2013, June

2013-06-22 - Saturday - Home Shirtless - 983984_604386506262395_658451582_n.jpg

Going to Dalat

2013-05-31 - 02:14 AM PST - Friday - I emailed New Star Tan Phu, "I will be gone the 4th to 7th of June 2013. That is next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I will still see you 7 PM Friday at New Star. I teach English for the Tan Van Foreign Language School at kindergarten & elementary schools in different districts of Saigon, VN. They have an annual trip for their Vietnamese & foreign English Teachers in Da Lat, Vietnam. I have never been to Dalat, before. I decided to go with them. They say it will cost me about 700.000 VND. They will pay another 500.000 VND for the costs for me. I was not sure if you were going to have classes for me this next Wednesday or not. I just thought I would let you know where I was going to be, just in case."

Move to the Philippines?

2013-06-01 - Saturday - 07:38 PM - Raqueza Bregente Marata suggested that I moved from Vietnam to the Philippines. I didn't but I thought about it - Mary Joy C. Sanchez of Mansaya, Lapaz, Iloilo City, Philippines. On Fridays, in 2013, I would sometimes visit Hoang Vi Lieu minus Friday the 7th of June, 2013, because she was busy that day. She was like my students for a few months.

Uncertain Destiny

2013-06-03 - Monday - 02:58 AM - New Star Director Huynh Hong Le emailed me, "Normally you may arrive at HCMC at 7 pm or 8 pm. I think you can take Friday off because we can't make sure about your arrival time. See you this Saturday at 6 pm! I'll inform the students to be off this Friday."

Dalat - Day 01/04

2013-06-04 - Tuesday

Dalat - Day 02/04

2013-06-05 - 11:36 PM - Wednesday - I emailed Brent Groth, "Governments are keeping track of people. GPS are in phones & in cars. They spy on people's phone conversations, emails. Organizations do this. However, regardless of those things, some people will want to download a Mea Omnia phone app that allows their location to be shared at all times. I do not know how to design phone apps yet. We should begin asking people how to create and edit phone apps. We could be the first to have this. If there are other GPS apps out there, then we can try to design a more improved one. We can begin creating apps for phones and programs for computers. There are so many things we can do. But the GPS Me app could be one of our more important apps that we can begin designing."

Dalat - Day 03/04

2013-06-06 - 06:06 PM - Thursday - Hoang Vi Lieu Facebooked me, "Oh, I didn't know that. I never been in Dalat, I like the cold weather in there. hope you have a great time in DaLat. I wanna have a small gift from ur trip!!! dude. is it impossible from you, my friend? see u soon, take care. see u soon, take care." - 07:01 AM - Brent Groth emailed responded saying that he liked my ideas. Sups Stas Vân Đỗ might have been a Vietnamese woman that I knew in Saigon. I don't remember.

Dalat - Day 04/04

2013-06-07 - Friday - 07:08 AM - Menu Talk - I emailed Brent Groth on Mea Omnia, "We mostly need a hybrid menu that allows our visitors to navigate through our everything-website. Mea Omnia (MO) is about everything. A hybrid menu would be a combination of several different kinds of menus that work as tables of contents of our website. Our website would be like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, & AOL, because of the search bar. We can both have that in combine. But having better menus will set us apart from Google & the others. Google sort of has a menu where you can navigate through the internet, but it is still kind of confusing. I use Google for the search bar. My 2nd favorite search engine is Bing and 3rd fav is Yahoo, and 4th is AOL. But for menus, my favorite is Yahoo. You can explore pretty well there. We want to work on our search engines and on our menus. 1. Hybrid Menu: we want a menu that is a combination of the best of the best of the other menus. We can all debate about how we want to organize this Hybrid Menu. This would be a crazy menu to organize. 2. Trend Menu: we want what is most popular to show up on an ever changing menu that shows the best of the best of the internet in some kind of crazy hybrid random order. This would be about the buzz, about what was trending in the world in the ratings of what people are watching on TV, the radio, what people are buying, texting, searching on google, and other things. 3. Personalized Menus. I could make a menu and organize it how I want it. You could make a menu and organize it how you want it. Others who are working with us can make their own. Our visitors may want to use our custom menus to find what they are looking for. Maybe they will like yours better than mine or vice versa. They could click on a button that says the Brent Groth Menu that allows them to see the internet how you see it. 4. Fan Menus. Our visitors should be able to log in and make their own custom menus as well. People love custom designing things. 5. Chronological Menu. This menu would organizing the internet by the dates of when things happened or when things entered the internet or when things were written or whatever. 6. Alphabetical Menu would organize each thing by Latin English alphabetical order. This could help if you are not sure what something might be filed under. 7. Geographical Menu would organize things from the location of the origin of whatever that you are looking for on the internet. 8. Media Menu: this menu would organize itself by the different media types. This is the kind I kind of favor the most at times. One main page can be called video because videos is a file type. Another main page would be photos because pictures are another specific file type. Another would be audio. Another would be things you can read from documents or PDF. You also have GIF which is sort of like photos or it could stand alone. You can have a main page for just programs and other files. Some of those files may be downloadable. You could have a main page for games. Music could be separate or it could be part of the audio department. There may be a few others I am forgetting. - Home, Empire - Video, TV, movies, webcams - Audio, music, sings, soundtracks, beats - Photos, GIFs - Read, documents, PDFs, emails, blogs, forums, tweets - programs, files - games - 9. the search bar, of course - 10. other menus, too, maybe."

Class Cancellation

2013-06-07 - 07:00 PM ICT - Friday - New Star English Classes were cancelled because I was in Dalat with my fellow Tan Van Foreign Language School staff for a week - 06:43 AM PST - I emailed FYG Jolie concerning my Dalat trip, "Good. We saw waterfall, lake, Catholic church, flower shop, stores, market. We went biking." I think I knew Pham Xuan Truong who might have taught with Tan Van.

Helping Friends

2013-06-09 - Sunday - 02:09 AM - Joy Sanchez asked how much I paid for monthly rent: I said $120 USD or 2.200.000 VND. Not shared. A single room and a bathroom. It had AC and a fan. She then asked if it was $140 counting everything. Not sure. I wrote that it was $10 for water and $10 for laundry. And $90 for rent. And $20 for electricity. So, that is $90 rent + $10 water + $10 laundry + $20 electricity = $130. I wrote $120 before. I think I was estimating. So, those were the averages for each month. There was a 12 year old son at the house I rented from. Also a father. But the mother was off on like business trips a lot. She was off in other cities working a bunch I think. But don't remember what she did. Joy said she was planning to move to Saigon in August of 2013. Joy asked if they had an empty room in that house. I said they do have a room they could rent out. I was paying $6/day at that Balo Hostel in April of 2013. I said I was earning $16/hour from Tan Van in March, April, and May, of 2013, but that I would get a raise and earn $19/hour in June from Tan Van. But then Tan Van stopped giving me work in June. And they never gave me any more work after that. Joy asked me specifically at 02:18 AM PST, "Can you help me get situated?" I said, "I can try to help." Joy added, "I cant stay here longer because I need to work for my kids." I told Joy to meet my Vietnamese FYG friends. I probably should have helped Joy myself. But I thought they could help her better than whatever that I could do. So, I told Joy about them. I gave her the address of the hostel I stayed at, so she could go there if she needs to. 6 people per room, 3 bunk beds, in that hostel. I would park my bike there and use their wifi. I told Joy, "Maybe a friend could pick you up... if u get any fatter, u will be too heavy to pick up." That might have been a reference to how I was gaining weight near the end of 2012, that is six months earlier. I last saw Joy in December of 2012 in Bac Ninh. But that might have been a bad joke. I told Joy, "I could try to introduce you to the schools." I also said, "You could try to get a school to hire you before you buy a plane ticket from the Philippines to Vietnam." Joy then said that if she doesn't find work in the next 2 weeks, that she'll go back to New Star in Bac Ninh. I told her that she can meet my church friends and that she can email schools her work resume and cover letter like I would. Just copy and paste the letters to hundreds of different email accounts, schools. I told her to tell the schools that she graduated from a 4 year college and that she is fluent in English, or fluent enough. A fluent speaker, not a native speaker. I told her that the Indians are native, because they were there first to America and therefore native means fluent enough like Joy. She said I had a point there. I told her that there are 4 reasons why people should hire her: 9 months of teaching experience (wait, actually ten plus years), four years of college education studying commerce, fluent in English ($200 / 40 hours TESOL certified), and a great personality that people love. I told her to email me her resume - 02:56 AM - She said she will and she said, "aw joey, I'm really worried about my life." I told her, "You are a veteran because you have over a decade of experience as a teacher.... Your opening paragraph in your CV is too generic. Joy didn't want the father or the family of the father of her kids to see too much. That may be problematic. So, she would try to be as private as possible. I told FYG about Joy. I asked her if Janice was coming and she said yes but at the same time. Joy said she might be going to Vinh Long. I told Joy that Joseph does stocks. Actually, he mostly was doing church ministry. She asked if I was still with my fake GF, Kathy Stole My Bike. Nope, not since April 2013. I am better away from abusive environments - 03:56 AM - I wrote, "See you, sister." Our email chat ended at that time - 08:03 PM - FYG Jolie asked, "How can we meet her?" I replied, that they can meet Joy if she comes to HCM.

2013-06-09 - Sunday - 02:45 AM PST - FYG Q11 Church JA, Jolie Joseph Floor Snack Time me at church district 11.jpg

FYG Q.11 Church

2013-06-09 - Sunday - 02:45 AM PST - Fellowship Youth Group - I attended their Sunday house church meetings in 2013, for months, each Sunday, generally. It was in Vietnamese. I would try my best to sing along to the Vietnamese hymns. So, I was learning Vietnamese while there. Some knew English. They had snacks, like a potluck, at the end of the morning service, each Sunday. It was fun. It was encouraging. I also volunteered at their Monday night English club around 7 PM for a few months. Then they hired me in November of 2013 to teach for their club. So, I would teach for their English clubs, off and on, for many months, from 2013 until like February of 2016. I learned a lot from them. My favorite thing about my five years in Vietnam might have been them - 09:14 PM - I emailed Jolie, "Thanks. I like the Abraham song. I sang this song when I was younger. I am at a cafe in district Binh Thanh. I met a young man who co-owns this cafe here. He wants to start an English club since this is close to a university." - 11:12 PM - Trà Sữa Rainbow messaged me on Facebook, "Nice to meet you, Original Oatmeal. I hope you have a good time in my milk shop."

Mea Omnia

2013-06-09 - Sunday - I emailed Brent Groth, "How will I be able to edit our site? I think it will be possible. I can explain to you how. It would be like how we did it before. Before, we had WordPress, which was stored in a Shared Server computer of GoDaddy. Later, WordPress was saved and housed in a Dedicated computer. You and me would log into WordPress online. We were able to access what was on the Shared and Dedicated server computers because GoDaddy leaves them on. You can keep your server computer on, and online, all of the time. Our site will be offline when you turn off the server. If we were able to access WordPress in Shared and Dedicated, then we might find a way to remotely access DreamWeaver or other web builders on your server computer. I want to be able to go in their and help build the site when I can. We could have a random button for our visitors. If people click on it, then it gives them different layouts and things each time they come to our site. We could have different layouts to how our site looks. You have told me that you want this. I want it, too. Visitors can click the favorite buttons or like buttons to like the different layouts and fonts. Visitors can click the random button for the different things on our site. By default, our site will either give people different layouts and things each time, or it may stay the same until people click random. Some people want reliability. They want websites and things to stay the same. We do not want to scare those kinds of people away with how crazy our site might get. Those people can click on a button that will keep our site from going crazy. But others will want to be surprised each time they come to our site. And we want to let them click on the random buttons or other options. We want the options to be easy. We want the buttons to be as easy as a TV remote. But we want the options to provide plenty of details for the options as well."

2013-06-10 - Monday - FYG English - Travel - Screenshot at 2019-02-07 12:58:39.png

Travel Topic

2013-06-10 - Monday - FYG English Club - the topic, the theme was travel. This is a pretty popular theme for English learners. It happens a lot, again and again. They love to travel and they love talking about the desire to travel even more - FYG emailed me the PDF, so I could prepare for the English club, since I would go there to help - 01:04 AM - I emailed Tan Phu New Star Director Huynh concerning Joy, "Do you need new teachers? Do you know any schools that are hiring? When I first came to Bac Ninh, Vietnam, I met a 32 year-old Filipina woman who was working teaching English at that same "New Star Foreign Language Center" that I went to work at. She worked there for 8 months. In December, 2012, she went back to the Philippines to spend time with her 2 daughters. She has been teaching English for the past 10 years. She wants to come to Saigon before August, 2013. I told her to email schools and hope for the best. She is not a native English speaker, but she is fluent in English. She has a TESOL degree. She graduated from a 4-year college. She's more qualified than I am. Her name is Joy Sanchez - snoperfield0802@gmail.com."

Networking - Connecting People

2013-06-10 - Monday - 01:31 AM - I told Joy to contact HNY Tram Pham who helped me find work at Tan Van & Tan Phu New Star but to not tell her that I sent her as she was mad at me. Long story, but I know HNY has helped a lot of people & that is good. I was trying to help Joy find work. I told Joy to contact Peter Simon Bui Nguyen Hoang Phuc on Couch Surfing or on Facebook or contact Snif Petite. Again, I told Joy, not to tell HNY, Peter, or others, that she knows me, as they didn't like me. Again, long story. But I was trying to connect Joy to as many great people that could help her as possible. Those people helped me and that is a good thing. On Facebook, I met Duyen Nguyen. - 10:39 PM - I emailed Tan Phu New Star my reply, my confirmation of my teaching schedule for June, "2013 - 12th of June: Wednesday: 17:45 PM - 20:00 PM (four different classes) - 13th of June: Thursday: 18:00 PM - 19:15 PM (two classes) - 14th: Friday: 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM (two classes) - 15th: Saturday: 18:00 - 19:30 PM (one class)." She also told me that she got my email about Joy and that she would let Joy know of any schools that needed teachers, perhaps, someday, possibly. - 1050 PM - FYG Joseph told me in a chat, "with usb 4gb you will spend 130k-200k VND.... the store in Bui Thi Xuan streets sells it..." I wrote, "see u tonight 6:30 PM." So, the Monday English Club was at 7 PM, but I would arrive 30 minutes prior to that in order to help setup for the club each Monday, generally.

Lotteria Cong Hoa

2016-06-11 - Tuesday - 11:50 PM - I emailed myself: "Lotteria in Q.Tan Binh near Q.Tan Phu. Network: lotteria cong hoa - Password: 18008099 - Where? on the 3rd/top floor at this Lotteria closes to my school New Star in HCM. 2 PM Wednesday: 12th of June 2013 ADE. Lotteria Cong Hoa, quan Tan Phu, HCM. This is the only network that works at this Lotteria at the moment."

Wiring Money

2016-06-12 - Wednesday - 09:57 AM - I emailed Hanoi Anna - Photo Bucket - Dieu Le Hoang, who I met in person in January 2013, "I sent you $200.00 using U.S. Bank Pay a Person, a new personal payments service offered by financial institutions. U.S. Bank Pay a Person allows you to send money to anyone, regardless of where they bank, using only their e-mail address or mobile phone number. You can also receive money directly into your checking account within one business day. Some exclusions may apply. My message: "200 USD from Joey Arnold" - To receive your $200..00: Go to ZashPay.com/claim to see if your financial institution participates or to register there - Enter your : Enter your transaction code: 35180356." But then Anna said it was too many steps. She asked me to cancel the money transfer, the wiring. I told her to look for the routing numbers. She told me to go to a physical bank in person with some cash and include the following info: "tên tài khoản: Lê Thị Diệu NGÂN HÀNG VIETCOM BANK THANH HÓA số tk : 0781000383091." So, I did. Anna's bank account name is Lê Thị Diệu. I said I would send her 4.000.000 VND ($200). Then Anna wrote, "I will pay you as soon as I can. I don't want to own anyone. It is kind of a burden. Don't wake up late because I know you get up late." - 02:25 PM - Rick Arnold commented on my Facebook photo, "you look like Tommy Hilfiger."

Needing Better Appearance

2013-06-12 - Wednesday - 05:34 AM - Tan Phu New Star Huynh Hong Le emailed me, "I have appreciated that your teaching is suitable to the children and so interesting. I also have got some feedback from the students and teachers in my center. I hope these comments will be useful for you to improve yourself and contribute to the development of my center. If you really want to be a good teacher in the view of your students, please consider our feedback! Can you take care more of your outfit to make your appearance more professional and look tidy in front of the students. I think you can bring one more shirt with you to get dressed before you teach. Hopefully you will be soon the good English teacher in our view and our mind." - 09:25 AM - I wrote, "Do I need to iron my dress shirt and dress pants?" - 06:25 PM - She said, "I think it's a good idea." - 08:47 PM - Nicholas Littlejohn on Facebook to me, "you need to be in a movie man! wait a sec."

Better Education in Vietnam

2013-06-12 - Wednesday - 11:28 PM - I emailed Tan Phu New Star, FYG, Tyler Capp, Jennifer Pableo, Joy Sanchez, and a few other people, concerning Hanoi Anna, the following email, "This email is written to Joo Jolie Nguyen and Joseph Dinh. This email is also written to Huynh Hong Le of New Star in Tan Phu. This is email is about my Vietnamese friend in Hanoi. Her name is Dieu Le Hoang. She wants the educational systems in Vietnam to advance. What do you think? I agree, with her. She wants to live and work in Saigon, or possibly Singapore. She wants to make Vietnam a better place. I agree with her. I told her there are people like her that want the same. You can be her friend. Tell her what you guys think."

Aaron Pinter

2013-06-13 - Thursday - 10:06 PM - ABC Alumni Aaron Pinter, who I knew when I was a student at that Bible college, 2006-2007, commented on my Facebook on my update status, "You will soon."

Power Rangers Review

2013-06-14 - Friday - 02:15 PM - I messaged Rick Arnold on Facebook, "Linkara is in his thirties or so and he reviewed the past 20 seasons. I may never watch all of the episodes of the past 20 years but he did. Here is the first review. It is about season 1. Click this link to see his playlist of videos of the 20 seasons on Youtube. The different videos he make are around 30 minutes each, which is only about the length of one episode as compared to watching 20 episodes for each season. Some of the videos are longer. Tommy might be coming back for the newest season which is called Power Rangers Mega Force... Trini dies 2001 or 2002 i think... according to this video..."

Single Again

2013-06-15 - Saturday - 05:16 PM - Nicholas Littlejohn commented on my Facebook, "Hey, are you single again friend?" - 03:29 AM - James Seebacher emailed me concerning the Lush bar, "Lush opens at 8 pm every day we close when the party stops. Sometimes midnight, sometimes 3am.We have have wifi however this being Vietnam and Lush being a nightclub we generally recommend guests do not bring expensive electronics to party. We have a food menu or western and Vietnamese comfort foods. Most drinks are less than 100 VND about 5 dollars USD. Beers are cheaper, premium spirits a bit more. Bottles range from 70 USD and up. Thanks for your inquiry." Do they have private rooms? "Lush has 3 rooms, there are tables available in each space. There are not however private rooms at this time."

Dress Code

2013-06-16 - Sunday - 07:54 PM - Tan Phu New Star emailed me, "Please kindly find the attachment! Here are some regulations in the center you should note: - Wear shoes, not sneakers or slippers - Don't wear jeans - Dont's eat in the center or the center campus ( i can show you some places to eat nearby) - Be tidy, clean and be aware of the whole center sanitation - Behave politely with the staff of the center - Build good relationship with the students and Vietnamese teachers - Hope you understand! See you tomorrow!" - 11:34 PM - I replied, "See you tomorrow. I will not eat at New Star. I will not wear jeans. I will wear dress pants. I will wear dress shoes and not sneakers. I will not wear sneakers. For the record, sneakers are shoes, but sneakers are not specifically dress shoes. What is the difference between the Center and the Campus Center"

Beauty of Souls

2013-06-16 - Sunday - 09:34 PM - Loan Nguyen emailed me, "me, beautiful? Thanks You. Maybe u see beauty of my soul. In fact, i'm very kind and often help everybody even when i receive nothing. Today i wanna tell you something Joey. I am so sad to comeback my hometown because of my job here. Did you remember? the last time, I gave U a call and told U that I would comeback my hometown on last wednesday. And the day after that day, I went my hometown, ..Last friday I had an interview at a company near my grandma's home. I won and got the job. Now i am here in Ho Chi Minh city and i am coming back Tay Ninh province in this afternoon. Miss U a lot, my friend. U know we don't have chance to meet each other. But U can always find me on phone not facebook. Maybe i will be on yahoo sometimes. At my hometown, there is not fun because it still doesn't develop, especially internet, entertainment, center, shop, cafe shop, bookstore, restaurant, and even hotel. I am here because my job..I often cry because i feel unhappy, miss my friends and city so much. Hope u can visit my hometown only one time. I will talk to u all day even when i am tired... I will try. I wanna earn $$$ to serve for my study when i come back City. I will study some majors that i like and want. Noone helps me except myself. I used to do some jobs before to earn $$ for my study. " - 11:16 PM - I replied, "I will miss you because you love life and people. I am at a cafe in district 11 right now. I will be at this cafe until 6 PM. I will visit you if I can. You have a special spark for life. Your eyes sing and laugh in life. Crying is not a bad thing. It means you care about people. I love your name. You have a nice name. What kind of job are you going to have?" - 01:52 AM - I emailed Brent Groth a list of 80 different Linux-based operating systems (OS). We were debating on the website we were building.

Bamboo Island

2013-06-17 - Monday - 03:09 AM - Hanoi Anna emailed me, "Hey Joey, can you help me and my female friend get to HCMC... we would love to work on Phu Quoc island if you can help us... would you like to work there? How's the weather in Saigon? Well, Phu Quoc is a wonderful island. my health was good when I was there last year... I got more trouble with Hanoi, the weather and the money-minded minds... can you put me in touch with some intellectual and passionate friends? anyone you know?" That chat ended at 03:15 AM. I asked her if that was the Bamboo Island. I think it is - 04:47 PM - Rick Facebook messaged me, "tell them to call you Master, since they dont know what it means, it makes it that much funnier. Just tell them that it's a polite thing people call an authority figure in America... So what have you been up to? Been in any movies yet? .... Do your students call you sir?" I replied, "They may not know the English word for "Sir." People, in general, do call me "Sir" at times, as I get older. My students call me "Teacher" or "Joey.""

Money in the Mail

2013-06-18 - Tuesday - 03:16 AM - I emailed Brent Groth of our Mea Omnia Website, "I got your letter in the snail-mail today. It had $21 USD in it in cash. One 20-dollars bill and one 1-dollar bill. Thank you. You got my address right." - 11:24 AM - Brent Groth replied, "Perfect, nice. That letter was sent two weeks ago or more I think. So international mail takes forever. But it got there, that pretty impressive."

Vy Tran - 2018-12-24 - Sunday - 2013 Saigon Church Friend 48378156_2147038728651266_2211544811796692992_n.jpg
Vy Tran Met Me in Saigon in 2013 - She Encouraged Me

Moving On

2013-06-19 - Wednesday - 09:13 AM - Vy Tran commented on my link on Facebook, "All the best for you Joey. Forget everything and move on, may God blesses you." - 09:32 AM - Jen Pableo added, "I've done reading the whole content of this post just now, joey. Sorry to hear 'bout that but your life won't stop to that. Just keep going with what you believed in yourself 'till you'll able to achieve what you wanted to achieve,Joey. God bless you,Joey. Always jEn-jEn ;)." - 09:30 AM - Trần Bảo Tân added, "Sorry to hear that."

More Money

2013-06-20 - Thursday - 06:04 AM - I emailed Hanoi Anna about how I lend her money. She might have asked for another loan, for more money. She might have blocked me on Facebook around that time. I don't remember exactly what happened. I wrote to her in an email, "You ask me for help but I already helped you. How can I write to you if you block me on Facebook? I gave you 4.000.000 VND. You want more money. How much more money do you want? Maybe you did not block me on Facebook." - 06:17 AM - Anna responded, "Hi Joey, I think we need to talk to each other. I am very sad that you are not behaving really strange. I helped you, my friends helped you, everyone was willing help you when you got trouble. So it was nice of you to help me or anyone when being in trouble. I told you that I lost money and I needed your help. 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Dream Big, Dare to Fail. Share your knowledge, it is a way to achieve immortality!!!'" - 06:23 AM - I replied, "I helped you. I gave you 4.000.000 VND. You say you will pay me back. I did not help you because you helped me in the past. The two are not directly connected." - 03:49 AM - Anna added, "hi don't worry Joey. I will pay you when I have money, not now absolutely - I can't believe you have behaved like this - can you help me and my friend get to Saigon? we would like to work there and we will pay you later - can you help us? oh my god, Please don't be mad Joey. just remember that I have borrowed money from you and I will pay you later - please always remember in your mind - now can you help me and my friend with some work in HCMC?" Anna asked for more money via chat. She asked a few times. She said she lost her money. Maybe she was robbed. I said no to her. - 06:21 AM - I wrote to Anna, "I have around 300.000 VND all together." That's $30 USD. I told her that I had no money in a bank. I had no bank at that time in Vietnam. So, I was living day by day, paycheck to paycheck. We had a conversation about whether I would give her more money. She asked me a bunch of questions. I told her that I wanted her to keep her word, her promises. I told her that I try not to worry or get angry. She reminded me of Nick, the guy with no legs or arms, to encourage me to never give up in life. "Do you have a GF?" Nope. I know Nick. "Did you meet him?" No, but he inspires me. "Did you publish some novels, books?" Nope. She told me that she could translate my books into Vietnamese and then distribute them to Vietnamese. I told her that I would but that I haven't written any books yet. She had a friend that she met at a temple. She said she hoped to meet me again. She asked me if I loved nature and I said that I did. She added, "my eyes are getting worse. too much working with laptop. I am thinking of having more physical work with the nature. hope you are also a positive person. I love science, social sciences." I told her I don't much about science or math. I like social sciences and philosophy more than chemistry, biology. "What kind of philosophy?" My own kind of philosophy. After that, she began asking me questions about my English teaching. But I left the conversation, either accidentally or purposely. I don't remember what happened. But that email chat ended with her questions on my English teaching. But I didn't respond to them. - 10:37 PM - I added, "You tell me not to annoy people. however, whether or not I annoy people is irrelevant and it is not as important as more important things in life. Life is less about giving people what they want and more about giving people what they need. I gave you 4.000.000 VND which is enough to get you and your friend to Saigon but you say you have less than that now. I am not responsible for how people feel. If people get annoyed from me and by me, it is ultimately not my fault but the fault of each individual. We are responsible for our lives. I should not blame other people for my own problems. I should not say things like, "I would not feel so tired if you were not around." that is called blaming others for certain problems and situations and circumstances. That is just an example but that is what we do as humans. We should not blame other people. We should do the right and better things in life regardless of how people may feel about it."

Cute Photo

2013-06-21 - Friday - 08:59 AM - Bang Lang Tim Ngan Vo wrote on my photo, "Cute!! hihi!!!" - 07:51 AM - I wrote to Kathy Stole My Bike, "You are falsely accusing me of things." - 07:54 AM - Kathy: "You write any letter! Take a picture of my email! And posting in the public place! Make a friend leave for me - i never can't come to his coffee again! And i still need him help me for a job! It's fair?" Is stealing money from me fair? She replied, "And you make me lost alot of money because the scandal you make for me v...v.. Some friend of job i want to conected leave me beacause i have a bad bf like you! It's not enough what you want about it? .... I don't want to have a new enemie - this man is so rich! He's the owner of Grace coffee! Because of you! Becaause everything i write for you in the CS - i tried to save you far from Phúc and Trâm. I have to show my open face! And this man thing : Oh my god , she have a bad bf - if i in love with her - dose her bf can kill me - he's crazy - every pp talking that! And after that he delete my account facebook! And don't pay for me any thing back i pay for him.... he is scared of you... He have a CS account to! And he is my job - not my love! But he think i'm same like you : Never pay back and talking good for anything helper! He think i'm same like you! And he see what we conection in CS! That's why he leave.... I don't care about his love! He is a good friend for me before... And good for my older sister children! When i take her to lesson English because her parent want to... so you think where money i used to alive still now! offcouse it not come from you Joey... because you are my ex boyfriend! he can't give money for a girl have too much busy same like me. if i can't fix my prestige, and my thinking. I will not focus to my job! That's why he have to watching about my past. And he see you... Yes offcouse i need it! I need money because money can buy for me a food! without it i will clem! Yes offcouse i need it! I need money because money can buy for me a new clothes! Without it i will freezing to death. Money is just a paper! It's just can help if it come from a good reason! My mother said! Joey are stupid! If he a good person! He will enough intelligent to know! If he still be good with my daughter! I will give him much more he can know about that. You should leave him! Life with the person like that. You can't have the good future! (I think she right about it!)..." Then I asked Kathy why she stole my bike. She continued with her ranting, "So! Did you give me enough money what i want? Yes! My plan is open a company! So did you help me to go to school learning how to make a clay flower? Yes! You are said : Yes! I will have you! So! What you "help" me! Let me come home alone - when i try to help you come to job? Our connection is just I help you! And you help me : Nothing! Understand! Did you give for me the MONEY you promise me? Or you just said it , to make me hope , and leave? My mother said : i will give Joey more money if he still life in our home! And it's don't Steal! If i just want to steal you money, i just take all your money and kick you out my home! I will not let you metting my mother friend is my boss at charity group. It's can be stop the belive of this girl for me! It's can't help me for working! But when you leave my house - i think you have much money! 18 milion VND! Don't you by any thing for my mother - or my sister same thing like a gift? Because my mother show me so much thing she buy for you? You are ungrateful Joey. Do you understand english? Did i ask you i need money to come back class? Did i ask you? If you can give me money - you can give to my mother - and write a letter for her : save this money for Kathy to come back class - i give for her because i promise for her! You always using Google translate to reading what people taking by Vietnamese? But don't want to keep promise with me! That was happen! My mother said with me : you don't give any thing for her!" I replied, "You stole money from me." Kathy replied, "You stole my life from me.... I still remember i said with you , it's our deal! My boss think this bicycle is a gilt to her children - that's why we don't talking about MONEY here. And i said : If you good enough for her and for her familly - they will pay you more they have! They cooking for you a food right? in the charity group right? And they pay for you a food when we come to the restaurant of my younger sister? So what you pay for they and my mother? Just same thing like 3.000.000 vnd , and you keep ask? because you leave! did people have to pay money for worker if they choice to leave and they not finish they job? Every thing in this life is have to pay! You have to know that. People drink to much alcohol , they have to pay liver cancer. Smoke to much - they have to pay secondary cancer. littering and environmental damage, they have to pay a dirty air and dirty water! The conection of familly same like that. Lover is same like that too. so who take the clothes go out my house? Who go and not said good bye with my mother? And don't find my brother to talking event he know where my brother house? Who did it? why i have to remember? Have to tell you the truth - i want to delete all my memory about you! I just can life if i can do that! I just datting with you one month. I don't have to take care all your life. If you is not a good person! I can find another men! now I'm lowering my standards down. I will come back with Nguyễn Sĩ Hoàng! He know all about me. But he still acept! And and he repect me, and special , never called me : scrounger. This money enough to buy my honor? This money enough to buy the medicine to get away form the stress about the email you spaming to me every time and every day? This moeny enough to take the belive of my neighbors back? Now i have scars were married and divorced in the resume! You stole my time to now - It's crime too Joey. It's the same! People use they time to life to working for find the money. Officials at the time the company used to manufacture products. There's people out of work ever! Joey! I will come back with Nguyễn Sĩ Hoàng. And i never want to see you again! I said with you : my familly will angry me if they know i still conected with you - not just when they know i have a decided to give you money about some thing they don't know yet. So if you can talking with my younger sister, or her husband! They all have a facebook. Try to deal with them - now you are need money to much. Try to deal. If they agreed! They will meeting and give money for you! They control all my money - my father give money for my younger sister , and she give my mother money enough 1 month. And offcouse in this have my money enough 1 day! I can help about the food , the clothes , but the money - special the money - i have to ask - and if they agreed , you have to meeting them , i scared you can kill me when we face to face. Same thing like can't control about that! I said i scared you! And it's mean i scared you! Don't you can't understand English? I give you the address of my sister! And if you can talking with me - try to talking with her again! yes - i scared! When i have sex with some man have a mental issues, I fear I will be killed and then raped. I'm not afraid of coercion, not afraid to die too, but death and forced a turn is two different issues. Who know you will doing? Did you write in CS Ha Noi you are have some mental issues? did the normal people is blaming father or his ex gf is in the hell? And her mother will deaf and blind? event she have this person to have a house , washing his clothes , buying for him a breakfast , and planning to open a wedding for him , still she know him didn't have enough parent to come her house , and enough money to get back for her after end of that? Ok! I will to tell you the true! The facebook Nguyễn Sĩ Hoàng is the real facebook of him! But the people is comment for you it's me! Ofcouse Sĩ Hoàng agreed! He said - let do that! To know how much you fall in love with me - after that i will have the right choice about my love! You know what Joey! I hear you said with my friend : I deserve to be treated badly. And my mother and father should go to the hell! It's first! A second : the facebook MiMi Tra Duong is of me too! I use it to play game online! And my sister know that. And she let me do! So do you know why i have to posting on you fb acount when you posting my picture?! If i don't do that! The new girl will never come with you! We will stay in this point forever, and will up set on the hurt! And! You never talking with my sister about the money! Should try it for the first time! She know you are my ex bf! If you are good enough , if my sister own you some thing. Like you said = i help you familly - washing the dished bla bla. If it a real price you should get pay back. Talking to her - her better than my older sister (friend) and my mother , her can speak English! And her control all my money , because her is my only close sister." I replied, "That means you are guilty." Kathy replied, "you are too Joey! Who take the picture for the email when i tell with him , my father die is my falt? It's a public place. Did you don't do any thing bad for me and my familly? Did i said with you to leave at the last time? When we agreed we will forget all the past? And working together to find money more?" I wrote, "Did I say that I wanted Vietnamese classes?" She replied, "Did you said you don't want to? want people doing good to you? Ok! asking your mother! Do she have to meet you father again after they courage? And she never hurt about his never share money for her life, just drunk and come back. You are not drunk, not using money for drunk. But still for food , water for washing , get bath? Who will pay for it? If it's not me? why don't try to stop me at the frist time? If you said you don't want it! I will said thanks for you! Because it's take my time and my money too. I have to buy a drink water to stay and wait for you to finish class! I have to drink medicine when i come back home - Go with you all the day - i still go with you all the night! I have nothing when i do that! Did the university will pay back for me , because i treat you to class? No! Sorry Joey - now i'm have to sleep. Tomorow i have go to shopping with my boss TranThi NhaThy - we will go some market to buy a new clother and after that sell at the strest before her house! If you want some friend to talking to out stress and find money! Try to talking with my younger sister (her fb is Tra Duong Thanh). she have a familly now , and she is vergin , but her husband is have to much gf before. But they still have a child , and have a happy endding. She is a different than me-and never hurt you, special about your body and sex. That's why i think may be she can help and fix you problem! If she agreed, i will have a money, to give it for you! I will sleep right now! Bye. You know what the way to find! I will call my sister before you find her! If you are good enough. She will agreed! She is not Trâm(Jump) and Thu(Two). you are not me! How can you know my life , and what impact in me to let i'm said that! I said with you! Try to talking with my younger sister! Do everything for her! Like you do everything for Trâm everyday (send a list email for me and Trâm too when you get stress). If my sister know it's you said the true. She will give money for you. With me, money is just a paper! But i don't have it! Do you understand? I don't know when talking with you always make me so tired! Thanks you before you leave my house soon. Just one month is mean i can still come back. If no , may be i'm will stress enough to die because tired! May be not face to face is can not die yet! But it's still tired! It's true! did i look like a print money? In my familly i'm the poor people! The laptop of my sister - the bike is her name too - if want to sell that i have to find a license. The cell phone of my mother! And if i sell any thing I USING without asking my mother and my sister. They will to take me to come the crazy hospital! I think you know i said the true! because you meet all my familly - you see by your eyes my mother asking me : Do you want to come to the hospital! It's will not lost money for them when i life at that! For the first time we meet J , i think you are the good people! I think , may be this man just have some trouble with his life, may be unlucky. May be he lost his job because this company is hide enough worker. Unlucky at some time, is not mean he not good. I think may be i can take him for one month , we can find another job. I will take him to meet my mother, will take him to meet my boss. If he good enough, they will help him have a job! But every thing have to belive about the work said : Destiny! But when i find some thing inside you! I discovery - if we still in date. It's will be a big trouble with me and my familly. Let i'm said all Correction is Destiny. My mother can not said English! And you don't want to discovery the Vietnamese. Special the Vietnamese language , and the Vietnamese food." - 12:18 PM - I replied, "You're not listening." Kathy continued, "I just can cook the Vietnamese food , just can eat the Vnese food. And i use the Oat Meat before , i don't want to try it! Just one bite! I like the man know how to drive the bike. I like the feeling when the girl is back the men try to hide the wind and sun. Lie is bad too! You said you will stay forever behide me. And will do anything fo me, because you LOVE me? Do you give anything for me to finish my job? Do you? I have a job too , and it's my dream also - i don't have to follow you everyday! If no one ask? Do you think i will free all my life? And not pay anything for my mother - when i was in job?"

Chilling at Kiwi Cafe

2013-06-23 - Sunday - 12:44 AM - OO Joey Arnold - Facebook Page - here are 13 photos from that day, four from Balo Hostel, and the other nine from the Kiwi Cafe. From May to like September, 2013, I would spend most of the day eating, drinking, and surfing the net via my laptop at that Kiwi Cafe, generally, around those months, and possibly longer than that. I'm not sure if I began going to Kiwi in April, but probably at least by May, and obviously by June as seen in these photos. 12:34 AM - I shared This Basketball Video with my brother, Rick, on Facebook. It was a twenty minute Michael Jordan career highlights video. My older sister, Katie.Can.7, wrote to me on Facebook, "you sound sad. know you deserve love. people had much worse child hoods than we do. it is time to move on from the trauma." 08:20 AM - anndong317@gmail.com - Ann Dong emailed me, "Seriously, you are the most annoying people I've ever met in my entire life man. Can you just please stop CC me in your bullshit emails. Cause I don't need to read those things, and I guess most of the people you CC, they don't care too. You know why? Cause nobody cares, it's your things, your own problems, then DEAL with it yourself man. I have my things to deal in our lives and I can't plus I don't want to get involved in your own shit, you own life man. GROW UP." - 08:51 AM - Fương Thanh messaged me on Facebook, "Nice to meet you." - 09:27 AM - Michael Vanderzanden emailed me, "SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR TROBLES JOEY IT SOUNDS LIKE A BIG CULTURAL DIFFIRENCE FROM THE RESPONCES I HAVE READ AND THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT KNOW HOW TO TREAT OTHER PEOPLE AND THERE ARE THOSE THAT ARE VERY SELFISH AND SELF CENTERED AND DON'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED OR THEY DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT HOW GOD VIEWES THAT PERSON MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU." - 07:12 PM - Nhi Nguyen emailed me, "Why do you ask me this question? I think maybe you misunderstand something. Yesterday I paid my drink before going out. At that time I wanted to pay for you but I couldn't because I didn't have enough money, so I could pay for myself only. The boss at this shop asked you to pay money for me again???? Please tell me. I really don't want you think I am trying to exploint or give you the run-around." - 10:22 PM - I replied, "They told me that I had to pay for your drink, unless if they were lying to me. It is possible that she said the wrong English words to me. She may have forgot that you paid for your drink. I think she said that you had a drink for about 15.000 VND or something. Unless if she was asking me for taxes or something. I am not sure what happened. I paid for my drink and for my food and I paid more money for a 3rd entry, which I think she said was for your drink but I am not sure. I just wanted you to know this. I am not mad. I am not upset. I just wanted you to know what happened."

Meeting Nhi Nguyen

2013-06-24 - Monday - 07:09 AM - Nhi replied, "I phoned to this cafe. I think maybe there is something misunderstand between you and staffs in this shop. Because they don't understand English, so they explain wrong. My fee is 16,000vnd which I paid before and I don't know how much you have to pay. I asked the boss in this cafe, and she thought I was trying to lie her so she was annoyed while I was trying to explain. That's so crazy. I think it will be better for you if you ask a bill after using their foods or drink the next time. And hope you still have a beautifull view about Vietnamese people." - 07:22 AM - I replied, "I paid the 16,000 VND. I paid around 5 PM. At that time, I was talking to a different waitress. You must have paid a different waitress in the morning. The one waitress may have failed to tell the other waitress what happened. That is called a lack of communication. Things like this happens in life. People forget to communicate and problems happen." - 12:00 PM ICT Noon - we were scheduled to meet. This person wanted to meet me Sunday morning at 9 AM ICT, but I said I was busy. I think I was at Tan Phu New Star observing an older white teacher teach his kids some English. He was a funny teacher. So, I may have met Nhi or Nhin Nguyen. Don't remember. That person's email was nhinguyen2303millionaire@gmail.com. Actually, we met Sunday according to some of the emails I'm reading. - 03:55 PM - Matthew Smith commented on my Facebook photo, "Why so sad?" Maybe sad because you never paid me back thousands of dollars. - 09:20 PM - Hanoi Anna emailed me, "What is happiness and is it really the one and only end that we pursue in life? - What makes life meaningful and is a meaningful life more important than a happy one? - What does it mean to be a 'good person' and is it possible to be one? - Are art and ethics entirely subjective and if so, should they just be treated as a matters of taste and lifestyle?" I replied, "Happiness is alignment with eternity. Happiness is not what we pursue. We pursue helping others. I do not pursue happiness, I pursue love. Meaning and joy are aligned and connected. A meaningful life is much more important than a foolishly happy life. Art and ethics seem to be subjective at times, but you must scratch pass the surface." She replied, "Can you please email me? TOO MUCH, SO I do need to read your ideas carefully. Thanks." I replied, "These are questions I think about everyday, all of my life." 10:01 PM - I emailed myself, "Kiwi Milk Tea Shop - 152 Doc Lap Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM." - 11:17 PM - Minh Hiep Trương messaged me on Facebook, "oh, it's pity! but are you busy on Wensday?" - 11:34 PM - Siêu Nhân Siêu wrote on Facebook, "now . my feel like my friend Original Oatmeal. i'm lonely."

Drink & Talk

2013-06-25 - Tuesday - 01:03 AM - I emailed myself, "Vọng Nguyệt. Drink & Talk Club: daily: 7 - 9:30 PM. 36/70 Đường D2, phường 25, quận Binh Thanh, HCM. Club is on the 1st (or 2nd) floor: not on the ground (or 1st) floor. Club Leader: Luis Casanova - I began attending around this time, probably, if not sooner. - 03:05 AM - I replied to a Couch Surfing email, "couch surfing deleted my account. i want it back. i do not spam... Do you have wifi? When do you open and close each day?" - 03:07 AM - James Seebacher emailed me concerning the Lush bar, "On Tuesday there is a 100,000 VND cover charge for men for Ladies Night. A table reservation and a purchased bottle will waive the cover for up to 4 guys. Weekends are free for everyone unless there is a special guest booked but then tickets are usually no more than 100K." - 03:49 AM - I emailed Drink & Talk, "I went on D2 looking for the Drink & Talk Club. I was not able to find it. You are not my friend on Facebook. You should be my friend." 03:49 AM - that same minute, I emailed HNY, "Tram, Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it." FYG friend Jane Tiên Phượng Trần.

Original Abide in Saigon

2013-06-25 - Tuesday - 04:17 AM - I emailed myself some contact information, addresses, phone numbers, emails. In that list was the first house I stayed at on Sunday, the 10th of February, 2013, and also on the next Sunday, the 17th, until Wednesday, the 20th, 2013-02-20, "HNY Tram Pham - Tracy Pham Ke - 89/40/24 Nguyễn Hồng Đào, Phường 14, Quận Tân Bình, HCM. Tan Van: 507A Quang Trung, 10, Gò Vấp. New Star: 169 Độc Lập, Tân Quý, quận Tân Phú. " - 12:34 PM - Vy Le messaged me on Facebook, "Yes, my friend help me to bring it to customers in saigon."

Bad With Numbers

2013-06-26 - Wednesday - 07:10 AM - Nhi Nguyen emailed me her address, "45 Nguyễn Thị Tú, Bình Hưng Hòa B, Bình Tân, HCM. Please give me your schedule asap. Thank you very much. Nhinguyen." - 08:08 AM - I replied, "Thanks for your address. I will give you my schedule. Today, I went to Kiwi and asked the waitress and she told me that you did pay. I must have heard her wrong on Sunday. On Sunday, I thought she said that I was paying for your drink. I thought she showed me 3 items that I had to pay. I had a drink for 22.000 VND. I had rice for 25.000 VND. That was a total of 47.000 VND. I gave her 100.000 VND. She gave me back 53.000 VND I think. She says that is what she gave me back. That is what I think i remember. I am sorry about this. I am sometimes bad with numbers. I am sometimes bad with mathematics (math). I am sometimes bad at counting. I must have heard her wrong. I must have made these mistakes, is which happens. I am not mad, angry, sad, upset at you. I just wanted to make sure I understood what happened. I could pay for your drink, if you wanted me to. I am sorry for writing so much. I am sorry about making a big deal about this. I am like an investigator. I am like a scientist. I am like a reporter. I am just trying to understand everything. I want to make sure I know happened, exactly. It turned out that it was my fault. I thought maybe you did not pay or that they made a mistake. But you did pay and they did not make a mistake. It was my bad. I just had to make sure. I will try not to make the same mistakes again." She replied, "OK, Don't need to feel bad like that and say sorry to me a lot. I can understand your problem because you're foreigner and there are a lot things you misunderstand. Hope you can find my house."

Finding Work

2013-06-27 - Thursday - 12:06 AM - Hoang Vi Lieu messaged me on Facebook, "hey how have you been? Tmr I will send my cv to the company. will you help to fix it before sending it." - 06:54 PM - she added, "i will send it tmr. its so hurry so I didnt spent so much time on it. please check it for me! make it more special as the way am I lollllll."

Janice in Saigon

2013-06-28 - Friday - 06:40 AM - Joy emailed me, "Janice is asking for your number." I replied, "I gave it to her. She is near HCM... I know a few female Vietnamese women that got Teaching English jobs this year. It seems that there are some openings at some places at times." I think Janice asked me to go to visit Cambodia for a day. I didn't do that. I went to Cambodia, my first time, in August, 2013, by myself. My second time was in like March, 2015. - 06:17 AM - Hoang Vi Lieu emailed me, "thank you so much, :)) did it spend a lot of time? Nguyen Khang is not ur friend, I dont know abt that." I fixed her resume.

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