2007 Hawaii Diary

More of my thoughts from my time in Revolution Hawaii (RevHI) as follows in the photos below. It includes some of my Bible reviewing quiet time, AKA daily bread supplement, AKA Scripture Observation Application Prayer (SOAP).

Don't forget your soap.

Don't wanna be dirty.

2004 STC Diary

After graduating high school in Oregon, I went to work at a camp in New York and then attended that 2 year Bible College there, the New York Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI NY) and then went to Appalachian Bible College (ABC) in West Virginia in 2006.

ABC was A Bold College.


For the summer of 2007, thanks to my younger sister, I worked at Camp Kuratli as a wilderness counselor, which is a Salvation Army camp in Boring, Oregon, USA. In September 2007, joined Revolution Hawaii, which is an annual vocational missionary school. In June 2008, returned to work at Kuratli.

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This blog (of mine, Joseph Scott Arnold): seeks to illuminate my SOAPS (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer), my daily QT (Quiet Time), my meditating upon the Bible (God's Word): this blog seeks to highlight my thoughts and opinions, as I reflect through what I think is the most holiest, most famous, and most capable Book that can stir us all to Living For Revolution!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - SOAP

This is where I describe my journey through scripture!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Rewinder For Prodigal Son
O.2008.9.14.S.9-11apj.L4.CBCH L.2008.9.14.S.4ppj.L4.162



You need to realize that you were never worthy to begun with, that you have nothing, before you have to lose it all, in all honesty, in all reality, in confession, in repentance, in the turnaround, in coming out to rely on Jesus, to give Jesus, our Father, our all, and to come back in after an absence, before we have to lose our organs, our legs, our very souls, if I might be so bold in saying so.

Prepare Them, Calmly But Boldly

State the need to fear, for balance, for preparation, for the troubling teen years are coming for them, and you know this as parents, as adults, as the experience, and you must calmly whisper the contrast of such a future that is coming for sure in some ways or another.

For the morning service that followed, Jesus stood in the contrast of the crittics, and so can we.
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2007-09-19 WED Journal RevHI

2007-09-19 WED Journal RevHI
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