Banning Oatmeal - Part 022

Drive By Journalism? Did you know I was banned from Another Side Of Vietnam (ASOV) in Facebook Groups in 2014 for defending English Teachers, Christians, Western Civilizations, four-eyed nerd geeks, against SJW NPC Bullies? I've written a bit about this in the past. I've made a few videos. I'm planning on writing some new articles about them for Banning Oatmeal. I've been banned so many times from so many different places for so many reasons. What do you think about what bullies are doing to the supporters of Owen Benjamin?

Banned Oatmeal

Read about how Oatmeal Joey Arnold was banned from the Infowars Army Community Forum - Chapters - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - Wanna do offline activism with patriots, activists, journalists, people like Griff, Paladin, and many others? Then join Infowars Army and tell them that Oatmeal sent you. What are you waiting for?

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Fresh Off The Oatmeal Press

2019-03-18 - Monday - 02:51 PM: Can you smell what the oatmeal rock is cooking? - Griff: "I love how oatcum posts everybody’s posts as a tabloid drive by journalist clog posts which says we don’t read it. Oh, I read it. He posted a link to my server, and it’s a server for dedicated activists and not drive by journalism, I’m trying to keep the activists safe and he wants steemit bloggers to come into the IWA SERVER and report everything on steemit. Which would defeat the purpose of that server. Good thing we have an airlock. Fuck yourself Oatcum." Griff wrote this on the Infocomms. He might be saying that I'm not really writing enough of my own stuff and that the stuff I end up writing is not even stuff at all, that is if King Griff declares what I write not to make sense. Speaking of making sense, here is a good example of how things can not make sense. Today, Frank called Alex Jones and referenced what sounded like the last time Alex was going to be on air. It was actually a piece, like a little movie. Alex said that made sense. But Franks said it didn't make sense as Frank was only listening via the phone. That's how some people listen to the show, via radio, phone, the Internet, Ham Radio. So, Frank didn't know it was satire. Frank said that. Alex agreed. Alex said that Frank got him. Now, in some ways, Griff and the Mind Bender Crew may got me as well in some similar fashion. Well, ot exactly in the same way but they may not see what I'm trying to say in many regards just like how Frank may not have got what Alex was saying as well.

Your Opinions Are Like Capitalism

2019-03-21 - Thursday - 12:03 PM - New Thread on the Infocomms - Griff wrote to me: "Your opinions are like capitalism. If they benefit the community and contributes then you become popular. If it’s shit posting and doesn’t contribute to anything then expect to get shit on. Take some notes @JoeyArnoldVN. No More spam." Yeah, is Katie Hopkins hot? Griff responded to that question: "Oatmeal is excited." Alex Jones is excited as well. God made women beautiful. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. Husbands, love your wives; likewise, wives, honor your husbands. Let Christ be the center of your relationship with your spouse, the cornerstone to families.

Suing Oatmeal

2019-03-23 - Saturday - 09:53 PM - Mama Potato Threatens Oatmeal - She posted some photos. You can click here to see her photos. Wait, no, don't click here because then she will maybe sue me. That is what she wrote on the Infocomms. Here is the irony. She wants people to see her photos and she doesn't want people see her photos if I'm the one getting paid some money to help other people see her pictures. Same thing for Norma. @supremebeing, no. My @JoeyArnoldVN account is not out of timeout. So, I was told that a staff would get back to me on that, and that was a month ago. I'm still waiting to hear back from them on that. So, in the meanwhile, I made a new profile named @joey. Very simple. I was thinking of naming it the Ghost of Oatmeal. Haha. @artsyneva, thank you and I agree. @well_well_well, I love Romans.

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The Saga Continues

2019-03-20 - Wednesday - 09:37 AM: Should I have Joey Arnoldvn on the podcast? - Ghost of Mischief With Joe Griffin Griff of Utah: "Serious question: There has been a lot of bad blood between Joey And I and I think it’s a good idea to squash the Beef. So I’m thinking about bringing him onto the podcast so he can speak his piece but I’m uncertain. If I did it would be on Monday. What do you think? Yes, or no?" Good question. What does Joey say? Another good question.

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Poll Results

Who said no? Paladin, Bingozee, Leviticus, Broadway Joe, R_Total39, DuxGinger. The original therecfem: "Face-to-face discourse can alleviate a great deal of tension. Good for you for extending an olive branch. :dove:." Griff: "We’ll see what happens."


More Details

Griff: "Didn’t really get an answer." Well, actually, the answers are all over the place. Broadway Joe: "Fuck peace, flattops, and Oatmeal. Period." Mama Potato: "@broadwayjoe412 hey you where u been… Been missing ya on the chat!! :wink::heart::grin:." Potato to Griff about Oatmeal Joey appearing on the Mind Bender Podcast or not question: "Do we have a for sure answer on this??" Griff: "He accepted the call."

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More Details

2019-03-24 - Sunday: 08:11 AM: Burying Oatmeal Bowl Spoons - Proud Infidel: "Awesome! It’s time to bury the hatchet er oatmeal? :wink: looking forward to the podcast." Griff: "Going live tomorrow." artsyneva: "What time tomorrow?.." Griff: "4pm Pacific. 5pm mountain. 6 pm central. 7 pm eastern." Potato: "Yay!! :+1::wink:…should be interesting to say the least…" Chris Bradley: "Go for it! Leave the link when its done." NPC: "I will take my break at 5 then lol." Rtotal: "Gonna be retarded. Just sayin. Griff make sure you post it on your steemit as well to make some change. You know Joey will be." Griff: "I know." Like Han Solo. I love you, said Princess Leia. Oh, I know. Trump colluded with Russia. Really? Oh, I know, says the leftists freaks. Artsy Neva: "I’m looking forward to the video. I’m central time." Lord Mike Hansen: "Who and where is Joey?" NPC: "He is a guy that got banned awhile back." Hansen: Hmmmm bop. just kidding. Hansen: "Oh what for?" Why was Oatmeal banned? 09:01 PM: NPC: "He used to take what people say here,also peoples art, and post it on his Steemit account and profited from it…Some other things but that was the main issue. He has since made another account named Joey…But it seems like, so far he has learned his lesson…his other account is still banned." Nope. Wrong. This is part 22 of the Banning Oatmeal series and these are some of the many lies that people spread about me. I was not stealing. I was sharing. I was helping. I was marketing. Yes, things costs money. If I'm making money while working, that is not bad. Things costs money. Marketing, advertisement costs money. Plus, fair use. Plus, many differe factors. Remember that some things may lie in the public domain. I talk about things for so many reasons. I'm helping in so many ways. Do I need to make a list for you to see what I've been doing? What I do is protected by fair use and other laws according to Steven Crowder as they are transformative and many things. It's a long story and that is why I'm writing and talking about these things. There is still more to be said and I'm writing and talking about many different things. I'm not only talking about this. I didn't steal art. I shared it like you would on social networks in the same ways. Plus, think about how our fourth amendment, that of privacy, has been violated. Think about how Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, and others, steal billions of dollars from us each year in so many different ways. But some people might be upset that I've made a few pennies over working. I've been working, marketing, creating content, referencing, quoting, marketing, etc, etc, and big tech is making so much money off us. But they are not the bad guys? I'm the bad guy? Mama Potato wants to sue me, that is if I were to share her photos which she already shared online? Google has her photos, but why is she not suing Google for stealing her photos? Because Google is too big? I'm the little guy? So, sue Little Oatmeal? Sue Lil Oatmeal cuz he is an easy target like how Alex Jones was an easy target?

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Banning Oatmeal - Part 022

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