2013, December

I lost my bike. That was big. I visited Long An. I was living in District 1, teaching there and at the Leaf Pagoda. Also taught at Saigoniz Cousine and other places.

2013 Pagoda Teacher 01.jpg
2013-12-07 - Saturday - I met Whei Yi Chew - this photo may be from that same day - she taught at the Leaf Pagoda for like a month

My Address in December, 2013

544 Võ Văn Kiệt, phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, Châu Á

Met on Bikes

2013-11-30 - Saturday - 07:00 AM ICT: I met a girl. Later, I emailed her, Tri Quang Dinh: "I met you on our bicycles in the Go Vap District, while I was going to a pagoda on Quang Trung 7 AM today, Saturday, 2013 November 30th." She replied: "Hi Joey, Thanks for your information. Do you usually going to pagoda on Quang Trung ? I want to make friend with you in order to improve my skill. I am really like if we are drink coffee together. Can you tell me your address and telephone number ? Rgds: Trí." 2013-12-11 - Monday: I asked for her Facebook. On Tuesday, she said she didn't have one. I didn't reply.


2013-12-01 - Sunday - 11:06 PM: - Facebook Conversation - From Friday - I had a conversation with someone about competition, marketing, advertisement. Why? Because, first, I taught English at his center in Q.Thanh Binh, an American English Club. Second, I commented on his Facebook page and told people to learn English with me instead of him or something to that affect. I think I was only trying to be friendly. But in the debate, I defended my side and talked about how he should not be scared of my competition. That should make him fight for the students even harder. He talked about unfriending me as I was causing problems and stuff. The conversation started on Friday and went on to Sunday or something like that.

FYG Q.1 English

2013-12-02 - Monday - 07:00 PM ICT - 09:00 PM ICT - Joey Arnold - Facebook Post - In our first club session, we talked about family. That was the topic. There were 7 of us here all together. We met here 7 - 9 AM today, Monday, the 2nd of December 2013. We met at our club in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. There are some photos. We talked about divorce, the immediate family, siblings, extended families, about simple introductions. We also discussed about this question: what is more important, love or money? I played the guitar. There were snacks. It was fun. 04:32 am: Blue Red King Hai - Facebook Comment: "Who is Ninja? Original Oatmeal." He loves karate like Taekwondo of Korea like my brother. They both did karate. I knew My My Vo.

Russia Nga Bich Nguyen, Tiffany Ngan Vo Bang Lang Tim, Hung Ha, Joey Arnold:
Met them in Q.12, HCM, in July, 2013

July of 2013

2013-12-03 - Tuesday - 04:48 PM: My Heo left a Facebook comment somewhere. She was friends with three people I met in District 12 back in July of 2013: Russia Nga Bich Nguyen, Tiffany Ngan Vo Bang Lang Tim, and Hung Ha. We met at Russia's house which may be the same place as Chuồng Ngựa: 105/4B Lê Văn Khương, P.Hiệp Thành, Q.12, HCM. You can like Russia's page. Interesting pictures.

Revolution Hawaii

2013-12-03 - Tuesday - 05:57 PM: - Fulton Hawk: - Facebook Post - 3 MONTHS IN HAWAII!!! NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!!! Find out more at Revolution Hawaii. Grace Sheppard Holdaway joined RevHI. Great. Married. New Zealand. Interesting. That's as of 2019. Back in 2013, I commented: "Only 3 months? I didn't really want to work in Hawaii until I got there. How could you want to work in Hawaii 15 years ago? There was no RevHI back then. What else could draw you in? Beautiful girls and an opportunity to be on the Hawaii-5-0 TV show? You do not have to go there to be there. Just close your eyes and think of ice-cream. The Happy Peter Pan Thoughts of Ice-Cream will be the equivalent of being in Hawaii." 04:55 PM: Moc Cafe: "This group will meet Tuesday and Saturday from 6pm to 9pm . Welcome Original Oatmeal ...."

Complex Vietnamese

2013-12-04 - Wednesday - 06:11 AM: Hana Hoa Kiều Trần - Facebook Comment: "Original Oatmeal.... In Vietnam studies was more complex than the western side, right?" 09:31 AM: I emailed Q.Thu Duc Kid's Kim Thu Nl: "Have you seen my headphones or earphones?" 10:18 PM: FYG: "Got it, when there are enough students for all club, we ll have new fixed table ^^."

Over One Year in Vietnam

2013-12-05 - Thursday - 06:32 PM: - I wrote: "I have been in Vietnam since 2012. I am still here. I live in the first District of HCMC. My name on Facebook is Original Oatmeal. Call 090-312-4615, if you want to practice English with me. My skin is white. I am a native-English Speaking American. I live in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia. For more information about our English Clubs, please call my manager. My manager is a female Vietnamese woman who is fluent in Vietnamese and English. She is Vietnamese. She is about 25 years old. Like I already said, please call her... I like to sing, dance, draw, write, basketball, make movies, films, websites, books, invent, design, bike, games. I am a comedian. My Facebook is Original Oatmeal. You can add me there. Just look me up and you can find me. Life is full of surprises. Never give up in your dreams. I do many things. Ask me about them. I am also a teacher. I even teach English. I teach all levels and skills of English. For more information, go to Facebook and just search for Oatmeal English.... Add me on Facebook. Send me friend requests and friend suggestions. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Find my videos on Youtube.... If you want to know more about our English Clubs, just search for the Oatmeal English Club in Facebook. We have English Clubs in District One of Saigon Vietnam.... I was born and raised in the United States of America, in the state of confusion. Oh, I mean, the state of Oregon, which is above California. I am fluent in English. Just talk to me. It is easier to talk to me then it is to talk to some foreigners. I have been to Canada and Cambodia as well. Watch my videos. They will inspire and entertain you, or else my name isn't Oatmeal, hehehehehehehheeeee hahahaha hihihihihiii.... I have a bunch of photos and things on Facebook as well. Want to see my adventures and journey in Vietnam? Just look me up on Google. Type in my name and find me all over the internet. You can also like my fan page. You will find my fan page to be very exciting...."

Living in District 1

2013-12-05 - Thursday - 07:40 PM: - I wrote: "My name on Facebook is Original Oatmeal. Add me on Facebook, if you haven't yet. Send me Friend-Requests and Friend-Suggestions. Tell your friends. Follow me on FB and on Twitter. Subscribe and watch my videos on Youtube. You can find me on Facebook and all over the internet. Just lookup my name. Google me. Just search for Original Oatmeal. Call 090-312-4615 if you want to practice English with me. I am a male native-English-speaking, white-skinned-looking, glasses-wearing, USA-American English Teacher & Tutor. You can learn English for free on Facebook at Oatmeal English. We have English Clubs in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. For more information, contact my female Vietnamese Manager, Joo Nguyen: add her on Facebook. Send her friend requests and suggestions. Write to her. Call her. If you want to know more, on Facebook, you can look up the Oatmeal English Club. Check out my photos on Facebook. I have been in Vietnam since 2012. You can see my adventures on my Facebook Fan Page. Just search for The Original Oatmeal YouTube. My manager is Vietnamese. Contact her. She is about 25 years old. She is fluent in Vietnamese and in English. You can write and talk to her in Vietnamese or English. She can tell her all about me and the English Clubs. Her Facebook is Joo Jolie Tien Nguyen. Our club is at 544 Võ Văn Kiệt, phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, Châu Á. I am a teacher and a tutor of many subjects. You can come to our clubs. I can meet you ate coffee shops. I can come to your house. We can meet at parks. Add me on Facebook. I am here to help.... I have been teaching English in Vietnam since the year of 2012. I have been a teacher since 1995. I was born in the United States. I attend 4 different colleges. I have worked at schools, centers, cafes, shops, stores, restaurants, parks, clubs, houses, places, Facebook, Skype. My skin is white. I wear glasses. People think I am funny and inspirational. I make movies, websites, books. I am a man of many talents. If you need anything, please contact me. Feel free to be my friend. Google Me For More Information. I am the founder of Ironic Mystic. I am the producer behind Mea Omnia. I am a producer behind Restore Main Street.... I am a Web Designer, Film Producer, Writer, Artist, Musician, Inventor, Counselor, Teacher, Tutor, Guide, Pastor, Guitarist, Pianist, Dancer, Singer, Inventor, Actor, Director, Cameraman, Philosopher, Missionary, Basketball Player, Athlete, Strategist, Comedian, and so much more. Feel free to talk to me. You can write to me. You can add me on Facebook. You can google my name. You can find me all over the internet. You can call me. You can email me. You can SMS text message me. You can find me. If you need anything, just come to me. I am here for you....."

Met List

2013-12-07 - Saturday - I emailed myself: "​Here is a list of people I have met and remet today, Saturday: 2013/12/07: Hanh thkh, Pe Heo Tham Daugh Ngok Thu 107, Phuong Nguyen promise of love 2905 Yahoo, Dat Keny Ha: kn cami mex ww Yahoo, Thanh Hue Tam 00 Gmail, Wy Chew (England-Born Chinese Malaysian Buddhist female volunteering for an environmental organization for about a month or so in Saigon, Vietnam in around December and maybe January 2014 as well: I met her for the first time at this Leaf Pagoda that I normally go to on weekends), Nguyen Thi Thi, Nguyen Thuy Diem Luyen, Nhiep Kieu, Thao Ho Thanh Thao Thoo 4308, Nguyen Nguyen Thuan Phat 0802, Mountain Son Dinh Huung Oc Son. The end." I knew Heo Con Nguyen. 04:42 PM: The Rock Nguyen added photos with me in them. Whei said she taught at the Leaf Pagoda on weekdays. So, I didn't see her much but she saw me one time by a bus station one time, like the next day, Sunday or something like that.

23/9 Park

2013-12-07 - Saturday - some of the people I met that day were met at this park. I met Ho Nghiom Ngoc Trieu who wrote: "hello. i hope you happy. i think it's happy to meet you. my name is triều. you can call me with this name. i'm a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education. i living with my aunt and my uncle. i'm 18 years old. my skin is white. that great i agree to make a friend with you. you can send message to me. i like anything because it's made me feel everything is ok. i like sing, paint... that's is something about me."

Pervert Joey

2013-12-08 - Sunday - 07:02 PM - I wrote: "Joey Arnold is a Perfert. PEOPLE MAY NOT LIKE ME, JOEY ARNOLD, THE ORIGINAL OATMEAL. THERE IS THE FOLLOWING AD ON CRAIGLIST: CL vietnam all jobs education/teaching jobs: ptsm6-4232242011@job.craigslist.org [?] Thanks for flagging! Posted: 2 days ago: Over One Year In Vietnam (District 1, Saigon TPHCMC VN). (Images). Stay away for this person! He is a true pervert. Joey Arnold is his name and he has a criminal record in America. He came to Viet Na to hide from the law in the U.S. Do not talk to him and run if you see him. Tránh xa cho người này! Họ là một kẻ hư hỏng thực sự. Joey Arnold là tên của ông và ông có một hồ sơ tội phạm. Ông đến Việt Na để ẩn hình thành pháp luật ở Mỹ không nói chuyện với anh ta và chạy nếu bạn thấy anh ta.Location: District 1, Saigon TPHCMC VN; Compensation: none: Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.Do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers. Posting ID: 4232242011: Posted: 2 days ago (2019-12-06). email to a friend."


2013-12-09 - Monday - 12:56 AM: Joo tagged me in a photo. I knew Clarence Lumpy Rutherford.

Saigoniz Cousine

2013-12-09 - Monday - 11:58 PM ICT: I Facebook messaged Vu HOang Anh:

Met Her

2013-12-10 - Tuesday - 02:59 PM ICT: I knew Huyền Na from the Leaf Pagoda. She Facebook messaged me: "ok, next sunday do you come to Pagoda to meet me... i have seen you before."

Matt Smith

2013-12-10 - Tuesday - 04:51 AM: Matthew Smith: "mabey in a year when i get some vacation time ill come visit you joey."

Sensitive Teeth

2013-12-12 - Thursday - 04:01 AM ICT: Mom - Facebook Message: "for how long?? do you need a dentist?? I use special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. that helps the ordinary little pains, anyway."


In December of 2013, I was a member fo that Facebook group, Another side of Vietnam (ASOV).

Stolen Bike - 23/9 Park

2013-12-13 - Friday - 03:12 AM - I wrote: "he police stole my bike.... read more at My Facebook.

Long An

2013-12-15 - Sunday - video - My Leaf Pagoda students took me to their hometown, Long An. I knew Phuong Huynh. I worked at Saigoniz. I knew Loan Gấu Mẹ Lona. I asked Thu Duc Kim if Thu Duc Kids English could be moved from 5:45 PM to 5:15. No. But 5:30 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays was what we agreed to on Nov.26th, 2013, via email.

District 3 English

2013-12-17 - Tuesday - 07:18 PM ICT: Yen Ngoc. Facebook messaged me: "I live in District 1. My club will be started on February 2014 at Gourmetta (on Le Van Sy street, district 3)." I think I didn't join her club.

Dog Returned

2013-12-19 - Thursday - 05:11 PM: Barnie Anna's dog, Nana, returned home. She posted on my Facebook timeline: "Nnana she came back to my home."

My First Saigon Address

2013-12-20 - Friday - 10:18 AM: I emailed myself: "2013/02/10 Sunday 6 PM - 2013/02/21 Thursday 09 AM: I lived here: 89/40/24 Nguyễn Hồng Đào, Phường 14, Quận Tân Bình, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia. Hny: Dong Nai Province."

Who Stole My Bike Children's Book

2013-12-20 - Friday - 01:47 PM: Rick Arnold Facebook Comment: "Hey I just got a great idea. Get connected with a publisher and write a children's book, "Who Stole My Bike." It will be dual language book, in English and Vietnamese, to help people learn English. It will be the first book in your book series titled, American in Vietnam."


2013-12-21 - Saturday - 03:38 PM ICT: FYG Joo - Facebook Message: "oey, can u find some Christmas videos for next week in order for students to watch and listen to. the video should relate to the Christmas culture of other countries or something like that. we ll let them watch that video, after that we make question about that video but it s too hard to find... can you help me pls..."

Tan Phu Exit

2013-12-23 - Monday - 08:23 PM: Võ Thanh Phương - Facebook Message: "i don't touch any your stuff. you can come and look for it. ah. next week. we must move. and you can come soon." I lived with him and his two roomies in October 2013. I left things there when I moved out in November. I may have rescued some of whatever I left, eventually, but I don't remember exactly what happened. I knew Daniel Ty Huu Bui since 2013. Probably met him at the Leaf Pagoda. I would teach him English over lunch at the library at times.

Craigslist Parody

2013-12-31 - Tuesday - 09:09 PM - Facebook Post - an hour ago - Please flag this on Craigslist. People are spreading untrue rumors about me online - Craiglist Post - Jen-jen Balili Pableo - "Fuck that haters!!!! I do believe you're a good man O.O and those folks are losing their minds!!!!" Tony Jones: "If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. Your Welcome." Me: "What house? Where?"


2013-12-31 - Tuesday - 09:18 PM: - Craigslist Post - I wrote: "Please flag the following on Craigslist: I did not write this: New Microwave Oven Stainless Steel! - ₫50 (HCMC): Moving and looking for a fast sale. Brought this from the U.S. Excellent condition. Will take 1 million VND or $50..0 USD. This cost me almost $300 USD new. GE 1.6 cu. ft. 1,000 watt Microwave - Stainless Steel. Call me at 0163-425-1695 to set up a time to meet. Joey. Location: HCMC: do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers: post id: 4267083720: posted: 2 hours ago: email to friend: ♥ best of... Avoid scams, deal locally Beware wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, money orders, shipping."

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2013, December

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2013-12-07 - Saturday - Kieu Nhiep - HCM.jpg
2013-12-07 - Saturday - Met or Remet Kieu Nhiep - she was my student

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