Hey, I am Vyash Ramjatan. A 20 year old electrical-engineer student at the Anton De Kom University of Suriname. One of my life goals is to get my masters degree, MSc, before I turn 25.

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I live in a very beautiful country, #Suriname. Suriname is know for the multicultural society and also for the fact that it is covered for more than 90% by the rainforest.
One of my hobby's is to travel. I like to go on trips, especially to places in the rainforest for relaxation.

3kokro is one of my favorite places! It is creek with clear-brown cold flowing water, in the middle of the jungle!
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Further more my hobbies do include working on my car and explore how the machines and engine work!
Working on my moms car and also on mine.
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My car is a Honda Cr-v with a K24A1 engine. It's DOHC and has I-Vtec.
The engine is k-pro tuned to make some more power.

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Ans last but not least...
I like what I'm studying, especially the practical part.
This is a kwh meter, a device which measures electricity usage.
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And this is a PBS (portable working station). With this device I had to define the accuracy of the kwh device.

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This is my third post on Hive. I didn't know that a good way to start with it was to create a #introduceyourself post. So I wanted to start over. @raishmi told me about HIVE and how it works. Back then I tried to post something but it wasn't a succes (I think)
So here is my (first) post

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