The Arnold Island united in Portland, Oregon (PDX), for Christmas, in 2004, during my winter break from my first year at my first college, the Word Of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) in New York. For the first time, since maybe 2000 for Cast Away starring Tom Hanks, all six of us got together, plus Katie's then BF.

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During the month of December, 2004, I was copying my home video collection, AKA the Arnold Attic Films, AKA the Forty Four Tapes, AKA the 58 DVDs, to DVD, or I was trying to, at least. The canon of our home videos spans from 1996 to 2003. Anything after 2003 may be considered outside the golden era because us four kids were all out of the house by 2004 or 2005, around that time, we were all growing up, things were changing. I treasure the videos as they bridge our childhood with our entrance towards adulthood, towards global travel, and everything. In 2005, I tried copying the VHS video cassette tapes to DVD again in order to do it better, at a higher quality. In 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2017, I continued in trying to completely archive and save and organize the videos both online and offline. I've written a lot about this before. It is rather complex. Long story short, I've spent hundreds of hours on it. Still working on it, even now in 2018 or am trying to. More on all of this in future posts. Begun trying to archive the videos in 2000, even as we were making new videos at the same time. So, in other words, I've been working on archiving the Arnold Attic for the past eighteen years and have been making videos the past 22 years.

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Christmas 2004

These are some of the photos from December of 2004. I'll be uploading more in the future as soon as I can. Katie invited us to go to her apartment that Christmas, I'm assuming. Mom, Dad, Ricky, Joey, and Crystal, went on the bus, from Forest Grove, our hometown, and went off to the big city, PDX, to see our favorite sister in the whole wide world.

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