My introductory post on hive

Hi hivers, I count it great privilege to finally be a part of this community ...


My name is Rufai Samuel oluwajuwon, I don't really have a nickname though 😀...
I am a guitarist, and I've been playing for some time now and the journey has not been smooth but by the way,it has been interesting..... Started playing way back 2012 and I try my best to help others learn


I play for different bands and I am much specialized on African genres but I do blues, soul and to some extent jazz... I am a student of Lautech, ogbomosho, oyo state,nigeria but I'm based in Lagos State

I can't end this post without acknowledging @starstrings01 for this great opportunity he showed me, I'm very grateful brother...
And I know that this time I signed up ,this forum @hivepeople @hivepack will keep on progressing.
And I hope all you guys support me please .. Thanks and God bless you

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