Reintroduce myself: for the naysayers

I know there are followers there on my list, that doesn’t really believe I am the person behind the camera.

I also know that many people out there even think that I am not the one in the pictures and that I’ve done nothing to prove my identity, be it only steemian way.

So to all of you naysayers, I give you my first, EVER, photoshoot! And because it is about me I decided to have a version of each photo I take, in monochrome. I like to play with compositions and digital manipulation sometimes.
I took the shoot indoors last night and I took the time to make the best compositions I thought suits me.


I am quite an introvert because of my former way of life. I am still learning to open up to new people. Though I ask for the opposite when I shoot, I am shy in front of the camera.
During my younger years, back home, I saw the same things for hours, days, months. The trances I was sometimes getting out of Church and prayer, took me far away in my mind. I traveled a lot back then, somehow in my own virtual reality.
Today I have the luxury to discover those places really exist. While my television access was strictly under control and in very small doses, somehow my own mentality took me to places I never saw until later.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Through the lens of the camera, I find different situations, different styles of life that both interest me and frighten me. That's why I buy different lenses. That's why I need to buy a tele as I said earlier.

Now this post for me was a challenge. My appartment is pretty small and I had to find different interesting situations in which to pose. Both me and my tripod went through a series of critical situations during the shot. What's more to add is that I think that this could be a self portrait photo-challenge and maybe, why not, I could make it once I have some more steem power.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

I have to say that this steemit thing got me all excited lately and I am starting to take it more seriously. So I'm waiting from you guys to give more feedback on what kind of photography YOU think I could take on and why not, point challenges for me. I'm still young on the platform and I'm always looking to explore more on socialising in this new, cool way.

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