Album - 173 Photos - Liked by Vui Võ Thị

What's on your mind?

2015-08-13 - Thursday - 05:10 AM - Facebook - 19 Likes - 7 Comments

Facebook Update

2015-08-14 - Friday - 03:14 AM - Joey Arnold (that is me) has 10,204 followers & 5,000 friends on Facebook currently as of today, right now, Friday, 2015, August 14th, 5 PM, OI Q.1 SG VN. Can you beat that? 15 Likes - 4 Comments - Liked by Bình Trịnh - Khánh Hà Sparkyu - Hoàng Hằng

Latin Dance

2015-08-14 - Friday - 12:15 PM - Facebook - I added 39 pictures to my Health Group

Master English

2015-08-14 - Friday - 05:53 AM - Facebook Post - 34 Likes - 7 Comments - 2 Shares

Learn English With Girls

2015-08-15 - Saturday - 07:54 PM - Facebook - August 16th Album - FB Group - Girls VN - 989 Members - 983 Photos - 3 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Learn English with girls if you are men or even if you are female as well. Girls are full of life, motivation, drive, desire, & motivation unto our success. Look at their beauty and remember their intellect as well."

Girl's Top Ten English Tips

2015-08-16 - Sunday - 12:28 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - 10:20 PM - Trâm Hùynh messaged me: "I wanna learn listening and speaking E skills.... Can u teach these skills for me? .... I wanna register to learn!"

English Reading Secrets

2015-08-16 - Sunday - 11:46 PM - Facebook Article - 29 Likes - 4 Comments - 1 Share - Liked by Bình Trịnh

Vietnam Review

2015-08-17 - Monday - 08:03 AM - Mai Lai messaged me: "How do you feel about Việt Nam ?"


2015-08-17 - Monday - 11:02 PM - Hiền Lương messaged me: "Hello. What is your name."


2015-08-18 - Tuesday - 06:45 AM - Ty Huu Bui messaged me: "We're humbled ang grateful to have you in the white house, Barack. You've inspired so many young people over your quintessentially American life... Who says he's black?" 09:45 AM - Trần Quyền messaged me: "But can you sometimes talk with me.... Please talk with me. I'm sorry so much." 07:54 PM - Judy Ann Pakingan Coleta messaged me: "Ahh."

Lost My House Keys

2015-08-18 - Tuesday - 09:44 AM - Facebook Post - 54 Likes - 11 Comments - 2 Shares

Do you read?

2015-08-19 - Wednesday - 08:11 AM - Facebook - 8 Likes - 6 Comments


2015-08-20 - Thursday - 04:53 AM - Ha Chipy messaged me: "i learnt for a long time but i so weak listening and speaking... can you help me improve them."

Adam Wills

2015-08-20 - Thursday - 05:39 AM - Blogspot - Adam Wills: Goodbye: 2015-08-20 Thu 7 PM OI Q1 SG JA: I met Adam Duane Wills at WOLBI NY 2004. We went to that Word Of Life Bible Institute college for two years but he blocked me on Facebook as I add friends to my groups. I alienate people in a way. He said I might be a sociopath. However, that is not true. He misunderstands what is happening. This is the end of our so called friendship. He said I violated his truth but I think he is violating my trust and he is insulting my groups and stuff. Screenshots from Blogspot. 06:43 AM - I got a friend request from maybe my older sister, Katie Dancer.

Cartoon Theory

2015-08-21 - Friday - 12:32 AM - South Park Time-Theory. - Channel Frederator - YouTube Video - Back in 2015, I was watching these kinds of videos, especially from that Channel Frederator. Around that time, or after this time, I began watching Film Theory and Game Theory by Mat Pat. I would watch Collider and different people talk about shows and movies. I would sometimes watch videos about history in order to learn things and I went down rabbit holes and began listening more so to people like Alex Jones at least by 2016. My Facebook post was Liked by Vũ Thị Mai Hương

Vietnamese Hate Americans

2015-08-21 - Friday - 10:33 PM - Blogspot - Dung Trần messaged me: "i am fond of english.. but i hate some annoying people as well as nonsense groups... ok... dont spam me anymore... i hate joining some nonsense group doesn't mean that i hate english. ok, pls... yes, what i dislike is you automatically add me and everyone in fb in shit group... what are bad thinsgg ? it is just my opinion... i dont like them... ok... i dont want to be invited anymore... if you were a teacher, pls dont insult, offense others... ok? say goodbye here."

Learn English While

2015-08-22 - Saturday - 12:09 AM - Learn English while learning other subjects. Think in English. Try your best. No pain, no gain. Use it or lose it. Listen to native English speakers & copy them. Write new words in your journal. Talk slower to focus on pronunciation & communication. Read more. Make sentences with new words. Love what you do and do what you love. Conversation. Adam said I'm a sociopath.


2015-08-23 - Sunday - 03:26 AM - Nguyễn Hoa messaged me: "what are they? ... they are 32 pieces used in the games of chess, you use them in playing chess... HELP ME!"

Do you like coffee?

2015-08-23 - Sunday - 11:56 AM - Facebook - 117 Likes - 37 Comments - Victoria Le "Yes i Iike it and with friesh milk." Liked by Quỳnh Anh


2015-08-24 - Monday - 08:35 AM - Quỳnh Anh messaged me: "hi..... hi.... hi.... hi.... can you teach me english?"

What are you doing?

2015-08-24 - Monday - 11:23 PM - Facebook - 48 Likes - 34 Comments - Liked by Hải Đường - Huyền Nhi - Linh Vyy - Khánh Vân

Humpty Dumpty

2015-08-25 - Tuesday - 05:24 AM - Facebook Post - 2 Likes - 1 Comment - I wrote to LEGO Mark Zuck Lee Joker about how I go to the 23/9 park and how some are no longer practising English with me and instead run off to talk to the new foreigners.


2015-08-25 - Tuesday - 06:48 AM - Thanh Thúy messaged me: "Hello." 07:52 AM - What makes you hot? - Denigres Detty of Brazil: "uh."

Daily English

2015-08-25 - Tuesday - 04:21 PM - Facebook - 65 Likes - 18 Comments - Ngân Phạm: "I learn English everyday. :D." Liked by Nhi Nguyễn -
Hà Ngọc Châu

New Friend

2015-08-26 - Wednesday - 03:17 AM - Thảo Phương messaged me: "hi, nice to meet you."


2015-08-26 - Wednesday - 07:47 AM - VUS means Variety Ultra School - 29 Likes - 3 Comments - Liked by Lan Dương

Do you like pigs?

2015-08-26 - Wednesday - 07:50 AM - Facebook - 32 Likes - 17 Comments - Liked by Kim Phụng

America Versus England Debate

2015-08-27 - Thursday - 04:14 AM - Ty Huu Bui messaged me: "I mean which country was English spoken first?... You've got to keep in mind that English has only been spoken in America as the British once made it their gaol... America used to be the British gaol, so was Australia where I'm residing at the moment.... America used to be a British gaol, so was Australia where I'm residing at the moment.... Would you buy if someone says America is built up by convicts?"


2015-08-28 - Friday - 04:38 AM - Xíu QC Hoài Xius messaged me: "hizzzz... i can sing well... hey guy."


2015-08-28 - Friday - 09:10 PM - Facebook - 51 Likes - 51 Comments - I wrote: "What do you like to eat for breakfast?" Liked by Pooja Katwal Prasai

Antman Pictures

2015-08-28 - Friday - 08:58 AM - Photo Album - 7 Likes - Lego Mark Joker - Liked by Hang Vuong

Chipped Tooth

2015-08-29 - Saturday - 09:58 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "Lego Joke Ker, I have like a chipped tooth or maybe I'm losing a wisdom tooth. I am 30 years old. So, am I too old to lose tooth? I had about two fillings for cavities when I was about maybe ten years old in the United States. I brush my teeth but there are two holes or odd gaps on both sides of my upper teeth where the fillings were put in I think in some molars or some other teeth too. I should do some research on Google and try to figure out what is happening. A part of a tooth may come out today or some day. It is 2015, August 29th, Saturday, or a few minutes from Sunday now in my room in Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam. I may go to a dentist someday if I need to but I want to exhause other options first."

Kid Adult

2015-08-29 - Saturday - 10:31 AM - Facebook - 111 Likes - 15 Comments - Liked by my brother, Rick Arnold - Phuong Dam Ydd - Cassie Kelly Võ - Jannet Hernandez - Trang Phan

How are you? What is new?

2015-08-30 - Sunday - 08:00 PM - Facebook - 38 Likes - 6 Comments


2015-08-31 - Monday - 05:16 PM - Thanh Hoa messaged me: "Helo."

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