2014, December

I bought a camera and began taking pictures at the 23/9 Park each day around the 17th. I was teaching different English classes at Mr. Ribs BBQ. Near the end of this month, was told that Ribs English may have to end. Eventually, it did. I was going to the park during my free time. So, I began meeting even more people while at that park which was a block from my apartment which was in a small alley behind a hostel I stayed at in April of 2013.

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2014-12-17 - Wednesday - 05:33 PM - FB Avatar - New Camera - Old Ink - Oatmeal Joey Arnold JSA OJAWALL JOEYARNOLDVN.jpg
2014-12-17 - Wednesday - 05:33 PM PST - My Facebook Avatar

Some highlights from December of 2014, as follows:


2014-12-01 - Monday - 11:04 PM PST - All timestamps in PST unless stated otherwise - Facebook - 77 Likes - 27 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "Tôi là thầy dạy tiếng Anh. Kết bạn với tôi nhé. I'm an American English Teacher in TP.HCM. Add me." Panda Su wrote: "Your Vietnamese is good." Ngoc Quang Nguyen wrote: "Your Facebook has reached the friend request limit." I replied: "my Facebook is Jo Arnold."

White Jordan

2014-12-02 - Tuesday - 02:48 AM - Banned YouTube Video - 09:27 AM - Facebook Video - 02:01 Minutes - 1,681 Views - 12 Likes - 1 Comment - Veronnica Nagathota-Nguyen wrote: "I have reported all your pages." Lorenc Hoxha liked her comment.


2014-12-03 - Wednesday - 05:58 PM - Facebook - 9 Likes - 1 Comment - I wrote: "I need to extend my 3-months single-entry Vietnam B3 business visa for the 5th (or 6th) time. I reentered HCM (from Cambodia) via Mộc Bài & bought that last visa for 2013, September 10. I'm American. I was born in the USA. I first came to Vietnam in the year 2012, November 29. Here is a question. Inside my passport, they stamped a 3-months extension for 2013-09-10 to 2013-12-10. The problem is that my visa was already valid for those same dates. My last visa was active and went from 2013-09-10 to 2013-12-10. So, why is there an extension stamped for that same time period when my visa wasn't expired at that time? I extended this current visa 4 or 5 times already. How many consecutive times can you extend visas without the need to leave Vietnam (the country)? I might apply for a C1 tourist visa if they are cheaper than a B3 visa. Websites say that a B3 3-months extension cost $175 USD. Websites also say or said that C1 3-months visa extensions are $45. They say each consecutive extension will cost more each time you extend....." Post: sweep it under the rug.


2014-12-04 - Thursday - 07:28 PM - Facebook - 41 Likes - 36 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "What's your email? I'm an American English Teacher in TP.HCM. Tôi dạy tiếng Anh giao tiếp và phát âm." Quyên Quyên wrote: "quyenquyen1996qd@gmail.ccom." Minsuk Kim wrote: "juandream@hanmail.net." Profile Pic.

Eating Rabbit Rats

2014-12-05 - Friday - 09:42 AM - Facebook - 22 Likes - 5 Comments - 09:21 PM - I replied: "Last night, I was eating some meat with some friends on Bui Vien, Q.1 TP.HCM. She said that it was rabbit meat. It was kind of funny but it was not really bunny meat. After that, we were talking about snakes and rats. I started talking with some weird African British American Australian accent. This whole thing is like an inside joke now. I think we were really eating deer meat and I like it." Smelly Teacher.

My Address

2014-12-06 - Saturday - 12:17 AM - Facebook - 28 Likes - 16 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "I live at 219/9 Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1, TP.HCM." Mituot Gl replied: "do you attend sozo coffee in bui vien street." I replied: "Not yet." She returned: "oh, this is club english, i attended it." Kẹo Bốn Mùa replied: "H0pe to meet u in 23.9 park." Ricky Leng replied: "For free, right? If not, thjs js an ad." Me: "you do not understand what ads are..... you need to go back to school to understand what ads are..... it seems to me that you hate ads and that is a problem in our society...." Marilyn Mitchell replied: "Ja English, ads do try to get you to spend money." Ricky: "Okay, sir! I just wonder why you usually tell all of us about your address? It may dangerous to you....." I replied: "Ricky Leng, you do not trust me. I have over 20 years of experience. People always know where I live during the course of my life. I lived in one address for almost 30 years and danger did not find me...." American English Speaking Club - Facebook Page - 21,215 Likes. I wrote: "I work for a living. I only have one job. I work everyday. I work all of the time. My job is my career and my focus."

AI Words

2014-12-07 - Sunday - 04:23 AM - Facebook - 33 Likes - 6 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "AI words: 1. aim 2. mail 3. gain 4. fail 5. main 6. grail 7. chain 8. again 9. plain 10. strain 11. remain 12. contain 13. explain 14. maintain 15. ascertain."


2014-12-08 - Monday - 09:08 AM - Facebook - 31 Likes - 12 Comments - I wrote: "I teach English with a Vietnamese assistant." Whiz Bang Videos.

Merry Christmas 2014

2014-12-09 - Tuesday - 09:39 PM - Facebook - 36 Likes - 7 Comments

Fun YouTube Videos

2014-12-10 - Wednesday - 12:01 PM - Facebook - YouTube - Oprah vs Ellen - Rap Battles of History. I shared other YouTube videos as well. React videos of people reacting to Sonic Unfair, Unfair Mario, Power Rangers, Super Smash Bros Wii U. I shared my My Down song. I shared YouTube Rewind 2010. I wrote: "hello, xin chao, hola, knee-how." Tuyết Anh Đào replied: "It's very difficult to love what I do. Because I have to do something that I don't want to do." I wrote: "do what you love and love what you do." Conversation with Crystal about letting the Star Wars Pst Die Like Kylo Ren said.

Peter Piper

2014-12-11 - Thursday - 04:33 AM - Facebook - 23 Likes - 5 Comments - I wrote: "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?" Hannah Hsu replied: "You are lame." I fired right back: "I am the same lame duck that clucks as before: I leather my feather as I head out that door: for the clock ticks and clicks." Lâm Ý Linh commented: "What is this? I think it is a way to practice pronunciation. My teacher used to give us a sentence "I can can a can as a canner can can a can". Hehe :P I like it." Allena Orapa wrote: "In the pickpocketers pocket! Hehehe hii sir!"

RIP Mr. Ribs BBQ

2014-12-12 - Friday - 02:02 AM PST - Blogspot - 01:00 PM ICT - I wrote: "Joseph told me that we might have to discontinue the English classes at the Mr.Ribs BBQ restaurant of 156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM and change the location of those classes to a new spot someday. My name is also Joseph as well. My name is Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Hunter Cunningham Mitchell Baker Pickett Pickell Hemmingway Oregon Original Oatmeal Hocking Vanderbyl Smith Henderson Amersterdam Netherlands Germany Ireland Scotland England. I was told about this in the morning and afternoon today, 2014-12-12 Friday 1 PM Q.1 TP.HCM. Joseph Luc Dinh told me about some problems and that our classroom must be compromised or must be moved. More specifically, the issue is between the owners and the management and leadership of Ribs, as in Joseph and the mother of the main owner of Ribs. I do not have the details and I do not have official permission and clearance to talk about this. I am not sure if people read this but I want to remember this day. I am continuing to question things in my life, especially today as I wonder if I can trust people. I wonder if I can count on the future. I can only trust God and on certain more eternal things. I have been marketing, advertising, and telling people that I teach or only teach at Ribs since about June 2014 as in for the last 6 months and people will continue to go to Ribs to look for me. There can be many problems. Today, we took his TV and computer back to his house in Q.1. I have 2 classes here today starting at 6:30 - 9:30 PM, but things may change in the future. I am trying to save this moment in my autobiography and I am trying to capture the moment in order to label this day as a possible turning point in my life, but it is really hard to say how this will play out. I need to keep a diary more often as life goes on but I am very inconsistent and very random when it comes to journalism and my style of writing changes all of the time which makes it tough to read and follow. Sometimes, we doubt people and we second guess people. For me, I can look at people and I can wonder if people are taking advantage of me or if I should put all my eggs in one basket or not. We should always have backup plans but people do not like it if you are distracted or less loyal. My life is full of these things. it is life and it is how the cookie crumbles."

McDonald's Music Video

2014-12-12 - Friday - 10:28 AM - Facebook - 5 Likes - 0 Comments - 1 Share - 178 Views - I shared this video that I made of Rick in a video we made in like 2001 or 2002 during Christmas. Ricks says he does not want to go to McDonald's for food as he goes there daily for work. Nicki Minaj talks about having this moment in life. Lecrae raps about how Christ is our moment of life. 2014-12-12 - Friday - 11:51 AM PST - My Profile Picture. - 29 Shares.

The Salvation Army Avatar

2014-12-13 - Saturday - 01:05 AM - Facebook Picture - I updated my Facebook profile picture to a picture of me in my Salvation Army uniform from when I became a soldier in 2010..... I was becoming a member of the Well church in district 4.

My Gift To You Is Me

2014-12-14 - Sunday - 02:14 AM - Facebook Post - 48 Likes - 11 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "Merry Christmas 2014, everybody. My gift to you is me. More specifically, my gift is that of convenience. I want to rent a classroom in the center of this city, in District One (Q.1, TP.HCM) of this country Vietnam. I want to start new classes & clubs that can be available for more people of all ages, levels, & sizes. I want to become more efficient, effective, and useful for others in a variety of ways. I was (& am) teaching English in District 4, but some people won't go there because it's farther and dangerous, they say. I think it is better to start something that is more in the center of Saigon instead. I teach in Q.1 already, sometimes. Now, I want to teach here more often. I want to find a good place to teach at. I teach what I call Ja English. My name is Joey Arnold, the Original Oatmeal. I was born in the year 1985 in the country of the United States of America. I came to Vietnam in the year 2012. I have been living and teaching in HCM since March 2013. I currently live in the Backpacking Area near the 23/9 Park, New World, Highland, the Ben Thanh Market, & McDonald's in District One of HCM. Jo Arnold: American English Teacher in Q.1, TP.HCM. 219/9 Phạm Ngũ Lão Q.1, TP.HCM: JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com. Mobile: 01282-065-373. My hobbies include making films, basketball, volleyball, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, teaching, inventing, creating, designing, guitar, piano, art, cartoon, films, story telling, biking, thinking, debating, sports, video games, education, travel, learning, adventure, Star Wars, Nintendo, Metal Gear, super heroes, Joss Whedon, Power Rangers, Bones, Star Trek, Turtles, science fiction, fantasy, Christmas, & comedy. To some extent, I am a jack of all trades. My life is my work, my career, & my passion. I love people and I love meeting people. I try my best each day to help others in as many different ways as possible. I am looking for a way to move my classes to District 1 as soon as I can. For more information, you can contact my Vietnamese friend, miss Tien Nguyen...." I can't see who shared this post. Facebook says that is private.

Question Video

2014-12-15 - Monday - 12:57 AM - Facebook Video - 132 Views - 1 Like - I shared a video I made which focuses on the question at the end of the Metal Gear 2011 video and it mixes that question with a few other things. The question is about what you are doing as this is not a game, this is real life. Do your homework. Nguyễn Sông Hương wrote: "I add but you don't answer." I got emails from Hi5 Tagged concerning matches as I would play on their dating apps online. Not really. I would just click like on everybody in order to market myself. I was pretending to date but was mostly trying to advertise myself. Free publicity.


2014-12-16 - Tuesday - 06:23 PM - Sương Hoàng asked me: "What your name?" in a private message to me on Facebook.

New Camera - New Avatar

2014-12-17 - Wednesday - 05:33 PM - Facebook Picture - 63 Likes - 12 Comments - 1 Share - Sameer Ahmad Banna replied: "why you always take strange photos?" I responded: "What's the alternative?" Phạm Tiên wrote: "Do you think about your beauty?" I replied: "Everybody does." I probably bought my new camera on this day or around this time.

Almost 30 Years Old Photos

2014-12-18 - Thursday - 09:42 AM - Facebook Photo Album - Post - 27 Likes - 7 Comments - 91 Photos - YouTube - Whole New World - Facebook - 1,333 Views - Lipton Lemon Ice Tea YouTube Video - Banned - Facebook Pictures - Forest Grove, OR, USA - 49 Photos - 25 Likes - 7 Comments - Mariangel Onsurez wrote: "I grew up some here." I replied: "how long did you live in FG? I remember going to high school with your sister. I guess that you lived there for most of your childhood." It seems that she didn't reply back to my question. Was my question too personal?

Stores & Math

2014-12-19 - Friday - 07:48 AM - Facebook Post - 42 Likes - 37 Comments - I wrote: "I thought that I could buy one package of noodles for 3,000 VND or two packages of noodles for 8,000 VND, at B's mart Vietnam, but I read it wrong, since I don't know Vietnamese. It actually means that you save 3,000 VND when you buy two because each package use to cost 5,500 VND each and the new cost for one package is 4,000." I had a conversation in the comments section with Hạnh Nghiêm . My Clay Pots 2002 - 20 Photos - Facebook Video - Reindeer Song - 114 Views - I shared a Lan Huynh cover YouTube video of Taylor Swift Blank Space - Talk to Miss Lan - YouTube - I posted a video I made of me reading from a English to Vietnamese book.

My Teachers

2014-12-20 - Saturday - 11:21 PM - Facebook Photo Album - Post - I shared this video of myself talking. YouTube video. I made another video that day. I wrote: "I'm missing some of my English books. Maybe some of my former students have them. Maybe that is why they stopped coming." I made some videos showing the English books I bought for teaching English. I wrote: "Somebody asked me, "Where are you from?" I said that I am from this earth. After that, that person replied with the words "I don't know."" I also wrote: "I want to buy a cheap $20 guitar...."

Video Game Controller

2014-12-21 - Sunday - 12:29 AM - Facebook Profile Picture - 64 Likes - 5 Comments - 1 Share - What Is It? - Unicorn - Learning English with JA Video - Teacher Dad - I wrote: "Dad taught me basketball, landscaping, dedication, addiction, comedy, humor, peace, mojo, charisma, psychology, street smart, in a heart beat, with no arguments, with total recall, as the early bird gets the worm..." JA English Video - Happy Birthday Video. Another teacher is Lincoln Hawk. I wrote about him.

Burger King

2014-12-22 - Monday - 04:19 AM - Facebook - 12 Likes - 0 Comments - I wrote: "I'm at Burger King now until midnight. A friend might come. I'm making a video. Address: 279 Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1, TP.HCM... I live near Highland Coffee, 187 Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1, TP.HCM, & near Burger King: JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com 01-282-065-373...." Phan Thu Hien commented: "oh, you near me, i rent a room De Tham stress ^^." Lisa asked if I moved to district 1. Yes, in Oct 2014, I said. Lisa then asked if it was expensive. I said things cost more at the center. So, I didn't give a direct answer. Sweet Video. I wrote: "Sometimes, I have American English Speaking Classes at the Highland Coffee near my house on Phạm Ngũ Lão, Q.1, HCM.... I want a housekeeper (laundromat). I want somebody to wash my clothes (laundry). Hotels charge $1.50 (30,000 VND) per kilogram. Is that a reasonable price? I feel too busy to wash, dry-clean, iron, and fold my own clothes." Truong Nguyen replied: "When you date with a girl spray perfume on your dirty clothes. When you get married with some one, she'll be a your multimedia machine. She can kiss you, huge you, wash your clothes..... and of course, manage your money.....lol." My Video. Wish You a Merry Christmas Video.

Eve of Christmas Eve 2014

2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Facebook Photo Album - Post - 307 Photos - 46 Likes - 2 Comments - Great Video Near Notre Dame With a Girl - 345 Views - 3 Likes - 1 Comment.


2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Facebook Post - Vaccines Resistance - 3 Likes - 1 Comment - I commented: "This also means that we're not only & merely growing up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in height, strength, sexually (puberty, hair, development, functions), but more specifically we also become more updated or upgraded like a computer with added security & sophistication to things internally speaking (& not just externally)." My Video. I shared a video from Waldo Libby from northern Maine. That video is gone. I shared a grammar quiz. I took that test and got 14 out of 15.

Christmas Eve Photos

2014-12-24 - Wednesday - 10:34 AM - Facebook Photo Album - 145 Photos - Video

Vince Warren

2014-12-25 - Thursday - 05:06 PM - Facebook - I wrote: "Vince Warren was my AWANA leader, Sunday School Teacher, & a youth group leader in the 1990's: he introduced me to photography, word puzzles, optimism, & to mortality. I knew him at my first home church, the Cornelius Community Baptist Church, in Cornelius, Oregon, USA. He helped me as I was participating in AWANA where I went through around 30 sections each week. I memorized dozens of verses (sentences of proverbs, etc) and recited them to him...."

Lincoln Hawk

2014-12-26 - Friday - 11:32 PM - Facebook Photo - I wrote: "Lincoln Hawk, since 2007 at WYI, has taught me about Jesus, love, guitar, piano, song writing, music, team work, passion, dedication, basketball, drive, determination, humility, joyfulness, prank calling, ice cream, film making, having fun, comedy, family matters, space, space men, babies, diapers, Sonics, Thunder, leading worship, fighting, Salvation Army, friends, charisma, passion for souls, being extreme, being smart, being crazy, loving others more, calling people, being there for people, commitment, patience, ladies in red, babies in cribs, Chris and toys, Luke and rocks, water, Rob Bell and Oil, dreams, dreaming, dream mastering, girls, people, psychology, theology, history, driving, and laughter..... Dad, Don Rasp, taught me basketball, landscaping, dedication, addiction, comedy, humor, peace, mojo, charisma, psychology, street smart, in a heart beat, with no arguments, with total recall, as the early bird gets the worm..." I wrote about my mom again. YouTube - Power Rangers Video. Is Santa Real? I wrote: "What are your 2015 New Year Resolutions?"


2014-12-27 - Saturday - 06:54 AM - Facebook - I wrote: "IELTS (I-L) tests the language skills of Non-Native English speakers & IELTS comes in 2 flavors, General Training (GT) & Academic Training (AT): 1. GT: General Training 2. AT: Academic Training...."

Last Sunday of 2014

2014-12-28 - Sunday - 07:51 AM - Facebook Photo Album - Post - 145 Photos

Last Monday of 2014

2014-12-29 - Monday - 09:21 AM - Facebook Photo Album - 151 Photos - 31 Likes - 3 Comments.

Last Tuesday of 2014

2014-12-30 - Tuesday - 08:18 PM - Facebook Photo Album - 216 Pictures - 27 Likes - 6 Comments. I wrote that I left Mea Omnia.

New Years Eve 2014

2014-12-31 - Wednesday - 04:24 PM - Facebook Profile Picture - 41 Likes - 0 Comments - 1 Share - Kathy Leaves 2.

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2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Vincom Photoshoot
2014-12-25 Duet 01.jpg

December of 2014

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2014-12-31 - Wednesday - Avatar - Girl Near Old Ink
2014-12-31 - Wednesday - Avatar - Girl Near Old Ink Q1 HCM JA - 1907920_1516220895326329_7558573778746572996_n.jpg

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