RE: 2020-05-03

As a former daily listener for like 5 years or so I know AJ's personal brand of news delivery. The major thing I disagree with him is his belief in the constitution instead of natural rights. In his documentary Endgame AJ says he does not pursue anarchy because it creates a power vacuum which leads to more dictators. For the sake of brevity let me just say I disagree. Another disagreement I have with him is his recent cheer leading of the president. The very last show I tuned into he was interviewing Donald Trump. He did not challenged on some important issues at that time; maybe he did for the sake of time.

I don't judge or even think less of people who post his information. I know his tactics and shenanigans so I don't get wrapped in the he-said-she-said thing. I sometimes laugh alongside with him, and sometimes at his expense --I am not proud of that. The people who endlessly criticized him are somewhat neurotic themselves; not everyone simply a generalization. They are fair critics out there but I mean there is a whole industry making fun of him. I don't think that's by accident, but sometimes he makes it easy for them.

Ultimately, it was not these disagreements that made me tune out from Alex Jones. I meditated on the effect his personal brand had on me after listening for days, week and years without stopping. I felt dis-empowered, frustrated and isolated so I stepped back from his broadcast. I decided to do the research on my own, pursue my life and made many mistakes a long the way. I can safely say turning my back on this phase of my path to self-knowledge was a great decision for me.

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