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The Rappeh party, at it's heart a grassroots movement, was established as a voice of the people in order to fight the extraordinary human rights abuses, the destruction of our economy, and the forced and coercive methods driving a program of experimental treatments and medical interventions.

We come entirely for the sake of returning our essential bodily autonomy and right to self determination to all of Israel's citizens. We do so against extraordinary opposition; the media, mainstream and social, censors our message of integrity at every turn. We subsist on your initiative to donate to support this new party and to spread our national and global message wherever you can.

This is a battle that requires all hands on deck, one that is for the sake of our today and our children's tomorrow.

Every vote matters and every shekel is essential

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For donations:

For a donation by bank transfer 💳- Please contact Anna by phone or on WhatsApp: 052-340-6809

For donation by credit card - Please download the PayBox app and click on the following link:

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