2014, October

Three words to destroy your career was You Are Happy at Circle K on Wednesday, the 8th of October, 2014, in District 4 of Saigon, Vietnam. Moved into my Old Ink Apartment on Friday, right after that. I posted my videos of what happened to me at Circle K on YouTube. Those videos got thousands of views. The comments were all about how retarded I was. YouTube removed those videos and banned 2 of my channels. I continued posting letter posts on Facebook, like Words with the Letter A for example, a game where you leave me comments of words starting with that letter. I was going through the alphabet each day. I did that type of thing for months.

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Some highlights from October of 2014, as follows:


2014-10-01 - Wednesday - 03:20 AM PST (all timestamps are in the Pacific Standard Time [PST time-zone] unless otherwise noted: Vietnam time zone is Indo-China Time [ICT]) - Facebook - 42 Likes - 65 Comments - I wrote: "What's your email? Want to master "MORE" English?" I also wrote in my posts more of my letter posts like for example, Words with the Letter A and Words with the Letter B and so on and so forth.

TLL English

2014-10-02 - Thursday - YouTube - TLL International - English For A Better Life uploaded a video named English Expression: How to Express Your Feelings and Emotions - 1,053 Views - 7 Likes - Starring Oatmeal Joey Arnold - Filmed in like District 11 or somewhere in that area, around that area, maybe in September or maybe even August of 2014. The description read: "English Expression: How to Express Your Feelings and Emotions by "incredible" Joey Arnold and TLL team Please Like & Subscribe Us! Website. TLL's Facebook Page (which blocked me on Facebook). Email: tll.internationaleducation@gmail.com." Actually, this video was filmed around 7 PM ICT (probably) on Sunday, September 28 (2014-09-28) according to what I wrote on the whiteboard in this video.

Vietnam Vision

2014-10-02 - Thursday - 03:20 PM - Facebook - Mom posted on my Facebook wall: "This is a short, but important, story by my son, Joey Arnold: I live and work in Vietnam because I strongly believe in the continued potential development: the people of Vietnam are strong, courageous, very generous, very delightful, and full of possibilities. Vietnam is an underdog country like Israel... Vietnam has fought with countries for thousands of years similar to that of Israel. I do in fact love Vietnam more than I admit. I may give Vietnam my tough love because I care bout (about) Her (Vietnam) so much. Family is the most important thing to me, but I want everybody to be in my family. I try my best not to get angry at people. I try my best to be patient. I also try to persuade, to convince people to see what I see." Linda Myers liked this post on Facebook.

TLL English

2014-10-03 - Friday - Best Tips to Improve Your English Spelling - 2,995 Views - 9 Likes - Description: "Best Tips to Improve Your English Spelling by "incredible" Joey Arnold and TLL team Please Like & Subscribe Us!" Filmed around 7 PM ICT (probably) on Sunday, September 28 (2014-09-28).

TLL English

2014-10-03 - Friday - 2014-09-28 - Sunday - YouTube - Writing Skill Development: Tips to Improve Your Writing in English (Editorial and Story) - 1,100 Views - 5 Likes - Writing Skill Development: Tips to Improve Your Writing in English (Editorial and Story).

About Me

2014-10-03 - Friday - 07:10 AM- Facebook - I wrote: "I'm an American English Teacher, film-maker, writer, musician, in Q.4, TP.HCM. How are you? Follow me. Add me.... do you know how many friends I have?... I have another Facebook as well.... [2014-10-04 - Saturday - 01:35 AM] - 2 FBs times 5,000 friend,s = 10,000 FB friends...."

New Weekday Classes

2014-10-04 - Saturday - 01:52 PM - 01:54 AM - Facebook - The Original Oatmeal wrote: "New Weekday Speaking Classes are available in Q.4, TP.HCM at different times Mondays - Fridays: you can sign up for morning, noon, afternoon, or even night classes. Weekend Classes (Saturdays & Sundays) will be available starting on Saturday, the 18th of October, 2014. In order to sign up for classes, register with my manager, Tien Nguyen: Mr.Ribs BBQ: fyg.engclub@gmail.com: Mobile: 0903-124-615."

What is your occupation?

2014-10-05 - Sunday - 09:30 AM - Facebook - 23 Likes - 25 Comments - I asked this question. 2014-10-05 - Sunday - 10:08 PM - I also replied to Katie Bella Tran (my former Leaf Pagoda / Q.12 Pizza Lost Early 2014 Student) the following: "Yes, correct, right. There are many ways to ask about these kinds of things. Here are some examples of these type of questions as follows: What do you do? What's your occupation, job, work, career, day-job, etc? What do you do for a living?Who do you want to be when you grow up? What was your your major, focus, concentration, emphasis? What did you study, learn, etc?"

Crazy Comedy

2014-10-05 - Sunday - 11:10 AM - Crazy English - Facebook - YouTube - Upside Down Cosplay Spider Man Street Kissing Strangers Prank by Stuart Edge.

New Phone Number

2014-10-05 - Sunday - 07:24 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "If you are in District 4, TP.HCM, and if you want to see me or something, you can call me at my new mobile phone number: 0995-874-045." 08:27 PM - Rachel's English - American vs. British English - Vowel Sounds - Pronunciation differences. 10:36 PM - I wrote: "Do you have a Viettel phone number (SIM card)? Which phone services do you use and why? I'm using Beeline. Should I use additional SIM cards or phones or other things from other phone companies?"

Wanted: Room For Rent

2014-10-06 - Monday - 09:07 AM - Facebook - 13 Likes - 13 Comments.

Song Ka

2014-10-07 - Tuesday - 02:13 AM - Facebook - Song Ka wrote on my wall: "Life is no bed of roses. It is not a bowl of cherries; it's a lot of hard work and problems . Joey Arnold."

Three Words To Destroy Your Career

2014-10-07 - Tuesday - 04:45 PM - Facebook - 11 Likes - 14 Comments - I wrote: "A Circle K Vietnam female staff said that she wanted to practice English with me in September 2014 at 167 Ton Dan, Q.4, TP.HCM. However, at about 6 AM today, as I was buying noodles, I tried to give her a compliment and she told me to "Hurry up sir." She did not want to talk to me. She just wanted my money. I only wanted to say the following THREE WORDS: "You are happy" but she said that she does not like me. (2014-10-08: Wed: 6:46 AM)."

Circle K Trouble

2014-10-07 - Tuesday - 05:50 PM - Facebook - YouTube -

Police Around Me

2014-10-07 - Tuesday - 06:31 PM - Facebook - 24 Likes - 34 Comments - 2 Shares - I wrote: "The police are all around me at Circle K Vietnam [whom blocked me]: 167 Ton Dan, Q.4, TP.HCM. They are all talking about me.There are around 5 green police officers here. I need help." 2014-10-08 - Thursday - 02:13 AM - Katie Bella Tran wrote: "Thuy Thao, Yes. It's true!.. He asked me to buy for him a Sim_card but I didn't do. It made him angry!.. and he screamed. :'( . I usually buy rice and bread for him but he didn't say that : "Thank you" to me. He thought that It's a work which I must do for him. I met and knew him so long time. So I can understand him clearly. He thought that he is my teacher but he never teach me anything. But I call him "teacher" to make him happy. That's all." 09:38 AM - she continued: "Joey Arnold you hadn't paid money before police came,. Are you OK, Joey now? Be careful and you must think before acting everything. Vietnamese, (I, my friends,your students, and every one,..) love you and treat to you and FOREIGNERS friendly, well, kind of,.. because we think that foreigners who come other countries. They can not speak Vietnamese so they get much hard problems about their life sometimes. So we are easy to them . We hope that they are happy to live our country, Vietnam :) :) :)..... Everybody and Joey, calm down pls. Remain calm. The first all I want to say:' I am sorry!.." because I feel like I'm meddling Joey's business. So I think that we should not get involve in and try to influence a situation that does not concern us, in a way that annoys Joey,.. I mean that we should not to get involved in Joey else's business without him consent. I just want to say to Joey and international friends about the culture and hospitality of Vietnamese people, (include police) who are great one!.. And I want to explain it to everyone in the world about that,.. I thought that Joey Arnold can understand what I mean. In my mine, I DON'T HATE you, Joey. From the bottom of my heart, I always see you as my friends!. I hope that you can understand what I mean to fix yourself . On the other hand you massaged in my box and you was rude to me. The scare I got!.. It's wasn't quite what I expected. This comes as a big disappointed. Please don't think in one way, Joey. I wish that you could see my honest heart someday. I wish you best...." Jenn Q Truong (Thuy Thao) replied: "me too. I thought Joey is a really good teacher that he has spent his time in Vietnam to teach the Vietnamese. But i'm wrong, after he accepted my request on Fb, he posted a lot of information about him on my pictures. Such as :Toi la Giao Vien Day Tieng Anh... Joey, you've lived in the US right, and I'm sure you know that no instructor in the US did it like you.... you're so rude... I believe in what Bella said, so like I said, if you feel not good in VN, pls come back to your country. I'm believe you cannot find a jood though...." Jake Houseago: "Dear all friends of joey arnold. I apologize on his behalf for how he acts in your wonderful country. I am deeply offended by his actions especially how he treated Miss Bella Tran. Please do not judge other foreigners living in Vietnam based on his actions. Also I would advise anybody that is joey arnolds 'student' to stay away from him, let him get arrested in my opinion. It is my opinion that he suffers from mental disorders, please stay safe and don't judge all of us because of him. Remember there obviously is a reason why he still doesn't have a real job. Bella Tran i am very sorry that he stole your money (because that is basically what he did, by forcing you into paying for him)..... basically leave us 'slightly normal' expats alone and stop spreading a bad rep.... and big fuck you for what you did to bella tran, that is stealing. and you cannot argue ur way out of that. The police should be notified about you...." Ben Robinson: "I bet it would be pretty scary to have him massaging in your box." 2014-10-10 - Friday - 09:58 AM - David James: "You seem beyond retarded, Marilyn Mitchell your son has SERIOUS problems, he needs help - this is not the USA, he will end in big trouble here. As his mum, you must be aware of his problems, as his mum you need to help him - or you are failing him. He needs help and only you can sort him out, he should not be in Vietnam, in fact he should not be far from a shrink full stop. You are his parent, do not fail him - currently you are." WH T EM Hoang Vo Xuan [whom blocked me]: "what do they want from you?" Pé Bông [whom blocked me]: "Can i help you?" Phúc Hậu: "Don't worry." Izza Dora: "Its ok! Don't worry guy!" Vivian Ana [whom blocked me]: "OMG." Brother email conversation on Boy Meets World.

Vietnam Police Abused an Innocent American

2014-10-08 - Wednesday - 09:34 AM - Facebook - 10:11 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: "After buying noodles at Circle K Vietnam 167 Ton Dan Q.4 TP.HCM today 6:20 AM [ICT] 2014-10-08, the staff called the police. A woman officer said, "I'm from the embassy. Show me your passport." I said, "No, you're not and I didn't do anything wrong." As I began to walk out of the store, the police tackled me to the ground, broke my glasses, bag, & potentially my arms as they handcuffed my hands with tape. They bruised & abused me. I sat there at the store until about 11 AM (5 hours) as they drank and smoked. They filled out papers and joked about things. Police called my friend and said to him that I cannot live at his house. The police made me homeless. I was being punished for teaching English. They black-listed me from Circle K. I am not allowed to go there. They kicked me out of that store. I only wanted to say 3 words to a staff who said she loves English but as I tried to say, "You are happy," she turned into a demon, told me to hurry up as she only wanted money and no longer wanted English (which is a contradiction) and that she hates me. As I was asking why she does NOT like me, she wouldn't tell me, and the tall man with glasses who works there who knows many English Words refused to translate for me and called the police instead."

Where Waldo Joey

2014-10-09 - Thursday - 06:51 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 15 Hours Ago - I wrote: "You'd better tell the truth. Everything happens for a reason."

Mr. Duncan

2014-10-10 - Friday - 10:50 AM - Facebook - Mr. Duncan: "Joey is once again teaching and posting videos on YouTube. One features him fighting with the police in the Circle K. (where he has been staying every night) the others are him hanging around a park in District one, he is talking about his broken glasses...so it is a new video. Joey is not in jail. He needs to be returned to his family as soon as possible before something really happens. This saga has been going on for many months. https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeyArnoldVN/videos." Lilly Võ: "Screw u.it's none our business haha."

Mocked on ASOV

2014-10-10 - Friday - 10:21 PM - Blogspot - 11:31 AM ICT - Yesterday - Facebook - Lockie Harris wrote in the Another Side of Vietnam (ASOV) group on Facebook: "OMG hes at it again , Trouble at circle K: And I know this will cause a fuss within this group , it may even be pulled , But I will let you guys decide and discuss about this YouTube Video) right here."

Circle K Details

2014-10-11 - Saturday - 12:10 AM - Facebook - 09:24 PM - Blogspot - 13 Likes - 22 Comments - 1 Share. I wrote a lot here. Bitshull Most: "Fuck Vietnam! I have seen a lot of insane people ( memory lost) going on streets naked. Nobody cares! A few people feed them out of compassion. We have all organizations: Ủy Ban Bảo Vệ Bà Mẹ Trẻ Em, UB Bảo Vệ Người Cơ Nhở, etc...BUT maybe just to beg for foreign donations. Vietnam is always the first country to sign any international convention on human rights, social issues, health issues, so on... But they never budge a cock to commit doing anything. So beggars on street, hookers on streets, drug users on streets, mad people roaming on streets are common scene." Rosa Parks is Joey Arnold.

Kathy Stole My Bike

2014-10-11 - Saturday - 05:49 AM - Blogspot - Uyên Nganh:[whom blocked me] I replied: "Kathy twisted my arm into buying a bike in 2013 which she later would sell without my consent & knowledge. She used the money to buy me Vietnamese lessons. The family that bought my bike invited me to a few dinners."

Tan Phu English Ended

2014-10-11 - Saturday - 08:35 PM - Tôm Hùm Cam Ranh wrote: "Today is the final day we study with Joey Arnold, good bye my teacher we will remember u.:))." Why? I decided to end that class in Q.Tan Phu in order to focus more on only teaching in District 1, the city center of Saigon. Mom emailed me about picking your battles.

Tuno Coffee

2014-10-12 - Sunday - 10:50 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "I am at Tuno coffee." now until 5 PM [ICT, not PST] at K52 Hoàng Diệu,P6,Q4 TP.HCM.

Circle K Banned Me

2014-10-13 - Monday - 08:32 PM - Blogspot


2014-10-14 - Tuesday - 07:07 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "Practice English Speaking, Writing (etc..)... with me, Joey Arnold, an American Teacher in HCM. Please tell me when and where." Class notes in an email, to be continued....

Vietnam is Home

2014-10-14 - Tuesday - 08:29 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 2 Hours Ago - Giáo Viên Tiếng Anh [me] wrote: "I earned about 2.000.000 VND for September 2014. I rent a room in District 1 for 2.000.000 VND. I'm on a diet.... you are misunderstanding what I am saying. You are missing the point. You are missing the boat. I am already home. My home is Vietnam and no longer America. I live in Vietnam. I am not going to leave. I did not say that I cannot earn more money. I was simply talking about what happened. Please do not misinterpret what I am trying to say."

200K/hr Classes

2014-10-14 - Tuesday - 11:07 PM - Blogspot - 13 hours ago - Facebook - I wrote: "I am willing to teach a group for 200.000 VND per hour. This means that the cost is divided up among the members. For example, if there are four students in the group, each student can pay 50.000/hour. Remember that some teachers earn over 600.000/hour." 6 Likes - 9 Comments.

FYG English

2014-10-15 - Wednesday - 03:19 AM - Joo emailed me: "We may going to cancel the normal class on Tue and Thur because there is just one or two student continuing to join that class. If we cancel that class we will have more time for private class.... how do you think?... ok, tomorrow will be the final class... tmr u will have final class for The normal class, after that we will notice them about that... then you will have new private class 3 for 3 new students.... private class 3 is from 7pm to 8:30pm... I know but the student studing private class 3 are just free in that time... or tmr we ask them again about the time... that is suitable for us and them... just now that time is ok for them... tmr we ll negotiate."

4 Kinds fo Sentences

2014-10-16 - Thursday - 12:56 AM - Facebook - 04:10 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: "What are four kinds of sentences? Imperative, interrogative, declarative, exclamatory." Rahul Gill got that one right, partly: I replied: "Interrogative, not introgative." 12 Likes - 20 Comments.

Tùng Thanh Lê

2014-10-17 - Friday - 11:15 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Son of Lucy Tùng Thanh Lê [whom blocked me]: "Who is he and what should I do ?" I wrote: "People say bad things about me. I copy and paste what people say here as a way of documenting what is happening for future studies. What they say are not necessarily the views of me, Joey Arnold, Original Oatmeal, Metal Gear Joey, Joseph Scott Arnold, Oh Oatmeal, Forest Grove, Oregon, USA United States, Donald Rasp, Marilyn Kathleen Morehead Hunter Cunningham Mitchell Henderson, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Germany, California, Picketts, Pickells." Minh Do Mike Do: "wanna tag him right here? ....he just wanna teach English don't worry..."


2014-10-18 - Saturday - 10:08 AM - Facebook - I was liking comments. Why? It was fun. Because I liked those comments. Also, it was a protest as they banned me from Facebook groups and then began lying about me. I was trying to defend myself and correct the record concerning lies, allegations, and they considered me to be spam, terrorism, hate speech, fake, deception, crazy.

Brother Rick in a Coma

2014-10-19 - Sunday - 01:09 PM - I emailed my family: "At least once, I thought Rick was in a coma after hearing my mom talk about how Rick was falling asleep while riding his bicycle. This might have been when I was about five years old in 1990. I did not know about the word "Coma" at that time but I was trying to understand what was going on. I know now that Rick was not eating enough and passed out for a second or longer. I think me must have blanked out or something which would cause his muscles to stop or to have a stroke or something just long enough to lose balance of the bike. I've fallen off bikes before but never for those reasons as far as I can remember. But anyways, at the time, I did not know how long Rick was sleeping. I thought Rick was sleeping for hours or maybe even days or even years. I was trying to understand what my mother was saying to other people. I don't think my mom was talking to me and people could doubt that I had the ability to comprehend what was happening but I was trying to put it all together. I even thought that maybe Rick was sleeping since he was born or something and that he is like sleep walking or like in his own world like I was maybe. After thinking about that, then I started thinking that maybe I was sleeping as well and that this was all just in my head and that instead of seeing Rick sleeping on the couch that I was really subconsciously looking at myself in the mirror but unwilling to admit that I was in a coma or deep sleep. Later, these thoughts mixed with other things I saw from other places including the Twilight Zone and other places where there is the idea of getting your mind stuck in a computer, in the internet, in the virtual reality video games. I use to wonder when I was going to wake up myself. And that it wasn't Rick sleeping."

Class Notes

2014-10-20 - Monday - 03:21 AM - I emailed my students the following class notes: "2014-10-20 Period-01 with 01 Students: Thuy, 26, English speaking. How do you know me? Linh, my cousin. Where are you from? Bien Hoa. Is it north from here? Not sure. Where were you born? Bien Hoa. When did you come to HCM? I came in the year 2007. Pardon: excuse me. Favorite Things: What do you like eat? What’s your favorite color? Color: grey. Is that why your shirt is grey? Animal: none. Food: Sauté. Drink: soft drink. What are your hobbies? I like traveling. Have you traveled? Where did you go? Nha Trang. Where else? Do you have other hobbies? I like listening to music. What kind of music? I like country music, especially Taylor Swift. Do you want to get a better job? Yes. What kind of job do you want? I want to have a job that is related to communication with people. Advertisement, promotion. PR: Public Relations. Customer Service. Do you want to work at a travel agency? Hotels, hostels, motels. Travel agencies help travelers. PG: Promotional Girl. What do Promotional Girls (PGs) do? Who do the PGs work for? They work for companies. Where do they work? Where do they sell products? They sell products at supermarkets, events. What kind of products do they sell? Most products: many kinds of products. Do you want to sell anything as a PG? I want to focus on one product. Or on one kind of product. Which one product? Does it matter? Do you care what you sell? I want to sell technology products. Why are you here? I’m here because I want to learn more English. How can I help you? You can help me improve my listening and speaking skills. How much English do you know? A little. When did you start learning English? Primary school: How old were you in primary school? 12 years old. What are you better at, listening or speaking? I’m not sure; I’m probably not so good at both of these. How many years have you been studying English? Maybe 10 years. Do you talk to foreigners? Have you ever? Do you ever? No, this is my first time speaking with a foreigner in person, in real life, in the flesh, face to face, eye to eye. Do you understand me? Yes, most of the time (sometimes or almost all of the time: many times). Do you want to focus on a topic? Yes. What do you want to talk about right now? I want to talk about travel: Transportation: What are the different ways people travel by? People can travel by bus, airplane, ship, train, car, by foot, bicycle, UFO, motor-bike, motorcycles, electric bicycle, taxi, boat, jet, horse, camel, donkey, run, jog, walk, crawl, roll, submarine, climb, truck, van, semi-tuck, jeep (off-road car/truck), caravan, motor-home, limousine. UFO: Unidentified Flying Object. Hot air balloon, wagon. Where do you want to go? I want to go overseas, abroad, to America, South Korea; Europe: Germany, Italy. I want to see the hot and handsome actors in Korea. Are there other reasons? I want to go site seeing. I want to go wine tasting. I want to visit some famous islands. I want to visit the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy. Strange, weird, crazy, interesting, different. It is one of the seven world wonders. Pizza (not Pisa). I want to watch the football (soccer) players of Germany play. I saved the best for last. I want to go to America because I like America. I want to see the Hollywood stars in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Some of the better actors and actresses get stars. Walk of fame. 15 blocks = one ward. One ward full of stars. I want to go to California, New York, Washington D.C. Statue of Liberty in New York, New York. I lived 5 hours from New York City in the New York State. I went to NYC in 2004 for New Years and saw Time Square, a big Christmas Tree, the Central Park. Superman lived in Metropolis City. Batman lived in Gotham City. Another hobby: playing and watching tennis. That male tennis player is my idol. One of the best of the best tennis players in the world. Do you want a copy of this document? Yes. What’s your email?"


2014-10-21 - Tuesday - 06:33 AM - Facebook - 18 Likes - 6 Comments - I wrote: "English Speaking Classes are available in District 4 (of TP.HCM, Vietnam) in a classroom with me, an American English Teacher. How much English do you know? There are classes for the beginners and there are other classes for advanced students of all ages. Private classes are limited to 1 - 3 students. Customizations are available. When are the classes? Some are available in the morning, noon-time, afternoon, evening, and at night, each day (possibly daily, maybe). Different kinds of classes are available at different times. Classes are customized to fit the needs of each individual. Fees may vary. Space is limited to first come first served. Please contact us for more information. Please register with my Vietnamese manager, Ms. Tien Nguyen: Fellowship Youth Group: skype: fyg.group: email her at fyg.engclub@gmail.com; ADDRESS: Mr.Ribs BBQ: 156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM: Please call and text 0903-124-615. TEACHER: Jo Arnold: Old Ink:: 219/19 Pham Ngu Laos, Q.1, TP.HCM: joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com: 0995-874-045." Tôm Hùm Cam Ranh was one of my former Q.Tan Phu English House student I think assuming that is her in the pictures on her Facebook.

Criminal Minds

2014-10-21 - Tuesday - 09:47 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: " Finished watching the first 9 seasons of Criminal Minds: I started watching through Criminal Minds around August 2014 and now I finished watching the third episode of season 10 last night or this morning, 2014-10-22, Wednesday maybe 1 AM in my current room in District 1. I am Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal. They introduced Jennifer Love Hewitt as a new costar in the show this season. She might become a love interest for Dr. Reid."


2014-10-21 - Tuesday - 11:24 PM - Facebook - I posted a Panda Meme illustrating differences to THEN and THAN. Then is about time, sequences, order. I do this and then I do that. Clean your room and then you can eat dinner after that. The second word, than, is about comparison. Trump is better than Hillary Clinton.

Class Notes

2014-10-22 - Wednesday - 04:19 AM - I emailed myself: "4:30 - 6 PM: 90 minutes Class: 2014-10-22 Period-01 with 01 Students named Thuy:Role Play: Casual: How are you? How are you doing? Answer with something short. You can answer with longer answers. 1. How are you? I’m fine. 2. How are you doing? I’m fine. I’m so-so. I did not ask “What does it mean?” Did you say it?....." Check your email for the rest of the notes.


2014-10-23 - Thursday - 05:41 AM - Nadim Naccache replied to a picture in my Another side of Vietnam (ASOV) Facebook Page which I made in protest to online harassment at 07:10 PM ICT: "all the pics you take are from the real ASOV group, dick."


2014-10-24 - Friday - 11:43 AM - I emailed FYG and family: "Do you have synesthesia? Some people have this. For example, when a person sees the number nine, they may see a pink color nine, even if the nine is gray. This is something that happens in the brain where a person automatically connects different things together. I might be spiritually perceptive or intuitive, but not physically or mentally like with synesthesia or things like that, or not exactly..... and I am not totally sure...."

Class Notes

2014-10-25 - Saturday - 03:40 PM ICT - 05:10 PM - Class - Student - Thuy Ty Chau. Social interaction: conversation, exchange of information. Experience: knowledge (wisdom) gain from things you did or lived through (history). You can learn as you fall, fail, when you’re unsuccessful, make mistakes, run into problems, disasters. Wisdom: applied knowledge: trí tuệ. Applicable: application, apply. Talent: natural (born-with) ability. Skill: something you learn. Confidence: inner-strength: when you are not scared: when you are sure about things. Strangers: unknown people. Involves: includes, contains. Scout: find, search, look, discover. Agape: sacrificial love: tình yêu hy sinh. Smile: show your teeth; when happy. Sacrifice: give, set aside, focus, provide, spend, commit (completely through/by/from/for love)...." To be continued.

23/9 Park

2014-10-25 - Saturday - 09:20 AM - I emailed 4 Vietnamese: "You met me today at the 23/9 park, Q.1. My name is Joey Arnold."

Daniel Bui

2014-10-26 - Sunday - 09:55 PM - Daniel Bui messaged me on Facebook: "Wanna see me tonight?"

Class Notes

2014-10-27 - Monday - 01:17 AM - I emailed FYG and my students: "Mon, Oct 27, 2014, 1:17 AM: to Thanh, fyg.engclub@gmail.com: 2014-10-27 from 07:44 AM ICT with 4 women Nhan Huong Thai An: Nhan. Huong. Thai. An. Nhan, 32, transportation. Huong, 56, retired telecommunication engineer, son, daughter are studying abroad. Thai, 32, travel company, 5 year old daughter studies at VUS. An, 24, accountant, want to travel: Nhan is her older sister. Joey Arnold, 29, American from Oregon, USA, north of California (CA). My 85 USA Facebook Profile Account Link. Huong traveled to Los Angeles, California back in July 2014. Did you get married? No. Are you married? No, I’m not married. 5 years ago. Nhan’s son is three years old. Nhan has a three-year-old son. Plan, curriculum, topic, culture: Practice pronunciation: Do you want to talk about food? How to introduce yourself......." There is more. To be continued.

Class Notes

2014-10-28 - Tuesday - 08:00 AM ICT - 09:30 AM - Class - Students - Huong Thai An: "My son must study the Bible. Catholics own colleges, universities, schools. After sneezing, people say “Bless you” (take care, get better). 1. Work. 2. Woke, Coke, broke, broken. 3. Wake, shake. 4. Walk, talk, stalk, stock, sock. Bulk, catwalk. When do you go to bed and when do you wake up? On weekends, sleep-in until 7 AM: on weekends, I wake up late (I wake up later): I continue to sleep until 7 AM. I usually go to bed at 9 PM and awake at 5 AM except on weekends when I sleep-in until 7 AM. Awake = wake....." To be continued...


2014-10-28 - Tuesday - 08:55 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "What's your email? I'm an American English Teacher. I teach people how to be fluent (how to speak, listen, read, write, etc....)."


2014-10-29 - Wednesday - 11:03 PM - Facebook - 19 Likes - 12 comments - 0 Shares. I wrote: "My Mobifone: 01-282-065-373."

Teach With Us

2014-10-30 - Thursday - 07:10 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: " Are you a teacher? Come teach with us. How are you? What is new? Where are you? When are you free? My name is Joey Arnold: American English Speaking Classes: FaceBook.com/85USA: YouTube.com/JoeyArnoldVN: Joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com: Mobifone: 01-282-065-373. My Hobbies: JC, make films, write, basketball, bike, video games, board games, brain games, sports, other games; sing, dance, web design, draw, create, invent, teach, preach, tutor, motivate, encourage, comedy, drama, action, mystery, sci-fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter."

Craigslist Ad

2014-10-30 - Thursday - 07:10 AM - Craigslist Ad - Blogspot - I wrote: " Teach in Q.4 TP.HCM! Are you a teacher?
Teach at Mr.Ribs (156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM)
image 1
image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5
compensation: to be announced (TBA)
contract job internship part-time
non-profit organization telecommuting okay
We are looking for teachers, translators, counselors, tutors, interpreters, managers, assistants, office workers, restaurant staff, etc... and these details are subject to change. Please email us at fyg.engclub@gmail.com or joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com
Mobile: 0903-124-615 and Skype fyg.group

ADDRESS: please come here any time, any day:
Mr.Ribs BBQ Restaurant: ​156 Vĩnh Khánh, Q.4, TP.HCM, Việt Nam
Fyg.engclub@gmail.com: mobile: 0903-124-615
I've been teaching English in Vietnam since the year of 2012. I have taught at different schools, centers, houses, cafe, restaurants, and parks in the north and south of Vietnam. Students love me. Now I teach with FYG. We have many classes and we need more teachers, assistants, etc.... to help us.


My Facebook is http://fb.com/85USA
My YouTube is http://youtube.com/JoeyArnoldVN
Mr.Ribs: http://fb.com/mr.RibsBBQ
Fellowship Youth Group: http://fb.com/fygroup

We teach American English speaking & listening. We also teach about writing, reading, grammar, spelling, with real-life topics. Our private classes are limited to four students per class. Our students are advancing and becoming more fluent in English. We help people with TOEIC, TEFL, etc. Some people go on to America, to pass college exams or job interviews.

We are looking for teachers, students, and assistants who are enthusiastic and who are also Christian. We may consider you regardless of your race, color, size, and background. In other words, we try not to discriminate. Please send us CVs/Resumes with recommendations and reviews from others.

Please share this with others as well.

We are looking to expand. We currently have English classes, courses, clubs, books, videos, slides, resources, pictures, skits, exercises, and other things that helps students daily.

We have several classes daily. We are becoming more busy as time goes by. We are looking to share the load with other teachers and assistants who can help us teach people in Vietnam. We are also Christian and are looking for support and for donation from Christians around the world. We are helping people and sharing Christ with others.

My name is Joey Arnold, an American English Teacher. I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA in 1985, February 11, Monday, around 6 AM. I went to home school, high school, Word Of Life Bible Institute in New York, Appalachian Bible College in West Virginia, Revolution Hawaii with the Salvation Army in Hawaii, Portland Community College and Mount Hood Community College in Portland, Oregon USA.

I studied psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, Histology, history, Christology; about how people think, act, live, behave; how to teach, counsel, invent, write, create, and so much more. I'm a film-maker, web designer, basketball player, comedian, writer, artist, cartoonist... etc....


We may hire people from the Philippines, Vietnam, or from any country. We are not here to promise you anything. This is our disclaimer here. We are not here to make any promises. If you are interesting in helping people learn English and find God, then please contact us.


  1. Share Christ with people.

  2. Teach English, etc..........

  3. Smile and try our best to help others......

Those are our three mission statements. If you are interested or know anybody that is, please contact us. Please email and call us. Please contact us in as many ways as possible and as often as you can. Please prove yourself to us. Please share this with others.

Yours truly,

Joey Arnold

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities

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Class Notes

2014-10-31 - Friday - 03:40 PM ICT - 05:10 PM - Class - Students - Thuy Ty Chau: "Conversation: social exchange. Fundamental: important, basic, foundation, root, pillar, key. Street vendor sells products from carts/boxes outside around parks/bus stops/etc… Hear: sound waves enter your ear drums. Listen: hear something & think about it. Music: sound dance. Why is a guitar considered a string instrument when it is mostly made of wood? It’s because the strings make the sound instead of the wood. Pianos have black & white keys. Sit on a piano bench & play they piano keys. Drum set: some drums in a group. Drum: like a box you hit/play with sticks. Halloween: remember-saints day: put on makeup, go trick or treating. A boy knocks on a door of a house. A woman opens the door. The boy says, “Trick or treat.” After that, the woman gives him candy. When you look at history, you’ll see people doing this on this holiday or like harvest/fall/autumn-season festival....." To be continued...

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