2004-12 Part B

Pocketball was invented by Oatmeal in 2004.

What? Who is Oatmeal? Me, silly, like Tiger, or Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh, "Cuz I'm the only one" that would build a carpetball or gutterball table, change the dimension , length, details, up (AKA Mix It Up) a little, and rename the game, the sport, as Pocketball to mean that I've made the gutters, the ditch, the holes, smaller like a pocket.

Oh, and I like pockets.

I used to draw designs of like smart phones or pocket computers in maybe 2001 before I ever saw them or something. Yeah, I like to draw. Haha, deal with it. Here is a picture of me & Rick at the table I made for my high school Senior Project. I donated my table to my then Hillsboro Community Baptist Church. This picture was taken at that church. We used to attend Word Of Life clubs there. Also, we would attend the West Coast Camp.

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Ricky, Joey, and the Pocketball: December 2004

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We grew up near this bus stop, but on the other side of the street in a trailer park, AKA the Ghetto, in Forest Grove, OR. This bus stop is near the entrance sign of our hometown. Next to us is the Seven Day Adventist Church which we attended a few times like in the 80's. Behind us is Key Bank and what was Whiz Bang Videos in the 90's. Take a right to get to Neil Armstrong Middle School. Down the road is 7 Eleven and a karate place we attended. Rick became a brown belt, I think almost a black belt in the early 90's.

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Rick, Mom, Dad, waiting for Tri-Met Bus 57

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Just the boys, and that basketball.

I'm holding a camera, pretending to take a photo, while in my red Homecoming Vikings shirt. Rick is throwing up a peace sign. Dad, AKA Donnie or Donald, is sporting an electric guitar, trying to look hip and cool like the kids, like the cats and all that, with a backwards hat.

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2004-12 Part B

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Should I crop these photos?

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Katie and a guy.
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2004, December: Pocketball Photo; PDX Family Reunion
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See the Christmas Tree and the Thumbs Up?

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Family Photo, Christmas 2004

Our last family photo as of 2018. We watched some home videos (Arnold Attic Films) which I brought with me to Portland that day. We talked about our childhood memories and stuff. It was interesting. I kind of missed it in some ways. Katie's shirt says "I love Katie." Oh, nice scarf & wig. Crystal is sporting a lip ring.

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Mom, Dad, and puppets

Who let those dogs out?

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Crystal, Rick, Mom, Dad, probably at a bus stop.

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