2014 - Year in Review

Saigoniz Cousine Kids January. Long Khánh Tet February. Leaf Pagoda Ended March. Moving to Thu Duc April. Vietnam Egypt May.

Mr. Ribs BBQ

Wallet Stolen June. Ribs English July. Ribs Opened August. TLL English Videos September. Police Arrested Me October. Moved into Old Ink. Park English November. New Camera December.

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Reviewing 2014

Published - 2020-04-24 - Friday - 09:00 PM 2 | 3 | 4

Long Thành, Đồng Nai Trip

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

Saigoniz Cousine Kids

2014-01 - January of 2014 - Month in Review

thu duc kids
Thu Duc Kids English

English Classes

Some of the classes I was teaching around that time includes: Saigoniz Cousine Kids, Thu Duc Kids, High School Kids, FYG, English Rain, Leaf Pagoda English.

In Other News

29 Years of Doctor Oatmeal Video on Thursday, the 9th. Lotteria Meetup with my Tan Binh August 2013 Roomie and his female friend at Lotteria. Saigoniz Cousine Kids, Tuesday the 14th.

Went to Long Khanh near the end of January.

Long Khánh Tet

2014-02 - February of 2014 - Month in Review

long khanh
Trip to His Hometown


Long Khánh Tet Holiday. Met Dai Trinh. Facebook censored me. Leaf Pagoda War. Katie Pizza Hutt led to a District 12 class. The biggest thing that happened was the continuation of the Leaf Pagoda War. Tân Huy English. Kathy Bike Debate.

Yoga Anna

2014-02-09 - Sunday - 11:18 PM - Anna emailed me: "I decided to take 600.000 from this to give back to the friends and my family who paid for your travel expenses last time... you should pay them back... I sent 3.400 000 to you friend..." Me: "You owe me 4.000.000...." Anna borrowed money from me in 2013. She promised to pay me back. But then came back to suggest a catch, that there were strings attached to her promise.

Pedophile Oatmeal Joey

2014-02-14 -Friday - 07:42 PM - I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE. I DIDN'T MAKE THESE PHOTOS - Craiglist ads lied about me. People were lying about me on the Another side of Vietnam (ASOV) Facebook Group. Many ASOV Wars all throughout 2014 and beyond. I met Dai Trinh at the Leaf Pagoda.

Pizza Hutt Katie

2014-02-18 - Tuesday - 06:50 AM - Katie Bella Tran met me at the Leaf Pagoda and then took me out for some pizza. After that, we started an English class in District 12 with her friends.


2014-02-21 - Friday - 05:58 minutes - 204 views - Share this. Facebook did something bad to Joey Arnold today without warning. Facebook may delete your FB next. I was on Wiki Tree. FYG Dai Trinh Conversation. Kathy asked me to travel with her somewhere.

Leaf Pagoda Ended

2014-03 - March of 2014 - Month in Review

23/9 Park English

Teaching Shift

Started attending English clubs at the Leaf Pagoda in August of 2013. They gave me my own class in October. I lost my 3rd bike in December. So, they raised money to help me buy a new bike. They decided to discontinue my class without telling me.

Bought my 4th Bike

2014-03-07 - Friday - I bought an Asama bicycle for around $200.

Banned From ASOV

2014-03-14 - Friday - 01:29 PM - Blogspot - Facebook

Leaf Pagoda End

2014-03-21 - Friday - 11:38 PM - Blogspot

Moving to Thu Duc

2014-04 - April of 2014 - Month in Review

Diamond Plaza Park English

District 3

Moved to District 3 around Tuesday, the 1st of April, or possibly a few days before that.

Must Go

2014-04-07 - Monday - I was moving out. FYG Joseph was helping me. Was told that the landlord wasn't allowed to have foreigners there. So, I stayed at some hotels for like a few nights.

FYG Moved

2014-04-08 - Wednesday - 09:54 PM ICT - 2014-04-10 - Friday - 12:17 AM PST - I wrote about how I had to move. I was staying at hotels around that time.

Thu Duc

I was living in Thu Duc for a month. I'm guessing it was in April and maybe part of May as well.

Facebook Comment Block

2014-04-23 - Wednesday - 05:46 PM - 2 minutes ago on Facebook - I wrote: "Facebook blocked me from communicating until June 2014. I cannot write or interact with you until then here...."

Monopoly Facebook

2014-04-23 - Wednesday - 06:07 PM - Blogspot - Facebook Ban | Fonnie Filden

Vietnam Egypt

2014-05 - May of 2014 - Month in Review

Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord Video

King Joseph

I wrote about how I might be in Vietnam for the same reason why Joseph was sold into slavery. Joseph ended up saving his family during a famine. I was thinking that if America were to go down, I could try to help my family run off to Vietnam to survive.

Leanne McNulty

2014-05-23 - Friday - 10:45 PM - Facebook - She interviewed me for a teaching job. She later said that I was not qualified. But she chose not to tell me that.

Wallet Stolen

2014-06 - June of 2014 - Month in Review

district 7
District 7 English


2014-06-02 - Monday - A man grabbed my wallet out of my jeans one night. Lost like $300. In other news, I would watch Crash Course on YouTube. I also watched a video about 1913. Watched Crash Course. Watched a video about 1913. FYG Bible English.

Thu Duc Home Exit

2014-06-03 - Tuesday - 09:52 PM - Facebook - I was told I had to move out because I was not helping my room mate learn English.

Remi Photos

2014-06-05 - Thursday - 08:50 PM - Remi Cafe English | I had different phone services like Viettel and Beeline Gmobile. Remi Debate. Dai Trinh talked about burning my clothes and about how government should cure my evil autism. Let It Go Frozen Parody Song. Can You Hug Me Question. Tongue Twisters. District 4 Cafe English. Tiffany Cumbo Dreams.

Ribs English

2014-07 - July of 2014 - Month in Review

Teaching English at This Restaurant

2014-07-01 - Tuesday - Taught English at Mr. Ribs BBQ in Q.4, HCM. Had debates with Dai Trinh. Taught a Mornings Thu Duc Kids Class. I would eat and teach English at CMT8 Lotteria. Container Coffee Debate. More Dai Trinh Debates. More Kathy Bike Debates. A girl asked me why I was still single.

Philippines English

2014-07-22 - Tuesday - 11:46 PM - I emailed FYG: "I am busy tonight, 6 - 8 PM in Q.Binh Thanh in Joyce's English class at her house. Joyce Candiente, Roldan, and their two sons, are from the Philippines. I told you about them. I was at their house last Wednesday as well. They go to my cafe church near Pico Plaza in Q.Tan Binh. They have been in Vietnam for about 2 years now. They teach English. They are Christians...." Muddy the water idiom.

Ribs Opened

2014-08 - August of 2014 - Month in Review

Teaching English at Mr. Ribs BBQ

Canada Dai Trinh

2014-08-01 - Friday - Dai Trinh talked about going to Canada. I don't really know if he ever moved from Vietnam to Canada, ever, or not. I had Friday night classes.

Restaurant Opened

2014-08-02 - Saturday - 11:46 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "Grand opening of Mr.Ribs BBQ: come see me here." I got DVDs from Scott, I think. This may have the second time he gave me DVDs or just the first and only time.

TLL English

2014-09 - September of 2014 - Month in Review

tll english 2014-09-28 - TLL Screenshot at 2020-04-24 20:41:28.png
TLL English Videos | YouTube

Mr. Ribs BBQ English

2014-09-01 - Monday - Circle K Bathroom Story. Childhood Email Conversation with Rick. Adam Sandler's Decline. Entering Vietnam Story. I lost my phones. Ate too much ice-cream.

Computer Games

2014-09-13 - Saturday - 09:58 AM - I emailed my brother, Rick Arnold: "Sometimes between 1990 - 1994, I remember watching Nathan Williams, our cousin, play computer games in his room in Warrenton, Oregon, USA. One game was 3-D where he would through hallways like a maze. This is the first 3-D game that I have ever seen I think be sides the world runner game. Remember Mario is Missing game?" Maybe, we had Mario Time Machine.

Lost Phone

2014-09-14 - Sunday - 07:29 AM - Blogspot - Tân Huy emailed me: "he Joey. you forgot your phone in the class. so when i called you your student picked it up. Joey can we study tomorrow afternoon? about 3 PM? can we?" I went on to write about this in my blog. Or maybe I lost many phones many times. I also wrote that I lost a phone on the 27th. Entering Vietnam Story. Rival Turf. Father Like Son Film. Watched Be Kind Please Rewind. Hungry Hippos. Ants & Mommy. Dreams. Crowded Response Creates Confusion. Itchy Feet.

Police Arrested Me

2014-10 - October of 2014 - Month in Review

october of 2014 oatmeal joey arnold
Tan Phu English Ended in October

Circle K Drama

2014-10-08 - Wednesday - I was buying food. Staff at the Circle K general store got mad and called the cops who came and arrested me.

Old Ink

2014-10-10 - Friday - Moved into Old Ink, a house where a family would do tattoos for people. I lived there for 13 months into the beginning of November of 2015. In other news,Tan Phu English Ended. New Phone Number. Mr. Duncan Debate. Mocked more on ASOV.

Tan Phu English Ended

2014-10-11 - Saturday - 08:35 PM - Tôm Hùm Cam Ranh wrote: "Today is the final day we study with Joey Arnold..." I was at Tuno Coffee. FYG Tuesday Thursday Classes may have ended. As a kid, I thought brother Rick was in a coma.

Criminal Minds

2014-10-21 - Tuesday - 09:47 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: " Finished watching the first 9 seasons of Criminal Minds: I started watching through Criminal Minds around August 2014..." I would meet people at the 23/9 Park.

Daniel Bui

2014-10-26 - Sunday - 09:55 PM - Daniel Bui messaged me on Facebook: "Wanna see me tonight?"


2014-10-29 - Wednesday - 11:03 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "My Mobifone: 01-282-065-373."

Park English

2014-11 - November of 2014 - Month in Review

Wanted Oatmeal

Park English

I would teach at English for free at times at the 23/9 Park which was near Old Ink, my then apartment room. I was teaching my famous Medical English Class. I was also teaching a Business English Class Group. On Facebook, I asked people if The Walking Dead was a show or a movie. I also asked if anybody was going to see Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens. I would email my students the class notes. I had morning and evening classes, generally, daily, a few students per class. Each group would meet a few times weekly. I commented on WOLBI on Facebook. I met dancer singer Jessica Perdomo Aguilera. People said I was a scammer.

New Camera

2014-12 - December of 2014 - Month in Review


Park English

I bought a camera and began taking pictures at the 23/9 Park each day around the 17th. I was teaching different English classes at Mr. Ribs BBQ. Near the end of this month, was told that Ribs English may have to end. Eventually, it did. I was going to the park during my free time. So, I began meeting even more people while at that park which was a block from my apartment which was in a small alley behind a hostel I stayed at in April of 2013. White Jordan Video. Eating Rabbit Rats. AI Words. Rap Battles of History. YouTube Rewind. Peter Piper.

RIP Mr. Ribs BBQ

2014-12-12 - Friday - 02:02 AM - Was told we would probably have to postpone.

McDonald's Music Video

2014-12-12 - Friday - 10:28 AM - My 2010 Salvation Army Avatar. My Teachers Facebook Photo Album. Video Game Controller. Burger King English.


2014-12-23 - Tuesday - I wrote to Vince Warren. I was uploading an average of 200 photos daily to Facebook detailing Park English from December of 2014 to April 2015. But Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, would terminate my accounts, etc, meaning I would lose photos, videos, etc.

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