2014, May

The Tiffany Cumbo Debate. English Club Debates. Scheduling Appointments. Dai Trinh rented me out a room for me across the alley from his house in Tan Binh for like a month. I was maybe at Remi. Was teaching at a cafe in District 4 and other places as well.

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2014-05-13 - Tuesday - 07:57 AM - YouTube - Open Eyes Heart Video

Some highlights from May of 2014, as follows:

One Main Facebook

2014-05-01 - Thursday - 04:56 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - English Club Debate with Therock Nguyen and others. Nadya Ombre Albee Bunnie wrote: "yup, I ask Joey Arnold , but he doesnt answer my question ? I dont know why.. Fuckin' crazy , alright , so I hope Joey Arnold will come club tomorrow , we will talk and solve this problem seriously before it become more complex , ok ? Now , stop all fuckin' stories." Ella Lê MinChou Wk Lê wrote: "i dont know to trust Joey Arnold about what????"

2014-05-03 - Saturday - 05:05 AM - Blogspot - My English Club as of 02:04 PM ICT: April 23rd, 2014 - Facebook - My English Class Schedule included the following: "Saigoniz Cuisine: Tiên Phạm: 090-665-6878: 090-780-4122: 135 Nguyễn Quý Anh, P.Tân Sơn Nhì, Q.Tân Phú, TP.HCM: Sundays: (Chủ Nhật): 18h00 - 20h00 PM."

Tiffany Cumbo

2014-05-04 - Sunday - 08:13 PM - Blogspot - Tiffany Cumbo - Gaston, OR, USA - Josh Reynolds wrote to Megan Gonzalez "Megan have you seen this?... I'm sick of my dead friends popping up of face book! A specially Tiffany she was special to me and this is no way to remember some one..." Amber Briggs wrote: "Just letting you know this girl here tiffany she is my cousin and she passed away in april of 2003 i think her friend is running this page but i think its super disrespectful of him not letting people know she is dead... oh for sure i agree with you but adding people who have no idea who the heck she is and thinking she is alive is kind of sick.. yes keeping her memory alive is awesome, not adding half naked pictures of women on here is not awesome, and being someone who is blood related to her it is offensive, you are not blood related to her so how would you understand... eople think its a live living girl they are accepting to be friends with not a dead person. they dont know shes dead maybe if it said memorial somewhere... im pretty sure if i told my aunt and uncle they would be pissed as all shit... specially since that is their daughter.... well im more of a technical person and technically your not family, your a childhood friend. im fine with you having a page for her but dont be posting half naked chicks i find that very offensive and guys that their occupation says sex dr or some shit and has nothing but sex shit on their page.. he was trying to talk to me and it totally disgusted me to the fullest... so please just be respecftul and think of others.. and maybe you shoukd let others know that she is passed not alive and walking around like they think trying to hit her up thats gross... OMG really you felt disrespected that is their daughter they dont have to tell a fucking soul if they dont want to... if they wanted you to know im sure they would tell you... only the close family knows how she really died... they didnt tell anyone else and they sure as hell dont have to..omg so you compare tiffany to micheal jacskon thats stupid everyone knew who micheal jackson was... what are you telling people by adding them do you message each and every person telling them about her, and about her life? if not your just trying to add people its kind of like catfishing pretending to be someone your not... i know who you are but do these other people know i bet your ass they dont shes dead... " Back on April 5th of 2014, Amber Briggs wrote: "I can't believe it's been 11 years. I think about you everyday and wonder what life would be like with you here and what kind of wild crazy things you would be doing.. everyone has changed and everything has changed since you've been gone.. I love you little cuz and I know your watching over all of us like the angel you are... Love you!! ♡"

Amber Briggs

2014-05-05 - Monday - 08:25 PM - Blogspot - 08:57 PM ICT Sunday - Amber messaged me: "joey idk if this is you running this facebook page but it really pisses me off seeing someone post "ADD ME" as if tiffany is still alive. she is dead show some fucking respesct she isnt alive to be out talking to people... and then for people to not even know she is dead that makes me mad why don't you make it like a memorial page something where people can remember who she was instead of people thinking she is alive... you should use your own page for your English teaching stuff... thats not remembering tiffany thats using her page to show your shit not ok.. maybe you should just delete her facebook since you dont know how to properly post stuff.. for being supposedly being aenglish teacher you sure dont think wisely... well thats not our problem that your facebook is blocked for certain things. oh and i do know how to live properly i give the dead the respect they deserve and not use their name to try to get ahead in teaching english... yea well how is sharing your English teaching have anything to do with remembering tiffany. not a fucking thing use your god damn brain if you have one... that is what you are missing, English has nothing to do with her remembrance... you just posted something to it yesterday dude... and you dont have any right to feel disrespected you are not tiffanys mother or father they are the only two who truly need to know how she died. you are not a brother or a sister or a cousin or uncle so you have no right at all to feel disprespected... i like how you deleted the post... you could not have saved her dude whatever that is the biggest bullshit thing i have ever heard not even her parents weren't able to save her and they were in the house... you are not the only one haunted by her death why do you think so many people are pissed off about this facebook... i have people telling me all the time that it shouldn't even be up that people should leave it alone... and what did you delete oh idk the picture you posted to tiffanys wall yetserday that showed a group of kids in veitnam saying how you joey arnold is a english teacher... it was their this morning you deleted it.. so dont act like your stupid and that you dont know what im talking about... all i have to say is that you are pissing alot of people off who knew her... and yes i am right because i have people telling me all the time... and feeling like a brother and actually being a brother are two different things... im sure micheal doesnt consider you a brother... omg your trying to get people to add her on add me anerica their comments add me tiffany.... its not tiffany all you mother fuckers are stupid!!! your disprespectful as fuck if you weren't you would respect the family's wishes not make it worse your stupid... its funny the pages your trying to add is nothing but nasty ass people... just wait until i tell my uncle don what your doing... and my cousins they will all be pissed... yea they know about the page not that you put adding weird ass people from weird ass places... yes trusty me i dont want to know you.. you are word as shit. and no i dont hate people i am beginning to hate you though. you mean mona lisa i dont like what your doing here not a single bit and i would never be your friend.. why do you think i deleted all your profiles off of my facebook and wht i didnt accpet your friend request when you would send them.. i dont like you and i dont like the way you think... you are not normal... get your head right dude... what do i need to understand im a logical person i think logically... why should i be when your out adding tiffanys profile to weird people... they dont need to know her she isnt here to speak for herself she doesn't need you speaking to people for her... uh yea they are showing their boobs and asses on their pictures... and guys saying shes georgous and shit as a woman it pisses me off... and and apparently thats what your doing with tiffanys profile maybe people dont talk to you on your own facebook so you have to use hers to become friends with people... shes a 16 year old girl in her puctures and to have grown ass men saying shes hot is fucking sick... no people are pedofiles maybe your the blind one... well then you need mental help dude... week them go seek treatment... no im not im normal... your wrong on so many levels... im a repsectful person if someone asked me not to do something then i wouldnt do it... uh dead in the ground... that is where she is... well you believe in god right?... everyones souls move on.. the meaning of life is for each and every individual to figure that out for themselves... everyones meaning of life is different... everyone sees life differently its all in the perspective of ones eye... you are fucking crazy you know that.. you think way to much into shit just live your life day to day make the best of it. who cares about the rest... no i am not apathetic... i am far from careless... you know nothing about me... well then either your smart or yohr stupid right?? theres no middle... X-Files is stupid... made up shit... people sitting behind desks writing stories... well then why don't you go die and find out if your really want to know right?? your so obsessed with it and not knowing... and since that is not going to happen you're wasting your time.. no one knows what happens until we die... im sorry i dont need assurance... when i die i will die simple as that... i will not suffer your so retarded.. i know i do not know everything and i dont need to. because i dont fear the unknown but it sounds like you do it seems like you're the one who is afraid thats why you want to know everything. every little detail.. i am a Christian... no im not perfect have i once claimed that i was?... i dont care what happens to my body after i die i will no longer need it where i am going.... how will i use it... tiffanys not using her body... omg im so done with you your fucking nuts... bye joey good luck with your life ok... omg your so fucking crazy... i do follow christ and i have christ in my heart... but i dont like you... i dont need to like you... you are not a good person... i dont need to study the bible im living my life how i want and choose to live it... you will go to the lake of fire... im not living a lie im living my life... ok be don't ever message me again... I'm done... fine then I'll just block you... simple as that... yea youll live a crazy tormented life... you are tormenting yourself." Then, she blocked me.

Therock Nguyen Debate

2014-05-06 - Tuesday - 07:37 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - a few seconds ago - I wrote: "It seems that people do not know how to read in English. I was trying to explain why I did not come on Friday. I tried really hard to explain the reason and explanation to why I did not come. it was not my fault. It was the fault of Therock Nguyen. It is that simple. I clearly blame him and others who may have been involved. I clearly stated the requirements. I said that if certain things did not happen then I would not come. People seem not to understand what past-tense and what history is. You guys act as if I am talking in present-tense continuous, but I am not doing that."

Glendale Wilson

2014-05-06 - Tuesday - 11:10 PM - Blogspot - Glendale Wilson messaged me: "Hey yr starting to offend alot If ppl i thought one of her parents put this up or sibling. Its not right get over her shes in a better place u have to Move on." I replied: "This is a memorial site in honor and in memory of a person." Glendale: "Um no i know Who u are ppl talk. Doesnt matter what the header Says read the fuckin comments. Come on her parents dont like this its not ok." Me: "What does the parents say? I know the parents personally since the year of 1990." Glendale: "Mhm im sure u have an it doesnt matter ur obsessed." Me: "The parents know that I made this for Tiffany back in 2011. I have talked to the parents personally about these things. The parents still remember the things I said at Tiffany's funeral. I was personally thanked by Tiffany's father a few years after the funeral because I brought inspiration and hope to Tiffany's family through what I said at the funeral. That is something that Amber Briggs may fail to mention." Glendale: "Amber? Lol. Wrong... Mateika Chambliss was her neighbor in Gastón as im sure u knew... No im not im not the fuckin one obsessed with her u dumb fuck... (01:11 PM ICT) Im reporting u now. Goodbye."

English Awards

2014-05-06 - Tuesday - 11:18 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: "May 4 · Edited - Words that start with the letter F. 1st place goes to Shirazashi Unhee. 2nd place goes to Thiên Thuận. 3rd place goes to Phạm Hương Shimo. Janet Charlotte Kelly, Mèo Lười, Loc Ham and 33 others like this."

Letter G Words

2014-05-07 - Wednesday - 01:21 AM - Blogspot - " May 4 - Edited - Words that start with the letter G. 1st place goes to Shirazashi Unhee. Energetic award goes to Cong Tu Đa Tinh. Jake Coco, Janet Charlotte Kelly, Chuột Xìtrum and 30 others like this."

Lincoln Hawk

2014-05-07 - Wednesday - 11:56 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - I wrote to Lincoln Hawk on Facebook: "Happy Spirit Moves Day. I really do like what you write. I appreciate what you write. My life is full of daily adventures. It is true that I can't always choose the exact details to my adventures. However, I have a Guide who is also the Author & Finisher of those adventures, of my faith. This reminds me about the adventures of Link who is always looking for Nemo... Peach. No, wrong castle. Wrong girl. I mean, Zelda. This also reminds me of those choose your own Star Trek adventure books. This also reminds me about that song a friend of mine wrote: "Want to be a hero." In life, we must be patient and quiet. We must listen to God's voice. We must be humble. We must appreciate each moment of our journey. These are the things I am learning more about as I age. As I get older, I try daydreaming less on the long-term dreams in order to make room for more immediate goals which can in fact help me towards my long-term goals.... I am learning to smile more.... I am learning to be there for people more... thank you so much for your ministry to those around you!!!"

Scheduling Appointments

2014-05-08 - Thursday - 01:35 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - I wrote: "Email me in order to schedule appointments with me. Meet me for free in person or online. I teach English for free in HCM & online. Share this. JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com. I am here for you. You can practice speaking in English with me. I can edit your English essays. Feel free to contact me at any time. I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I have been teaching in Vietnam since 2012. I teach children & adults. I teach beginners & more advance students as well. You can ask me questions. Please share this. Add me. Quỳnh Hoa Scarlet, Linkien MOehamad BinsLamett, Robin Okz and 16 others like this.... Trung Tekken, the pagoda said many times that they would call the police when I am at the pagoda. I am not allowed to volunteer there. I was teaching my own class at the pagoda. Later, Ms. Dung said that I did not have my own class. She said that I was crazy. She said my passport and visa is expired, but my passport is not expired. Mr. Cuong was suppose to inform Ms. Dung about me. Mr. Cuong was suppose to tell me to register with Ms. Dung in August 2013. In February 2014, Ms. Dung met me in the pagoda for the first time. Dung said that she did not know who I was. Dung is the teaching & curriculum coordinator. Dung asked Cuong who I was. Cuong told Dung in February 2014 that he did not know who I was, but Cuong has known me since August 2013. Cuong was not doing his job. I am not allowed to volunteer at the pagoda. They threaten to throw me in jail many times. They promised me salary originally. Andrew Ivanov, what is my mistake? Is my mistake in trying to change things? I want the world to get better. Tia Nắng Sau Mưa, are monks perfect? The master told my students that I would get monthly salaries. Later, the pagoda would tell my students that I do not want to teach at the pagoda. Yet, I do want to teach at the pagoda. I want to continue teaching at the pagoda. One time, my student went to the pagoda and a staff said that I was not there. I was there. The staff lied about me. Many times, the staff and monks at the Chùa Lá Gò Vấp Leaf Pagoda do in fact lie. For more info, you can contact them: Trung Tâm Ngoại Ngữ Miễn Phí CHÙA LÁ -GÒ VẤP. Monks do lie. This is not about money. This is about integrity."

Life Goals

2014-05-08 - Thursday - 08:13 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - I wrote: "I want to live and teach English at a cafe around the center of TP.HCM (Saigon, Vietnam). I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I have been teaching in Vietnam since 2012. I go to my students sometimes, especially if they can't come to me. Since 2013, I've been teaching at cafes, houses, parks, centers, and schools, in different districts of HCM. I commute via my bicycle. I want to continue going to my students when I can. However, I prefer it when my students can come to me. It saves me commuting time. My immediate goals and dreams for this year includes being able to live and teach at a cafe where I can also partake in my other hobbies as well. Some of my hobbies includes making films, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, designing things, building websites, spamming, marketing, helping others. I like playing basketball, piano, guitar, board games, word games, mind games, computer games, puzzle games, and video games. I like playing games like Apples to Apples, Risk game, The Settlers of Catan, Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Chess, Checkers, sports, shooting games, fighting games, puzzle games, brain games, action games........... Some people think that I am sort of like a comedian..... I think that I kind of have a bunch of hobbies.... I am always doing something... I am never bored..... I do many things daily..... I mostly want to tell stories, teach, help others, and inspire people internationally via different medias and through different projects.... I want to be as diverse as possible.... I want to use all of my gifts, talents, and abilities as much as I can to help as many people as possible... I want to continue to enhance, educate, and improve upon my skills and everything that I do in my life.... I am a life-long learner.... I am a teacher and a student of life in general..... people and students do teach me more than I can ever teach them.... I learn everyday.... I will continue to learn and grow and blossom until the day I die...... For my immediate future, I do want to live and teach at one place (like a cafe) around the center of HCM...... but at the same time, I also want to continue in starting and expanding upon clubs in different districts all over HCM and eventually around the world...... I am single but I am not actively pursuing women... I am not gay... I am just very busy.... I am always busy.... I want to do so many things..... and I do many things..... and it is very hard to know how to settle down.... it is very daunting... I do not totally know where to begin..... FA: Forever Alone..... as far as I know, I might remain single for the rest of my life.... I need to focus on helping people..... I teach English to different people daily... on top of that, I make videos, write, etc...... I could spend all day just making films alone... but then I split my time between teaching, filming, writing, basketball, piano, guitar, etc etc etc.... Being single can be very difficult..... I have wanted to be married since I started falling in love with Tiffany Cumbo back when I was 8 years old in the year 1993.... I met her when I was 5 years old in 1990..... when I was 8, I drew pictures of me and Tiff getting married, but she already had other BFs (Boy-Friends) and she later died in 2003 which was exactly ten years after the year 1993.... I have been thinking about getting married and having 25 children (or as many as possible) for the past 21 years or more, since 1993 back when I was 8 years old. I think about it almost daily for the past 21 or so years..... So, being single is like living with a scar or something really horrible that stays with you all of your life....... but marriage is a big thing and we should be wise about the more important decisions in our lives....... Sometimes, we get too focused on the larger goals of our lives that we miss the opportunities in the more immediate and more current goals possibilities that are currently around us in the present. Life is short but sweet. Take the time to live in the moment. Tell people that you love them while you still can before they die like Tiff died. Focus on the more little things in your life first. Focus more on more immediate goals that you can manage for now. I might remain single for the rest of my life... I dream of being a father and a husband.... but I am not exactly sure what the future holds...... to be continued later...... I can't exactly say what will happen..... I will try to focus more on each day and try to give up on the dreams of starting a family or other dreams as well.... I am choosing to focus more on temporary and more immediate dreams and choosing to daydream less about long-term goals and dreams of like finding a soul-mate wife or becoming famous, etc etc..... Never Let Go (NLG) of certain things. But do let go of other certain things........ Often times, the more immediate and more temporary projects and goals in our lives can come in and can help aid us in the development, maturity, and cultivation of initiating and in expanding more long-term and life-long goals and dreams of our lives. Slow and steady wins the race like the turtle and the rabbit. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. The turtle beat the bunny in the race through his dedication on each step (temporary and more immediate goal) which helped him win as the rabbit was more cocky and distracted. What are your dreams? Talk about your dreams here. I can announce the winners of this game next week. Please try talking about your dreams in details. You can also ask other people about their dreams here as well. Feel free to have conversations here with other people on my Facebook. Feel free to ask questions, to debate, and to comment, like, and share as often as you want."

P Letter Words

2014-05-09 - Friday - 09:46 PM - Facebook - Blogspot - Words that start with the letter P.


2014-05-13 - Tuesday - 07:57 AM - Facebook - YouTube - Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord by Joey Arnold & Michael W Smith

Oatmeal English

2014-05-14 - Wednesday - 08:02 PM - Blogspot - Couch Surfing - I wrote: "I live in TP.HCM (Sài Gòn, Việt Nam). Add me on Facebook. My name on Facebook is Joey Arnold. I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I moved to Vietnam in 2012. I am an American English Teacher. I work with the Fellowship Youth Group (FYG). We have free English Clubs in different districts in HCM. We also have soccer clubs, churches, youth groups, and Bible studies as well. You are invited. Please join us. Do you want to serve God in Vietnam? Join our ministry team. We are looking for international English Teachers, pastors, & missionaries to join our team. We would like to help you travel and move to Vietnam. If you are Vietnamese, we want to help you as well. We help Vietnamese students of all ages, sizes, and English levels. Practice speaking in English with me. We help children, teens, and adults master English & life skills as well. Please contact us for more information. We are here for you."

Z Letter Words

2014-05-15 - Thursday - 09:03 PM - Blogspot - 2014-05-12 - Monday - 10:50 PM - or 2014-05-11 - Sunday - 05:44 PM - Facebook

Fonnie Filden

2014-05-19 - Monday - 01:41 AM - Facebook - I wrote to Cherry Vu the following: "No. I am not Fonnie Filden. My name is Joey Arnold. I knew a man named Ronnie Gilden. I felt that he betrayed me. He was friends with me and my other friend, Blake Webb, who died in 2010. I ended up creating this account. However, I am not Fonnie. Instead, Fonnie is more like a character that I created or like a side-project of mine." She responded: "Teach funny hahaaahhh."

Oatmeal English

2014-05-20 - Tuesday - 12:49 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: " Hello. Chào. ¡Hola. Bonjour. Nǐ hǎo. How are you? Joey Arnold: USA English Teacher in HCM - film-maker, musician, writer, editor, web-designer, producer - http://facebook.com/JoeyArnoldVN: 0163-364-2066: 099-619-5082 - http://fb.com/groups/JaEnglish http://fb.com/TheJaEnglish - JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com: Skype: JoeyArnoldVN - http://JoeyArnoldVN.BlogSpot.com: http://TinyChat.com/JoeyArnoldVN - Practice speaking in English with me for free in HCM or online. Contact my managers. I teach English to people for free. You are not required to give me money (compensation). I can teach English to you for free. I teach privately, one to one. I teach groups. I teach children to adults of all levels & ages. I teach all over HCM. I also teach life skills, sports, web-design, how to make films, art, music, etc..... I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I started teaching in Vietnam in 2012. I started making films in 1995. I was home-school. I attended 4 colleges. I am a jack of many trades. Contact me for more information."

Promise Land

2014-05-21 - Wednesday - 01:59 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "Marilyn Mitchell, here is some possible prophecy through the historical events of Joseph. Once upon a time, Robin Baker sent Joseph to slavery, to jail. She accused him of harassment. Joseph was born in Israel, or something like that. Joseph was released from jail. After that, Joseph was in Vietnam. Later, there was an Obama famine. Joseph rose in power and in influence in Vietnam as an English Teacher and as an advisor to the Egyptian Pharaoh King. The family of Joseph, including his youngest brother named Rick Arnold, the Benjamite, were given the opportunities to come to this new promise land while they still can. I invite people to come to Vietnam. We might be able to help you come to Vietnam. We want some Christian English Teachers to come to Vietnam. Come talk to us. For more information, contact the Fellowship Youth Group."

YouTube Video

2014-05-22 - Thursday - What Should I Do With My Life? - 184 views - I recorded this in my Dai Trinh Room in Tan Binh. I stayed in that room for like a month, around May of 2014. Before that, Thu Duc. After that, in June, District 4. I was also at Remi for a few days like in April and/or May.


2014-05-23 - Friday - 08:57 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "I already know about TESOL, CELTA, and other teaching certificates. I understand that different schools offer them. However, I am still undecided about how much money to spend exactly, which specific certificate to get, for how many credit hours, when to get one, how to make sure I can get one, and through which school or website exactly.On top of that, there are also questions of whether or not I should get these certain kinds of certificates or degrees to begin with. What if I do not want to be a teacher? In some ways, I am not totally a teacher because I am really just The Original Oatmeal."

Oatmeal English

2014-05-23 - Friday - 01:05 PM - Blogspot - 12:43 PM - Facebook - Practice speaking in English with me for free in HCM or online. Contact my Teaching Assistants (TAs). I teach English to people for free. You are not required to give me money (compensation). I can teach English to you for free. I teach privately, one to one. I teach groups. I teach children to adults of all levels & ages. I teach all over HCM. I also teach life skills, sports, web-design, how to make films, art, music, etc..... I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I started teaching in Vietnam in 2012. I started making films in 1995. I was home-schooled. I attended 4 colleges. I am a jack of many trades. Contact me for more information. I challenge people to be problem-solvers. Think outside the box. Go after what is best in life."

Oatmeal English

2014-05-23 - Friday - 09:53 PM - Blogspot - I wrote: " I was born 6 AM Monday, 11th of February 1985. I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.

Film Highlights

1996: Power Ranger Kids, Little Kid Riding Hood
2000: I Want It & I Want It Now: Power Ranger Flash
2001: Gangster Run: Cat's Life

Teaching Highlights

1995: Home School the Younger Sister
2003: Children Church at Hillsboro Community Baptist Church
2005: Snow Camp: Word of Life Ranch
2006: Snow Camp: Word of Life Ranch
2007: Wilderness Camp at Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli
2008: Wilderness Camp at Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli
2009: Children Church at Agape Church of Christ in PDX
2010: Camp Redwood Glen of the Salvation Army
2011: PASS: basketball camp at Salvation Army's Moore Street in PDX
2012: New Star English Center in Bac Ninh, Vietnam
2013: Tan Van Foreign Language Center in Q.Go Vap, HCM
2013: New Star English Center in Q.Tan Phu, HCM," 2014-05-27 - Tuesday - 03:26 AM - Anonymous wrote: "hahaha. And then you will blame other people again who promise you money. Go back to the US and work according to your qualifications and dn"t claim that you are a teacher. Everz teacher who learn and work for monez years will be ashame that somebody like you claim his self as a teacher fucking pedo!!!!!!!"

Leanne McNulty

2014-05-23 - Friday - 10:45 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - 41 seconds ago - I wrote: "Leanne McNulty was a volunteer children English Teacher in HCM. Last year, as she was looking for a replacement, she interviewed me in person at a cafe. She said she would get back to me, but she never got back to me until now. Today, 2014-05-24, she emailed me. She said that I am not qualified. She says that my grammar and pronunciation skills are very bad. However, before, she said that I didn't have to be qualified. That was a lie. Too often, people say horrible things that are not true. I do not want to tolerate these kinds of bullies in this world. Please email her. Her email address is lmn_wlv@hotmail.com." 2014, May 27: 03:24 AM: Anonymous: "And here we go again. Blaming other people is a habit from you. The pagoda, Kathy etc. You are just a loser and claiming that yourself that you are a teacher is a LIE. Until now you can show any certificate. So you are a liar and blaming other people is so lame. Why you don't teach at a school wioth hogh prestige like all of the EDU centres? Just answer this simple question and don't blame other people again you dumbass!!!!!!!"

Behind Backs

2014-05-27 - Tuesday - 08:31 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "People secretly complain about me behind my back. People lie about me to my face. When you do not tell me everything, you are being deceptive. Too often, people who do not know English will say that I do not know how to teach English. People say that my beard is too long, that my clothes are too old. They seem to misunderstand the situation. How am I suppose to have new clothes if students are not always giving me enough money or any money at all? If you do not like me, do not be my student." Scott Sidartha Schwartz wrote: "well said- I'll see you again in July my friend."

Oatmeal English

2014-05-28 - Wednesday - 08:12 AM - Blogspot - Liên hệ với trợ lý của tôi Joey Arnold USA về TP.HCM: JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com 0163-364-2066: Quận 4, Q.11 Luc Dinh Tien Nguyen 090-312-4615: Q.Tân Bình Dai Trinh 098-865-0437: Q.10 English Rain. Siu Nhưn Lùn 090-553-3203: Q.Tân Phú Belle Lùn. Tiên Phạm 090-665-6878 - Q.1 buihuuty100@facebook.com 0127-272-5679: Q.Gò Vấp Therock Nguyen 099-563-8088: Q.Thủ Đức Nguyen Cuong. Vu Thanh 0165-624-4099: Q.9 Trần Bảo Tân 098-345-6456: Tell me when and where you want to practice English at. Talk to my assistants. I teach in HCM & online to beginners to experts, children, teens, youth, adults, and people of all ages, levels, for groups and privately as well one-to-one. My name is Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in the USA. I'm a film-maker since 1995. I'm also a musician, writer, actor, producer, inventor, designer, motivational speaker, athlete, philosopher, comedian, cartoonist, helper, pastor, basketball player, oatmeal eater, trainer, life coach, director, guide, tutor, etc."


2014-05-28 - Wednesday - 08:47 AM - Blogspot - Tell me when and where you want to practice English at. Talk to my assistants. I teach in HCM & online to beginners to experts, children, teens, youth, adults, and people of all ages, levels, for groups and privately as well one-to-one. My name is Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in the USA. I'm a film-maker since 1995. I'm also a musician, writer, actor, producer, inventor, designer, motivational speaker, athlete, philosopher, comedian, cartoonist, helper, pastor, basketball player, oatmeal eater, trainer, life coach, director, guide, tutor, etc.


2014-05-31 - Saturday - 09:34 AM - Facebook - Who do you want to marry? Here is my top ten things I want in my wife. I want to either marry somebody who is like me or a girl who is the opposite from me. If I am black, then my wife should be white. However, I am grey (black and white). Therefore, my wife should be grey, balanced, mixed, as well: (click here to see more)

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2014-05-13 - Tuesday - 07:57 AM - Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord by Joey Arnold & Michael W Smith

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