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- 12:38 AM - 2019-02-04 - Monday - Preparing For The Future - We gotta be preparing for post-Trump, each day.... @Mongoose, I was teaching English in Vietnam. Did some girls like me, like really like me? Not sure. Long story..... @FreedomFighter414 wrote, "PROPERTARIANISM is not a Johnny come lately, it’s been around since the 1800’s with the roots of Propertarianism in our COUNTRIES founding, there was a REASON why women couldnt VOTE, why gay men were looked down upon, why if you dont have OWNERSHIP you couldnt vote…it is called STAKE IN THE GAME…when you have no OWNERSHIP…you are preyed upon…parasites at the TOP parasites at the BOTTOM…both keeping your life in 2nd gear, PROPERTARIANISM changes the behaviors you have that are keeping you from BEING SUCCESSFUL…owning property…knowing your rights…HAVING ownership and say in this country…the ESTABLISHMENT is keeping you from obtaining!"Exactly, gotta have stake in the game, historically, logically, it has been better that way.... MSM does stuff. The Convington Kids & that Bully Indian Story is an example of that.....


- Going Back to What Works - @FreedomFighter414 wrote, "ATHIESTS and AGNOSTICS gave US all the PROBLEMS because we let them LIVE amongst us…taking our kindness for WEAKNESS…where the Muslims would have JUST killed them, we ALLOWED them to contribute to our society, and what they DEEM as progress, they ALLOWED OUR ENEMIES to encircle US…this is how they THANK us..." Exactly. Contribution is something we slowly, gradually, forget, over the decades...... Satan is the brother of Jesus, according to the Mormons.... Bingozee, "Consider the “born again” thing is a fallacy, for this to be possible in any way you would first have to be dead otherwise is play on words and suggestive indoctrination." Who was that old guy who said, "How can a person be born again? Does he have to go right back into his mommy?" Was his name Saint Nick, John 3? It must have been a miracle or voodoo magic.... I'm a fan of Charlie Sheen. Winning like Donald Trump... Reminds me of that awesome song, "I'm proud to be American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died to give that right to me..." .... Weather modification technology is out there. People like Alex Jones and Lionel Nation have interviewed experts on these subjects. The Vietnam American War had suspicious events happening. Also, don't forget about geoengineering is happening. Big Pharma is doing things. A lot of different things are happening. How do we get more people to see what is happening all around the world? All the tree huggers might wanna hug us for letting them know what the globalists are doing to our world. People who believe global warming, climate change, global cooling, things like that, should go after the globalists who are responsible for weather modification and many different things. Know thy enemies. Get more people on board. A lot of people want to save the whales. A lot of people like to recycle. We gotta find ways to let them know where environmental problems come from.... Mama Potato wrote, "In retrospect, it makes all the sense in the world that Endgame would have a lot in common with The Leftovers, but it’s still arresting to see that everyone left in the MCU is struggling to cope with what was essentially the rapture by way of an insane alien god. But the scale of Thanos’ attack on the universe is something that leaves Earth a profoundly different place—cities feel dead, stadiums are left empty, and the world’s mightiest heroes are doing everything they can to prepare for their next big battle." Very interesting.... @Mischief_With_Griff wrote, "I do know humans are full of positive and negative energy." People, by default, lean more negative. We make a difference, to begin with, simply by leaning the other direction. Bingozee wrote, "Foremost prominent response of the mentally ill is first denial then deflection." But thank God you don't ever deny or deflect, right? ..... Alex Jones makes great points. Yeah, Joe Rogan is missing out. What is HAARP?

Finding Freedom

- @Paladin to @FreedomFighter414: "You didn’t 'allow' jack shit. Congress shall make no law…Sound familiar? Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, those are the principles this country was founded on. If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of my country FASCIST." Sadly, Paladin is not considering what that meant at that time, back when people were generally more Christian. More people were on the same page when it came to logic, objectivity, morality. Paladin takes things out of historical context.... @Nwenglarz asked @Paladin the following question, "Without a God, what is the value of life?" ..... @Paladin said to @Nwenglarz, concerning @FreedomFighter414, "He’s the one telling me I am not allowed not to believe, I should be lucky I haven’t been killed for not believing, etc. Fucking Christian fanatic fascist, 100%. No exaggeration. Read his posts to me and then try to defend them." But that didn't happen. Paladin is either purposely or mistakenly misquoting people. I'm not sure if he is doing this with the intent to divide like Soros or not...

Drama Destroys?

- Nwnglarz wrote, "This app is live with drama and will die as a result." But wouldn't that mean that Infowars would have been gone years ago according to that logic, right? See, drama is an object lesson, potentially. That's the point. You can learn from this. You can see how progressive liberals argue, how they think, how they do things, by reading these threads, these forums, on this app, on this website, on computers, on phones, on devices. We learn from illustrations like this. We bring people together. Savannah Hernandez might agree with you, that we spend too much time looking at the divide. They post videos of the drama on the streets in order to help us learn. Steven Crowder does Change My Mind Videos for the same reasons we participate in these threads.

Catholicism is not Christianity.

- The Crusades was a response to Muslim Invasions. Paladin wrote, "Christianity is responsible for the death, murder and suffering of hundreds of millions." He is conflating Christianity with things that are allegedly labelled, falsely, as Christian. Just because something is deemed Christian, doesn't mean it is. Go back to the source, Jesus, in order to discover what Christianity really is. Go back to the source of Islam, Muhammad, to find out what Jihadism & Sharia is all about..... @Bingozee is now a comedian. He wrote, "Hey! This is not your thread! How dare you post your comments here, going to have to tell on you! MODERATOR... Just trying to cheer peeps… so much drama in this sad world of ours…" .... Catholics are not Christians. Paladin wrote, in defiance of that, "Factually incorrect. Christianity has inflicted murder on its own in the form of sectarian violence for a millennia." .... Bingozee seems to have changed his writing style, at least for today. Bingozee wrote, "Be like, 'DON’T FEED THEM TROLLS, THEY WILL HUMP YOUR GOATS.' Hehehe." ... What's your authority? What's your foundation, objectively? @Troy wrote, "For the record, I’m not a Christian nor am I a believer in the Bible." I see what you did there. Play-on words. TheRecFem wrote, "GOD IS I AM. I AM NOT I AM!" .... Exactly. That's what it is all about. Pipeline wrote, "Isn’t that great meeting like minded patriots..." ...... Yes. No. Regardless, we shouldn't wait to find out. Think win-win in life. Either you get involved, everybody, in order to help Trump, because he failed too much, or you get involved to help Trump because he is winning too much, or a combination therein. We gotta think proactively, more and more. FreedomFighter414 wrote, "Trump is a FAILURE, I am preparing for civil war!"


- Bitcoin is good but also dangerous for a few reasons. I wrote, "Alex Jones said Soros was trying to give Bitcoin a bad name..." Cryptocurrencies are competing with the Federal Reserve, which is not federal, and with fiat currencies in general, like the dollar, and world banks and Soros and others. That's good. It's good to compete. It's good to seek to decentralize the centralized tyrannies in the world. Globalists have been using monetary systems, money systems, to enslave humanity for centuries. So, collect gold, if you can, everybody. Collect canned foods. Collect things before it is too late..... Yes. True. Call it drama, like what we have here, maybe. Call it whatever you want. But I like what Alex Jones does. I believe in it for a bunch of reasons. @ProudInfidel wrote, "So now he is defending himself against Joe Rogan which he should. It’s honestly really important because there’s a lot of people blinded by “oh Joe Rogan is a free thinker” nonsense..." Yes. Agreed. @TheIsz wrote, "[Alex Jones] picks his battles..." Yes. It's better that way. @CaptRon wrote, "[Alex Jones has been] interrupting as we are trying to watch...." Well, if you don't like it, then don't watch AJ. I understand why AJ does what he does. It's for a bunch of reasons. I could start a new thread about it. But it works. It's better that way. I like it. It's better than alternatives for a bunch of reasons. The biggest reason is that there is not enough time to not do that..... Yes. Exactly. AJ is doing that. He's helping the world in so many ways. @TheIsz wrote, "Imhv, AJ’s primary job is town crier. His goal is not being what NBC or ABC should be. AJ’s job is to break through the conditioning, not just by reporting the truth, which if that was all would be very brief and easy. AJ also has to prove his truth, he has to prove their lies, he has to make it consumable for any listener based on the general public’s comprehension level so they can connect the dots (to which he’s constantly repeating himself because every listener is at a different level of wokeness) and on top of all this by picking and choosing his battles....." @Pipeline wrote, "[Alex Jones] has changed from his original style. Listen to some shows from 5-10 years ago."

Finding Balance

- Here is a great quote from Mama Potato who wrote, "If you don’t balance exposing evil with being immersed in God’s Word, you run a high risk of falling away..." Unity is crucial. Paladin is right, when he wrote, "You’ll need all the friends you can find soon enough. Remember that."

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