2014, November

I began teaching at the 23/9 Park. I was teaching my famous Medical English Class. I was also teaching a Business English Class Group. I was probably still teaching mostly at the Mr. Ribs BBQ Restaurant on the second floor as usual. I was living at Old Ink from October 2014 to November 2015. On Facebook, I asked people if The Walking Dead was a show or a movie. I also asked if anybody was going to see Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens. I would email my students the class notes. I had morning and evening classes, generally, daily, a few students per class. Each group would meet a few times weekly.

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2014-11-17 - Monday - Censored Black Bar Over My Eyes - Posted On Blogspot - Oatmeal Joey Arnold.jpg
Wanted Oatmeal

Some highlights from November of 2014, as follows:

Bible English

2014-11-01 - Saturday - 12:19 AM PST - All timestamps in the PST time-zone unless otherwise stated - Facebook - Trammie Lam: "You shouldnt make new page more, nothing , and you did ,so bored! Let do especial thing!" Me: "Who made this page?" Trammie: "who know?" MeL "Do you like Jesus?"


2014-11-01 - Saturday - 11:28 AM - Facebook Message - FYG Joo Tien Nguyen: "Joey, today I forgot giving u the school fee of this month ... tommorrow I ll give u it... If I forget u can ask me, pls."

Medicine English

2014-11-02 - Sunday - 04:03 AM - Class Notes: "3 students - Linh, 21, medicine -Hoang, 22, medicine - Thao, 22, medicine. Immune system protects the body from problems in the body; white blood cells eat up germs (for examples). The immune system is about helping with immunity..."

Valentines Day

2014-11-03 - Monday - 05:00 AM - Class Notes: "2014-11-03 Monday 630-8 PM: nguyentukimuyen@yahoo.com. Valentines Day promotes love relationships between lovers, couples, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Roses represent romance. This day is mostly for lovers. Some say it’s only for lovers. Ghosts: 1. illusions, 2. dreams, 3. demons, &/or 4. other things (or 5. people) depending on some factors…… Soul, spirit, mind, heart, gut; demon, goblin, monster, ghost, ghouls, vampire, zombie. Intuition: 6th sense/element; to know something without really knowing it. Intuition, not tuition. Zombie games is a game genre (kind, style). Plants Vs. Zombies Game. Wolf man. Dwarfs, trolls, midgets, Leprechauns. Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge. "Bah! Humbug!" = shut up; oh my God. I dare you to lick the pole (stick your tongue to the pole). If you say no to a dare, you might be a chicken (a baby, weak, loser). We watch a bunch of movies for our Christmas tradition...."

Class Notes

2014-11-04 - Tuesday - 08:00 AM ICT - 09:30 AM - 2014-11-03 - Monday - 06:57 PM PST - Class Notes: "2014-11-04 Tuesday 8-930 AM with Huong Thai An: longdan89@gmail.com, thai@blueoceantours.net, thanhan0401@yahoo.com. How are you doing? What are you up to? Is it a normal day at work? Do you worry about the visas? They require visas before their flight this afternoon and that can make people worry. Thai: Sometimes, the embassy is too slow at making visas (or it at least seems that way at times). If my group doesn’t get visas this afternoon, my company will be damaged a lot (lose some reputation). No refunds...."

Are you learning English now?

2014-11-05 - Wednesday - 10:47 PM - Facebook - LELVN - 20 Likes - 6 Comments - 0 Shares.

Medicine English

2014-11-06 - Thursday - 04:44 AM PST - Email - 05:30 PM ICT - 07:00 PM - Class Notes: "Next time, Hoang can talk about his day. Linh, 21, medicine, Hoang, 22, medicine, Thao, 22, medicine. sky.maymiu@gmail.com, huongthaoyds2502@gmail.com, lexuho@gmail.com. First, we do review, but before we do, I want to ask about today’s topic. What do you want to talk about today? Germs: bad bacteria, viruses, etc. Immune system protects. Japanese seem to have a higher conscience. Students can help teachers by saying: 1. stop, wait. 2. Can you repeat that? 3. please write that. Leave room for error. Leave (get, have, keep) room (space, time, money, tools, etc) for error (mistakes) in case problems happen: prepare (get ready) for problems. Idiom, illustration, word picture story...."

Class Notes

2014-11-07 - Friday - 06:43 AM PST - 08:00 PM ICT - 09:30 PM - 3 students: "Last time, I sent these class notes to my team & also to my mom & brother. 3 new students DanPham8x@yahoo.com Tuyen.ntk@fpic.vn uyencuong07@gmail.com: 1. Life: I have a life. 2. Live: the show is live. 3. Live: I want to live. 4. Lived: I use to live there: I once lived there (once upon a time). What is a hometown? A hometown is where I’m from, where I was born, where I lived. Childhood: first 15, 20 or so (about; approximately; depends) years of my life: when I was younger & growing up. Ever since: since a certain point in time. Statements are not questions. Eventually: sooner or later: someday. Uncle Ho Chi Minh.Money is more than a hobby (it’s like my hubby/husband) because I love money. My hobbies include travel, money, sleep, beauty. Go to the mirror every morning to ask it, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Who is the most beautiful girl in all of Vietnam? The mirror says, “You are, my princess.” Do you worry about your beauty? No, I don’t worry. I’m confident & sure of my inner (inside) & outer (outside) beauty....."

Savior Jesus

2014-11-08 - Saturday - 11:47 AM PST - Savior Mary vs Savior Jesus Question Email. I emailed people a picture of people all walking down a path towards a giant Mary in the clouds. I asked Rick about a family photo. He replied saying it was from 1988.


2014-11-09 - Sunday - 10:07 PM - Video - Facebook - Word of Life Bible Institute - I commented: "I went to this school in New York for 2 years." - 2 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares.

Facebook Avatar

2014-11-10 - Monday - Facebook Picture - My House: Old Ink - 37 Likes - 6 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "Jo Arnold: Ja English: jaEnglish.webs.com - Tien Nguyen: Luc Dinh: Fellowship Youth Group - Mr.Ribs BBQ: 156 Vĩnh Khánh Q.4 TP.HCM - EMAIL: fyg.engclub@gmail.com - MOBILE: 0903-124-615 - Joey Arnold - American English Teacher - Old Ink: 19/9 Phạm Ngũ Lào Q.1 TP.HCM - joeyarnoldvn@ 01282-065-373." Video English. Bui Vien Eng. Ja English. Conversation English. Fluency in English. Pronunciation English. Students learned & sang the Yankee Doodle Song in class this morning with me, an American English Teacher in Q.4, TP.HCM. Words related to art. Do you like to draw? Do you like graphic design, interior design, web design, etc? Like Art English.

TOEIC English

2014-11-11 - Tuesday - 11:34 PM - Phrasal English. Class: 08:00 AM ICT - 09:30 AM.

23/9 Park

2014-11-12 - Wednesday - 03:52 AM - Facebook - 10 Likes - 10 Comments - 0 Shares. I wrote: "Learn English with me, Jo Arnold, at the 23/9 Park (Công Viên): Lê Lai, Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh City, Việt Nam." THis might have been the first time that I promoted 23/9 Park English. I began teaching at that park a lot more around this time in November 2014 and especially in 2015 for many months.

Is The Walking Dead a movie?

2014-11-13 - Thursday - 07:11 AM - Facebook - 8 Likes - 24 Comments. If you want to learn something, you should try to teach it to others first. You must use as many different methods as you can to learn new words & things. Make as many new connections as you can with preexisting highways that you already have: build from that.

Heo Là Của Phú

2014-11-14 - Friday - 02:53 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Heo Là Của Phú: "Còn trẻ mún đi chơi màk sao số hơi đen đủi. Làm làm làm miết. Già sớm quớ — feeling drained with Thiên Phú Hồ." I replied: "I added you to my blog. You are offending me. You are abusing me. You are hurting me. You are being bad. Do not do this to people. People cannot be friendly to you if you have walls built up. You are keeping people from getting to know you. You are alienating people from your inner circle. Something must have happened in your past to make you this way.... you are blind. I know you. I know your friends. I am not a stranger. I met you once or a few times in person. I am friends with your friends...." Heo: "Like you said, you're friend of my friend, not me. You and I don't have any relationship. Stop commenting on my facebook, please." Don't talk to stranger - Heo Là Của Phú.


2014-11-15 - Saturday - 04:06 PM - Facebook Picture - 23 Likes - 28 Comments. In the comments, some of the people accuse me of things, allegedly, of being a fraud, being, bad, misleading, a basket od deplorables, etc.

Jessica Perdomo Aguilera

2014-11-16 - Sunday - 02:56 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 25 Likes - 8 Comments - 0 Shares. I wrote: "I was dancing with the live Cuban band at the Saigon Saigon Bar - Caravelle Hotel and I felt like Michael Jackson.... 'm a fan of some Cuban music... Latin music.... Shakira, Jennifer Lopez..... Beyonce..... Nicki Minaj..... Michael Jackson.... my sister studied salsa dancing.... I won a dancing contest when I was 7 years old but I never took lessons to learn how to dance... I've been teaching English in Vietnam since 2012 and I'm 29 years old now.... and life is amazing.... interesting... full of surprises... but I've always had a passion for making movies..... and dancing, singing.... making people laugh... basketball.... video games.... etc......... wish I was a dancer or something.... Dancing relieves stress..... keep up the good work." Jessica Perdomo Aguilera: "Thank you so much." American English Speaking Club - 9,941 members. I replied: "I have 5,000 friends on this Facebook but most of them seem to be not here when I need it most... Bitshull Most, I have about 13,000 Facebook friends or more totally, but just 5,000 for this one."

Vegetarian When Not Eating Meat

2014-11-16 - Sunday - 06:30 PM - Facebook - 09:22 PM - Blogspot - Kyle Smith: "To all my vegetarian friends, I am doing a little research. I simply want to know why you are a vegetarian? Is it the taste? Is it based on conscience? Is it preference? Or is it a completely different reason? Please let me know." 09:20 PM - Ja English - Comment: "Before the fall in the garden, we were vegetarians. Meat can be overwhelming for the digestive system. Over-consumption takes more energy to digest. Grease clogs arteries. Protein, calories, vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc.... are not only found in meat.... meat can be heavy on our digestion.... it also depends on what the animals were eating.... cows are injected with hormones, for example... etc. I'm a vegetarian sometimes. In Vietnam, people are scared of getting poisoned from the chickens and eggs they import from China (their enemies)."

Oatmeal Scammer

2014-11-17 - Monday - 06:53 AM - Facebook - 2014-11-23 - Sunday - 05:21 AM - Blogspot - 34 Likes - 26 Comments - 0 Shares - Duncan went on to define scam, as if I didn't know what it meant. Veronica went on to talk about how bad I was, how fake I was, allegedly.

Nguyen Phuong Lies About Me

2014-11-17 - Monday - 07:34 PM - Blogspot - Ja English to Nguyen Phuong: "You are harassing me. You should stop lying about me. It seems that you email me at times. I do not like it that you have a personal problem with me. You say things about me that are not true. You are blinded by what you think and you refuse to think about the bigger picture. Depravity derailed you to a series of unfortunate events." nguyen phuong wants to kill joey arnold (Facebook).

Wanted My Face

2014-11-17 - Monday - 09:27 PM - Blogspot - I posted this picture on my blog of a black bar across my eyes as if I was being censored. Steve Porter blocked me. Dark But Cute Picture. JA English Website. Pagoda Curse. Scammer. Honesty. Victim. Old story.

Barry Piper Blocked Me

2014-11-18 - Tuesday - 08:19 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Picture of me - Đoàn Khánh Phương left me a comment. English is Spam? Facebook.

Teachers Day

2014-11-19 - Wednesday - 08:08 PM - Facebook - Teachers Day - 6 Likes - 6 Comments.

Paper is Only Paper

2014-11-20 - Thursday - 06:07 AM - Facebook - 43 Likes - 20 Comments - 2 Shares - 05:14 PM - JA English: "I was watching Interstellar." Duncan James: "You are a speech pathologist? I did not know you had a masters degree. A pronunciation speech therapist must have at least a bachelors degree to start and a Masters degree to practice this. So you have a masters degree in what? Did I use the word 'crazy' anywhere? A 'therapist' is a qualified practitioner. That is how a person can call themselves a therapist. I was merely asking a simple question."

Vee Nagathota thinks I Have No Manager(s)

2014-11-21 - Friday - 08:45 AM - Facebook - 2014-11-22 - Saturday - 06:58 PM - Blogspot - Veronica Vee Nagathota Nguyen: "Manager?!. Lol Do you think that you are really special enough to have a 'manager' to handle the swarm of fans?? Amusing I must say. American arrogance at work I'm afraid according to a non Americans point of view. Huge success to you and best of luck."


2014-11-22 - Saturday - 08:38 AM - Facebook - 36 Likes - 8 Comments - 1 Share. I wrote: "Study English with me (Joey Arnold), an American in HCM. For more information, contact my Vietnamese manager. Share this."

Manager, Not Mananger

2014-11-23 - Sunday - 06:54 AM - Blogspot - 07:44 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Private Message - 12 Hours Ago - I wrote to Veronica: "do not spam on my wall... you are abusing me.... you are harassing me. stop spamming and lying about me." Veronica: "boohoo ask your 'mananger' to cry for you. Nếu bạn hiểu được điều này thì bạn không phải là người Mỹ thực. Si usted entiende esto, entonces usted no es un verdadero americano. Če to razumete, potem niste pravi ameriški. Якщо ви розумієте це, то ви не справжній американе. Αν καταλάβετε αυτό, τότε δεν είναι ένα πραγματικό Αμερικανός. Pokud jste pochopili to pak nejste opravdový americký. Ако сте разбрали това, тогава не сте истински American. Ako razumjeti onda niste pravi Amerikanac. Nëse ju e kuptoni këtë atëherë ju nuk jeni një amerikan i vërtetë. Om du förstår detta så är du inte en riktig amerikansk. Os byddwch yn deall hyn yna nid ydych yn wirioneddol Americanaidd. Ti o ba ye ki o si yi ti o ba wa ko ba kan gidi American. אויב איר פאַרשטיין דעם דעמאָלט איר זענען ניט אַ פאַקטיש אמעריקאנער Ако ово разумете онда нисте прави Американац. Se você entende isso, então você não é um verdadeiro americano. Jeśli rozumiesz to nie jesteś prawdziwym amerykaninem. Hvis du forstår dette så er du ikke en ekte amerikansk. तपाईं त यो बुझ्न भने तपाईं एक वास्तविक अमेरिकी छैन. Ki te matau koutou ki tenei na e kore e koe i te tino American.... I didn't say you are not a teacher. you idiot. You can't understand english. if you are from America as you say ,you would understand what I said. Faker..... Look whose calling the kettle black... Omg get real!! Do you really understand english. Your comment don't make any sense if your were a real american.... You are pretending, acting to get noticed.... You cant even write real english like a real american. You are way to formal... so which county are you from and who the governor of it? Omg you are dreaming. Not real.... What the fuck language are you writing?? Omg real americans dont write the way you do. If you were a REAL american you know what a county is. I said county not COUNTRY! Every single american knows that! Also who a governer is! Nor do you. Why don't answer my question of which county you come from?? OMG he is not a governor... You dont know what your talking about... President is dufferent from a govenor and a county is different from a country. You are vietnamese... You need to learn a lot more about american before you prentend to be american... So tell me what very important day happened recently in america then??... Omg. You dont have to follow the news its born in you as an american. Just like special days for vietnamese citizens... I cant be bothered wasting my time explain there own country (whom you say you are from) to a time waster who takes advantage of vietnamese people eager want of learning the english language..... chúc may mắn và sức khỏe tốt cho bạn.... Nearby but not exactly there but in america. Next to you mothers house hihihi... Huh. Why are yoy always using formal english?? Its not the way real english speakers talk. Thats academic english." Me: "yo. wassup lady. ya feelin kinda cool. yo pimp it up. yo play come here dog... come up into the hood. smoke some weed. ya. I learned it from the 90's." Veronica: "what the fuck!... how old are you?... how can you learn it in the 90's you were only born then according to your profile..." Me: "born 1985, Feb.11, on a Monday, in Forest Grove... home of the tallest barber pole in the world..." Veronica: "where is forest grove?... you copy that from the internet?... don't worry I am not wasting my time to look... at those links... Please don't take advantage of people believing you are american. there are lot of vunerable naiive people in Vietnam and a lot of them are my friends and I care about it when people decieve them...." Trâm Lê: "I want to improve my skills (speaking, writing and reading) and get 7.0 band in IELTS, Joey. I will desire to study in private if you can help me. Please inbox me. thanks."

Old Links

2014-11-23 - Sunday - 10:01 AM - Blogspot


2014-11-24 - Monday - 08:55 AM - Facebook - 22 Likes - 4 Comments. I wrote: "Want to play basketball with me (Joey Arnold)? I want to play in Q.4, TP.HCM daily in the afternoon or maybe Saturday and Sunday mornings. For more information, call me." Great English. I wrote: "I'm free after 7:30 PM Saturday. I'm Jo Arnold. I'm a teacher. For more information, contact my manager."

What is Emotional Contagion?

2014-11-25 - Tuesday - 06:15 AM - Facebook - 16 Likes - 4 Comments

Business English.

2014-11-25 - Tuesday - 11:26 PM - Facebook - 34 Likes - 9 Comments - I wrote: "I taught a Business English Class this morning. What did we talk about? We talked about business things."

Integrated Intelligence

2014-11-26 - Wednesday - 08:08 PM - Blogspot - 2010, August 25th - 2010-08-25 - Wednesday - 10:40 PM - 2010-08-26 - Thursday - 11:00 AM - Facebook - Speak English - Leslie Mora - Charissa Thompson - Rob Bell - Đường is Closed.

What is a yacht?

2014-11-27 - Thursday - 04:20 AM - Facebook

Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens

2014-11-28 - Friday - 09:58 PM - Facebook - YouTube - I wrote: "Are you going to see the new Star Wars movie in 2015?" I made a trailer parody but that was banned. Lynn Severson: "No thankyou. I haven't watched the originals either. I hope you enjoy it though." I wrote: "What program is on on TV?"


2014-11-29 - Saturday - 11:15 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "I came to Vietnam (VN) in 2012-11-29: was in BN, Hanoi (HN), HB, TH: came to TP.HCM in 2013-02-10: I'm learning......." Võ Đang: "It depends on your attitude. Just thinking that everything will be ok and tomorrow is better than today. There are many people who are not lucky in life but they always try to live. Because life is a present and they always believe that their lives will be better. :-)."

Bitsbull is Not Oatmeal Joey Arnold

2014-11-30 - Sunday - 09:09 AM - Blogspot - Facebook

absolutely confident to some extent

2014-11-30 - Sunday - 07:25 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Kyle Smith wrote: "So I had a friend who said they were 100% committed to their faith most of the time. Of course they said they were 100% committed on Sundays even if they weren't at church. Hmmmmmmmmm sounds a little fishy to me." I replied: "When I take a test, I get 100% of the questions correct some of the time. I'm 100% confident of my answers sometimes. I'm absolutely certain of this to some extent. We are Fishy of Men." I'm always busy. I can't always respond to messages. My priority is more on (towards) helping people in person (face to face). Still Steal Song Video (BANNED).

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2014-11-17 - Monday - Steve Porter Blocked Joey Arnold Oatmeal
2014-11-17 - Monday - Steve Porter Blocked Joey Arnold Oatmeal.jpg

November of 2014

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