2014, February

Visited Long Khánh. Met Dai Trinh. Facebook censored me. Leaf Pagoda War. Katie Pizza Hutt led to a District 12 class. The biggest thing that happened was the continuation of the Leaf Pagoda War.

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2014-02-01 - 1658301_574146526013642_1149875604_o.jpg
2014-02-01 - Saturday - Long Khanh

Long Khánh

2014-01-30 - Thursday - 2014-02-02 - Sunday - Visited the hometown of Toby Bui Thanh Trung for four days in Long Khánh, Dong Nai, Vietnam. Rode the bus part way and he picked me up on his motorbike and took me to his parent's house for the Tet holiday. Met his family. They had wifi and I used my laptop a lot while there. I partook in the festivities of their holiday. We ate meals. We visited relatives in the area. Was told that there used to be giant snakes, like andacondas, in the jungles of that area in Vietnam during their civil war, in what some call the American Vietnam War. Jungles, forests, woods, trees, were cut down during the wars. I am fascinated by animals, creatures, especially mysterious ones. In 2014, I was playing basketball in Q.Thu Duc with some Vietnamese. I don't remember exactly when. I started finding Vietnamese Basketball groups on Facebook and was at least a member of some those groups in February of 2014.

Happy Tet

2014-02-01 - Saturday - 05:13 AM: Hanoi Anna wished me a happy Tet: "Hope you have a good TET there."

Not Friends

2014-02-03 - Monday - I asked Hanoi Anna why she was not my Facebook friend via email.


2014-02-05 - Wednesday - 07:45 AM ICT: Bui Ty: "What if Obama got elected unconstitutionally?" 08:50 PM: Angie Les oh HOLA: "What the hell? cannot understand how life is going on with you? sometimes i heard the police took your bike? sometimes kathy, sometimes you need a back account, so complicated"


2014-02-06 - Thursday - Pictures of me at an umbrella themed restaurant maybe in Q.Thu Duc, Saigon. Nam Phương Võ Ng (Pư Bình Tĩnh) and Mo Thi Ngoc Phan. Hello Cherry Nguyen. I knew lawyer student Tân Huy.

Motorbike Park

2014-02-07 - Friday - 04:09 PM ICT: Tân Huy - Facebook Message: "I'm standing at the motorbike park." He would practice English while inviting me out for food and coffee, off and on during my time in Vietnam. This may have been one of those times we met for that.

Kathy Stole My Bike

2014-02-07 - Friday - 02:37 PM: Email Conversation - over 100 replies - I emailed Kathy this video about Kathy Stole My Bike. 04:54 PM: She replied: "You insult me! Joey! I'm very unlike it!" We went back and forth. I was trying to educate her. I was also experimenting on whether or not it would be possible to get her to admit to some things. This whole thing started back in February of 2013.

Hanoi Anna

2014-02-09 - Sunday - 11:18 PM: Anna emailed me: "I decided to take 600.000 from this to give back to the friends and my family who paid for your travel expenses last time... you should pay them back... I sent 3.400 000 to you friend..." Me: "You owe me 4.000.000. I will continue to ask for it back. promises should not be broken." Anna: "You owe us many things." Me: "I am very serious." Anna: "you dont deserve." Me: "Don't alter promises..." ..... Anna: "We will give you 600.000 later.... we will treat you like a child.... we will give you things for free.... I and my friends are generous.... not like you.... I will give you 600000.... Tan will give you totally 4000000.... Tan will give you 4 million.... dont worry.... you should leave our country.... would you like to go back to the USA?...." Email conversation continued onto the next day.

World Travel

2014-02-10 - Monday - 12:00 AM: Hanoi Anna Email Chat Continues: Me: "I have wanted to be in other countries since I was 8 years old..." Anna: "please contact Tan... he will give you 4 million... my friends want to ask you for returning money to them..." Me: "he said that he did not get all of the money..." Anna: "now please call him again... my friends and I will give you totally 4 million...." Me: "I thought that you wanted to do things for me for free.... Back when you helped me last year..... It seems that you consider your help as more like loans..... free doesn't mean borrow, loan, rent... It seems that you think that there is no such thing as free things." Met her online in December, 2012, and in person in January of 2013. Anna helped me a lot around that time and in February, 2013. Later on in 2013, she borrowed 4.000.000 VND from me. It was unrelated. She promised to pay it all back but then said she wouldn't. My issue was not the money but the promise, the wording. Same thing with Kathy. It must be the lawyer inside of me. I was really concerned with integrity, character, promises, and things like that. 03:17 AM: Anna: "we decided to give u 4 millions... please ask Tan... he will give you the momeny... money."

Kathy Bike Bank

2014-02-10 - Monday - 07:29 AM: Email Conversation - 16 messages - I emailed Kathy my bank information. She went on to say she would send me money. She never did. But she would say she would, over and over again.

ASOV Blocked Me

2014-02-10 - Monday - ASOV banned me from their Facebook group for defending myself - YouTube Video - 149 views - 05:58 minutes.

Hanoi Anna Lies About Oatmeal

2014-02-11 - Tuesday - 11:37 PM - I emailed Anna: "Anna Dieu Le tells lies about Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal." She didn't reply to that email.

Hanoi Anna Loan Returned

2013-07-XX - I emailed myself: "I lended $200 USD apx or exactly 4.000.000 VND to Hanoi Anna."
2014-02-12 - Wednesday - 01:00 PM ICT: I emailed myself: "I get the $200 (4.000.000 VND) back from Anna via a friend who lives in District 9 who also let me borrow his bike."

Uncle Ho Exercising

2014-02-12 - Wednesday - 01:39PM - Interesting.


2014-02-13 - Thursday - 03:09 AM - Noah Couture - "also he just liked my comment as Green Oatmeal." Kao Soleak - "I actually feel sorry for him, he must be very lonely and needs help, don't know where his family is, he should be with them then." Reggie J Doan: "don't know where he comes from but I often see him riding a bicyle on Bui Vien." Craig Anderson: "thats a lot of email accounrs."

Misunderstood Post

2014-02-14 -Friday - 07:42 PM - I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE. I DIDN'T MAKE THESE PHOTOS. I DIDN'T MAKE THESE ADS. I NEVER SAID THAT I WAS A PERVERT OR SEX OFFENDER. GORDON JONES STARTED SPAMMING ON MY Facebook IN 2013-10 SAYING THAT I WAS A SEX OFFENDER. JONES MENTIONED THESE ADS, THOSE PHOTOS, AT http://CRAIGSLIST.ORG. People have been making fun of me since 1988 or so back when I was about 3 years old. I was born 1985-02-11 Monday 06h00 AM PST apx in Forest Grove, Oregon USA. I was homeschool. I'm an film-maker, artist, writer, consultant, Web-Designer, English Teacher, Life Coach, athlete, comedian, thinker, biker, and so many other things. ASOV: ANOTHER SIDE OF VIETNAM: A GROUP ON FACEBOOK: PLEASE GO TO THIS GROUP: PLEASE LIKE COMMENTS: PLEASE TALK TO MEMBERS: PLEASE TELL THEM TO STOP: PLEASE ASK THEM TO THINK: I WANT THEM TO UNBAN ME: I WANT THEM TO UNBLOCK ME: I WANT TO COME BACK: Another side of Vietnam (ASOV). ASOV, a FaceBook (FB) group, unfairly banned me. As an English Teacher (Giáo Viên Tiếng Anh), film-maker, writer, artist, web designer, among other things, in Vietnam since 2012, I feel that I have just as much a right to be on ASOV as others. I would even say more interesting things sometimes while others would just talk about the boobies of female DJs. Early in January 2014, Craig Anderson posted a photo of me and asked people in ASOV if I really was an English Teacher in HCM Saigon, Vietnam. Some said that they hope not. It seemed as if they were mocking me. Later, as I began joining in those conversations, since they were talking about me and making fun of me, ASOV banned me. Is that really fair? I would like to say more about this later. I have even made videos about this. If you want to help me, please like all the comments on ASOV. Please talk to the members and administrators there. I will continue liking comments and doing what I can until they unban me. Please report ASOV and the memebers to FB. Please help restore justice here. There are many other stories of social injustice as well. There are many more things I want to say. Stay tune and please have the patience to hear me out. Oatmeal is SPAM? Some say that Oatmeal is just that and nothing more, but I object since I am the Original Oatmeal, Joey Arnold. For more info, you can email me at OriginalOatmeal@Gmail.com. There are many things that I want to say. I want to try my best to convince to you that I am in act not spam. Please have the patience as I try my best to tell you more...."

Mommy is Looking For You

2014-02-14 - Friday - 06:09 PM - Facebook ASOV Group - They talked about how if Oatmeal is smart enough to make Facebook sock puppet accounts in order to get on ASOV where he was banned in order to defend himself against false accusations, slander, etc, then he would also be smart enough to go to the embassy in order to beg them for a free ride back to the USA. Since like 2014, dozens of people have been spreading lies about me, for years, for months.

Misunderstood Video

2014-02-15 - Saturday - YouTube Video - 31:01 minutes - 415 views. What Do You Do When People Misunderstand You? ASOV unfairly banned me. Joey Omnia Blog. Do you think that I am a pedophile?There are misconceptions that we have about each other. I am not a pedophile. I do not want to have sex with little boys. Lockie Harris: "I give you one thing He posted a photo of himself with a young girl saying he was a peoadofile Thats Just 1 Thing!" Lockie Harris, no, wrong. I did not make that photo. At least one other made that picture. I would not do something like that. I have wrote about that back around November 2013 because people were spamming about me as they always do sometimes. Please do not say things that are not true..... I was born partly deaf. Had hearing tubes until 1994 or so. My mother, as she was pregnant with me, almost died. My mom says I have Treacher Collins Syndrome. Bottom eye-lids drip. My father had surgery on at least one bottom eye lid because it was dripping too low back when he was a child. My brother has a drip too. My one and only older brother, born in 1982, is a married airplane engineer with a large family and grand-children already. My chin is abnormally small, the roof of my mouth is too high and my tongue is a bit too short. My teeth are not strait. My ears had problems. I wear glasses. My skin is white. I may have deformed one of my pinkies. Autism. Retarded; Doctors, scientists, teachers: thought I'd never pass 6th grade. Homeschooled; until high school; started high school in 2000; a year late, when I was 15 years old. I attended 01 Home School, 02 Forest Grove High School, 03 The Word Of Life Bible Institute, 04 Appalachian Bible College, 05 Portland Community College, 06 Mount Hood Community, 07 Revolution Hawaii. I've lived in Oregon USA, Washington State USA, California USA, Idaho USA, New York USA, West Virginia USA, PA USA, New Jersey USA, South Carolina USA, Hawaii USA, Quebec, Canada, Vietnam, Cambodia. I am a writer, artist, thinker, English Teacher, inventor, web designer, musician, guitarist, pianist, dancer, idea man like Robin Williams, cartoonist, comedian, theorist, perfectionist, strategist, basketball player, travelor, tutor, teacher, thinker, philosopher, theologian, carpenter, builder, landscaper, dishwasher, rapper, biker, athlete, wannabe father, oatmeal eater, ice cream eater. When I would ask for help on places like Couch Surfing or Facebook, people would sometimes call me "SPAM." We all need each other. I love making new friends. I am not spam. I am just different. Think outside the box. There are many more things I want to say about these matters, but for now, here are some of the conversations from CS for now, as follows..." Stronger commented: "Dick head.... You are lying or why u don't tell us that you have a criminal record in the US? TELL US WHY YOU HAVE TO GO TO JAIL WHEN YOU ARE BACK IN THE STATES?? U BLAME OTHER PEOPLE ALTHOUGH U ARE A CRIMINAL. ... YOU FUCKING LIAR!!!!! WE BOTH KNOW THAT U HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSEMENT IN THE US: THAT IS ONE REASON WHY U DON'T GO BACK AND ONE REASON THAT U STAY IN VIETNAM TO LOOK FOR YOUR NEXT VICTIM U FUCKING PERVERT. I WILL REPORT U TO THE LOCAL POLICE AND THE EMBASSY TO DEPORT U BACK THAT U FACE UR CRIMINAL SENTENCE U FUCKING PERVERT CRIMINAL!!!!! .... U FUCKING LIAR. SO WHAT IS ALL ABOUT UR STEPMOTHER ROBIN U FUCKING PERVERT???? U ARE A CRIMINAL AND I WILL REPORT U TO THE LOCAL POLICE BEFORE A GIRL OR A KID GET UR NEXT VICTIM.... AND THAT IS UR THINKING TO NOT THINK OUT OF THE BOX AND DONT BE STEREOTYPE??? U ARE A PERVERT AND WITH GOD SAKE U WILL GET DEPORTED BACK TO THE US TO FACE UR CRIMINAL SENTENCE!!!!! U PERVERT CRIMINAL!!!!!! ... SO U ADMIT IT U FUCKING PERV??? WHY U NAME THOSE NAMES CAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT U HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD U FUCKING PERVERT: GOD WILL HELP FOR JUSTICE THAT U GO BACK STRAIGHT TO JAIL AND IN JAIL THEY ARE VERY NICE TO PEDOS!!!!!.... NO. LEARN TO FACE THE TRUTH. YOU ARE CONSTANTLY LYING AND BLINDFORDED ABOUT YOUR ACTION. U RAPE AND ABUSE LITTLE CHILDREN TO BLAME THEM LATER. TYPICAL BEHAVIOUR OF A SICK PERVERT. U HIDE IN ASIA CAUSE U KNOW THAT U CAN HOW U SAY IT "THINK AND LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX AND NOT BE STEREOTYPE". THAT MEANS THAT U CAN LIVE UR WAY OF LIFE U SICK CRIMINAL BASTARD!!!! ARE U PROUD HOW U THREAT PEOPLE AND RAPE CHILDREN U FUCKING PERVERT CRIMINAL???.... WRONG. U ARE A BAD AND SICK PERSON. A CHRISTIAN DON'T DO THE THINGS U DO. A CHRISTIAN WOULD NEVER PUT THEIR HANDS ON CHILDREN. A CHRISTIAN WOULD NEVER BLAME OTHER PEOPLE. A CHRISTIAN WOULD NEVER MOANING. A CHRISTIAN WOULD NEVER EVER INSULTING AND LIE ABOUT OUR PEOPLE. U ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN U SICK PERVERT BASTARD. I WILL REPORT U TO THE LOCAL POLICE AND THE US EMBASSY THAT THEY DO JUSTICE AND DEPORT BACK TO THE USA U FUCKING SICK PEDO!!!!!!!" I replied: "I do not have a criminal record.... You have no prove. You have no evidence. You continue to say things that are not true. You need to stop spreading lies about me. You are anonymous but I am guessing that you might be Kathy, Peter, Tram, Gordon Jones, or somebody else. Have you ever met me in person? Why do you hide behind the title of "Anonymous?" ... Learn how to read. I do not admit to things I did not do. You are insulting me. You are speaking lies. People are lying about me. You should stop spreading lies about me. I have wanted to travel the world since I was 8 years old in 1993. Please stop insulting me. I am a good person. I am a Christian. I do not do bad things.... You are wrong. You continue to speak lies. You continue to lie. You continue to say that you will do things that you are not doing. I am a good person. I do not even want to hurt a fly. I have morals."

Oatmeal English Group

2014-02-15 - Saturday - 01:20 PM: I posted this - Facebook Group Post: "People are saying that I am a Sex Offender on ASOV."

Vacant House

2014-02-16 - Sunday - 11:08:31 PM ICT: Me to Dai Trinh - Email: "I do not have a phone. I lost my phone. You can email me. You can come to the pagoda this week. I plan to be at the pagoda this week. My plans may change after that. I would like to get a teaching certificate like TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, ro something as soon as I can. I am always a busy person. There are so many things to do in life. Just try to let me know in advance when you want to see me. I also do not have a bike still. So, it will be harder for me to go out and see you at different places for now. I may be interested in living in your vacant house in Phu Nhuan on maybe a few days a week. I would be more interested in it if it had wifi.

Dai Trinh

2014-02-16 - Sunday - 05:44 PM PST: Dai Trinh to me - Email: "I can help you more..." 05:47 PM PST: Dai Trinh to me: "So, stay at the pagoda and wait for me." 05:39 PM: Dai Trinh: "Could i meet u this morning?" Me: "Ok... Can you email me your contact information? I want to send the information to my Christian Vietnamese friends. I want to have your phone number, address, and the address to the room for rent."

Dai Trinh Address:

2014-02-17 - Monday - 06:06 PM: Dai Trinh - Email: "My address: 140/30 Đặng Văn Ngữ Street, Ward 14, Phú Nhuận District, HCMC; Cell Phone # 0988650437." 06:07 PM: me: "Do you want to meet my friends today in the afternoon?" 06:32 PM: Dai Trinh: "No, I don't. Just because I'm busy. I need to have a meeting at my house for a good discussion about an English-teaching club.... We can have a meeting at 11:00 AM at my house today. When all of you say YES, I'll be ready to meet you there...." 07:13 PM: me: "As you may already know, I am at the Leaf Pagoda in the Go Vap District. I am saying no. I am not coming. I am not coming to the house of Dai Trinh this morning. Some of my friends might be too busy this morning. They might be working. Dai Trinh, they may call you later, if they haven't yet. They might want to meet you at another time."

Pizza Hutt Katie

2014-02-18 - Tuesday - 06:50 AM - Katie Bella Tran took me out for some pizza. She spent around ten dollars or 200.000 VND, which was a lot for her, it would seem or so she said. She was trying to practice English with me and we ended up starting a English class with her friends in District 12 and possibly a few other places in 2014 a few times for a few weeks or off and on a few times, a few classes. But I got lost at least one time trying to get to the house where we had the class at which is why I got there late or something and they were not happy and the class eventually died out. They argued about it with each other concerning the details. Katie saw me first at the Leaf Pagoda and invited me to pizza probably at that exact moment that she first introduced herself to me. Úc Heo and Katie and others were my students. Socola Thảo Trần liked my pictures. There is one photo of what might be an apartment of Dai Trinh. 05:58 PM: Kathy emailed me of screenshots of her chatting with men, flirting. I replied with how she still owes me money as that is what the issue is, not the money but morality.

Norton Tyler Hurt Roth

2018-02-18 - Tuesday - 08:56 AM: Norton Facebook messaged Oatmeal English: "Hey! I SMS u, u never answered. I called you, and you were said to be unavailable..! I came to ur house, and the door is lock!!! Please give an acceptable answer.... I SMS you and you didn't even care to send a feedback. Then I called you for many many times..! And you were said to be unavailable! I went to your house.! and It closed..!! I don't like this! I paid you money and you haven't finished teaching me yet.! Or are you cheating me?? Be prestigious please!!!"


2018-02-18 - Tuesday - 06:56 PM: I emailed myself: "My Facebook is JoeyArnold7. Join my group, Original Oatmeal and Oatmeal English."

Dai Trinh Kathy

2014-02-19 - Wednesday - 02:12 AM: I emailed Dai Trinh: "If you can, please contact my friend Kathy: here is here information: and remember that Kathy forced me to buy a bike for around 4.000.000 VND. Kathy stole and sold my bike. Kathy says that she paid me back money, as in compensation. Kathy did not do that. Kathy seems not to understand the details. Kathy did freely volunteered to help me when I first came to Saigon on 2013-02-10, and as I met her on 2013-02-17, around 4 PM on a Sunday. I need to get people to translate the details to Kathy. I have been trying to get Kathy to understand the details. Kathy thinks that I owe her money. I do not owe her money. Kathy agreed to helping me out for one month, for the month of March 2013. Kathy let me live at her house. Kathy has a guest room. Kathy drove me to different schools where I taught English. Kathy bought me food. Kathy let me live at her house for free for one month. Kathy decided to do these things for me. I did not make Kathy do these things. I was not borrowing money from Kathy. Kathy gave me gifts, presents, these things, for free. I was not asking for help. I did not specifically beg Kathy for help. Kathy misunderstands some of these details. Kathy might be a little bipolar. I did not want to buy an electric bicycle. Kathy asked me to buy a bike. Later, Kathy talked to me about selling the bike to her friend's 2 daughters who are around 10 and 12 years old. I thought about it and I asked Kathy questions about that. Kathy may have thought that I was agreeing to it. Kathy may have thought that I gave Kathy permission to sell my bike. I was not giving Kathy permission. I was still thinking about. Later, Kathy sold my bike. Kathy did not compensate for the bike. Kathy says that she gave me money. Kathy did not give me money. Kathy lies to many people about the details. Kathy told me that her mother was going to pay for Vietnamese lessons for me. Later, Kathy said that her mother did not pay for my classes. I did not want those Vietnamese lessons at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Kathy told me that I should learn more Vietnamese classes. Kathy said that her mother paid for my classes. After that, Kathy said that I was paid for those classes. That seems like a lie. Either I paid for the classes or her mother paid for those classes. I am not sure which one is the truth. Later, Kathy would take me to a house each Sunday for about a month where we could do some charity at this clinic house, and we were able to get some nice free dinner and lunch meals there for free. Later on, Kathy said that she paid me back via the Vietnamese classes and via the free food that she gave me. Kathy said that the people that bought my bike was paying me back by giving me free food and things like that for a while. Now, I understand these things, but the problem is that we did not agree to these exact details beforehand. I demand justice. I believe that things should be talked about before these kinds of things happens. I need help. I believe that Kathy is misunderstanding the exact details. I believe Kathy owes me money. Kathy seems to believe that she does not owe me money. Kathy seems to think that I owe her money. I believe that I do not owe her money and that Kathy owes me money for the bike she stole from me. This is me & Kathy. Contact Kathy. Share this. Katie Kathy Phuong Thao Duong: Duong Phuong Thao (Зыонг Фыонг Тхао)......" 06:32 AM: Dai Trinh: "This is a complicated, long story. I need the time to study it later."

Banned From Facebook

2014-02-21 - Friday - 05:58 minutes - 204 views - Share this. Facebook did something bad to Joey Arnold today without warning. Facebook may delete your FB next. Facebook deactivated, disabled, terminated, deleted, and destroyed the life and FB profile account of mine, Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal today around 10 AM 2014-02-22 Saturday without giving me a single warning. Please send petitions and protest to Facebook for this injustice.


2014-02-21 - Friday - 12:11 AM: Dai Trinh emailed me: "Can ya explain something about autism and autism spectrum disorder for me, please?" 12:37 AM: me: "I might have or might have had autism. My mother thinks that I might have had autism, but I am not totally sure. It is a problem with some children, but some children can overcome the disorder of autism which can delay a person's ability to concentrate in the public around people. I was shy growing up. I was scared to talk to people. I was partly deaf until I was about 10 years old when my ears started getting better. Autism is a type of impairment that can make people a little retarded, mentally challenged, disabled, handicapped, slow, dumb, weird, strange, odd, mutated, scary, bad, incapable. Since I was partly deaf even before I was one years old, I had hearing tubes stuck into my ears until I was around 10 years old when they took the tubes out of my ears as my ears were getting better. My mother taught me at home. We call this home-school. I went to public high school a year too late. I went to 4 different colleges, but back when I was about 7 years old, after taking a test, the teachers looked at my test results and thought that I might never even pass the 6 grade. I may even have Treacher Collins Syndrome. I have been a camp counselor for over 5 different years at camps and also at schools. I have worked with children who may have had autism. People with autism tend to have social problems. They tend to have a harder time talking to people in group settings, but they tend to open up more when you talk to them one on one. It can be harder for these people to communicate, to form relationships. I know that it was hard for me at first, but I kept on getting better at talking to people as I got older." 12:44 AM: Dai Trinh: "I don't think you have any problems with autism now." 12:50 AM: me: "I still may have some problems. Since I was partly deaf, I had trouble learning how to pronounce certain sounds like C-H in the words church or cheese. Babies and young children learn a lot about how to talk in the first 5 or so years of their lives. I was not able to talk very good at all in English or in any language at all until I was about 10 years old. The moral of the story is that you should never give up on your dreams. Things can always get better. I try everyday to become a better person in everything that I do in my life in making films, in teaching, in writing, in art, in acting, in video games, in sports, in web design, in music, in singing, in coming up with ideas, in consulting, in education, in comedy, in helping people, in making people laugh, etc."

American Hero

2014-02-21 - Friday - 05:40 PM: Dai Trinh email replied back to me: "I think you're a hero of America. In case you still have any autism, you'll be supported greatly by America. You're very meaningful to me to mimic your way of living." 06:54 PM: me: "Facebook disabled and deleted my Facebook account and profile. I am very sad. Sometimes, certain websites on the internet does this to me. It happens many times. I am very upset." 07:28 PM: Dai Trinh: "My Facebook is still okay now. There's no need to be upset. Just set up a new account, please." 07:30 PM: me: "You do not understand. It is not that simple." Dai Trinh: "I do not understand that, really. It's not that simple as you just told me." 07:44 PM: Me: "I am trying to say that I have over a decade of experience on the internet. I started using the internet around 1996 or so when I was about 10 years old. So, almost 20 years, I've seen a bunch of crazy things. Many times, certain websites like Facebook seems to continue to delete my account for no reason and without warning me. If I start a new account, Facebook may delete that one too. Facebook may delete your account as well at any time. That is not a good thing and I have a hard time trusting Facebook and certain websites seem not to be fair." 10:19 PM: Dai Trinh: "I have never had any experiences like you."

Kathy Stole My Bike

2014-02-22 - Saturday - 10:25 PM - 2014-02-25 - Tuesday - 03:41 AM: Email Converation - 29 messages between me and Kathy.

Wiki Tree

2014-02-22 - Saturday - 11:03 AM: I was on Wiki Tree and got this email: "The following was sent via the private messaging system on WikiTree.com: merge with Richard E. Morehead 1927 to 2008. This message is from Marilyn Mitchell."](http://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Morehead-255) The sender was on this profile page when they sent the message: Morehead 266."

FYG Dai Trinh

2014-02-23 - Sunday - 08:32 AM: FYG Joseph Luc Dinh emailed me and Dai Trinh: "Dear Mr Dai Trinh, We ve just come back Hcm city in this afternoon. And then we did have a meeting with Mr Joey to discuss about the purpose and the way of teaching Eng in your house, especially we also talk about the design and the furniture of the class. And now we are thinking about the details of the contract. We think we will be able to send the contract to you via email tomorrow afternoon. You will read it and edit something if you want or we can meet and discuss more about it. Nice day. Blessings, Luc Dinh." 09:14 AM: Me: "Dai Trinh, what should we have in order to teach English at your vacant house? We are thinking about having desks. We want to hear your thoughts. We should also have a reception desk with a computer. We could also turn your house into a cafe as well. We could draw in many people. We could hand out cards with my face on it. Many people want to practice English with foreigners. Some Vietnamese people tell me that they like talking to me and that they struggle with some of the foreign English Teachers at some centers that tend to talk to fast. I mostly want to teach at one location, like your vacant house for example, but I kind of want to go other places sometimes as well. I prefer the students come to me as often as they can. However, sometimes I do go to different districts to teach people, to talk to people, to meet people, to make new friends, to find more students, opportunities, especially when students cannot come to me sometimes. I will be available to teach at your vacant house sometimes. I teach people, children, adults, youth, old people, young people, and people of all ages, sizes, language levels, colors, desires, and what have you. I can teach just one student at a time. I can even teach 40 students at the same time or more. I say the more the students the better. We should have as tables, chairs, desks, and things as possible." 05:42 PM: Dai Trinh: "3 friends, That's a good idea. I'm anxious to hear from you all."

Kathy Travel Proposal

2014-02-25 - Tuesday - 12:02 AM: Kathy: "Do you want to travel and living with me at another city? You will be work a farmer for my fosterbrother of my mother. Now i'm a Christian. My mother's fosterbrother familly they both Christian. Cause my mother family when she was young is a Christian. They all still be Christian. She just coming to Budhist just few year ago. I ask my mother the reason to our broken heart is just about our religion. And she agree to my fosteruncle to let i change to any one religion as i like it. You will living with me. We will be working like a famer at Coffee and Tea garden. Is very easy work. The weather is very fresh and cold at here. And the price of this living here is very cheap. We can go to river to find a fish. It's free. And go to forest to find a vegetable is free also. And some company here is can have so much job for me right now. The salary is same to my salary at Ho Chi Minh city. Is 4.500.000 vnd/1 month. And you can go to Church to teach Enghlish free for the children in there. And the Vicar friend very close of my mother familly will sugesstion for you too another ppls to help you find a job. It's may be a E. teacher. Or may be a famer same like i do right now. It's not need a linsence. It's a very easy work. I think i can not run away from you because you can not leave me. Because i think you swear with your parent: if i have to married u just married one time. And have children for one person. I don't want to look like you guys. I don't want to make my children get hurt. So. Because this person is me. I should come back to take you go with me. If you ready and accept."


2014-02-27 - Thursday - Leaf Pagoda Hates American English Teachers - YouTube Video - 01:40 minutes - 810 views. MyStlZone - "1) I hope you get deported. 2) Clearly you fail at adapting to local culture, all this fast English and aggressiveness do you think anyone (even if they are a native speaker) would respond? 3) See #1 4) You are raising hell @ a pagoda or to be more correct, a Buddhist temple. These people are probably taking the courtesy NOT to tear you a new asshole. They may not want to explain to you or tell you to your face the reasons you are so annoying. After hearing about your stories how they took you in, they might have taken pity in the beginning but after realizing what a complete nutcase you are they want you nowhere NEAR the children or the people/patrons there. 5) See #1 6) Buddy my best advice to you is : a) Wax your unibrow, get new glasses, shave and clean yourself up. Clean your teeth. You look like a dork in science class who just discovered meth. b) Learn how to pronounce the "sh" sound in English before you attempt to teach another class and while you are at it, please speak like a normal human being. c) Learn the meaning of humble and under someone else's roof, follow their rules. If they tell you to f' off, then f' off... d) At first I sorta pitied you considering how you may be born with medical conditions but then I realized I've seen people worse off than you with better social/behavioral skills who are simple just humble. I don't mean to be mean but seriously if I was around, I would hire myself out to you for free just to give you a complete social/behavioral make-over. e) If you can't attempt to do " a thru d " ... deport yourself 7) I hope you get the point by now, and yes ... See # 1 Just don't take for granted that you are lucky to be living in this age in Vietnam. I can assure you the locals, if not the expats, if they saw the way you acted in this video, would have made some nice alley graffiti out of you." Jungle Joe - "Psycho, go away! ...... Holy shit, why do they hate you? That's a mind numbing question, because the reasons are too obviuous to everyone, including yourself Joey Oatmeal and Raisin Brain. You claim to be such an awesome dude, with so much talent, yet you don't have any talent at all. Vietnamese obviously don't like you and I know that foreigners living in Vietnam don't like you. IT"S NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE UGLY. IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Leaf Pagoda doesn't hate American English teachers, it just hates you!" Colin Connelly - "Smack." 佛隨緣 - "Don't mind why they hated you.because ...nothing for nothing !" Robin Madfisherman - "You need to study some history. Your an American. Your lucky to even get into Viet Nam. Your lucky they don't cut your throat. Humility will get you a lot farther. Your disgraceful actions are not going to get you anything." Hoàng Hân Nguyễn - "không bố ông cường ở ông người bà dung yêu ok..... ông cường khổng bố ở chùa lá ok ok ok ok ok..... chùa lá không bố ở chùa la ok... ông bố cường yếu ơi cu to.... không ông cường ở chùa la ok..... ông cường ông cu to.... ông cường người yêu bà dung 3335 ok...." Scott Dinh - "Wow, wow.. first off where did this guy came from? Really really, they should fire you just take it like and find another center. Why your butt sore? Second attitude and how you carry yourself plays pays dividends on how people treat you and respect your or not. Did you guys also see this school? Holy cows batman! From the video this languages center look like $hit! This must be the conference room teacher lounge but man its filthy and nasty. How could any parents send there kids to this cesspool? The manager and this "English teacher" deserved each other! Seem like got jilted and and his rear still sore from the kick!" The Leaf Pagoda may have stole my phone, helmet, and over 2.000.000 VND of promised salary. They are saying that the police will kick me out of this pagoda. I need help. I am scared. They are spreading lies about me. I am always losing students and money and things and work in Vietnam as people spread lies about me. Can you help me? Nadim Nch "maybe its because you behave like an asshole ?" Tony Jones liked that.

Pagoda Hates Oatmeal

2014-02-27 - Thursday - 11:37 PM - Please email the Leaf Pagoda and ask them "Why did you ban Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal, a native USA American English Teacher" from teaching at the Leaf Pagoda Chùa Lá Gò Vấp. Contact them: Văn phòng Trung tâm Thiện Nhơn: 12/2E Quang Trung, P,14, Q.Gò Vấp: ĐT. liên hệ: 0906.721705 (A. Cường); 0902.427222: chualagovap@yahoo.com: Pagoda's Mrs. Dung ban me from the pagoda. Dung says I was not invited to teach at the pagoda. Mr. A. Cường, master Nhuận Tâm (who went to the USA in January 2014), an older Vietnamese English Teacher, a younger female monk staff, and some of the other staff invited me. I started coming to the pagoda in August 2013. The staff of the pagoda gave me my own class. I had over 40 students for Saturday and Sunday nights. Mrs. Dung says that I never had a class. I want students and others to tell her that I did have a class. I want my former students to tell Dung that I am real, that I am a teacher, that I was invited to teach at the pagoda. I was even promised at least 3.000.000 VND or more, which they have not given to me completely yet. But now, they say that I owe them over 1.000.000 VND for staying there. Yesterday, the 27th of February 2014, the pagoda did not let me eat, have a bed, have students, or have a bed. Back in December 2013, the pagoda promised me monthly salaries, free food and rent. Last Saturday, my students told me that my class was canceled. The pagoda didn't even tell the teacher (me) that the class was canceled. Back in December, I asked the pagoda if I could continue teaching after Tet, for February, March of of 2014, and onwards, and the pagoda said that I could. Why did the pagoda cancel my class? I am the only white American English Teacher at the pagoda and now they do not even want me. Remember that I did not ask for a salary at the pagoda. They gave me a salary in December 2013. Before that, I was volunteering there and I did not ask for any money but then they wanted to give me money but now they are saying that is not true. Tuesday night, the 26th of February 2014 at the pagoda, I met Mrs. Dung for the first time and she did not know who I was and I did not know who she was. I thought that Mr. A. Cường was the only manager, but it turns out that Mrs. Dung is the coordinator of some of the foreigner teachers that teaches at the the pagoda. Dung said that I never ever taught at the pagoda and that I could never teach there. Dung said that I was never invited to teach there to begin with, but I was invited. The staff told Dung that they do not know who I am and that they did not invite me, but they did invite me. I am hoping that the master Nhuận Tâm, who was in the USA from January until about March 2014, can help because I have been told that he likes me and wants me to teach at the pagoda. The staff forgot to tell Dung that I was teaching at the pagoda since August 2013. The staff procrastinated from telling Dung. They were not doing their job. I am being punished for their mistake. Dung blames me and not them. I am very sad that the staff does not have my back at all. They blame everything on me and not on themselves. They may have broke the rules by inviting me to teach when only Dung is suppose to invite people to teach there I guess. Dung says that only she invites teachers to teach at the pagoda, but the staff at the pagoda did invite me through the help of an older Vietnamese English teacher who was teaching Saturday and Sunday mornings 7 - 8:30 AM from around August to December 2013. Many of the staff and students and other people know who I am and many people like me and they know that what Mrs. Dung is saying is not true. I also lost my phone and helmet at the pagoda. The pagoda is lying to my friends about what is happening. The pagoda told my friends that I would get a monthly salary but now they are saying that I was never really promised a salary and that I never got a salary, but I did get a salary in December. Yesterday, my friend came to the pagoda looking for me and the pagoda told that friend that I was not there, that I went out to buy something. People who know me know that I never really go out to buy things. I am way too stingy to go out. That was a lie that the pagoda told. I was there. My friend told me about this today and I told that friend that I was at the pagoda all day yesterday starving to death. My friend asked yesterday why I was kicked out from the pagoda, but then the staff of the pagoda told her that I was not kicked out of the pagoda and that I can stay there but that I do not want to stay there. That is not true. I do want to stay there but they do not want me to stay there, but I was formally invited to stay there from the master. The staff at the pagoda all seem to like me until Mrs. Dung met me. Immediately, Dung told everyone that my visa is expired, but my visa is not expired. Dung started telling everyone lies about me and now everyone hates me. People at the pagoda are all yelling at me and I do not know what to do now. In December 2013, my friends asked the staff at the pagoda about me. In January 2014, I emailed the pagoda in English and Vietnamese. I asked them questions but they never responded to me. They need to communicate with me but they refuse to be honest and to talk to me. Please contact the pagoda and the police. Please tell your friends and ask people to go to the pagoda. Please do not allow people to disrespect foreign English Teachers like this. Please try to understand the details that I am writing here. Can somebody talk to the master for me? .... Vui lòng gửi email chùa lá và yêu cầu họ " Tại sao anh lại cấm Joey Arnold gốc Bột yến mạch , một Mỹ bản địa Mỹ giáo viên tiếng Anh " từ giảng dạy tại chùa Lá Chùa Lá Gò Vấp . Liên hệ với họ : Văn phòng Trung tâm Bạn Thiện Nhơn : 12/2E Quang Trung, P , 14, Q.Gò Vấp : ĐT . lien he : 0906.721705 ( A. Cường ) ; 0.902,427222 : chualagovap@yahoo.com."

Katie District 12 English

2018-02-28 - Friday - I met Katie at the Leaf Pagoda. We ate pizza. She invited me to teach in Q.12. I taught her group a few times but was late one time. So, then the group died out because of it. Tôi đã giảng dạy tại chùa Lá kể từ tháng Tám năm 2013. Nhiều sinh viên biết tôi là ai . Bạn có thể hỏi mọi người về tôi . Các nhân viên tại chùa nói dối về tôi nhưng sinh viên của tôi có thể nói với bạn rằng tôi là giáo viên của họ . Tôi tên là Joey Arnold gốc Bột yến mạch . Tôi sinh ra ở Hoa Kỳ. Tôi đã giảng dạy và sinh sống tại Việt Nam kể từ năm 2012. Tôi sinh ra vào năm 1985. Tôi là một nhà làm phim , nhà văn, nhạc sĩ , nhà sản xuất , giáo viên , diễn viên hài , vv .......... Bà Dung nói rằng tôi không được mời giảng dạy tại các chùa , mà tôi không thể ở lại đó, mà tôi không bao giờ dạy ở đó , mà tôi không thể có mặt ở đó , nhưng chùa đã mời tôi và đã hứa với tôi tiền lương và miễn phí thực phẩm và tiền thuê nhà. Chị Dung có nhân viên chùa ghét tôi và bây giờ tất cả họ đều không muốn tôi ở đó. Xin vui lòng liên hệ với chủ nhân của ngôi chùa và nói với anh ấy những gì đang xảy ra xin vui lòng. Hãy nhớ rằng các nhân viên đã được nói dối về tôi . Người bạn của tôi trông cho tôi ngày hôm qua tại chùa và các nhân viên nói rằng tôi không có ở đó nhưng tôi đã có . Bạn tôi hỏi lý do tại sao tôi không được phép ở lại chùa và giảng dạy và các nhân viên nói rằng tôi có thể ở lại và sống ở chùa nhưng mà tôi không muốn , nhưng tôi muốn. Lần thứ ba , ngôi chùa nói rằng họ sẽ gọi cảnh sát vào tôi và hàng ngày họ đã nói rằng cảnh sát sẽ bắt giữ tôi và trục xuất tôi nhưng cảnh sát không bao giờ đến. AnVnh: "where were you lately. You have dropped teaching us without saying any words. We have been waiting for your information. But we have got no reply from you. we do not like your behaviour. you do not deserve what we have done to you." Me: "Facebook deleted my profile account without saying any words to me and I lost my phone. I am very sorry. I lost many contacts and many people are wondering what happened to me.I have no phone. I feel very sorry and sad for all of these things that are happening. I wrote a few times here and on my FB group that my FB was deleted. I was trying to tell you and everyone and there are so many people that I need to tell, but it could take a very long time to tell each person individually. I also do not have a bike. When can I come to your house next?"

Visa Not Expired

2014-02-28 - Friday - 01:40 AM - I'm an English Teacher at the Leaf Pagoda in the Go Vap District of Saigon, Vietnam since August 2013 and here is a picture that shows this, but the staff at the pagoda seems to be pretending that I was never a teacher here. Giáo Viên Nguyên Hiểu: Can you share this? Chùa Lá Gò Vấp của bà Dung nói rằng tôi không bao giờ dạy, không thể dạy, không được mời, và sẽ không được mời ở chùa, nhưng bức ảnh này nói khác. Tôi đã giảng dạy tại chùa kể từ tháng Tám năm 2013. Leaf Pagoda's Mrs. Dung says I never taught, can't teach, wasn't invited, and will not be invited at the pagoda, but this photo says otherwise. I have been teaching at the pagoda since August 2013. Dung says my visa is expired but my visa is not expired. Many people are spreading lies about me. The pagoda is spreading lies about me. Please contact the pagoda and ask them to stop lying. The pagoda told me a few days ago that they will call the police if I do not leave. They are saying now that I cannot stay at the pagoda any longer, but that is not true. Plus, they never called the police on me. CONTACT THEM: THEIR ADDRESS IS: từ giảng dạy tại chùa Lá Chùa Lá Gò Vấp . Liên hệ với họ : Văn phòng Trung tâm Bạn Thiện Nhơn : 12/2E Quang Trung, P , 14, Q.Gò Vấp TPHCM VN; CALL THEM: ĐT . lien he : 0906.721705 ( A. Cường ) ; 0.902,427222; Email the pagoda: chualagovap@yahoo.com."


2014-02-28 - Friday - 02:04 AM - 02:16 AM - Here is a Comment from somebody who is making fun of me by not really understanding the details to my life and the details to the specific circumstances at hand. I am an American English Teacher in Vietnam since 2012 but some people think I am just complaining sometimes when bad things happen. Remember that bad things happen sometimes. I am here to dare us all for a brighter tomorrow. Pagoda Hates Americans - James - 05:04 PM - 7 minutes ago: "Seriously dude, all you ever do is complain about stuff. I have lived all over the world in Vietnam for over 5 years and never got into the situations you have, or seen it. Coincidence it always happens to you? No, I don't think so. On another note, for a so-called 'English teacher', having looked at a lot of your writing across many of the social networks you use, and subsequently become banned from (a surprise? I don't think so), your English is pretty appauling."

2014-02-10 - Monday - ASOV banned me from their Facebook group for defending myself

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