2014, March

Bought my 4th bike. During this month, I taught English all over at places like FYG Q.1, Leaf Pagoda, and the Thu Duc Kids. ASOV Fight. Moved to District 3 and to Dai Trinh's neighbor. My Facebook was terminated. FYG English moved to district 11.

Chronology of My Life in Vietnam

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2014-03-04 - Tuesday - 08:15 AM - 1891490_590323121062649_476043860_o.jpg
2014-03-04 - Tuesday - 08:15 AM - 23/9 Park


2014-02-07 - February - Blogspot - Facebook - Phuong Thao Duong: "...Hope you understand me do strenuous labor to make money J Oh I know make money Then I also know how to spend the money I just want to remove the correct amount of the purchase is the most accurate one I need!...."

Miley Temple

2014-02-18 - This is one of my accounts - I updated my profile photo here.

I Teach For FYG

2014-03-01 - March First - Saturday - 01:52 AM - Blogspot - Hello. How are you? Have a nice day. Xin chào. Làm thế nào là bạn? Có một ngày tốt đẹp. I am an (Tôi là một). American USA (tại Mỹ). English Teacher (giáo viên tiếng Anh) in (tại) Sài Gòn, Việt Nam. I teach English at FYG. Tôi dạy tiếng Anh tại FYG. FYG: Fellowship Youth Group. My name is (Tôi tên là) Joey. I'm an English Teacher: Film-Maker: Writer: Artist: Editor: Translator: Web-Designer: Musician: Singer: Guitarist: Pianist: Life-Coach: Motivational Speaker: Christian, Charity Missionary, Director: Actor: Carpenter: Counselor: Tutor: Philosopher: Inventor: Dancer: Athlete: Basketball Player, etc.

Tony Jones

2014-03-01 - Saturday - 10:08 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Tony Jones: "They should call the police and American embassy to have you deported. I've already contacted the embassy and let they know of your insane behavior along with you teaching without the minimum qualifications.... Do you have a contract? No. Do you have a work visa? No. Do you have a degree? No. Do you have a CELTA? No. You are 'working' in Viet Nam illegally. You are not qualified to teach in Viet Nam and should never have been in a classroom to begin with." 2014-03-03 - Monday - 03:24 AM: Anonymous: "Who is Oatmeal? And Tony Jones is so right. Why u don't answer his questions? U don't educated anyone. Instead of that u are complaining and spread lies. Face the truth. U are not a teacher!!!!"

Leaf Pagoda Dung Questions

2014-03-02 - Sunday - 01:06 AM - Blogspot - I taught at the Leaf Pagoda. Now, please ask the pagoda: 1. Did Mr. A. Cường promise me monthly salaries? 2. When did Mrs. Dung first learn of me? (click here for more info). 3. Why did Mrs. Dung say that my visa is expired? 4. Did the pagoda promise that I could sleep at the pagoda any time I want? 5. Why did they threaten to call police or others to kick me out of the pagoda? 6. Why do they continue threatening me with the police? Kathy stole my bike. Ask her to give me my bike back, or for money, as in compensation." 2014-03-12 - 09:37 PM: Anonymous: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" The Original Oatmeal to Tony Jones: "Why are you threatening me?" Tony: "Not a threat, I'm predicting your future." Me: "People have been predicting these kinds of futures for me since I was about 4 years old, back in 1989, over 25 years ago. People have been predicting the future that I would be deported from Vietnam since 2012, around 2 years ago. How long must I wait for your future to come to past when these kinds of predictions are not coming to past even after decades of time?" Tony: "I think we both know your 'tourist' visit to Viet Nam is coming to an end." Me: "hat should I do after it ends? Please tell me more information about these thoughts and matter. My ears are wide open. Please educate me about the ways of the future, since you claim such rights and access into the skies of the limitless future." Tony: "Don't give me too much credit, I'm only predicting the obvious. The sun will rise and set, and you will be leaving VN soon." Me: "Where will I be going?" Tony went on to talk about how I don't have degrees. I said I do. He then said: "Not a high school diploma." I responded: "I have college degrees." He didn't reply after that.


2014-03-02 - Sunday - 05:51 PM - Blogspot - Anonymous responded: "You are a joke." 2014-03-03 - Monday - 10:11 PM: Me: "You like comedy?" 07:57 AM: Anonymous: "So u teach at FYG. So u work official with a contract right? So when u will get ur work permit? Can u apply all the needed documents according to the new law? And don't try to start to blame other people u fuckin liying dickhead!!!!!!!!!!" Me: "What is your name?" Tuesday, March 4th: Anonymous: "Just answer these simple questions with yes or no? Is it that difficult?" Thursday, March 6th: Anonymous: "How many hours per week do you teach and how much do you charge?" 07:23 PM: Me: "Prices, students, locations, and other things vary each day. My students sometimes do not give me money. Sometimes, people buy me just a drink as they practice English with me for 5 hours strait sometimes. I was born in the USA in the year of 1985. My skin is white. I wear glasses. I have been teaching English in Vietnam since 2012. Sometimes, my clients pay me 50 cents, as in 10.000 VND per day or per hour. For around 8 months in Vietnam, I was without an official salary. For most of the other months, I was making around $100 USD (as in 2.000.000 VND) or sometimes less. Too often, people pay me too little or not at all. In the Thu Duc District, I teach a group of children for $20 USD, as in 400.000 VND, per hour since October 2013. I only teach them for 3 hours per week. I have worked at schools and centers for $15, as in 300.000 VND, per hour, and a few times for $20, as in 400.000 VND. Sometimes, I get paid $5 per hour, as in 100.000 VND per hour. At the moment, I am asking people to pay me $2 USD per hour, as in 50.000 VND per hour, but I may still teach for free at times. There are many factors to consider with all of these details." March 11: Anonymous: "How can you live off such little money? I know many teachers that make 20-25USD per hour or a lot more in some cases. Seems strange that you get paid so little. By the way, you spell the word 'straight' incorrectly."


2014-03-04 - Tuesday - 08:15 AM - Facebook - Some pictures and people at the 23/9 Park.


2014-03-04 - Tuesday - 06:53 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Marco Guidi wrote: "Ben Thanh market parking....should be 3000 but to expat they charging 10.000!!! They are also very rude and unpolite...why?" Tourists, expats, Vietnamese, tend to ask these types of questions in Facebook groups and on forums online. Me: "This reminds me of outdated menus at restaurants in Vietnam. In January 2014 or so, I ordered coffee and milk for 12.000 VND at a cafe in the Thu Duc District of HCM. The waitress said it costs about 17.000 VND. Later, she told me that this was the old menu and that they plan to make a new updated menu someday with the updated prices. Like this parking ticket, it is not the end of the world exactly. I can pay more money for parking and for food. However, if a ticket says 3.000 then I want to only pay 3.000. If the menu says 12.000 for coffee, then I want to just pay 12.000. If they want me to pay more, then they should update the tickets and menus, period. It is an issue or honesty, transparency, integrity, of being simple. By the way, over-pricing is stealing and is immoral, and should always be illegal and unethical. We should not tolerate it any more than we tolerate bribing the police in Vietnam. I was born in the USA and have been in Vietnam since 2012. I may live here in Vietnam for the rest of my life. I am still single. I teach English. I am 29 years old. I wish the best for the people of Vietnam. Many things are improving. This ticket situation is an example of how Vietnam is still developing instead of being a developed country. I really hope and pray that the younger generations can continue to work on making Vietnam a better place for our children and for our children's children."

Wise Guy Wise Girl

2014-03-06 - Thursday - 09:28 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Before Its News - Aubrey Aaron Kimball: "Hmmmm, must check it out when I get to a wi if spot." Me: "Aubrey, how can you comment without having wifi? Do you have Facebook on your phone? Can you surf the internet on your phone?" Aubrey: "It's called not using up my data on my plan,and don't be a wise guy next time please, geez." Me: "I am not being a wise guy. It is a very honest question. Do not be wise girl to make those kinds of assumptions. It seems that you are judging my words without seeing my facial and body language and gesture. I want you to realize that data is data..." Aubrey: "Maybe you should mind your business." I replied with no. No no. I responded with many short comments. Like don't say that. I said that if you can go to Facebook, then you can go to other websites as well. She didn't reply but she was probably trying to limit how much Internet she was using. She could have connected via WIFI and not through AT&T or through your phone service provider. In other words, there is a way to do it for free, to surf for free on the phone. I didn't do very well trying to explain that in those comments. I appeared rude to her and to others. I've been too forceful too often in my life even from good motives on my part.

Guest Pumpkins

2014-03-06 - Thursday - 11:14 PM - Blogspot - Facebook Group - Jason Maskell: "So I've been told be my landlord last night that guests in my apartment after midnight are considered residents and must be registered with the police. Thus, no guests after midnight. True/False? Any insights?" Me: "I use to live at the Alder Housing Apartments which was like this in Portland, Oregon USA. They required that you registered over-night guests. I lived there for 2 years until 2010. Alder had cheaper apartment studio rooms especially for recovering addicts, drunks, widows, those with lower incomes, with little to no work, and those trying to get off the streets. I was living there since I was not the richest kid then. I was born in the USA in 1985 and have been in Vietnam since 2012. At Alder, it is an issue of security. I understand the reasoning behind the rules. Many people would say things like, "But they are treating us like children" which I understand. Part of the reason for the rules was that some of those people may have had mental problems or other like problems. Sometimes, certain rules are necessary... I stayed at Kathy Thao Duong house unregistered with the police from the morning of Thursday, 2013-02-21 until the morning of Monday 2013-04-08. I was a guest and I did not pay any money. As far as I know, the police never came to that apartment in District 8 of Saigon, Vietnam. I was born in the USA in 1985 and have been in Vietnam since 2012. Kathy is a Vietnamese woman that stole my bike."

Bought my 4th Bike

2014-03-07 - Friday - I bought an Asama bicycle $200 USD apx at the Martin 107 bike shop on Vo Thi Sau in District 3 of HCM VN.

Thu Duc Kids Pictures

2014-03-07 - Friday - 07:22 AM - More pictures.

My 4th Bike

2014-03-10 - Monday - 09:48 AM - Facebook - Photos my my classes, students, and my new bike.


2014-03-12 - Wednesday - 09:38 PM - Blogspot Comment - Video - I posted this video of me confronting the Leaf Pagoda. It's a long story and it's not what you think. You can only see me lash out on them and you don't see what they did similar to what they do to Alex Jones, Trump, Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich, etc. Anonymous responded: "You dick head - you cannot treat people like that. Go and get a proper job and pay your own bills and grow the fuck up."


2014-03-14 - Friday - 10:56 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Would you hire this weirdo? I told the story of Billy Breaker in the Arnold Attic. Phuong Bui - Being The Dreamer (Facebook): "First thing first, story is supposed to be in past tense. Basic literature!" Me: "Phuong Bui, some stories are ongoing and not only just in the past. Remember that English is not always as simple as you may think from the textbooks. The story is ongoing like the news. Some things can be gerunds. Some things can be in the perfect active present tense continuous. I am living. I am still living." Phuong: "Bah, look at the context. Instead of putting yourself on English high horse, fucking notice what you are writing. English is not simple as YOU think." Me: "Phuong Bui, I am the author of that story. The story is not entirely in the past. The story is about Billy Breaker. The story was about Billy and still is about Billy, because Billy is a character inspired from a real person named Joey Arnold the Original Oatmeal who is still alive right now and whom is not dead yet. The story is ongoing because we can all live out these stories in our own lives. We can all learn valuable life lessons from our childhood. Too often, we run from those so-called figurative "ATTICS" of our lives and in doing so we lose ourselves from the uniqueness of who we are and of who we can potentially become. This story is about how our lives can evolve from cavemen to models." Phuong: "I don't give a damn about your story, or you, in particular. It's irksome to see such bad writing from a guy who plagues every pages and self claims English teacher. Period. I'm unfollow this thread." Me: "Phuong Bui, I am not writing bad English. I am writing in a different style than that of what you may be familiar with. Do you want me to correct your English mistakes? You wrote that I plague "Every pages" but you should write that I destroy each page, not each pages. I can teach you more English. Please stop mocking white people who were born and raised with the English language. It sounds that you are being racist, bias, stereotypical, and closed minded." Scotty Dinh: "I don't know how he got into VN either.. isn't terrorist not allowed in?" Me: "I'm friends with Osama Bin Laden." Scotty Dinh: "Naw, I highly doubt Osama bin Larden would be your friend. Osama has better hygiene care and I am sure he has a better command of the English Language than you do! On a side note, I think al-Qaeda network is always looking for more voluenteer suicide bomber. Although I don't recommend the job for you, I know the job security is excellent with awesome perks too! 72 Virgins just waiting for you in Heaven! Oh boy, Happy Happy!" Me: "Was his beard rather sexy?" Scotty Dinh: "Uhm, idk, whatta ya think?" Bros Rocketeer: "but when you write down what happened to your character - either it happened just 5 minutes before that or 5 year ago or something he thought he would do it in the future, it DID happen - so it should be written down in past tense or past perfect, correctly? and even if the thing is still happening coz as you say you are still living but when you tell people a story you cannot tell them what you're doing, you gotta tell something that already happened.. so no matter what, it still gotta be in the past, right? but the thing is how can you teach English to other people when you simply cannot make sense of something so simple such as SOMETHING THAT ALREADY HAPPENED???" (damn, seriously I gotta jump it this one tho I know I'd be tortured with notifications!) Me: "Laden reminds me of my brother.... Bros Rocketeer, there are two ways to tell a story. Stories can be told in the present tense, like narratives and scripts in films.... you are torturing me... At the moment, in the ongoing present-tense story of my life, I am typing this right now. Now, of course, I will someday say that I typed this to you, but not right now. Stories can go on and on like The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter."

Hale Song

2014-03-14 - Friday - 12:18 PM - Blogspot - Hale Song says that my English grammar sucks. He continues to spread lies about me. I am not an attention seeker but rather a truth seeker. I am not an attention whore but rather a freedom writer. Hale: "I had to delete my previous post, i just don't want to get involved in all of this because a lot of it is attention seeking. But to answer your question David, no, unfortunately it's not sarcastic. I originally thought it was, but I had to deal with these types of posts in a different group which is why he ended up getting banned from there. I just dread to think that some Vietnamese people will accept at face value some of the horrible and unstructured practices he uses in communicating the English language. It's not that they are unintelligent students, it's just that they will accept it as 'right' because he's continually spouting that he's a native speaker and an English teacher and placing unnecessary emphasis on the fact that he is white and is of European ancestry." (read more here) The conversation continued between me and others.

Getting Laid

2014-03-14 - Friday - 12:31 PM - Blogspot - Scotty Dinh: "Dude, read my comment over and over again. Think about it long and hard before you come to a rash judgement call. I don't mock people, I don't like to judge people just as much as I don't like people to judge me. Take this as a brotherly advice, improve your English Dude each and everyday. Maybe you too can get laid someday."

Arnold Attic

2014-03-14 - Friday - 12:41 PM - Blogspot - Arnold Attic Project Origin: I wrote: "2011-11 apx. I grew out my beard because I was making a documentary about my life. Strangely, my autobiography is partially allegorical as I played the character @[100001024617087:2048:Billy Breaker] who grew up as a boy stuck in the Arnold Attic. Billy is a character that is based from me. The story about Billy serves as an illustration about my life. The story is about how an abusive alcoholic landscaper man (Mr. Don Arnold) discovers Billy in the jungle and adopts Billy. Later, the man locks Billy in his attic. Eventually, Billy escapes and runs away. Many years later, Billy is alone with this big long beard. Billy realizes that he must journey back to the attic because he left some priceless things back there. Billy always thought that the attic was his prison, as in his hell. However, the attic shaped Billy's character. In the story, Billy goes back to the attic as a grown man to unlock the secrets to his past and ultimately for the sake of his own destiny and that of the world as well. You can watch my Original Oatmeal videos on YouTube. 2011-11 apx. I grew out my beard because I was making a documentary about my life. Strangely, my autobiography is partially allegorical as I played the character Billy Breaker who grew up as a boy stuck in the Arnold Attic. Billy is a character that is based from me. The story about Billy serves as an illustration about my life. The story is about how an abusive alcoholic landscaper man (Mr. Don Arnold) discovers Billy in the jungle and adopts Billy. Later, the man locks Billy in his attic. Eventually, Billy escapes and runs away. Many years later, Billy is alone with this big long beard. Billy realizes that he must journey back to the attic because he left some priceless things back there. Billy always thought that the attic was his prison, as in his hell. However, the attic shaped Billy's character. In the story, Billy goes back to the attic as a grown man to unlock the secrets to his past and ultimately for the sake of his own destiny and that of the world as well. You can watch my videos on YouTube." I'm like George Lucas in my attempts at telling stories. Scotty DInh: "Bros Rocketeer I highly think reputable language center will never hire this guy or keep him on its staff for long. However, Vietnam never seem to surprise me. He might show up at my gig one day. The horrors!" Me: "Scotty, I disagree. I choose to confuse people because I want people to continue to think about it for years to come. If I wrote the story the normal way, then this would not be happening right now. I know how to write normal, but I choose not to often times." Danieru's Place: "Please... when criticising a person's poor English ability, make effort to perfect yours - I direct this to everyone." Me: "The goal of communication includes the ability to be understood. To some extent, following language rules will aid in that. However, sometimes, we should seek to be like George Lucas." Scotty: "I think I strike the wrong cord with GiáoViên NguyênHiểu . Oh boy is he going nuts! Listen dude, I never claim my English is perfect unlike you have. I don't even think anyone can claim that. Even the best writers has editors and proofreader to check their works. I know my English is a work in progress. I struggle everyday with it and I learn from my mistake. At least I proofread what I wrote and try my best to clean up my own mess so that no one else has too. Hey Bros Rocketeer, Thanks for having my back man! hehe." Me: "YOu learn from your mistakes, not mistake... You can also proofread what you write, and not just what you wrote. If you say that you proofread what you wrote, you might be implying through the past tense of "WROTE" that you will never ever proofread what you write ever again. I like writing more in present tense to emphasize how I will continue doing certain things that are very general." Scotty: "'The need for attention affects us all. As humans we crave social interaction and feedback of some sort. People use this as a way of validating their worth in the scheme of their life. Most mature people do not need to go hunting for validation, it comes naturally. Validation comes from day to day life, by interacting with the world. Most of us consider our world to be our family, our work, and our friends. The more validated you feel the less likely you are to engage in negative attention-seeking. Now let's talk about the immature person. They usually suffer from low levels of self-esteem and self confidence which leads to feelings of insecurity. Many times these issues will lead people into attention seeking behaviors. These behaviors are especially prevalent in women... Attention-seeking people will spend a large portion of their lives creating drama so they can feel they are the center of attention. Unlike the mature person that lets their actions and work speak for them, the immature person deals in what they can do to divert attention to themselves. Most often taking I'm the victim mentality. Nothing is ever about what they have done or will do it's all about what was done to them. There for reinforcing the victim mentality.' -sic ( copy verbatam from Mellissa Withers)." Danieru: "What's the story behind all the apparent aggression towards "GiaoVien NguyenHieu"?" Scotty: "One can only wonder man, perhaps his mom drop him when he was a baby."

Monday is Day Two?

2014-03-14 - Friday - 12:57 PM - Blogspot - In Vietnamese, why is Monday called the second day and not the first if they also say that Monday is the first day of the week? Quân Trương: "Read the bible again, Sabbath is Saturday - a day of rest and made holy by God. Then Sunday is the first day, Monday will be the second." Thanh Ngân liked this.

Banned From ASOV

2014-03-14 - Friday - 01:29 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Vu Ho: "His postings got so bad in ASOV that he was banned. So he changed his name and is posting in this group now." Danieru: "What was so wrong with his postings?" Me: "What did I do in ASOV? Please provide evidence. Vu Ho wrote things that are not true about me. My previous account was disabled by Facebook." Scotty: "He make All English teacher look bad. He attack people, even when people try to help him. He's very perverted and openly so. He's Negative Attentioin seeking nitwit blunbbering about nonsense. The list goes on and on.... have you seen some of his Youtube vids? Take a minute to do a little research. It will become very clear... At first I think he's harmless and funny.. but its become more clear that not the case." Bros Rocketeer: "he claims himself an American English teacher and most of the time he says people lie to/about him, treat him ill or how bad people are to him.. and he's used lots of facebook accounts to post and comment everywhere, of course to attack people too. ASOV admins had to ban at least 20 or more accounts! last week or so he posted some youtube clips about a Pagoda refused to let him teach and eat and stay there. and those clips were mostly about himself walking around yelling and repeating "why do you hate me?"" Scotty: "Yep, he even get Kicked out of a Chua! a non profit-Buddist temple that offer free English lession to the local Vietnameses, even they don't want him around." David O'Brien: "People feel the need to attack others to fill their personal void? something along those lines no doubt!" Scotty: "Tiffany Lo- I dare u to come, im waiting. Dickhead." Me: "You've seen my dick?" Danieru: "Ok... I'm beginning to understand." Me: "does not listen to me. he does not care what I say. I am not being negative, because I am simply being honest. The concept of being negative implies doing things to hurt people, but I do things to help people even when it appears to be self-seeking and negative. I do not have a victim mentality. I am just trying to educate people about things. I was teaching English at the Leaf Pagoda. Students love me. I only have one Facebook account. I am teaching English in HCM still for the Fellowship Youth Group (FYG). Pastor Joel Osteen's Full Sermon "The Power of 'I Am'" - Oprah's Lifeclass - Oprah Winfrey Network. It's the sermon that changed the way Oprah sees her life."


2014-03-15 - Saturday - 12:44 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - I wrote via my Giáo Viên Nguyên Hiểu account: "Who plays basketball?" I received 112 comments. Some were talking about how I was a pedophile, which I'm not. But they continued to lie about me based off no evidence. Des Snowdon: "The guy is messed up, clearly has no wp and is a danger to kids. I suggest reporting all his posts to admin. I also suggest that if he approaches any schol or other for work, they retain his passport. This guy is not right and should not be around to give other expats a bad rep. Get him out." Me to Bett Bonyo: " I have wanted to travel the world and help others since 1993. I was born in the USA. I came to Việt Nam in 2012 to meet a girl and to teach at New Star International Language Center in Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam. Students love me. The male director of New Star used Google Translate to talk to me. He promised to hire me via email. I came to Vietnam and I was teaching for a week at New Star. His other teachers were from the Philippines. He told his other teachers to tell the students that they are from Singapore and not the Philippines. The director fired me before he officially even hired me via an email. After that, students would always ask me why I was not teaching at New Star any longer. Many students were sad. Many students stopped going to New Star and they went to other schools. Others would learn from me at the Papa Foods Restaurant in Bac Ninh, which is about 20 km from Hanoi. In January 2013, I was teaching in Hanoi and later in Hoa Binh. To this day, students want me to return to the north. They always ask me when I will come back. Students love me. I dedicate myself to others. People do love me. I do not ask for attention. Instead, I ask for revolution. In the hearts and souls of us all." Selena Le: "u may have a good heart, but add with a mess mind, leave your ass away of this forum, if not people in vn will invite u to Bien Hoa (crazy hospital)." Me to Des Snowdon: "students are not always countable. You are being too by the book. I teach English the way that people actually speak English in the streets of the USA. I am not as interested in textbook English. Most English textbooks in Vietnam are from the UK or something like that. I prefer American English. Often time, I write simple English so that Vietnamese people can understand me better. You need to throw out of your English rules out the window because every country does always agree with all of the rules about English that you may have been taught. A simple example of this is seen in the words color and colour. Selena Le, what is in Bien Hoa?" Oh, it's hospital. Oh, I'm crazy then? Then I said: "I'm a doctor." Jonathan Barlow: "I have not seen any reason to take his passport. His posts in this group are often random and incomprehensible, but I have not seen any evidence to suggest he is a danger to anyone. Did I miss anything serious?" Later on, I wrote: "Are you part hulk?" David O'Brien: "are you an attention whore?" Me: "Are you a hater whore?" Scotty Dinh: "I don't mind the guy either Jonathan Barlow, I haven't seen evidence that he harm little kids or puppys. His trolling is sometimes funny too, I usally come one here for a good laugh and some enlightenment." My middle name is Scott. Scotty: "Oh geez, I'm changing my name." Tu Trung: "How long have you lived in VN? Can you speak any Viet? Whats your American name. I'm amused reading this blog. Actually this is more entertaining then reading CNN news... I try to stay away from the US Expats.heh. I stay away from Pham Ngu Lau and D1 as much as possible. I'm sure there are some good US Expats. But there are the few that come here for pedophile reasons or running from there past. Those are the kind of people I have to deal with at work. So when I'm done with work I just want to enjoy my people,my country, my language, my kind of food. heh... I'm sure I'll meet him someday at a Police Station or a Court Proceeding. He's entitle to a translator if he is a U.S Citizen... @Tim. good thing about knowing English and Viet, I can play 2 sets of rules with him. I grew up here, I know some not so friendly people. If he's here for good intention I wish him luck. If he's breaking the law or has bad intent Vietnam police eventually will come for you. Vietnam police are not dumb when it comes to foreigners committing crimes or violations." Me to Tu: "I was born in 1985 in the USA. I've been a world-travelling philanthropist since 1993. I have been a film-maker since 1995. I've been teaching English in Vietnam since 2012. I am learning Vietnamese. I am single. I might stay in Vietnam forever. I am not negative. I do things to educate and inspire others. My life is dedicated to making the world a better place. People spread many lies about me all of the time." Cheryl Lee Chryl Anh Đào: "Young brother, hope oneday you can understand what people want to help you to understand..yes someone hate you but some of them are trying to help you realize what's right or wrong. When they blame you more then you keep trying to persist in your opinions. Hope you can change your mind so your life will get better and people will love you more. Best regards." Me: "People say that I am a pedophile. I am not a pedophile. There is no evidence. There is no proof. Those things are lies." Kirsty Denison Clark: "I think this is getting out of hand. I don't think the guy is very well - or at the least isn't very happy - and I don't think these personal comments on a public forum will help. I understand he may be irritating, but surely blocking/ignoring is the most adult way around this?"


2014-03-16 - Sunday - 01:17 AM - Blogspot - She talked about the famous debate concerning my first bike from 2013. This is a long story.

Stealing is Stealing

2014-03-17 - Monday - 02:18 AM - Blogspot - I continued talking about Kathy and that bike.

Leaf Pagoda

2014-03-17 - Monday - 02:33 AM - Blogspot - Before showing you what Mark Lindenmuth wrote, let me show you my reply to what he wrote as follows: Mark is spamming me. Let me address the inaccurate lies that he wrote. I only have one Facebook. I did not leave the internet. I did not stab my students in the back. I doubt that people are seeking revenge for things that I did. I am a teacher. I will continue living in Vietnam. People are spreading lies about me that are not true. Mark is an example of the many bad people that wages war against me. If the Leaf Pagoda does not want me any longer, then that is fine. I do not have a problem with that. However, the problem is when they deny ever wanting me to begin with. That is the biggest problem. I do not like when people break promises. Kathy stole my bike. The pagoda stole my salaries and students. Other people lie and steal from me. I am not negative. I am just honest. I am not spam. I am not seeking to be controversial. I am not an attention seeking whore. I am not a pedophile. I do not like it when people continue to say things about me that are not true. But I will do what is right until the day I die. I will not stop doing what is best. I will post this to my blog.

Murder & Kathy

2014-03-17 - Monday - 03:09 AM - Blogspot - My murder argument.

Not About the Money

2014-03-18 - Tuesday - 12:19 AM - Blogspot - I wrote about Kathy, the bike, and about how it was not about the money. Jokes about Oatmeal. Illustration.

Banning Oatmeal

2014-03-18 - Tuesday - 09:37 AM - Banning Oatmeal - A thread about Oatmeal. Reading Oatbow.

Facebook Prison

2014-03-21 - Friday - 01:31 AM - Blogspot - Giáo Viên Nguyên Hiểu: ‎Oatmeal English Club: "Facebook disabled my FB profile account. My name is Joey Arnold. Please share this. I need help. Facebook says I am not real. I really want to restore my FB. Please help me. Please protest to Facebook. Contact the founder on Facebook at mark.zuckerberg@fb.com: info+ln5aqag.aeatwfk7ea@support.facebook.com: Mark Zuck Zuckerberg. 650-543-4800."

Leaf Pagoda End

2014-03-21 - Friday - 11:38 PM - Blogspot - The Master told me today that he does not want me, an American English Teacher in HCM, to teach at his Leaf Pagoda any more. Read this post for the full story.

Street Vendors

2014-03-22 - Saturday - 11:32 PM - Facebook - A Vietnamese friend of mine in HCM just told me that the USA has no street vendors. Here is a street vendor in the USA.

For Free?

2014-03-23 - Sunday - 10:20 AM - Blogspot - Facebook - Trần Bảo Tân: "Do you teach at there for free?" GiáoViên NguyênHiểu: "I started teaching at the pagoda for free back in August 2013. I started teaching English in Vietnam for free back in the year of 2012."


2014-03-23 - Sunday - 12:15 PM - Facebook - I want to marry a girl who is not only interested in my money. If I was a street-rat Aladdin, then I could better tell if a girl likes me for who I am and not for what I have. Thanh Huyen Nguyen: "You will get a true love." Tony Jones: "What money?"

Leaf Pagoda 01/02

2014-03-24 - Monday - 08:46 AM - Blogspot - I am an English Teacher, life-coach, creator, CEO, businessman, charity missionary, writer, producer, web-designer, artist, musician, inventor, athlete, coach, volunteer, Christian, dancer, singer, guitarist, pianist, speaker, counselor, tutor, and so much more.

Leaf Pagoda 02/02

2014-03-24 - Monday - 06:40 PM - Blogspot - YouTube Video - I Teach English For Free at the Leaf Pagoda - I've been teaching English at the pagoda since 2013-08. ChuaLaGoVap@yahoo.com. http://ChuaLaGoVap.org.vn. 090-672-1705; A. Cường 090-242-7222. 12/2E Quang Trung, Phường. 14, Quận Gò Vấp, TP.HCMC, Việt Nam. Practice speaking in English with me, Joey Arnold, at FYG in HCM. I teach English with FYG. FYG was founded by Vietnamese people who are fluent in English and Vietnamese. You can contact FYG if you want to know more about FYG and more about me. You can talk and write to them in English or Vietnamese. I'm American. My nickname is Original Oatmeal. Joey Arnold: American English Teacher in Saigon (HCM), Vietnam. I live in District 1 of HCM. Film-Maker, Artist, Writer, Musician, Web Designer, Historian, Inventor, Producer, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Cartoonist, Comedian, etc. I'm an English Teacher, Tutor: Film-Maker: Writer: Artist: Editor: Translator: Web-Designer: Musician: Singer: Guitarist: Pianist: Life-Coach: Motivational Speaker: Christian, Charity Missionary, Director: Actor: Carpenter: Counselor: Tutor: Philosopher: Inventor: Dancer: Athlete: Basketball Player, etc. My skin is white. I wear glasses. I live in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. I am from the USA (United States of America). I teach English all over Saigon, Vietnam. I have been in Vietnam since 2012. I have making films since 1996 when I was 10 years old. I was born in 1985. I have been a teacher since 1995. I do many things. I have a team of Vietnamese-English translators. Contact us if you are language students, teachers, actors, owners, producers, customer, etc. I am an English Teacher, life-coach, creator, CEO, businessman, charity missionary, writer, producer, web-designer, artist, musician, inventor, athlete, coach, volunteer, Christian, dancer, singer, guitarist, pianist, speaker, counselor, tutor, and so much more. Google my name. Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal. To find me all over the internet and I do many things and I am here for you if I can be of assistance concerning almost anything. My life is dedicated to helping others in so many different ways. Share this and ask your friends to contact me as well. Spread the word. Eat some oatmeal. Ask Christ to save you.

Giáo Viên Nguyên Hiểu

2014-03-24 - Monday - 09:03 PM - Blogspot - Hello. My new Facebook is GiáoViên NguyênHiểu. I live and teach English in Saigon HCM, Vietnam. I have been in Vietnam since 2012. I was born 1985-02-11 in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. For more information about me, you can contact FYG, which was founded by Vietnamese people that are fluent in English and Vietnamese. This means you can write and talk to them in Vietnamese and English. I teach English and make films and other things. 10:13 PM - More Photos.

Never Let Go

2014-03-25 - Tuesday - 11:25 PM - YouTube

Thu Duc Kids

2014-03-27 - Thursday - 09:53 PM - Facebook Photo Album Photos of me, my Thu Duc Children Students, my lessons. 21 pictures.

Mountain Lion

2014-03-29 - Saturday - 11:06 AM - Facebook

2014-03-07 - Friday - 07:22 AM
2014-03-07 - Friday - 07:22 AM - 1795247_592382650856696_2011400511_o.jpg

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