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Taught English at Mr. Ribs BBQ in Q.4, HCM. Had debates with Dai Trinh. Taught a Mornings Thu Duc Kids Class.

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2014-07-11 - Friday - Mr. Ribs BBQ Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Picture - 10358941_1431168717164881_3110099939815030244_o.jpg
2014-07-11 - Friday - Mr. Ribs BBQ Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Picture

Some highlights from July of 2014, as follows:

Video Idea - 300 Power Ranger

2014-07-01 - Tuesday - 12:37 AM - I emailed myself: "Make a new video. You can talk about how you remember back in the day when you said that people will see the most and greatest fighting in the world. After that, show a mini-video box to the side of your face that shows that clip from 1996-02-03 Saturday prior to making the Ranger Kids film. After that, show an echo of the same film again but in full screen mode. After make a reference to the 300 film. Make some kind of transition to talk about how people will see the most and greatest fighting in the world because this is Spartan. Cut to a small box to the man saying this is Spartan, then a full-screen echo of the same clip and then say that people will see the most and greatest fighting in the world because this is Spartan, and then start dancing and fighting like Jack Sparrow all drunk and deformed. This idea came today, Tuesday morning as you went from Q.Thu Duc to Q.Go Vap TP.HCM. Today, it is 2:36 PM right now, Tuesday, 2014-07-01 at Mrs. Linh's house. There was a birthday party today for Ms. Thao."


2014-07-02 - Wednesday - 07:46 AM - Facebook Group Post - I wrote: "I'm an American English Teacher in HCM. Add me: FYG.EngClub@Gmail.com: http://fb.com/fygroup: Mr.Ribs BBQ: 84+090-312-4615: JoeyArnoldVN@gmail.com: http://fb.com/JoeyArnoldVN: 84+0163-364-2066."


2014-07-03 - Thursday - 01:42 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "1. are you fighting? 2. what are you fighting? A. yes B. no." Meanwhile, Mom emailed me a photo her in her corn garden.


2014-07-04 - Friday - 05:59 AM - Facebook Post - how are you, baby?

Fund Me

2014-07-05 - Saturday - 12:09 AM - I emailed my mom: "You can contact my Vietnamese manager if you ever need to. For example, if you want to send money to me, you can send it to my manager." Mom: "Tell me more. that sounds good. {Sent from Windows Mail}." I gave mom their contact information to FYG, AKA my main managers. I called them my managers. They helped me. I worked for them, teaching English at their clubs, their groups.

Dai Trinh

2014-07-06 - Sunday - 03:14 AM - Blogspot - I wrote: " Contact Dai Trinh. Q.Tân Bình: Dai Trinh: (84) ​098-865-0437: http://DaiTrinhVN.BlogSpot.com: dyetrinh@gmail.com: Dai Trinh's back-address: 958/13/22 (x) Lạc Long Quân, P.8, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM, Việt Nam: x = last house on the right on this dead-end street: Dai Trinh's front-address: 958/35/y​: Lạc Long Quân, P.8, ​​Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM, Việt Nam​. y = last house on the left on that dead-end street: Dai Trinh's Facebooks: Dai Trinh - Facebook 01 - Dai Trinh 75 - Facebook 02." - Dai Trinh and Remi Hates Joey.


2014-07-06 - Sunday - 03:16 AM - I emailed Pham: "I'm at Lotteria on CMT8, Q.Tan Binh, TP.HCM right now."

Thu Duc Morning Kids English

2014-07-07 - Monday - 10:09 PM - I emailed Ban Vo Van: "Do you want me to teach the children at your house every morning? Currently, I teach them at your home for three days each week. That is good. I teach them 7 - 8 AM on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I teach them for those 3 days for each week. This is my second week now. However, I could teach more. I can teach 4, 5, 6, or even 7 days a week for your children. I am available every morning currently. Please tell me what you think."

Half Mad, Half Asleep

2014-07-08 - Tuesday - 04:48 AM - Dai Trinh emailed me: "Dear Mr Philanthropist Joseph S. Arnold, Actually I had precautions against your autism right at the first days I met you at the Buddhist pagoda. I wanted to be adventurous in relieving your sickness. I tried to test my abilities if I could save your life. So, I had to carried you on my motorbike for the initial two days. Little by little I discovered your illness. People think you are half awake and half mad. When you are awake, people cannot see your madness. But when you are mad, people are annoyed. Now I would like to help you as to reveal the mysterious meanings hidden in your Vietnamese name. Just tell me the truths about its history of naming in advance. You'll be healthy from autism after my kind explanations. Very respectfully yours, dyetrinh."

Telling Stories

2014-07-09 - Wednesday - 04:52 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "We can tell stories here. Write words here. Others can continue where you left off in the stories here."

Madman Sperm

2014-07-09 - Wednesday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "The madman was not well-educated in his childhood by his mom. Why did he leave SPERMS on the floor of my house? What's wrong with him? A large quantity of sperms means VERY STRONG LIBIDO. I should send his information of AUTISM to the AMERICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL." I replied: "You are mistaken. I was not in your bathroom in a long time. I took showers in your house until I was living next door to you. After that, I was taking showers NOT in your house."


2014-07-10 - Thursday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "You were sued by someone at the General Consulate of the USA in HCMC. Then, I was recommended to save your autism. I was challenged to win 1,000,000 USD if I have any helpful solutions to your sickness. In fact, I have rescued some kids of autism. In case you are obedient to recover from autism, you will get 500,000 USD from my challenging reward.... I have no patience to wait for your mental solutions as I will immigrate to Canada soon. Decide to cure your autism now or you'll lose half the challenging reward. In case there are more complaints against your autism at the US Consulate, you'll be retrieved back home by even your own government or you'll be expelled out of this country by the Vietnamese government. The mental patients are not allowed to cause troubles to other people.... I did poured much money for your rentals, food, clothes, gasoline, headphone, ... but you still couldn't prove yourself as a good teacher. Your autism always remains in your brain. You were not obedient to conquer it. I washed your diluted clothes with your sperm smelling." I responded: "I am not aware of this. It is very hard to believe in what you write. You said that you could advertize me on TV. You never did that. You said you could get me tailored. You never did that." Dai Trinh emailed me: "I did pour much money for your rentals, food, clothes, gasoline, headphone, ... but you still couldn't prove yourself as a good teacher. Your autism always remains in your brain. You were not obedient to conquer it.... Everyone is grossly mistaken about you.

  1. Kathy was mistaken about you.
  2. Leaf Pagoda was, too.
  3. Dai Trinh was, too.
  4. Remy Coffee was, too.
  5. Other people were, too.

Initially everybody had good ideas to help you. After a short time, all the people thought they were grossly mistaken about you. You have selfish autism. So, you cannot see your own absurdities. You had absurd opinions against the good-heart people here."

Mr. Ribs BBQ

2014-07-11 - Friday - Mr. Ribs BBQ Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Picture

Dai Trinh

2014-07-11 - Friday - Dai Trinh Email - I published this email on 2014-07-17 - Thursday - 04:32 PM on Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "Joseph Scott Arnold: How much money is the donation that all the victims of yours should send to your bank account, please? ..... JOSEPH SCOTT ARNOLD: YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL BE LOCKED ETERNALLY FOR YOUR VIOLATIONS. YOU SHALL BE SENT BACK HOME TO AMERICA."

Container Coffee

2014-07-11 - Friday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "Joseph Scott Arnold: When I tried to recommend you to CONTAINER COFFEE, the boss discovered your neurosis at first sight. I tried to defend you by telling him you were a normal man. He didn't believe what I said. I was wrong to him as I lied him.... Actually, I was sent as a detective to investigate your troublesome affairs to this nation. I have a full account of your autism info to report to the relevant offices such as the National Autism Association, the American Journal of Medicine, the US Embassy, and so on. You'll be remorseful for what you've done to the innocent people in Vietnam. Your signs of autism are very typical. You cannot harm a tiny hair on my body. My personal info are fake for the service of investigation. I have tested you in different ways. I make sure you're just an unreliable, ungrateful, and treacherous madman to the good-hearted people here."

Dai Trinh

2014-07-12 - Saturday - I emailed my mom: "Dai Trinh met me in February 2014, back when I was homeless for a few months. When I was homeless, I would sleep at different places. It was harder to wash my clothes because I was not always sure where I was going to sleep each night. I was teaching English to some people at a pagoda when I met him. He said to me that he wanted to learn English from me when he first met me and that he would pay me $100 USD/hour, which did not happen. After I met him, he would keep saying things to me. Dai Trinh said to me that he wanted to wash my clothes, give me food, be my assistant, find me students, find me a room for rent, and he did some of those things sometimes. He paid for a room for rent for me for the month of May 2014. He told me that he wanted to help me and that he would always try his best to give me the best as if I was his own son. He said he would help me to the best of his abilities. He made many promises to me and said many different things to me. Some of the things he said he did and some of those things were true. I did not notice that he seems to be a bad listener. He might have selective hearing or something." I have been debating with people the details concerning Kathy, the Leaf Pagoda, Dai Trinh, Remi Cafe, and other things.


2014-07-12 - Saturday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "JSA: You have been trapped in a medical investigation. You can't undo it now. I have dominated your mental health so fast. People couldn't explain your abnormality but I could diagnose you exactly as SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER... Joseph Scott Arnold: I'm gonna immigrate to Canada soon. I need a big sum of money for the investment there. Thanks to your progressing recovery from autism, I'm going to win 1,000,000 USD as a challenging prize. If you have any good co-operations with me, you'll get half the prize.... JSA: I'll keep all my exchanges of emails intact and I'll transfer them to the US Embassy in Vietnam for a good investigation concerning your AUTISM. Obviously, I'll give all my email addresses and passwords to the embassy. I can set up some new ones without any difficulties.... Joseph Scott Arnold: Many miserable victims of yours have complained of your AUTISM with ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. You're a very, very, and very SELFISH patient. You should consult psychiatrists or stay in psychopathic hospitals.You should be retrieved back home to Oregon, USA by your own government. Alternately, you should be expelled out of this country by the Vietnamese government. You have been diagnosed as a madman. You left a dump of extremely-diluted clothes at my house and went away. The sky seemed to collapse in front of my eyes. I had to stop breathing for long moments to do your laundry all night long. The discarded clothes might have been collected by you at some certain rubbish heaps. I had to respect your personal properties but they were just the rubbish. If I ever ask a certain Catholic priest about that torture, he may say I am a saint to help such a mental patient. Personally, I always wonder myself if I am a madman to aid you by that way. Hopefully you shall recover from madness thanks to my helpful emails. A miserable victim, dyetrinh." Me: "You wanted to wash my clothes."


2014-07-13 - Sunday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "JSA: D'ya love a donation from everybody here?

Guns & Roses

2014-07-13 - Sunday - YouTube: Logan Arnold uploaded this video of Joey Arnold sings Its So Easy by Guns & Roses - But this is not me. So, it is a different Joey Arnold. It was uploaded to YouTube at 2015-06-05 - June fifth of 2015.

Jesus Joey

2014-07-14 - Monday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "I LOVE YOUR VOICE AND IMAGES SO MUCH THAT I HAVE RECORDED THEM AS SOUVENIRS. I AM THE SOLE PERSON WHO CAN UNCOVER THE MYSTERIES ABOUT YOU.... JOSEPH SCOTT ARNOLD: THIS IS THE WAY YOU CAN BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR MIND. WHEN YOU RECOVER FROM AUTISM, I'M GONNA GET A VERY BIG REWARD. WE CAN SHARE HALF AND HALF IF YOU HAVE GOOD CO-OPERATIONS.... JOEY ARNOLD: If you want genuine peace, let's make reconciliations. If you don't, you'll be remorseful for what you have committed errors. You cannot win me. I can defeat you with the concrete proofs. I can observe "SNOT" under a microscope. REAL SPERMS obviously appear clearly instead of FAKE SNOT. Just a very tiny dot of "SNOT" can prove as some hundred LIVE SPERMS.... JESUS CHRIST & PASTOR JOSEPH SCOTT ARNOLD... Typo: the Lord of lords: correct: the Lord of the lords: incorrect.... Joseph Scott Arnold: You are the King of kings and the Lord of the lords! .... JsA: Jesus Arnold: Jesus Arnold, You must be the King of kings and the Lord of lords!" I replied: "When are you going to Canada?"

The Dai Deception

2014-07-15 - Tuesday - Dai Trinh Email - Blogspot - 2014-07-17 - Thursday - 03:25 PM - Dai Trinh emailed me: "I'm committed to tolerating your madness if you stop disturbing other people but me. I'm the sole exception to let you disturb me..... You can disturb me in any means as you like. You cannot harm a tiny hair on my body... I don't want to block your emails as I love your abnormalities.... JsA: I have a special therapy for you that is different from Sigmund Freud." Dai falsely accused me of masturbation on top of being retarded. In 2014, I met him. I taught him English. He helped me find additional students. He began attacking me like people attack Alex Jones. While in Vietnam, many times, I would be falsely accused of things I didn't do. I'm sharing this to show people the record of what happened for the record. This is a rough-draft outline of some of what happened in Vietnam. It's a long story.

Kathy Stole My Bike

2014-07-16 - Wednesday - Blogspot - I emailed Kathy and others the following: "Kathy, you volunteered to help me. I did not volunteer to help you. Remember that you stole my bike. That is bad. You owe me me the bike or compensation for that bike. I did not steal from you. I did not take from you. I did not ask for things from you. It was your choice to help me. It was your decision. However, I told you many times that it was not my decision to give you my bike. I did not agree to that."


2014-07-16 - Wednesday - Blogspot - Dai Trinh emailed me: "Because of INBORN AUTISM, you couldn't go to school when you were a child. You were homeschooled by your mom only. How much money d'ya want me to offer you now, please? ..... As a mental patient, you always have the wrong ideas against even the people who have helped you..... Mood Disorder.... I give you the last opportunity or I'll block your emails. Next, I keep the emails intact and forward to the police. I don't care you anymore. Your mental-disorder English just makes me sick... Dear Joseph Scott Arnold: God bless you, and God bless your nice trip back home to America soon. God, bless Joseph Scott Arnold, and bless his nice trip back home to the USA soon..... I'm not involved in your teaching affairs. Please remove my name from the circle of your managers and assistants on Facebook.... I always try to help you as much as possible even when you're having autism. People deny to learn English from a mental personality disorder man..." I replied: "It is hard to trust you when you lie. You tell me things and you later turn your back from the things that you say. You told me I can teach your daughter, your wife, and even you, but you follow that with insults towards my intellect which is a clear contradiction to my rights and for your own sanity." Dai Trinh responded: "Actually, she couldn't learn your mental-disorder English. When you recover from autism, many people will apply for your English class." Idioms: Bored To Death.

Oatmeal English

2014-07-17 - Thursday - 02:30 PM - Blogspot - I emailed FYG: "Words that sound similar: homonym / homophone / homograph: Some words sound like other words. I will continue to make lists of these words. For example: war, were, word, world, would... Setting the Mood with Assonance... Another literary device used by writers and poets is consonance. It is the repetition of the final consonant sounds, usually in the more important words or in the accented syllables. Here are some examples of consonance: “I dropped the locket in the thick mud.” and "as in guys she gently sways at ease" from The Silken Tent by Robert Frost. Alliteration also deals with consonants, but repeats the first one in the words. This is the easiest device to spot, and can be fun to say, as in tongue twisters.... Other Literary Devices: Similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia are other tools to make writing interesting, descriptive, and colorful..."

English Lesson

2014-07-18 - Friday - 11:41 PM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "How are you? Do you want to learn English? Yeah? Then you came to the right spot. Welcome to the first lesson here. Lesson 001: How are you? In our first lesson, we will talk about how to talk to people: simple conversational questions. Now, before we begin, let me wish you good luck. Do you understand what I am writing and saying? You can use Google Translate to help you understand what I am writing here. You can ask me questions. You can use Google, websites, and programs that can help you translate words. You can find dictionaries online and at bookstore, libraries, etc. You can copy and paste what I write into Google Translate or into other places. You can tell your friends about me. You can share this. Ask me and others questions.


  1. _____________________ are you?
    a. what
    b. how
    c. where
    d. who
    e. why
    f. when
    g. whom
    h. through
    i. what for
    j. how so
    k. why not
    l. huh


  1. What are you _______________ ?
    a. being
    b. thinking
    c. saying
    d. feeling
    e. doing
    f. hearing


  1. How are you _______________ ?
    a. being
    b. going
    c. doing
    d. taking
    e. breaking


  1. What is going __________ ?
    a. off
    b. in
    c. out
    d. over
    e. under
    f. back
    g. forward
    h. sideways
    i. now
    j. to happen
    k. go
    l. song
    m. mom
    n. fun
    o. one
    p. on
    q. pawn
    r. wrong

This lesson will continue in the comments below. More resources are available at my JA English For Beginners page. For more information about me, please contact my manager, Tien Nguyen who is Vietnamese. We teach with Fellowship Youth Group: fyg.engclub@gmail.com: (84) 090-312-4615. I am a Christian American English Teacher, missionary, pastor, writer, film-maker, musician, and so much more. Please like Mr.Ribs BBQ. I am American. I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA in 1985, February 11. I wear glasses. My skin is white. I love basketball. I eat oatmeal."


2014-07-19 - Saturday - 05:18 AM - Dai Trinh emailed me: "When you are sick, you are entitled to receive the money from the American Consulate." 08:29 AM - Me: "It seems you became sick of me."


2014-07-20 - Sunday - Facebook Profile Picture - I wrote: "I have many hobbies. I make videos, websites, write, draw, sing, dance, piano, guitar, basketball, volleyball, sports, games, bike, helping people, learning, travel, comedy, adventure, education, drama, science, mystery, fantasy, action, animals, life, oatmeal, and Christ."

Kathy Stole My Bike

2014-07-20 - Sunday - 05:01 AM - I emailed people: "Kathy told my mother that she bought the bike from me. However, I did not get the expected compensation-retribution return transaction. Kathy told people that we were an item. However, we were not dating. Kathy chose to help me. Later, Kathy said to me that I was suppose to know that nothing is free. Kathy originally said that she was aiding me for free. Later on, Kathy began telling me that I shouldn't really assume that. Kathy said nothing is free. However, air is free. God's love is free for us. Things in life can be free. Communication is important. Kathy failed to tell me that she was never really interested in helping me for free. I really thought that she just wanted to help me for free from the goodness of her heart. It seem as if she was sincere. I wanted to trust and believe in what she was saying and doing. I believe and trust in people. I do not want to assume that people lie about things. This is a big story. I publish my life on the internet on blogs and in videos." She replied to that email. I responded to that. We continued going back and forth many times.

Why So Single

2014-07-21 - Monday - 09:21 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "A girl just asked me, "Why are you still single?" I was born 1985 in America. I said to her, "Because I'm so busy.""

Comb Hair Lesson

2014-07-22 - Tuesday - 07:41 AM - I emailed myself what I taught: "Comb your hair with a comb... Do you have hair? I don’t have hair: I am bald. Bald means no hair. Bald = no hair. = Equal sign. Meaning: definition. I like to run. Show me running. Can you show me how to run? Thank you. You are welcome. You’re welcome. I am the teacher. You are the students. You study. I teach. Learn simple sentences. Learn easy sentences. Learn small sentences......." Word Document File.

Philippines English

2014-07-22 - Tuesday - 11:46 PM - I emailed FYG: "I am busy tonight, 6 - 8 PM in Q.Binh Thanh in Joyce's English class at her house. Joyce Candiente, Roldan, and their two sons, are from the Philippines. I told you about them. I was at their house last Wednesday as well. They go to my cafe church near Pico Plaza in Q.Tan Binh. They have been in Vietnam for about 2 years now. They teach English. They are Christians. They like sharing the gospel with others. On Facebook, it says they attended at least one (one or more) Presbyterian church (if not more). You should meet them someday. They are probably about 40 years old or so. Their two boys are about 6 and 8 years old or so."


2014-07-23 - Wednesday - 12:44 AM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "Do not muddy the water. Better safe than sorry. Better late than never. Be the top dog. Root for the under dog. Some people like it when under dogs become top dogs. I want to take a lick at it. Run along (leave: go away). Sound off in the comments (write: leave me comments below). I am alive and well (how are you? I am fine). It might cost you an arm and a leg. Give me a chance. Easy does it (be careful)." Mom: "underdog is one word. good English sayings." Better late than never" sometimes does not happen. I think "root" could maybe be spelled differently, not sure."

How Are You?

2014-07-24 - Thursday - 02:37 AM - Facebook Post - 44 Likes - 23 Comments.

Oatmeal English

2014-07-25 - Friday - Facebook Page Post - I shared this Facebook Post of mine: "Học Tiếng Anh: liên hệ Tien Nguyen: 0903-124-615. Fellowship Youth Group: fyg.engclub@gmail.com: ở đâu? TP.HCM, Việt Nam: Joey Arnold: joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com: Christian American English Teacher: JA English: 01633-642-066: My manager, Tien Nguyen, is Vietnamese. Contact her for more information. Please like Mr.Ribs BBQ."

Where can you find me?

2014-07-26 - Saturday - Facebook Post - 52 Likes - 60 Comments.


2014-07-28 - Monday - 09:04 PM - Facebook Profile Picture - 199 Likes - 30 Comments.


2014-07-28 - Monday - 09:30 PM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "I'm a teacher. Do you want to be my student?..."


2014-07-29 - Tuesday - 11:37 PM - Facebook Post - I wrote: " Vietnamese Hotel manager in Q.1, HCM told my female Vietnamese student to lie during an interview yesterday. She was asked a question. If a customer books a room but later finds no vacancy there, what would you as a receptionist? She was told to say that a previous customer became ill and is unable to leave and that a doctor is coming to that room in the hotel. However, that could be a lie. It is better to be honest. As a customer, I might never return if I discover dishonesty. I can't trust people who lie in order to gain profit despite of me. I would more likely return if you tell me that you, as a receptionist, made a mistake, or that a certain person made some kind of mistake. I want to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Lying is not a way of being nice."

Be Active

2014-07-30 - Wednesday - 0428 PM - Facebook Post - I wrote: "Do you want to study English with me? Email me. Do not just write to me on Facebook. Share this. Add Me."


2014-07-30 - Wednesday - 04:43 PM - Facebook Post - 19 Likes - 4 Comments.

What do you do?

2014-07-31 - Thursday - 09:54 AM - Facebook Post - 30 Likes - 18 Comments.

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