2012, October

I biked from Forest Grove, OR to Vancouver, WA to see Matt Kurtz on the 19th, on a Friday, and I almost made it all the way without the help of the MAX Train. GoDaddy was trying to make me and Brent pay more money for our website, Mea Omnia. So, we were battling GoDaddy for months and especially this month, October of 2012. Brent bought the domain name, MeaOmnia.com, around April and we started building the site since then. We continued working on this website project in 2013 as well. After that, we discontinued from that project. We were trying to build an alternative to Facebook and ended up failing. Other than that, I was working for my dad in landscaping. I was preparing to go to Vietnam and had half of the funds needed which was around $400.

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video) | Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

My Life in Vietnam

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October of 2012

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2012-10-07 - Sunday - 06:57 PM our website structure 01.png
2012-10-07 - Sunday - 06:57 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted. I was living in Vietnam (2012-11-2017-11) where the local time is Indochina Time (ICT) which is 15 hours ahead of PST and 14 hours ahead of PDT.

Online Dating

2012-10-01 - Monday - I was dating online as I usually would back then. On this first day of October of 2012 for example, I was in a Google Chat with Kristina Martorillas.

Our Old Shared Server is Back Too

2012-10-02 - Tuesday - 04:59 PM - I emailed Brent Groth: "I logged into GoDaddy.com & ran into our temporary Shared account. So, GoDaddy told you this is what would happen. So, you had pay like ten dollars for this. So, I go back into our old Shared Server & ran right back into our old FTP File Manager. So is our stuff in Shared & Dedicated or just in Shared? Did they move our stuff to our new Plesk of Dedicated yet? I cannot tell for sure. Our temporary Shared goes by the name of MeaOmniaTemporary.com. I guess our old FTP is here temporary maybe. Like I said, I go into GoDaddy, & I get into our old Shared there & I find our old FTP File Manager there. I then click MySQL to see if our old SQL is there also in Shared. It was not. That is good I think. Because I went into Plesk & then into our new SQL & was able to see it mention our new posts in our new SQL. So I am guessing that our posts are mentioned or specifically in our new SQL of Dedicated. That is good I think."

Good Work

2012-10-03 - Wednesday - 12:58 PM - I emailed Brent Groth to say good job in that Mea Omnia was back up and running.

Tracy William

2012-10-04 - Thursday - 02:18 PM - In the name of online dating, I emailed Tracy: "I love making friends. beyond that, I would love to find my future wife as soon as possible. I have so many hobbies & things that I want to do in life. I like to write, draw, dance, sing, basketball, make movies, teach, create, invent, bike, travel the world, try new things, learn, etc.." I was responding to her email where she wrote several paragraphs talking about herself.


2012-10-05 - Friday - 10:28 PM - I tried to emailed the Vietnamese Embassy USA Org but got a mailer daemon reply. Invalid or expired email address. But in the email, I wrote that I got my passport in September 2012 for $150. I thought it was in August. But I guess I didn't actually get in the mail until September. I was emailing asking about how to get a visa for Vietnam. 10:16 PM - I asked Joy and she said her room was like 10 feet by 10 feet. My mom wanted to make sure that I knew how much I could bring on the plane. Oh, I should bring a coat. I asked Joy and she was yeah that her boss got a visa for her when she got there to Vietnam from the Philippines. He didn't do that for me.

Taken 2

Teaching in Vietnam

2012-10-06 - Saturday - 05:27 PM - Google Chat - Joy Sanchez: "did you receive a reply from the boss yet?" Me: "No."

Mea Omnia Building Map

2012-10-07 - Sunday - 06:57 PM - In an email chain, I sent Brent Groth maps I created to help him understand the different parts to our Mea Omnia website. | EWTN - For God & Country - Deacon Bob Ellis | 09:58 PM - Google Chat - Matt Smith: "im using linux mint13 mate as my primary os..." Matt said he was feeling better. Matt said Mate is great as well.

11:16 PM - Google Chat - I told Joy Sanquez that I was watching that Dexter Morgan television show. I said that I was half way there as I had $400. Joy was sad that her boss didn't email me yet and said she needed me there right then as she was being overworked and felt lonely as well. I said I was content in life. Joy said she will be better when she can return to her home to see her daughters someday and to recover her health.

Sins Unto Death

2012-10-08 - Monday - 04:47 PM | 11:07 PM - Google Chat - I wrote to Joy about a $21 one month visa that I was looking at. But I don't think I bought that particular one. I went on to buy a different one I think.

Viacom Nick

2012-10-09 - Tuesday - Viacom strikes a deal to add programming from two additional networks to Hulu: the Hulu Plus subscription service adds current season episodes of Nickelodeon's original programming... | 04:31 PM - New Email Registration - meaomnia7@gmail.com | joeyarnold@rocketmail.com | Slogan & Website Subtitle or Footer: Mea Omnia: the Best of Almost Everything

Laptop & Jesus

2012-10-10 - Wednesday - 05:57 PM - Google Chat - Matt Smith was trying to sell his laptop - Lenovo B575-1450A5U - IdeaPad Laptop / AMD E-Series Processor / 15.6" Display / 4GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive - Black - to me for $150. I said I was going to Bible Study at the First Baptist Church in Forest Grove, OR, which has a potluck where I would see CJ who I knew from high school (FGHS). So, I would eat dinner and some coffee there around 06:30 PM on Wednesday evenings off and on in like 2011 and 2012. I returned for a visit a few times in 2017 and maybe 2018. I didn't get to be a part of the youth ministry. Bible Study at 7 PM. Great pastor who was from Texas. I'm not sure if I ever ended up buying that laptop or not. I think not as I already had or was about to have two laptops in 2012. I had one laptop and got a second laptop from Brent Groth in 2012. I gave my bike, my $80 apx monitor, and my 2nd laptop to Matt Kurtz in 2012 before I went off to Vietnam.

Mea Omnia

2012-10-11 - Thursday - 05:46 PM - I emailed Brent Groth: We are mostly just using these three things:

  1. Plesk
  2. our database
  3. our builder


2012-10-12 - Friday - 12:20 PM - Google Chat - I told Joy that it was rainingand that I was kind of wet. She said she had class at 07:30 AM ICT, that is her time, and eating King Burger and not Burger King. Don't eat too much. Don't get fat. Oh, sorry, I said fat. Oh, no problem, Joy said her students said she was getting slim. Does that make you feel wimpy? What's wimpy? Like not strong. Oh, yes. She wanted to gain weight. I said that once you invite one fat cell into your house, then they invite all their family members to come in as well like my Filipino neighbors did in America. It's like open borders. Then buy clothes and give them your old clothes to kids or even your own daughters. Not a party but my body.

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video)

Mea Omnia

2012-10-13 - Saturday - 04:01 AM - I emailed Brent Groth talking about how I was fixing some of the web page creating and naming problems or was trying to at least. I wrote about how I was hoping Godaddy would be able to fix some of the probelms I was not able to fix or that I would eventually try to fix some of these problems someday if they couldn't.

Death Stars

2012-10-14 - Sunday - 12:36 AM - I email Brent Groth: "Adding stuff to our site each day is like shooting people with a shot gun. Eventually we want to come up with bazookas, cannons, bombs, & even death stars that can blow up planets. So, we want our site to get cooler like a bazooka is cooler than a shot gun. If we get better guns, then we can talk about using the better tools, equipment, but at the moment, we are stuck with the guns we got. So, we are simply just adding stuff to our site. It does not have to be anything specific. Just a little at a time to different web pages & posts. Each day, we can simply add stuff to our site, and we can look at plugins, themes, codes, secrets, we can google, we can email people, we can find people to talk to about improving upon our website. Each day, we should try to add at least one thing to our site before getting lost in the details of sharpening or reinventing our tools." He agreed.

Outsmarting God

2012-10-15 - Monday - 04:36 AM | Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven | Google Chat with Nikki Barbi


2012-10-16 - Tuesday - Rothschilds Are Richest People On The Planet



Nintendo Backdoor

2012-10-18 - Thursday - 02:28 AM - Nintendo can remote access (backdoor) deactivate, terminate, mess up, screw up, break, 3DS if they feel you played pirated homebrew games, software or whatever.

Moving to Vietnam

2012-10-18 - Thursday - 10:47 PM - Google Chat - Joy Sanchez asked: "so when are you coming?" Me: "As soon as my dad gives me money... he is asking for one more week of work... i think i trust him enough to start applying for a VISA right now before he even gives me money... I have over $400. i lied to my dad and told him i only have $100... so that my dad would be tempted to give me more.... I had only around $100 technically speaking... it is just that a friend paid me back around $250 back to me that he owed me." I think I was talking about Matt Kurtz who paid back the money I lended him probably earlier that year. Joy: "have you asked about the round ticket?" Me: "They only wrote one email to me... so they never told me yes or no about that... i wrote back to them but no replies..." You should confirm. Yes. I said I will try to confirm when I try to get a visa. Maybe tomorrow. I wrote about how plane tickets were around $800.

Biked to Vancouver, WA

2012-10-19 - Friday - 09:51 PM - Google Chat - I emailed Joy Sanchez and said that I rode my bike around 30 miles. First, rode 15 miles or more from my house in Forest Grove, OR, to Hillsboro to rake leafs and cut grass at a house, my dad's yard client who we were also helping them move their boxes and things into a moving truck probably that same year and probably around that month. So, it was a two-story house. I was at that house at least two times if not more. But only in 2012 as far as I can remember. After working there that Friday, I continued biking towards Beaverton and then Portland. I think I was getting tired and took the Max train part of the way through downtown PDX. Maybe I took the train from Beaverton to Portland. I eventually made it to Vancouver to hang out with Matt Kurtz for a few days or something. I only had like 15 miles left but stopped biking on my way there and hopped on the train for part of the trip there.


2012-10-20 - Saturday - 06:32 PM - Google Chat - I emailed Matt Smith to say that Warcraft was running slow on my Ubuntu 12 laptop. I said that maybe Mint is faster than Ubuntu.

Vietnam Email

2012-10-21 - Sunday - 08:57 PM - Google Chat - I emailed Joy Sanchez saying her boss emailed me and that I might get a plane ticket in a week as long as I can find trustworthy airline ticket websites. Joy was like yeah, we can share this dirty room or the school could find you something outside of the school. Her one daughter wanted her home before December. She was getting a fever. I said to Joy that she was sweet as in not sour. She said that I was making jokes. Yup but also not totally. She said I was funny. I said yes, funny like an alligator.


2012-10-22 - Monday - 01:09 AM - Google Chat - Brent Groth emailed me about our Mea Omnia website we were building: " think we just purchased Linux centOS-13 I think. Why do you keep going back to iis, is iis somehow connected to Linux." I was telling him before that we should not have Microsoft Windows as the operating system for our Godaddy web server.

Censoring The Internet


TSA Terror


Heavy Eyes

2012-10-25 - Thursday - 12:13 PM - Google Chat - I told Joy: "I gave my dad my bank number. he said he might put some money into my bank next week." | 03:44 PM | 11:51 PM - Google Chat - Brent Groth: "We are going to reinvent the internet." We were working on Mea Omnia with that goal in mind.

Website Engine

2012-10-26 - Friday - 08:05 PM - Google Email - Brent Groth to me about Godaddy and Mea Omnia: "They are pricks for not telling us about this. Adidas would have war with them if they did that to them. Obviously the web builders at Adidas are probably good, but imagine if GoDaddy didn't tell them to back up their retail on their site before switching over. Adidas would flip the switch, they would hit the fan, and so would any other big time company that would have their stuff lost without GoDaddy giving awareness. Having a site, and switching it over is a big deal. Our site is an engine, and the cars are the bodies. We basically moved into a new body of a car, and they forgot to tell us to bring the engine with us. They are idiots. Wouldn't you tell somebody that if they were moving into a new car, that they should probably bring their engine with them. I should of been more educated, but they should have warned me. I think a lot of good companies would.... I can almost remember all of my 100 pictures that I uploaded, so I won't really have to search that much on the internet for them, but it will be tough to compose the same sequence, and it does take time for the photos to load to the site, and display the actual image. It's a pain to do this all over again, but hopefully now we have learned for good, and this won't be a problem down the road." Janice came to teach with Joy Sanchez at New Star in Vietnam around this time.



2012-10-27 - Saturday - Google Email - 05:33 PM - Brent Groth: "They said switching over scrapes all of the information, maybe their wrong." Sometimes, we would change servers and programs for our website. Sometimes, they will tell us that we had to because our site would get too much traffic or whatever. In this particular case, it looks like we lost the files as we migrated. It was like a reset or something. Godaddy was like oh well, that's normal. So, I told Brent that I thought it was unacceptable for them to not backup our files first. Janice came to teach with Joy Sanchez at New Star in Vietnam around this time.

Lost Mea Omnia

2012-10-28 - Sunday - 08:16 PM - Google Chat - Brent Groth: "I told them this. I've spoken to 5+ reps today, telling me almost identical things. Type them a live chat. You'll see for yourself. Our site still has to be somewhere. We just need to find it." Janice came to teach with Joy Sanchez at New Star in Vietnam around this time.

New Teacher

2012-10-29 - Monday - 09:56 PM - Google Chat - Joy Sanchez: "there is a new teacher that came 2 days ago." Joy was talking about Janice. Me: "does that mean they will not hire a third teacher?" Joy: "they still will I guess, since I'm leaving early December.... and besides this new teacher is single... you might become interested in her..." I said it takes a lot to get me interested. She said hey, "Take all the time you need.... I want you to fall in love... sometimes you can say it's worth the pain anyways."

Disney Star Wars

2012-10-30 - Tuesday - 09:10 PM - Google Chat - Joy Sanchez was asking me to go on Skype. I said I didn't want to. She was like ahhh, like whyyyyy? I replied: "i am in somebodys house. i dont want to be too loud. and i want to go on a fast from you..." I think I was at Matt Kurtz's house again or still. I added: "I hope this new girl does not replaces me in your friends list..." Joy asked about my dad's GF, Robin Baker. I said she is still there, same old, and that is another reason why I should get the Hell out of there and go to Vietnam or whatever. Joy: "im surprised that she could send you anytime to Jail." Me: "i am not totally sure about that but maybe she can... which is another reason why i do not like the united states so much... the united states is becoming less capitalistic and more communistic and socialistic and sad and depressing... but america is still better for now than some places... so feel free to come here someday if u want... and i may try to be a citizen of another country if i can."

Disney buys Lucasfilm & Star Wars for $4 billion


2012-10-31 - Wednesday - 02:57 PM - Google Chat - I replied to Brent Groth concerning fixing our Mea Omnia website problem: "we keep on begging them like we did in september..."


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