I am a Newbee and this is my Introduction to Hive


At this point, I still don't have a full grasp of who I am. I mean, who does? But let's not focus on the existential questions that sometimes keep me awake at night. Today, I'm gonna introduce myself to the amazing platform and community of Hivians/Hivers as best as I could! Yay!

I am Carmina Echavia, just turned 25 this month, and currently living in Tagum City, Philippines. I graduated BSED Major in English and taught for two years. When the pandemic hit, I decided to put teaching on pause and started live streaming playing games like Mobile Legends and just recently Axie Infinity.

I enjoy doing a lot of things! Please be warned. I don't excel in all of these activities. However, for the sake of focus, I stopped pressuring myself to be outstanding at all of these. As long as I enjoy them and as long as they make me feel alive, they will stay with me.


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I mostly write poetry. It is my attempt to make sense of my emotions and experiences. For so long I tried writing short stories, but my first ever completed story was written just this year as an entry for a contest. As a matter of fact, I posted it here on PeakD. You can check it here: @cloflo/axie-infinity-lore-contest--mataios



I sang Can't Help Falling in Love during my students' promenade.


Sorry about the low-quality photo. Just snapped it from a video. Here, I sang Yellow by Coldplay, one of my fave!

I've been singing since childhood, but I wasn't able to hone it. Now, I just sing for fun. No contests. No lessons.



I have a thing for painting stars, I realize. I plan to paint more, fill my house, and pretend everyday is an exhibit day. Let me bring the stars inside!



Why can't I love games when they enable me to do things I can't do in real life like becoming a badass chic surviving a zombie apocalypse, a fairy that flies around and heals teammates, or just a regular person who can amazingly run for three hours and still have the energy to fight a bear! Aside from these, I am thankful because gaming brought me here to Hive.

How I discovered Hive

I started game streaming last year because I believe in the massive growth of the gaming industry in the years to come. Then here comes Axie Infinity rocking the scene because of its play-to-earn feature-- a revolution indeed. I didn't have a hard time applying for a scholarship program since my being a streamer gave me an edge. One time, our guild assistant admin encouraged us to join a lore writing contest by @axiebuzz here on PeakD. I placed third, but the ultimate prize for me was that I was able to be introduced to Hive-- a decentralized platform, rewarding users for their quality content, comments, and upvotes! I am a newbie to crypto, defi, NFT and I find Hive a great source of knowledge to learn about these things. Playing a decentralized game and being on a decentralized social media? Hell yeah!

A huge shoutout to @traciyork and @lovesniper for encouraging me to make an introductory post and for curating my first post here on PeakD. I didn't expect such attention and appreciation. I am looking forward to meeting people, sharing interests, and contributing value to this platform. Thank you for welcoming me here and definitely have a blast of a day!

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