2015, April

In April, I continued teaching at that 23/9 park and at that bubble tea shop next to it. One of my students might have been Mark Lego, not to be confused with Tim Apple. That's a Trump joke. Back in 2015, I didn't know much about Trump, compared to what I know now in 2019. So, back in April of 2015, I was teaching English for free at the park and also had regular classes with Thuy Tran and maybe other people too. I don't remember if Medical English Class met in April or not. Mark Lego was my favorite student during my time in Vietnam. He was mostly my student almost daily for most of 2015 but I'm not totally sure if we started daily English classes in April or May or when. In April, I also had some online Kathy Bike Debates as well. Also, people would tell me to stop adding them to my Facebook Groups.

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2015-04-23 - Thursday - 08:15 AM - IELTS Book Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Picture.jpg
2015-04-23 - Thursday - 08:15 AM - IELTS Book Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Picture

Some highlights from April of 2015, as follows:

Group Crazy

2015-04-01 - Wednesday - 08:01 PM (all timestamps are in PST unless otherwise noted) - Blogspot - 2014-04-01 - Wednesday - 05:40 AM (ICT) - Facebook - Matthew Kurtz messaged me: "Alright, I'm sick of you adding me to groups. My phone goes off every couple hours just for you. I've asked you several times to stop and you won't. Guess your new found "popularity" made you forget real friends. I don't use Facebook to learn English or meet new people from foreign countries. My plate is full. I have a wife and a family, and a circle of actual friends. You were part of it. Now, you're the only person on Facebook who is a continual nuisance. I've unfollowed you, but you find new ways everyday to force people to pay attention to you. Now it's groups again. Now I have to disable letting friends add me to groups because of you? No. One more group that I'm added to, I am deleting you. I STILL get friend requests from that shit you pulled a while ago. So does Danny. And not one apology. I'm done with this shit. Stop. Stop now. I told you, I'm done caring about what you are doing, just- and let me make this VERY clear to you - STOP INVOLVING ME. This is not what a friend does. Friends listen and think about each others feelings. I only ever feel like you think about yourself, because obviously my words go in one ear and out the other. A friend would hear them. Especially an English teacher. Danny deleted you. I told him I didn't want to do that, I just unfollowed you and told you to stop. Did you think something changed? Did you think that suddenly I would love to talk to people I don't know or care about so they can learn a stupid language that makes no Heavenly difference? No... Not. One. Bit. Or maybe you just add everyone because you selfishly assume everyone you know wants what you want. Regardless, if I'm added to one more, that's it. I'll just see you if you ever come back." 2014-04-01 - Wednesday - 10:04 AM ICT - I responded to Matt: "I didn't personally add you. Not everything is about you. Turn off phone notifications. I do not want to see you again. I don't want to talk to you or people like you. i am very sad and angry."

Returning to America

2014-04-17 - Thursday - 2014-04-27 - Sunday - Blogspot - In a previous message from 2014-04-17, Matt wrote: (2014-04-17 - 03:59 AM ICT) "Heidi and I would probably be willing to send you money, if you were willing to use that money to catch a plane back to The States..... (2014-04-27 - 05:31 PM ICT) - I know you can't reply, but here's my problem with you trying to "teach" on Facebook: You're in VIETNAM! You could talk to these people HERE this way. If you're going to justify being in a foreign country to teach English, teach English to them. In person. Like a real teacher. If you can't, which is entirely understandable and not your fault, then get a side-job in the mean-time so you can live. Everyone has to do this, or leech off of other people that are doing this. If you can't, you have to find a way back to your own country. You have no business being in Vietnam spending all your time on the internet. It doesn't make sense. You might starve to death, and for nothing. You're doing nothing on the internet you can't do here. If you're going to tell yourself you have a purpose, act like it. Don't waste time on a social networking site which doesn't fit your needs. I love you, man. It just kills me to see you suffer for absolutely no reason. You're better than that. You don't deserve that." We had a bit of a back and forth conversation. More on this later.

Vietnam North v South

2015-04-02 - Thursday - 02:59 AM - Blogspot - 2015-04-01 - Wednesday - 11:55 PM - Facebook - 62 Likes - 103 Comments - Xuân Bình Madridistar - North Vietnam Conquered South Vietnam - Xuan wrote: "Does anyone know him? Talk about him. :D." An Na wrote: "people vietnamese love he. he is great mam."

Not Gay

2015-04-02 - Thursday - 11:04 PM - Facebook Picture - 59 Likes - 9 Comments

Follow Your Dreams

2015-04-03 - Friday - 11:04 PM - Facebook Post - 108 Likes - 26 Comments - 14 Shares - I wrote: "Pursue your dreams. Go after your dreams. Seek after your dreams. Go after your dreams, goals, passion, desire, what you love with all of your heart, soul, spirit, mind, guts, throat, strength, energy, & being; through all of your gifts, talents, abilities, direction, clarity, patience, character, integrity, honesty, transparency, & creativity. Learn English with English. Babies learn each word at a time. Babies learn to say "Mommy" & "Daddy." In other words, we learn the more important words at first, like mother, father, no, yes, hungry, thirsty, numbers, names, time, places, nouns, pronouns, cat, dog, animals, food, drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, but, then, why, how, when, where, who, what, which, whom, what for, play, sleep, eat, drink, work, school, fight, yell, family, swim, sports, hot, cold, children, adults, fun, boring, sad, mad, happy, angry, weird, crazy, cartoons, movies, films, TV shows, magic, & other fundamental words. In the United States, babies listen to English before they are even born. Babies hear their mother speak in English while they are still in the womb. I was born in the year 1985-02-11 in America. I have been listening to English for over 30 years now, already, as it is 2015 now. Step one includes listening & hearing English. Listening is very important. You need to know what to listen to. But even if you don't know what to listen to, just listen as much as you can & take notes. Babies listen & they repeat. Copy & imitate what people say (speak) in English and copy the way they say it. Copy the body language. Copy the way they move their hands. Copy what they do with their mouths, tongues, lips, teeth, throat, nose, body, & tones. Children learn small sentences. That is good. That is enough. I eat rice. I drink juice. These are simple sentences. Children do not always learn bigger sentences. Learn smaller sentences first. Stick to the basic fundamentals first and practice the easier things first as much as you can. Children do not learn a lot of grammar. Children are taught how to have conversations which is created with grammar. Children practice easy English first for many years. If English is an additional (or second) language, then you should learn English like children do in America. Learn English with English. Learn more English with more English. Learn new things with old things. Learn English grammar in English and not in Vietnamese or in other languages. But Vietnamese normally learn English Grammar in Vietnamese, especially in high school. They learn vocabulary and they talk about English grammar in Vietnamese. There is too much theory in those styles and methods of learning. Learn English by talking and using English in more practical ways. English must be more conversational, interesting, real, practical, & vital; if English doesn't become your passion, then you will forget more of it. No pain, no gain... if you don't use it, you'll lose it." Tịnh Kim (blocked) replied: "(y."

Politics & English

2015-04-04 - Saturday - 10:20 AM - Facebook Group - Joey Arnold History Club But Facebook Said This Group Violates Their Rules - 42 Likes - 53 Comments - 1 Share - Dũng Minh‎ wrote: "Hey Joey Arnold, I have just read some your topics. I don't think you know Vietnam's polictic problems. Teaching English is important than anything, it's main. If you want to add friends and be peace, don't find and post more information about Communist and Capitalism. There are many people who provide wrong information about Vietnam war. South and North Vietnam are past, let it be. If not, i don't know what will happen to you, English teacher. Goodluck!" Nghia Jack replied: "I don't like politics and I don't want to see any topics related to it. I agree with you @Dung Minh. Joey Arnold as a person from a different culture, I think you should have known that Politics is one of the avoiding topics that shouldn't be mentioned in public."

Making Friends

2015-04-05 - Sunday - 09:26 PM -Facebook - 113 Likes - 46 Comments - Anthony Pudney wrote: "I read a post that this is not a English group but to meet Friends. My name is Anthony. I'm from Melbourne Australia. Though i live in Vietnam. In Hcmc. I am not a teacher like Joey Arnold but that's okay I'm on this site because I love talking, but most importantly I really love Vietnam and it's people. I wanted to just say hello and if you ever want to talk about western cultures I will try my best to answer any questions. Or if you would like a new Western friend feel free to ADD ME or PM me. If your English is not good do not worry my vietnamese is terrible. Hope to talk to you soon Regards Anthony or you can just call me Anh.... Enjoy your week." In this conversation, we talked about similarities and differences between cultures. BamBi Bambi Cẩm Nhung Phù (blocked) wrote: "Here we go Antonio Pudney Trâmanh Lâm lol." Trammie Lam replied to Bambi: "Where will we go BamBi Bambi 😅." Đào Nhím (blocked) replied: "nice to meet u @!!"

Little Star

2015-04-06 - Monday - 03:10 AM PST - Email - 04:40 PM ICT - Facebook - Tam LittleStar messaged me: "I want to add you, not follow. I want to learn English from u. Tks so much. smile emoticon."

Smile Photo

2015-04-07 - Tuesday - 10:34 AM - Facebook Picture - 118 Likes - 20 Comments - 2 Shares

English Skills

2015-04-08 - Wednesday - 08:03 PM - Facebook - Thu Hằng Quách messaged me: "Hello Joey ! Can u add me ? I need some your help to improve my english skills."

It's a Mouri

2015-04-09 - Thursday - 12:42 AM - Email - 08:08 AM ICT Apr 9 - Facebook - Mouri Huynh messaged me: "Hello Sir..are you an english teacher?" 02:12 PM ICT Apr 9 - Mouri responded back to me: "Oh..that's interesting..i really love English..let me introduce about myself..I am from vietnam..my name is Huynh..and i am a student at university..where are you from,sir?"

Cái gì = What's That Video

2015-04-10 - Friday - 05:49 PM - Facebook Comment - Mai Vương Anh responded to my How To Say What In Vietnamese which I published on my Facebook on Sunday, March 29th of 2015 at 10:24 AM PST - 2015-03-29 - Sun - 608 Views - 24 Likes - 10 Comments - 1 Share. Mai wrote: "he is on the way the become famous teacher in Việt Nam!"

Love Advice

2015-04-11 - Thursday - 10:08 AM PST - Email - 01:08 PM ICT Apr 11 - Robin Christopher Soto (who helped with 2011 Metal Gear Joey Video) messaged me: "its hard for someone with a low self esteem to realize they are worth some thing as well as being one capable of obtaining a love. I don't know what to tell you my friend, but you are the one holding yourself back. Find someone who wants you for you. You can eventually see her when you start to pay attention to what you are looking for. After you figure out how easy it is to date anyone with the right attitude that first starters with you. You have a lot of things going for you. Looks, education, career, your in a different land so American lol. Dude there's a lot. And this whole no time thing is BS. Get out there and fall over and over until you learn to figure it out. It begins with you. Not with her." 11:38 PM ICT Apr 11 - Robin replied back to me: "I see. that's good. keep it up. then its just a matter of approach. what do you do when you think a girl is pretty? and you want to date her.. and yeah that destiny thing is crap....."

The Lie Of Cathy Duong

2015-04-12 - Sunday - 06:44 PM - Blogspot 01 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 11:01 AM - Facebook - 49 Likes - 92 Comments - 3 Shares

Wife Kathy Cathy

2015-04-13 - Monday - 08:56 AM - Facebook - Picture of me Kissing Kathy Stole My Bike - Victor Tradio Jr. replied: "ahhhh... thats is your wife or else..... 2 joeys?" He asked me if there were two Joey's because I commented from more than Facebook account and/or page.

Love to Contact You

2015-04-14 - Tuesday - 02:10 AM - Vo Jessica messaged me: "Hi Joey Arnold , r u an English teacher ? where r u now ? i would love to contact with u." Facebook Comment - 05:41 PM - Kathy wrote: "i sell ur bike to registed FOR YOU a class in university to get a linsence TEACHING ENGLISH! cause you boss needed or she will employ another people better like Tram's boy friend Jeffy, so much people need that's job - oh god, i wish i was sell it to buy some thing for me - and you can not finish those class is because your fall not because of me! you are very selfish Joey, you want me take you to school, even i tell you "now you have money, you can employ some driver motobike to get you to school, and i find for you one my cousin, i call him cousin but he far away my blood" after that, i said if you find 21 million 1 month, so pay for him 3 million to employ this motobike! but you did not want to do that! YOU SAID YOU WANT ME TAKE YOU TO THE SCHOOL EVERYDAY ALL MY LIFE - if i still living with you AND WITHOUT MONEY - pls remember it! ? who can living like that? tell me? i said i do not like to living like the driver motobike, i like to do handmade cralf, and those sun will kill my skin, when i waiting for you out side! and truely you do not pay anything for me, you thing all my help is FREE! NOT JUST ONLY TIME YOU JUST HAVE 8 MILLION VND IN YOUR BAD, IT'S ALSO THE TIME YOU GET 21 MILLION IN YOUR BAGS......."

Loved Her?

2015-04-15 - Wednesday - 08:27 AM - Thuy Tran messaged me: "And you loved her?" The answer to that question is no. Tram hosted me when I first arrived in Saigon on 2013-02-10. Tram said that her dad was trying to improve his English. Tram was encouraging me to help him. I talked to him a few times. In 2015, on Facebook, Kathy wrote: "and out storry is a old storry, every person here also know this bicycle can not help me survive after 2 year old and if i'm a bad person like this "the person always stole of people"so the karma i can not be survive still know! every person know that.... and Thiên Ân, this is write about me, not about you! you should know some student of J write messenger to me to asking how about the conection of me and Joey, and they said if J still have a behavior like that they will cancel the class they ready to do with Joey. they do not like when he keep sharing his old picture with old gf and talking old storry in his facebook! if you want to see what happen in my inbox, sms me i will send you my password to see, and i will change this password after you see- want to see? so much people see this stt and my face, i can not hide. i hope you understand about that. Thiên Ân! i want to hear him said sorry, and take out all my picture off. it's all what i want! ........ no! you agreed to learn this classes, you just don't want to pay money! you want to eat, but you do not want to pay money! you want to rent a home but you do not want to pay money! you want to your father give money to you run away USA, but you blame about him on facebook. it's a style of you! It's you! ..... i did not volunteered to help.... when you stay in my house i can feeling, you do not know how to help people. you are lazy so much....." 06:43 PM - Kathy Continued: "like Tram's father told to me, and i'm dare to said in the public place with God.... he said you do not do nothing in his house, you just stay and cry, or look like cry to not working. you do not want to buy a CV 10.000 vnd, when he knew you have 8 million VND in you bag. that's why he hate you and he want to kick you out of home."


2015-04-16 - Thursday - 01:01 AM - Facebook Post 14 Likes - 149 Comments - 0 Shares - Facebook Comment - Kathy Duong Cathy Stole My Bike via Phạm Oanh replied in a long conversation with me: "i think you are a traveler just stay in HCM city a fewday, but truely you are have to run away out of US cause you owe US govement their money with the conection of you and the college....... i was scare you for a few day before, still the time i get married again with the gangsto men same like you! so now i think i have not any way to run out. if you want to fight i will not dare to run. haha. i never want to do that.... and truely, couchsurfing just try to make a new out-look. everything the girl in Ha Noi write about you still save in the CSF. even you hide beside Thien An Anna Barbie, she can not hide you for along time. if she have time to conected with the other girl she will know the truth.... you make me lost a best friend is Tram.... you make me have to stay in the hospital one month because you write alot of letter to blame me and after that you cut some of it and sharing in your facebook pages.... she was! we are go to charity at the Church before i meet you, me, Tram and her bf Jeffry, we do join Yoga class together at CSF also..... she is tried to tell me get out of you, but unfortunely i said with her : so sorry we have sex..... but i can belive you write alot of letter to every people, i think we both have the same letter : you are nice, i love you, i like you bla bla bla. cause we look like have a letter with the same day like auto sms....." Linh Gd's replied: "I belive Duong Cathy. Coz i always saw mr.joey cmt in any my post to advertise his class and made a lot of scandal and groups also to attract more students."


2015-04-17 - Friday - 03:43 AM - Thai My Phuong messaged me: "Hi, how are you ? Do you have any short course for improving the skill of English speaking ?. I need to practice for 1 month for near future interview. Can you teach me and please let me know about cost. I thank you."

Phone Numbers

2015-04-17 - Friday - 08:52 AM - Facebook Post - 45 Likes - 9 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "I have three numbers. My first number is with Viettel. 2nd: MobiFone. 3rd: Vina. You can call & text me: I live at Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1, TP.HCM - Viettel: 0168-478-5542 - MobiFone: 090-141-2781 - VinaFone: 091-770-5831."

English Grammar - Endings

2015-04-18- Saturday - 07:34 AM PST - Email - 09:04 PM ICT Apr 8 - Facebook - Thảo Nguyễn messaged me: "hello mr.Jone. can you help me mistake in this question? "Miss Lee often writed when she was on holiday. T or F?"

Rectum by Stanley Yates

2015-04-19 - Sunday - 11:47 AM - Blogspot - Facebook

Thuy Tran Class

2015-04-20 - Monday - 11:26 AM PST - Email - 12:55 AM ICT Apr 21 - Facebook - Thuy Tran messaged me: "Can we meet tomorrow afternoon?" That probably means we had class on Wednesday the 22nd of April. 09:56 PM - Kieu Nu Le messaged me: "My English is very bad, I tried but I had to speak English fluently, but he can help me."

What gets you up in the morning?

2015-04-21 - Tuesday - 12:24 AM - Facebook Post - 5 Likes - 5 Comments - I wrote: "What is your inspiration, song, dream, goal, mission, & passion in life? For me, it's people. My name is Joey Arnold, an American English Teacher. I was born 1985, February 11, Monday, 7 AM, in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. I moved to Vietnam in 2012, November 29, Thursday, 1 PM. I'm the administrator & founder of this group & also these other groups: Learn English, IELTS, Learn History, Music, Videos, Photos, Comedy, Hot or Not, Oatmeal English Club, Add Me. My Vietnam Group."

Helmet Joey Avatar

2015-04-22 - Wednesday - 08:37 AM - Facebook Picture - 107 Likes - 18 Comments - Also, Thuy Tran Class in the afternoon, probably according to an email from Monday, the 20th.

IELTS Book Avatar

2015-04-23 - Thursday - 08:15 AM - Facebook Picture - 115 Likes - 13 Likes - In this picture, I held up a IELTS English Book and people commented: "Where can I buy that?" Or "Which store?" I replied: "This picture is not about the book."

Learn English With CNN

2015-04-24 - Friday - 10:29 AM - Facebook Group - Oatmeal English Group - Somebody posted something about learning English while watching CNN.

Are You There

2015-04-25 - Saturday - 11:09 AM PST - Email - 12:38 AM ICT Apr 26 - Facebook - Thuy Tran messaged me: "I am here. Are you there?" This might have been a Sunday class that we had. We might have also met Wednesday, the 22nd as well for class at the Bubble Tea Shop.

Met You at the Milk Tea

2015-04-26 - Sunday - 06:51 AM PST - Email - 08:23 PM ICT Apr 26 - Facebook - Trâmanh Lâm sent me a photo and messaged me: "Yeah. With another people . I have no idea, but with me ,u just a friend
Andu know when i met u at the milktea shop at d1, with Antonio , i thought u are my friend. Anything wrong?"

Add Me

2015-04-27 - Monday - 12:48 AM - Facebook Update - 2 Likes - 7 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "I'm an American English Teacher. Add me." Flora Hoa (Bông Hoa) wrote: "Why do you know him?" Tuyen Tran replied: "I finished to add you ^^. Nice to meet you again.... I've just seen him and been acquainted Joey Arnold. Do you know him ? .... See his profile, He from Forest Grove OR, United States and now He live in HCMC, dont he? ^^Bông Hoa." Nguyễn Thị Diệu Huyền wrote: "Tuyen oi? Dang tuyen thay day tieng anh ha? Có day hoc o q3 k ban?"


2015-04-27 - Monday - 03:17 PM - Facebook Picture - 93 Likes - 14 Comments


2015-04-28 - Tuesday - 09:47 AM - Facebook Comment - I wrote to Hoang Canh the following: "your wall can be modified." 09:53 AM - He replied: "Jo Arnold this morning if you dont like my opinion,pls don't concern it!!" Before that, he might have said that people can't write on his wall timeline on Facebook. I don't remember specifically. I don't remember this at all. But I was probably trying to let him know that he had options. Of course, do what you want but don't say you cannot do something, allegedly since I don't remember the conversation but it was probably something like that. Kumiko Konno Jfk liked this comment of mine.

Bad Bad Groups

2015-04-29 - Wednesday - 03:58 AM PST - Email - 05:28 PM Apr 29 - Scott Sidartha Schwartz messaged me: "love u bro- but PLEASE stop adding me to all these groups... I have to lose hours of my life going through and UNjoing." He might have blocked me after that. I met him in person at my hostel in 2013, probably and he donated DVD movies to me. I would add everybody to my groups.

Kids Yoga Teacher

2015-04-30 - Thursday - 06:38 AM PST - Email - 08:08 PM Apr 30 - Suzanne Vian messaged me: "Hey Joey! Do you want to attend the kids yoga teacher training? I hope you do! It is so awesome and gives you way more juice to be able to connect, inspire and get your kids to feel amazing (you too smile emoticon even in a normal classroom setting. Makes life and work wayyyy more interesting for all. If you give me your email address, I can send full details. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you in May! Suzanne."

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April of 2015

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2015-04-02 - Thursday - 11:04 PM - Not Gay Oatmeal Joey Arnold at Old Ink
2015-04-02 - Thursday - 11:04 PM - Not Gay Oatmeal Joey Arnold at Old Ink in Saigon in April.jpg

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