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This 4th month of 2013 began in District 8 of Saigon, on a Monday. The following Monday, moved to a hostel in District 1. The hotel hostel was called the Saigon Balo Backpacker's Hostel: 203 Pham Ngu Lao, Q.1. It is currently named De Journey. At the end of April, I moved to a room in the Binh Thanh District. The picture above is from 2013-04-28, Sunday.

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2013, April 24th, Wednesday - Oatmaeal Joey Arnold

Work Schedule

2013-03-31 - Sunday - 06:09 PM PST - Yen Mai Nguyen Phuong, of Tan Van, emailed me my work schedule for that month of April of 2013. Each month, generally, I would get a schedule from her. I would teach at a few different schools each day in different districts in Saigon, Vietnam.

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Anna Barbie Met Her in 2013 43591429_562058870930836_1383194385180524544_n.jpg
Met Musician Anna Barbie in 2013

Andy, I Found Work

2013-04-01 - Monday - 04:54 AM PST - I emailed Andy of Papa Foods, "Andy, this is Joey Arnold. I found a job. I want to tell you all about it." No response to that email. 05:13 AM: Joy Sanchez: "Do you have Tyler's email? I want to ask him something." Me: "tylerlcapp@gmail.com." Joy asked about my job. I told her that I would teach at different schools to children with Vietnamese teaching assistants (T.A.), $16 USD/hour. 6 months contract with Tan Van, but I only taught from March to June, 2013. They didn't officially fire me. They just gradually gave me less and less hours each week. The contract said they would have to pay me a raise, a bonus, after a certain amount of months. I was also teaching for New Star in the Tan Phu District of Saigon, Vietnam. Joy thought Kathy was my GF. I said maybe in order to avoid a fight. But Kathy was not. But Kathy was my driver to work. When Kathy stopped driving me the next Monday, the 8th of April of 2013, I paid motorbike drivers (XE OM) to drive me to work, to the schools I taught at. Then I bought a bicycle and drove that to work. On this first day of April, Joy emailed me, chatted with me, was trying to contact Tyler Capp, and Joy wished me luck with my fake Girlfriend. 05:49 AM: Gordon Jones to maybe Kathy or other people who were insulting me on Facebook: "You do have mental problem inside your head like many Asians do because you do not understand some of the things that I am saying. That is an insult. Saying that he has mental problems." 07:50 AM: Thanh Luong made me an admin of the Facebook page English class 4 all which became English Omnia. I don't remember which page, but it might have been that page. 10:50 AM: Brent Groth on Mea Omnia, our website: "Printing and scanning are necessary still I think because sending things electronically from computer to computer hasn't been proven yet. It works in some cases, but there are programs like docusign, etc that are still trying to revolutionize things in the market. We want this to on the site, we don't want people to have to scan, print, copy, etc. If they want, they can, but we want everything to be as easy as pie sent from computer to computer. Very simplified." Mom wrote about GMO on her Facebook. She said there might be GMO in Vietnamese food.

Infinite Altitude

2013-04-02 - Tuesday - 11:01 AM: mom wrote on my Facebook, "What is best in this life is to go to the NEXT life which is eternal." 06:45 AM: Gordon Jones: "Joey Arnold, maybe if you said you were sorry to Kathy."


2013-04-03 - Wednesday - 09:16 AM - mother wrote, "I POSTED some things on mea omnia lately that you will be interested in. I spent all afternoon working on my garden and i'm still ok. Praise the LORD." 05:48 AM: My older sister, Katie Can, on Facebook, wrote this to me, "Your the last Arnold not married Joey :) but feel free to take your time." I did not write this.

Getting to Know People

2013-04-07 - Sunday - 09:43 AM: Nguyễn Sĩ Hoàng, AKA HoàNg RAppi: "You don't know her , she say it , because she want to meet me , you should know her a little Joey. She really miss me so much!" 08:10 AM: Suong Dinh: "There r many around here, but not near dis. 1, about 12km far away, it takes about 45 min by bus"

Coffee & You

2013-04-08 - Monday - 08:21 AM PST: Kathy Dương Phương Thảo: I know you will comment Joey , but i don't really know you will comment this word , you should asking me : "where the way i will come to school tomorow" , it's may be better! I hope you can do you best job!" 09:08 AM: "You should know The adress your working is very hard to find If the people is forgein person And the driver can't using the internet Special the driver in district 1 , they to rich to go the poor district Thủ Đức So , it's mean, if tomorow , i don't take you to school , no people can take you to school , and you should know , it's mean you will lost job forever , event the boss still get mad or not get mad on you! And i still thinking about that" 09:33 AM: "Today i go to coffee shop with Nguyễn Sĩ Hoàng we talking to much about you and me , and my family about our realtionship!" 11:44 AM: Mom: "The USA is starting to become too high priced on some things too"

Kathy Stole My Bike?

2013-04-09 - Tuesday - I wrote on my then Original Oatmeal Facebook account about Kathy the following: "Kathy Thao Duong stole around $4,000,000 VND from me. That is three million. She gets mad at me for not spending money on her, but I kind of did spend a bunch of money and time on her. Plus, some of my most valuable things in my life may have been stolen at the Papa Foods in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. There are things that mean everything to me back there but that suitcase is missing. Joey Arnold." That Facebook profile, along with others, have been terminated by Mark Zuckerberg. You can see a conversation that I had with Andy and others on Facebook, which followed what I wrote in April of 2013 on Facebook. It was drama to some extent. I was mostly trying to raise awareness of certain principles and things. I wanted to use these events as life lessons, as in things we can all learn from, apply or not apply to each of our lives. 09:13 AM: Bett Bonyo: "Girlfriend or money digger?" Kathy drove me to work one last time, on Tuesday, the 9th of April of 2013. She wrote to me on Facebook on Monday and told me she would do that for me, one last time. So, she came Tuesday morning and did that.

Da Nang

2013-04-11 - Thursday - 01:18 PM - Ichada Pham of 277/35 xo viet nghe tinh HCM, invited me to Da Nang for 2 million dongs (VND, AKA $100 USD apx). I didn't go, but she wrote: "Hi Original Oatmeal, Where can I meet you tonight? You can stay at my house SOMEDAY. (__)! Welcome you! And I want to told to you my plan. I can't wait to talk to you when I meet you. (_) 2 next weeks, I will stop working and go someplace to relax for 1 month: my hometown, Da Nang province and Phu Yen province. First, I will go to Da Nang to enjoy Da Nang international Fireworks Festival 2013. We will stay my friend’s house so this travel is very cheap (You just have to pay for your ticket to move, pay for eating, buy gifts). Second, we will go to Phu Yen province to visit my uncle. We can go to beach every day and eat beach food. Don’t worry because my uncle’s family is funy and friendly. And all of things are free. I will introduce about some beautiful play for you. And finally, we will go to my house. My country is DakLak province. My hometown has elephants, o lot of waterfall, coffee… (You can search “Dak Lak” on google image). And have you ever sit on back of an elephant? That will be an interesting adventure. This is most beautiful place of my life. You will know all of information on google. You just have about $2.000.000 VND for this travel. Do you want to go with me?"

2013-04-13 - Saturday - 08:48 AM PST - Andy of Papa Foods on Oatmeal Luggage in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and on Kathy Stole My Bike in Saigon Screenshot at 2019-01-18 20:49:30.png

Smelly Luggage

2013-04-13 - Saturday - 05:31 AM: Andy Nguyen of Papa Foods: "Vietnamese people are so dishonest. If I don't help you and let you stayed in my place for 2 months , you should be homeless now, so keep your mouth shut and don't say Vietnamese people like that, and by the way , your suitcase with all your stuff still here at my place, you better go back and get them out or I'll through them in a trash can. You are the bad American guy that I ever seen. Kathy this is a good thing for you to get him out of your life." 08:17 AM: "You are not a reporter, you are only the loser guy from your own country and now come to Vietnam crying like a baby, you are making a bad image for all american people. I am a secessed bussiness man so I don't really need to seek revnge from you. I told you already that if you don't get your dirdy stuff out of my place I'll through them in trash."08:48 AM: "Yeah I know you so well seen you stayed in my resstaurant for 2 months, you sound like your stuff are very important to you but why dont you carry them with you or at least get them out before you move from north to south Vietnam, just because you only have those not working old hard drive and a broken camera that you asked me to fix and it can't be fix. No body walk away and left there most valuable things behide you here me? I will keep them here for you pick them up all your valuable and expensive stuff, go get them ASAP." 10:15 AM: "You are right i dont want to see you again but your most valuable stuff still in my place. I want to see you to get them all out ASAP, nobody will réponsable for your stuff ok? Your suitcase still here come and get it i dont want to take a picture cause it really smell bad."

More Fish in the Sea

2013-04-15 - Monday - 06:06 PM - Katie Can: "Feels like you should get the hell out of that country. go some place nicer.... you will find another girl and live a great life. this is way too much drama. Love you!" But Kathy was not my girl. I felt like I was held at gun point, forced to pretend as if she was my GF. It's a long story and people took it all out of context.

Spitting Respect

2013-04-16 - Tuesday - 12:04 PM - Tyler Capp: "You have a real fancy way of spitting on people who have helped you. I saw the messages you sent to Andy. I see how you've treated those who just want to help you. And now you expect Andy to do more things for you? Unreal. I think you should pay Andy 10 million VND (at least) PLUS shipping and handling. This should cover things you should have been paying such as rent and food. I think you have 2 weeks to come up with this. And I don't want to hear that you are saying bad shit to my friend Andy anymore. Not a single word. Especially when you haven't even THANKED him for saving your sorry ass. Not a single word to Andy except "Thank you". Do you understand? I know you hate being told what to do but if you continue to upset a good man like Andy, somebody who selflessly helped you, then I will go there and personally throw out all of your stuff. DO YOU UNDERSTAND???" 08:58 PM: I responded, "Hostel has my passport. I can't fly in airplane without passport. I got to get apartment room first." But actually, I could have checked out of my hostel bed. Long story short, people helped me get my stuff back. So, I didn't send money to Andy, as far as I can remember. Others got it and sent it from that Papa Foods restaurant in Bac Ninh and down to house in Saigon. I think Joseph Dinh rode me to pick it up. It was in a box. And he drove me to my then apartment room in the Binh Thanh District.

What do you mean?

2013-04-18 - Thursday - 08:32 AM - Jojo ThienLy Nguyen: "What do you mean?" 07:28 PM: Eric Albert Morse: "It might be good to remember 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs."

Thrown Out? In the dog house or worse?

2013-04-20 - Saturday - 09:52 PM - Joy Sanchez began an Gmail chat conversation with me. I told her that I bought a 250.000 VND phone yesterday, Friday. A friend helped me buy it. Joy asked, "You broke up with your GF?" She kicked me out. She wanted all my money. No, she wasn't my GF. But she made me say she was my GF or else. I probably should have abandoned that toxic environment but felt helpless. It would have been better to stay away from people like Kathy, even if she was helping me. So, I told Joy a little bit about what happened. I was paying $6/day for my hostel bed in a room with 3 bunk beds, 1 bathroom. Joy asked me, "Did you sleep with her?" I responded, "I slept in her house on a mattress. I had a room downstairs. She slept with her mother, upstairs." Joy wanted to know if I had sex with Kathy. I told her no. Because Kathy was not my lover. I was staying at her house because Kathy was helping me. But Kathy also wanted a BF and was also asking if I would take her to America or something. Other people would ask me to do a fake marriage in order to make it to the USA. They said they would pay me thousands of dollars. I would turn down those offers during my time in Vietnam from 2012-2017, during my five years there in Asia. Kathy had a split personality. She physically abused me. She spat at me. She hit me. She scratched me. She tried to run me over with her motorbike. The list goes on. She would scream like a kid on a temper tantrum. She did many things to hurt people, to assault. She said she wanted to marry me. I said that I would. In that situation, I was trying to avoid more abuse from her. So, I was trying to say whatever that would get her off my back. Whenever I disagreed, she would attack me. So, I learned to just go with whatever she wanted. She made me take Vietnamese classes. I had to buy a bike. Then that bike vanished.

Agape Church in District 3

2013-04-21 - Sunday - 12:25 AM - I wrote the address to a church I may have attended for a few Sundays: "Agape Church: 15 Tú Xương, 7; Quận 3; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam." I originally wrote a smaller version of that same address a day earlier on Saturday, the 20th, at 10:36 PM: "Agape Church: 15 Tú Xương, 7, District 3." 10:06 PM: Thien An Ant Ân Đinh: "Should we talk much about the Difference if it is not important for you? I just wonder what you will do for VN, for poor street children, for my country in case that you want to do some things here, not just talk about your seeing. I dont see you as American if you can enjoy yourself as Vietnamese, We can go outside, eat Vietnamese street food, talk about how beautiful the countries are, how kind people is and what should we do for our life."

Billy & Joey

2013-04-22 - Monday - 06:19 PM - I wrote on my Facebook: "I am Billy? Starring Mr. Matthew Kurtz and the lovable Joey Arnold, the Original Oatmeal and laughs from Marilyn Mitchell and Rick Arnold. I am Billy. I will rock your socks off. That is what Janet Bailey always told me. I'd rock her socks off. I wish I could rock more off. Hey, I could never say it right, so please don't tell. Eat my marbles. Arnold Attic."

Fat or Skinny?

2013-04-24 - Wednesday - 03:52 AM - Mom: "I have to forgive myself for gaining weight. I have to accept what I am and let God take care of it. I will not be fat bc I trust God---I look fairly normal for my age." I responded with one letter, "K." Many times, especially in the early 2010's, I'd respond like that as it was faster and stuff. 03:54 AM: Mom added, "Are you going to sleep tonight?" 04:06 AM: "Just wondered." I didn't respond.

Revealing Lies

2013-04-25 - Thursday - 01:38 AM - I wrote: "That is automatic trust. I get kind of sick of the lies I hear people in Vietnam make. Like when kids say their dog ate their homework except that everybody does this here all of the time. I am always trying to reveal their lies by telling them, "No, because of this and that." But they do not seem to understand me. The biggest lie is when people say "I CANNOT do this or that" and i say to them, that they really mean "I don't WANT to do this or that." 03:25 AM: Mom: "I had to restart twice. also replanted the corn, cause our helper did it wrong cause he was in a hurry. I hear cannot when they mean will not or don't want to. can the girl from Bac Ninh talk to person at Papa Foods and convince him, maybe." 05:44 AM: I wrote: "I am asking about the quality of the wires. This is a crucial question because I have bought all kinds of headphones in my life and I know what I am talking about. I have years of experience with headphones. When you pay more money for headphones, you sometimes get the same exact weak cord to go with it that will break soon." 07:07 AM: I wrote: "I am not a spammer. If I said that you were a tree, would that make you a tree? Would you turn into a tree just because I said you were a tree? No. Because I cannot make and create and fabricate reality from what I say. Just because I say it, does not mean it becomes real. It does not matter what I say. What matters is what is real and not what you say or think or how you feel or what you think you see. It does not matter what people think of you. It only matters who you really are. Your reputation is only a shadow of who you really are of your character and integrity deep inside. Peter Phuc Bui says I spam. That does not make me a spammer. He may have got people to report me which may have activated the black hole to destroy my profile. However, that makes him a liar and a bully. What matters is what is real and not what people say. Do not hanged up by the opinions of others. Besides, humanity is cursed and blind and deaf to our perception and reception to reality to our interpretation and wisdom in knowing what is what and who is who."

Boston Marathon Bombing

2013-04-26 - Friday - 11:22 AM - Mom: "Now that alternative truth videos have caught the perpetrators with their pants down in this Boston False Flag, just wait and see the mainstream "news" come out and try to explain that the guy in wheelchair had his PROSTHETIC leg blown off, so that's why there was no blood. Yeah, that's the ticket, let's print that! This is why there is a "Drill" part along with the tragic "Event" part--in case the perpetrators made glaring mistakes in the photos/videos, THEN they just explain it away by saying Oh, the picture / video you saw with the mistakes was just the DRILL. The real EVENT is to offer real victims for satan and strike fear into the sleeping public so they accept more executive orders to take away our freedoms." 11:22 AM: I responded: "It is kind of like the increased airplane security." 04:39 AM: "Here is what a Vietnamese young woman wrote and here is also my edit of it." But I do not have what she wrote, here. I forget what it was, specifically.

2013-04-27 - Saturday - 10 AM PST - Assumptions - Kathy JA Oatmeal Bike Blogspot Screenshot at 2019-01-18 18:54:11.png


2013-04-27 - Saturday - 10:50 AM PST - I gave myself the following advice on my Blogspot blog: "Do not assume. Be patient. Be careful. We have two eyes & two ears, but only one mouth. That means we should observe & listen twice as much as we are to talk. We are too quick to make assumptions. Assumptions can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, misguidance. You may assume that somebody wants you to do something that they do not want you to do. Be careful. Take your time. If it looks like a cat, is it a cat? If it looks like a cat, smells like a cat, talks like a cat, feels like a cat, taste like a cat, walks like a cat, sounds like a cat, acts like a cat, thinks like a cat, lives like a cat, is like a cat, seems like a cat, then is it really for sure, totally, absolutely, & certainly, positively, a cat for sure, or not? If it looks like a cat, is it really a cat? If it sounds like a cat, is it really a cat? Is it a cat? Maybe, but it depends. No. Is it a cat? If it looks like a cat? Can you know for sure? No. It is hard to say. It depends. Life is never certain. Be cautious of making assumptions. If it looks like a cat, is it a cat? It might be a cat, but do not be too quick to think that you know for sure that it is certainly a cat. If you think somebody wants you to do something, then you need to make sure because you could be mistaken. Kathy, a friend of mine, thought (or pretended to think) that she could steal & sell my electric bike. Kathy assumed that it was fine. Kathy assumed that I did not need the bike. Kathy assumed that I wanted to take Vietnamese classes. Kathy was wrong. Kathy made these mistakes because she prematurely assumed too many things without properly and thoroughly questioning me for farther understanding the situations. That is the problem with assumptions. Playing with assumptions is like playing with fire, cancer, drugs, alcohol, sex, or cliff diving. Kathy was wrong. Kathy Thao Duong stole around $200 USD (4.000.000 VND) from me, Joseph Scott Arnold, the Original Oatmeal OJAWALL L4OJ of Forest Grove, Oregon (OR), United States of America (USA). Kathy got me to buy an electric bike around March 2013. Around 2 weeks later, Kathy sells my bike. I did not tell Kathy to sell my bike. Kathy used some of that money to buy Vietnamese classes for me. I did not want those Vietnamese classes, but there are no money refunds at the university in district 1 near the Lotteria near street Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. I am not mad. I am just stating a fact. I have been in Vietnam since Thursday, the 29th of November 2012, when my airplane landed in the Hanoi (HN) airport. The school New Star English Center in Bac Ninh promised to hire me. I worked teaching English for 40 hours until New Star fired me over a Google-Translated email. Andy Nguyen, the owner of the restaurant Papa Foods, let me work & sleep there until I ended up flying to Saigon on Sunday, the 10th of February 2013. Kathy Thao Duong is my female Vietnamese friend who lives in district 8 of Ho Chi Minh City (HCM), Vietnam (VN) that I met on Couch Surfing: CouchSurfing.org (CS) & I first met her in person on a Sunday, the 17th of February, 2013. Kathy really wanted to help me out." Lai Thiên Ân Anna shared a Facebook status post of mine. This might have been Anna Barbie who helped me a lot. I went with that Anna and her family to their hometown for Tet in 2015 & 2016.

I Don't Hate Andy of Papa Foods

2013-04-28 - Sunday - 12:37 AM: I got a comment on my I Don't Hate Andy blogspot blog post from GG: "You know what. Let me tell you. AND I FUCKING KNOW THAT YOU WILL TALK A LOT WITHOUT THINKING AFTER THIS. DO YOU KNOW HOW DID YOU GET 2 JOBS IN SAIGON? ASK YOUR FUCKING SELF... YOU EVEN DONT KNOW HOW TO SAY THANKS TO PERSON WHO HELPED YOU AND LISTEN CAREFULLY ALL THE WORDS I SAID ( DONT EVEN DARE ANSWER ME AND SAY U DID SAY THANKS). REMEMBER WE COULD HELP YOU GET THAT 2 JOBS ,WE ALSO CAN MAKE YOU LOSE IT. LOOK YOUR FUCKING SELF IN THE MIRROR AND ASK DID YOU LIVE IN THE RIGHT WAY OR NOT?" 12:53 AM: I responded: "I do say thanks." 08:48 PM: I wrote the following on Facebook: "I posted a picture of Ho Chi Minh dancing like Gangnum Style on the VND dong money. Facebook must have deleted it. that is not good." 09:57 PM: Heyde Lin: "Will definitely go back to saigon. :-)." By the way, Oanh Bui Bui helped me get my stuff from Papa Foods to Saigon. She was in Hanoi. She went to Bac Ninh to help with that. She met me in person, in January of 2013 and gave me a tour of Bac Ninh in person. 09:13 PM: I wrote: "They call it the Reunification War for a reason. The south and north of Vietnam was divided. The parties of socialism and communism of the north, lead by Uncle Ho Chi Minh of Hanoi, won the war against Saigon and the south of Vietnam. The 30th of April and the 1st of May 2013 is the day that the Vietnam Civil War ended. It was not a Vietnam Versus United States of America USA War. If it was VN vs USA War, then it would be called the Vietnam Independence Day of when Vietnam won over the USA. But it was really a civil war. I posted a picture of Uncle Ho Chi Minh dancing like Gangnum Style on a dong dollar money currency bill VND. I posted that here on facebook. These pictures were running around Facebook all over. It disappeared. I am posting this onto blogs and emails and websites. It seems that the government of Vietnam and/or facebook and/or the people of Vietnam and/or other parties or people do not want the truth to be leaked about the real history of vietnam. The government of Vietnam lies to their own students by telling them made-up history in order to make communism and socialism look very good while making capitalism and democracy and freedoms and rights and laughter and joy and happiness and an end of poverty look bad. — with Rob Ngo,Tran Duc Hieu, Thục An Lương, Joey Arnold,Heyde Lin, Jen-jen Pableo, Đô La Thần Chưởng,Jenny Nguyen, Marilyn Mitchell, David Sheppard, Barry Benghiat, Maria Arnold, Le Bui, Naomi Naomi Nguyen, Hoangvi Lieu, Dieu Le Hoang, Jojo ThienLy, Vy Le, Lai Thiên Ân Anna, Jeffery Oso Murphy, Original Oatmeal,Oanh Bui Bui, Duy Nguyễn and Bett Bonyo inHo Chi Minh City. Tags: English Class 4 All."

Darker Skin

2013-04-29 - Monday - 02:19 AM - Lai Thiên Ân Anna "My skin might turn dark :D Janos too."

2013-04-30 - Tuesday - FYG Couchsurfing INTRO MAYBE APX Screenshot at 2019-01-18 19:06:00.png

Fellowship Youth Group (FYG)

2013-04-30 - Tuesday - 07:26 PM PST - On Blogspot, I included a conversation from Couchsurfing, a travel social networking website, between me, a few other people, and specifically Jolie Nguyen of District 4 who I went on to work with while living in Vietnam. So, I probably met her, and Joseph Dinh, online via Couchsurfing, and later on Facebook, in April of 2013. I don't know about the exact date of when I met them first, on the Internet. Offline, I first met them at the Fresco cafe on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, HCM. So, I began volunteering, helping, and later teaching with them, with their Fellowship Youth Group (FYG) English & Bible ministry in Saigon. I wrote to them on Couchsurfing the following: "I teach English at schools in the different districts in Saigon, Vietnam. I was born and raised going to a Community Baptist church (and other churches too) in Oregon of the United States. I attended Bible clubs like Word Of Life Olympians, Awanas, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in high school. I went to 2 Bible colleges for 3 years. I was a Bible Summer and Winter Camp Counselor at camps in New York, California, Oregon, for 5 years. I was on a 9 month mission trip with the Salvation Army in Hawaii. I was a missionary to the homeless and to the poor children there. In Saigon, some are Catholics and others are Buddhists. I have been to two different Christian churches here. I like the cafe called Fresco on Nguyen Thi Khai because they play Chiristian music. I wanted to be a missionary evangelist since I was eight years old. I have been making movies since I was 10 years old. I write books, build websites, teach, counsel, draw comics, basketball, laugh, tell jokes, travel the world, invent, design, create, bike, video games, volleyball, debate, deep into theology, psychology, anthropology, conspiracies, legends, mysteries, history, helping others problem-solve, telling others about Christ, aliens, crazy things, learning new things, trying new things, teaching people new things, writing a lot of words, Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Tom Hanks, Michael Jackson, movies, action, TBN, the Bible, the Bible Code, Matrix, Metal Gear Solid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and the list goes on. I also like eating Oatmeal. Viettel: (84) 0-163-425-1695. Writing Forums. Live Ninja page DIED. Writer's Cafe." Babie Kim Kimmie Nguyen confirmed my Facebook friend request.

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