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Hello everyone in the Hive community. My name is Thu and I come from Vietnam. I am currently a final year student majoring in communications

I am very passionate about traveling and exploring. I'm excited to meet a new friend on my journey. I love sharing and talking with them about the history, geography and culture of the place where they live.




I love the people and the land all over Vietnam, I'm grateful for the people I've met. They taught me many lessons


I enjoyed learning about the law of gravitation and numerology. I always believe that everything in life is relative
I love the saying "You only live once". I cherish and appreciate every moment that I live on this earth. I believe exploring will help me develop more and my knowledge will be richer

I am 21 years old and on a journey to find myself, who am I, what mission did I come to earth with.
I wish I could go to all of Vietnam before getting married. And later can set foot in many places in the world.



Today the world has a lot of changes happening, I want to bring my self-worth to help people live more positively. The more modern life is, the more insecure and tired people are. I find joy in traveling and meeting strangers



My daily life is simple with studying, cooking, exercising, reading and working. I'm very happy because thanks to @trangbaby, I got to know the amazing Hive community


This is where I can share my stories and thoughts about life. I want this to be a place to keep the unforgettable memories of my life
I look forward to being able to make friends with you in this community and learn a lot from you. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment❤️

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