2014, June

Remi debate was going on. I was probably teaching in District 7. I began teaching in District 4 in June 2014 for the first time or around that time. I was trying to extend my visa. I was living in Thu Duc until that guy said I wasn't helping him enough. I was living in Tan Binh near Dai Trinh around this time and then moved to live in District 4.

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2014-06-13 - Friday - 07:18 PM - Q.7 - JA Avatar - 10428170_1419817624966657_5909655491361392588_o.jpg
2014-06-13 - Friday - 07:18 PM - Q.7

Some highlights from June of 2014, as follows:


2014-06-01 - Sunday - Facebook Pictures - I wrote: "Begger, Bad Girl, Banker. I thought she said that she was a bad girl. She was really saying that the holes in her pants make it look like she is a beggar."

Mother vs Father

2014-06-02 - Monday - 01:49 AM PST - Facebook - are you more similar to your mother or more similar to your father? please do not say both... please pick one. 02:18 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "I like my mother but I am like my father." Later on, I asked: "Do you have wings?" Then, I wrote: "Call me at 0163-364-2066." ..... I wrote: "I am not asking who do you like. I am asking you who you are the most similar with, your mother or father. I am not asking you to love one parent and to hate the other parent. I want to help you discover who you are... You are similar to your mother and father. That can be true. However, I am not asking you if you are similar with your mom and dad. That is not my question. I am asking which parent you are the most in common with... Which parent contributes the most to your overall life development, choices, influence, in your characteristics, physical appearance, in what you do, in the way you look, in the way you talk, in the way you think, in how you think, in the little habits, in who you date, in how you date, in what you wear, in what you say, in the educational & career journey, etc etc, and so on and so forth? This is my question. The short version of this same question is this: which parent are you like the most? .... what defines you the most as an individual: the characteristics of one parent or the physical appearances of the other parent? Which one of these might have a greater affect in your character development? ... which version of English is your favorite? ... please teach me how to dance."

Michael Jackson

2014-06-02 - Monday - On my Facebook, I shared Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm which was published as a music video to YouTube on May 19, 2014. It features like a Hologram of MJ, possibly a real hologram. I've been a fan of MJ all my life and would listen to him at times. I would go through spurts of listening and sharing a bunch of MJ every few years. I wrote: "I first saw Michael Jackson on TV in 1992 when I was 7 years old. Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson is in this video. At that time, I only knew who Magic was because Magic played basketball in the NBA. One night, this music video was airing. I really think this is how I was introduced to MJ, who is the one and only King of Pop." Scott Sidartha Schwartz wrote: "May he rot in hell forever for his rape of children." Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (Official Video) In 2013, I went to Da Lat. A coworker of mine was Loan Nguyen.

Pharrell Williams

2014-06-02 - Monday - Marilyn Monroe (Official Music Video) - I wrote: "Things that makes you scream..."

Wallet Stolen

2014-06-02 - Monday - 10:29 AM - Facebook - Motorbike man stole my wallet some minutes ago. My English Club in Q.4 ended at 10 PM. After that, I was riding my bicycle to where I sleep in Q.Tan Binh. It takes about an hour to get there. Around that time, I was looking for chicken rice for dinner. Most of the places were closed. After riding around for a while, this man started talking to me. I have been in Vietnam since 2012. I have talked to hundreds of people in Vietnam alone. I read people for a living. I have talked to thousands of people in my life. I am a good judge of character. The man wanted money. The man wanted me to buy him food. He wanted to sleep in a hotel with me. The man was pushing my bicycle with his motor-bike. He was helping me. I help people because I want to help people. He was pretending to help me. I was telling him no. I was trying to be nice to him. My hand went to wallet in my front jean wallet. I knew that my wallet was there. He started acting gay. He might be a homosexual. He grabbed my penis. I pushed him away and rode away. Later, I noticed that my wallet was missing. I went back and started looking around for him. So, I had no dinner, and my wallet is gone. I have been saving my money for months now. But he took it. Now, I do not have that wallet. There was over 6.000.000 VND in my wallet. I was saving money so that I can pursue my many dreams. Now, I feel torn. The only thing worse than losing money is losing control. I am not sure if I can trust myself. These kinds of situations makes me hate myself. I am not sure how I can be so incapable of keeping track of my own things. When I was younger, I would get lost. As I got older, I would get lost less, but then I would begin losing things as a means of balancing that equation. I feel so bad now. I was planning to take two girls out for dinner soon. I was going to buy them dinner. Now, I am not sure what I should do. I feel like I am losing myself. There are so many things wrong with me. I have so many mistakes. There are so many problems with me. I get places late. I mess things up. I am too nice to people sometimes. The list goes on. Why would any girl want to marry a wreck like me? I think I might need to stay single because I am still doing horrible things like this. I want to drive around HCM and find the man who stole my wallet. I think I can find him. I want to find him. I want to punch him in the face and tell him that stealing is bad.... I can't really express how I feel. I feel like I can't trust myself or others. I allowed somebody to take my wallet. I didn't even notice that he pulled my wallet from my pocket. I am not even sure if I can trust people. I feel so horrible right now. I feel like all of my money is gone now. I am so old. I am so far behind."


2014-06-02 - Monday - John Hank Green - Deserving - In which John talks about luck and what we deserve. And also some books he likes. And probable mouse poop. And Crash Course Big History, which will debut in a couple months over at http://www.youtube.com/crashcourse.

How old are you?

2014-06-02 - Monday - I got 71 comments, 26 likes from that post question on Facebook.

What makes you unique?

2014-06-03 - Tuesday - Facebook - 16 likes - 22 comments. I then made a YouTube video about how my wallet was stolen. But YouTUbe terminated that channel, all those videos. I then asked about where I live. Some said HCM and one said USA. I also wrote: "if you no longer want to learn and practice speaking in the English language, please let me know at joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com." Brian Pat Hancock left me many comments in 2014, that year. Eventually, it appears, he went on to block me. I then asked: "what is black, white, and fast? ..... my students disappear without notice... for subtitles, go to Amara... youtube has a subtitles button... this film has subtitles... this film has subtitles (Arthur)... youtube has a subtitles CC button that you must click on.... please go to youtube and learn how to do this... youtube has a captions button which enables subtitles CC for some of the videos that may include subtitles... children are our future... do you like people?" The Greatest Treasure From Book Box.com. I shared this one video of theirs and Facebook said it was spam and blocked the link to take me back the video on YouTube.

Red Pill Video - About Money - 1913

2014-06-03 - Tuesday - I shared Yeshua is Messiah-SUBSCRIBE Please - The American Dream Film-(English Subtitles) - I posted a Jay Leno dancing over the years on his Tonight Show. That video was taken down. I shared a Bill Cosby Documentary video which is missing now as well.


2014-06-03 - Tuesday - 09:41 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "I am homeless. I have nowhere to live. I have to pay money for my rent, but I lost my wallet. I do not have the money for the rent. I am not sure what I am going to do. I think I will sleep outside tonight." 56 likes - 35 comments.

Thu Duc Home Exit

2014-06-03 - Tuesday - 09:52 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "I am homeless. My friend in Q.Thu Duc said that he can no longer help me because I do not help him. I was sleeping in his room sometimes. However, I do help him. A friend paid for the rent of a room in Q.Tan Binh. He says that I must pay $1.500.000 VND for the rent this month myself. But I lost my wallet. I do not have the money for the rent. So, I am not sure what I will do. People do not seem to understand. People want me to have nice clothes. How am I suppose to have nice clothes if I do not have money to buy nice clothes? I tell people about my wallet. But people tell me that I still need to buy nice clothes with invisible money that does not exist. I plan to sleep outside tonight. You can call me at 0163-364-2066." Was Hieu Nguyen (Obi) my roomy? .... I wrote: "Trần Bảo Tân, you should email me because I can't PM you on FB because I am blocked from those things on FB.... do I have friends? good question

Visa Problem

2014-06-04 - Wednesday - 03:10 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "My visa expires Tuesday, the 10th of June 2014. I lost my wallet and the money in it. I don't have the money to make a new visa. I already extended this visa 3 times. Some people say that I must leave Vietnam and get a new border stamp to qualify for a new visa. Last year, I spent around $150 USD for going to Cambodia in order to make a new visa. Other people say that I can buy a new visa at the U.S. Embassy, the immigration department of Vietnam, or at travel agencies. It might be cheaper to go the embassy. However, some say that only Vietnamese people can request new visas at the immigration department of Vietnam. In other words, different people are saying different things about these details. I am also homeless. I want to make friends with more rich people. I am a rare diamond in the mud..... should I return to the USA for good? .... people misunderstand questions. people assume that questions are statements and suggestions. people mistake questions for rhetoric. i live in HCM. I will continue to live in HCM. i was not saying that I want to leave Vietnam. I like Vietnam. I will continue to help others. I am blocked from replying to comments and private messages on Facebook. you can chat with me via my email.... top ten English words in Vietnam: please share with us, in your opinion, some words that are not translated into Vietnamese: 10. wifi 9. hotel 8. hot boy 7. number one 6. hamburger 5. motor-bike 4. boom boom 3. girl friend 2. same same 1. no.... words that are funny.... what are your dreams? mine includes owning a castle in the middle of Saigon where people can come to be educated and entertained: it will feature parks, rides, schools, trees, basketball, cinemas, etc... post photos here... do you want to live in my castle? are you a teacher? do you like organizing clubs? do you enjoy finding students for classes? are you a translator or teaching assistant? are you a student in HCM? are you a foreigner? are you an employer? are you a parent? are you a child? do you want to make the world brighter and better? ... do you enjoy networking? do you love bringing and connecting people together? do you live in HCM? do you want to live in HCM? do you want people to call you? do you love working with people? are you a missionary? are you a pastor? do you enjoy helping others? do you want to be my friend? you can help me help others in HCM... I love ________ in Vietnam...

2015 Goals

2014-06-05 - Thursday - 01:37 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "By 2015, my goal is to teach English only at one cafe near the center of HCM (Saigon, Vietnam). I want to say thank you so much to all of my friends, family, students, and others in my life. Without you, this would not be possible. I try my best to go to my students all over HCM. However, I prefer that the students come to me. I am transitioning to a more centralized teaching position. I want to save money. I also want save time. It can take over an hour sometimes to travel one-way to different teaching locations... Riding my bicycle all over HCM is beneficial, physically speaking. I want to continue cycling as much as I can. As I discontinue from teaching all over, I might begin to get more fat. I am willing to ride my bike less if I can substitute it with basketball. I would love to teach at a cafe that has a basketball hoop. Teaching all over HCM is interesting. I am able to meet many different people. I love my students like family. I don't want to simply abandon all of my students all over HCM. I plan to either leave when there is sufficient replacement (substitute) teachers or when my (former) students no longer want to learn from me. It is possible that my goals may never come to pass. To some extent, I may still teach a little in different districts of HCM. However, I aim to major more in one general area like Q.Tan Binh or Q.4 for example. If I am able to teach in one place for about 80% of the time, then I can consider that as a success. I'm already a busy person with all of my hobbies. On top of that, I teach. I want to say thank you so much to all of my Facebook Friends, critics, students, consultants, associates, etc. I enjoy life more than you may know. Some people assume that I am negative because of how honest I am with my problems. I want people to learn from my life. I want people to participate in my journey. I'm not letting people into my life in order to criticize them. Instead, I let people in in order to show them how much I care. I want to be relatable, reliable, and there for when people need me the most. Please be patient with me. Pray that God continues to give me wisdom in the choices that I make in my life. Pray that I can focus more on the things that I was designed to do in utilizing my talents, gifts, abilities, in my network, influence, and everything. I have many dreams. I have many hobbies. I was born in the USA in 1985. I moved to Vietnam in 2012. I live in HCM now. I like to make films, write, sing, dance, draw, create, act, direct, invent, compose, talk, teach, direct, produce, edit, cry, try, and fly. I like web design. I like writing songs, stories, ideas. I like basketball, volleyball, sports, games, etc. I like karate. I like telling stories. I like learning. i like adventures. I love comedy. i love making people laugh. I love board games. I love Risk, Apples to Apples, Mario, Sonic, War Craft, Star Craft, girls, Jesus, oatmeal, and so many other things. I play guitar, piano, and my voice-box. I love people. Children are our future. Invest in our education. History has more than one point of view. Stand up for your rights. I love life. I like trying new things. I love so many things. I am single but maybe not available. I am here for you. My life is dedicated to helping others in as many ways as possible." I posted my 1988 drums pic. I shared a Udemy link that talked about free TEFL certification and I wrote: "$55 TEFL course: NOT FREE." Then I wrote other links, other options, courses, classes, for getting teaching certificates. I asked people to vote for me for teacher of the year at TESOL.org Then I asked: "What are you doing?" I shared a link from Wiki How on how to get a teaching certificate. Then I asked: "What makes you die? .... what makes you crazy?... I need to make a new visa before Tuesday, 2014-06-10, but I do not have enough money since my passport was stolen some days ago...." Oh, did I write that I lost my passport? Typo. Meant to say wallet. In previous posts, I talked about my stolen wallet, not passport. I shared YT videos with Vietnamese subtitles, music videos like Let It Go of Frozen. Then: "do you like taking selfies? post your selfies here...

Wallet Part 2

2014-06-05 - Thursday - 07:12 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "I do not have much money. I CANNOT (really) go back to the USA. A man stole my wallet. My money was in my wallet. I am homeless. I lost my money. BUT people are still asking me if I am returning back to the USA. I do NOT understand why people ask me if I'm returning to the USA without money. It costs money to go to the USA. People either think I am rich or they might think I am a bird. I love Vietnam. I want to stay in Vietnam forever. But my visa is going to expire Tuesday, 2014-06-10. I do not know what to do. I do not have enough money to buy a new visa. I'm homeless. I am also almost without clothes as well. I said to a man that I am homeless. He looked at me and said, "Oh, you are homeless, and where do you live?" I said that I am homeless. The man seems not to understand what I said. I do not have a home. I am homeless. I do not live anywhere."

Remi Photos

2014-06-05 - Thursday - Ngoc Em Le probably first met me at Remi in April 2014. I was teaching English at Remi for like a month. Only about a month, like a few weeks around this time. He shared some of the pictures of me teaching at Remi. He posted those photos on my Facebook at 08:50 PM PST on that Thursday, three photos. On my visa, I wrote: "Last year, when I made a new Vietnam Tourist Visa, I spent around $150. Rules are changing. Inflation is rising. It might cost more now. I don't have the money for all of that right now. My deadline is 2014-06-10."

Forever Alone (FA)

2014-06-06 - Friday - Facebook - I wrote: "Are you single? she said yes but she has a boyfriend. she is single in law. this means that she is not married. she is single but in a relationship. she is single (free to divorce her boyfriend) but she is seeing someone. but she is not Forever Alone (FA). she is single and not available. many times, I have said that I was single and not available. I wonder if people thought that I was going steady with someone because I was not available. when I say I am not available, I can still be FA, but I can also be not interested in dating or too busy or something. Available = maybe single, not single, FA, and/or not FA. Not available = maybe in a relationship. Vietnam: FA Forever Alone = single, no BF/GF, not married. Vietnam: single = not married. USA: FA Forever Alone = maybe never will date. USA: single = single, no BF/GF, not married.... talk about the boy who cries wolf."

Miss You

2014-06-07 - Saturday - Facebook - I wrote: "I asked her why she was sad. She said it is because Joey Arnold (you) are going back to America. I will miss you. I want to meet you. I want to learn English with you. Many people say this to me. But, I am not going back to America. A man stole my wallet. He robbed my money. How can I return to America without money or purpose? I want to stay in Vietnam. I do not have much money. A new visa can cost over $150. I live in HCM. I teach English. I love Vietnam. I am not complaining. I am sharing. I am not negative. I am open. I am free. I share my life with the world. I need a new visa. I do not have the money. My visa expires Tuesday, 2014-06-10. I am a rose. I am gold. I am in the mud. Talk to my friend, Ngoc Em Le.... If you do not believe in what I say, please unfriend me. If you think that I lie about what I say, please block me. I do not want to be friends with people who make fun of me. I have a problem.... when the going gets tough, the tough gets _______ .... The older I get, the more I awake in the middle of the night thinking that I am sleeping next to a girl. Sometimes, I am sleeping next to a male room-mate. Many times, I will look at his legs and his face. I will actually believe that he is a girl. I will stare at him and wonder why there is a girl next to me. After that, I begin to think and think about what I should do. After a few minutes, I sometimes realize that the girl is really just a man. After that, I become very depressed that I am alone and not next to a girl at night. The older I get, the harder it becomes to sleep alone. It is not good for man to be alone. We shall not live by bread alone... students should not abuse teachers.... what are your favorite songs? ... I am blocked from sending PMs... Robber stole my wallet. I don't have money to make a new visa. I do not know what to do exactly. It takes days to make a new visa. I don't have enough money to make a new visa. It costs about $150." Celine Dion - Ne-Yo - Incredible. Linkin Park - Rebellion. Ameriie - What I Want. Eminem - Headlines. Kylie Minogue - Crystallize. Dear Kitten Video. Damon Brown - How To Choose Your News. Everything Wrong With Gravity Video. Reading Rainbow on Double Rainbows. How Spouses Are Genetically Similar Video. Alex Gendler - How Languages Evolve. I posted this video where I say that you are beautiful. Short video. Crash Course Videos. 8 Bit Philosophy - Episode 1 - What Is Real Video. I wrote: "I haven't been to the dentist in around ten years. I am very scared. I do have problems with my teeth. What should I do?" Video about Bitcoin.

How old were you when you started using the internet?

2014-06-08 - Sunday - 11:59 AM - Facebook Status - I also wrote: "I have Viettel. I also have Beeline Gmobile. Please tell me if you use Beeline or which phone services you use."

Learning English

2014-06-09 - Monday - 11:01 AM - Video - Teaching & Some Food - I wrote: "I borrowed money to buy a visa today. A travel agency said they would call me when they are done. However, last year, in 2013, they said they could make a visa for me as well but then weren't able to do so."


2014-06-10 - Tuesday - 08:43 PM - Facebook Status - I wrote: "When I told Siu Nhưn Lùn to get Remi cafe to get a foreigners-hosting license, she retorted that I am crazy. She insults me. She tells me that I do not understand the rules of Vietnam. She wants to practice English. She wants foreigners to go to her cafe. She is the manager. She failed to tell me that I smelled bad. Sometimes, I have bad body odor. It seems that she told my friend who later told me. I am very sad. People should be more direct and tell me exactly what they want from me. She is making fun of me. Many people think that I am retarded. That is why I almost die in Vietnam. People seem to hate me. Again, if you do not like me, then do not talk to me, unfriend me, and block me. Think about it. I am not as dumb as I look. Contact Remi for me please. Talk to them about it." I wrote: "The Boston Bombing was staged."


2014-06-10 - Tuesday - 09:00 PM - Facebook Status - I wrote: "Siu Nhưn Lùn and Dai Trinh think that I am mentally challenged, as in retarded, after I told her that owners must have licenses to host foreigners. August 2013, an owner was fined 400.000 VND because that owner did not have a license to host foreigners. I am a foreigner. I was paying about 3.000.000 VND per month to stay in a room at that house in Q.Binh Thanh HCM. I was NOT fined. The owner was fined the money. I was NOT in trouble. The owner/landlord was in trouble. I did not do anything wrong. The owner was wrong. This happens many times. Siu Nhưn Lùn - tramy0907@gmail.com - số PP4 Ba Vì, Cư Xá Bắc Hải, P.15, Q.10, TP.Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam 70000 - fb dot com /buithitramy0907 - 090-553-3203."

Tongue Twisters

2014-06-11 - Wednesday - 10:00 PM - Facebook Photo Album - I wrote: "Do you believe in love at first sight (on site)?"

Remi Threat

2014-06-12 - Thursday - 01:41 AM - Blogspot - I emailed FYG: "The Remi Cafe is threatening me..." A manager of Remi, who invited me to live and teach English at Remi, emailed me an hour earlier at 09:38 AM ICT: "Stop your action in your facebook about me, stop use my phone number or i will tell the police when you come the remi and take your clothing....CRAZY...I DISAPPOINTED ABOUT YOU.... If you dont stop your action.i will do.not threaten. You are a bad guy.vô ơn.ăn chao đa bat.bênh hoan."

Remi English

2014-06-12 - Thursday - 02:10 AM - Blogspot - Learn English with Joey Arnold - Me Teaching at Remi Picture - Learn English with me at Remi cafe - số PP4 Ba Vì, Cư Xá Bắc Hải, P.15, Q.10 HCM - remicafe.vn@gmail.com: (84) 090-553-3203 - http://RemiCafeHcm.blogspot.com/ - fb.com/remicafe.vn - Contact Siu Nhưn Lùn: tramy0907@gmail.com - fb.com/buithitramy0907 hoặc 0942 135 155 - Joey Arnold: Joey Arnold USA. Chuyên Nguyễn Hồng wrote: "Ok. But not near me."

Burning Clothes

2014-06-12 - Thursday - 04:08 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "Remi Cafe Siu Nhưn Lùn says they will throw away my clothes, English Books, and call the police on me. Leaf Pagoda said the same thing." Joe Black Bloggs wrote: "My friend Joey You are funny man... On your blog you say you are born 1985.. Then you say you are English teacher since 2012.. Then you say You are a Film-Maker since 1995...? So you started making film when you 10-11 year old??? :-..... oh yes Marilyn Mitchell..? and did Joey graduate university when he was 7 years old?? maybe he started driving car when he was 4 years old?? and Maybe he was married and made 3 children with his wife when he was 2 years old?? And tomorrow I will take ship and go to the moon :-P When somebody lies my friends.. We are all smart people.. We can see this when someone lies to us :)." Matthew Kurtz wrote: "Then you're clearly not welcome there. Get out. Also, stop posting about this, and don't put up people's information like that. You don't have the right. It makes you worse than whomever it is you're mad at. It's bad form, Joey. Also, are you even legal anymore? Didn't your Visa expire? You're not even welcome in that country anymore. You probably shouldn't be making this so public.... Joey can not respond to your comments. He has abused his usage of Facebook to the point of being blocked from certain privileges - comments being one of them. He can not answer you... "Producing screen plays" in this context implies employment managing the financial aspects of publishing stories, movies, and/or television shows - which is impossible at 11 years old. Joey's a great guy, but he has trouble communicating his thoughts. He likes to make home movies and write short-stories and act them out. This is what Joey does, and it's usually pretty funny." Facebook censors many people. I'm not the bad guy, Facebook is. Maybe Matt didn't get that at that time. Sinopa Pavati wrote: "Why shouldn't Joey post something like this? If anything were to happen to him, at least America and the UN would have a good place to start looking. Any business that threatens to toss peoples personal belongings doesn't sound like a reputable place ........Other Tourist need to know these things, so they can avoid certain venues!"


2014-06-12 - Thursday - 03:15 AM - Facebook - Can you have your cake and eat it too? - Honest Trailer Videos - Lion King. I wrote: "It just so happened to happen, accidentally, incidentally, coincidentally, by fate, destiny, of the stars, by luck, the force... pile file style Nile wild aisle I'll vile mile."


2014-06-13 - Friday - 07:18 PM - Q.7 - Facebook Profile Photo


2014-06-14 - Saturday - 11:14 PM - Singing in the Bathroom in Q.7 Video


2014-06-15 - Sunday - 08:50 AM - Facebook Status - Free Debate Essay - Let It Go Frozen Joey Parody Video


2014-06-16 - Monday - 10:52 AM - I wrote about my love life.


2014-06-16 - Monday - 11:43 PM - Facebook Profile Picture - I wrote: "I am homeless. I am staying up all night at a 24-hours convenient store in Q.1, near the 23/9 park, McDonalds, and Pham Ngu Laos. I can't stay in a hotel because I do not have a passport with me. I have a class at 8 AM Tuesday morning in Q.Go Vap. I will try to manage. I have been homeless for the past week. I am not sure how long I will stay without a house."

Can you hug me?

2014-06-17 - Tuesday - 12:33 AM - Facebook Status

Tongue Twisters

2014-06-18 - Wednesday - 12:57 PM - Facebook Photo Album - I wrote: "Teach children English via blocks, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, and even LEGO by challenging them to build, interact, and play. You can ask them to make a house. As they build, they can practice saying the word "House." You can try to have simple conversations about the house. I am making a house. I am building a house. I like houses. I want a big house. How do you learn English? How do you teach English to children and adults? Leave your ideas and comments below. Feel free to talk about these things on my Facebook."

Dai Trinh on Drugs

2014-06-19 - Thursday - 09:34 AM - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "Please get help from the US government to cure your autism. Please do not bother the people here and even Leaf Buddhist Pagoda."

play the questioning-conversation game here

2014-06-20 - Friday - 02:11 AM - Facebook Status

District 4 Cafe English

2014-06-21 - Saturday - 07:16 AM - Facebook Pictures

What do you think I do for a living?

2014-06-21 - Saturday - 07:04 PM - Facebook Status

Life Update

2014-06-22 - Sunday - 11:18 PM - Facebook Update - I wrote: "How are you? I am good. I borrowed money to extend my visa for Vietnam. I'm no longer homeless. I found a room. I teach in Q.4, TP.HCM. I am doing better. I will continue to teach in Saigon, Vietnam. My name is Joey Arnold. I was born 1985 in America. I started teaching English in Vietnam in 2012. I feel lucky. Life is full of surprises and opportunities. Daily, I am able to meet with interesting people. I've taught at schools and centers in the past. However, they sometimes change my schedules, my classes. I feel that it is better to have more control over my life, my time-tables. I decided to become my own boss. Last year, I became more of a freelance teacher and tutor. I also teach with a church. My hobbies includes film-making, writing, art, music, guitar, piano, basketball, video games, teaching, learning, travel, biking, sports, competition, comedy, making people laugh, listening, adventures, Jesus, people, life, and oatmeal. This is a quick update on my life. Sometimes, I run into difficulties. Sometimes, I fall down, but I continue to get back up again. For example, I lost my wallet earlier in June 2014. Sometimes, people betray me. Many things happen to us all. I like sharing my life with others. People learn from me. People learn from my experiences. But I am not complaining. I am not being negative. Instead, I am being transparent, honest, truthful, helpful, educational, inspiring, encouraging, and entertaining." Top Ten Revolutionary Video Games Video.

Tongue Twiter Words

2014-06-23 - Monday - 08:42 AM - Tongue Twister Words - Pictures

Facebook Avatar

2014-06-23 - Monday - 07:28 PM - Facebook Profile Photo - jaEnglish.webs.com

Mr. Ribs BBQ

2014-06-24 - Tuesday - 02:27 AM - Blogspot - Q.4, TP.HCM - I live and teach English in District 4 of Saigon, Vietnam.

Tiffany Cumbo Dream

2014-06-24 - Tuesday - 04:13 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "I saw her in the car. I was trying to talk to her. Wait, I think we were in a van, not a car. Our friends were talking to her. She was preoccupied with distraction. I told her I had a question for her. I said that I understand that she might not know the answer, but I still want to know. I asked her the following question: "How did you die?" After that, she or Amber said that it was a gunshot to the cheek below the eye. That kind of threw me into a shock because nobody has said anything like this to me before."

Words with the Letter A

2014-06-27 - Friday - 11:44 PM - Facebook Status

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2014-06-29 - Sunday - 11:17 PM - Facebook Status

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2014-06-30 - Monday - 11:02 PM - Facebook Status

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Homeless Man Gets A Home

June of 2014

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2014-06-02 - Monday - Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (Official Video)

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2014-06-02 - Monday - Marilyn Monroe (Official Music Video)

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