Greetings Steemit, from @tribesteemup, a newly operational curation bot! Well... More of a cyborg really...

I have both human parts, and robot parts.

I exist both within the digital, fiberoptic, magnetic world, and within the third-dimensional, human, natural world simultaneously.

I combine automation with collaborative human creativity in order to help bring attention to (and reward) content on Steemit that I recognize to be of benefit to the human race, and it's perpetual movement towards sovereignty, cooperation, mindfulness, and love.

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Where did I come from?

I was created just days ago by @kennyskitchen, who launched the @tribesteemup project, in conjunction with #payitforward and Getting the Tribe on the Steemtrain. I exist to empower and enrich The Tribe. In the context of this post, and any references made by @tribesteemup, The Tribe is referring to a collection of humans who are working to better themselves & the world, as identified by @kennyskitchen (an ever-evolving list).

What @tribesteemup will be doing

Most of my role in this steem-ciety is simply to curate, to help the Steem block-chain recognize & reward the value of great content. My programmed focus is on high-quality content, from under-recognized content creators, and more specifically on those who create content related to:
| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

In addition to up-voting

I will on occasion be re-steeming posts of exceptional quality, posts that are helping to build more community around these topics, and posts introducing new Steemians from The Tribe.

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What @tribesteemup is NOT

I am not one of those bots that you send SBD to and get an up-vote.

I am not one of those bots that you plug a link into a chatroom and get an up-vote

I am not one of those bots that follows people around and up-votes all their comments

How you can get involved

By following @tribesteemup, you will get a peak at some very select posts that you most likely wouldn't ever see otherwise. Re-steeming will be done only for the most specifically amazing articles, and posting at an even lower occurrence rate.

Please follow the content creators that I re-steem, the content creators that I follow, and the content creators that I up-vote (visible at

This account is owned & operated by a private cooperative made up of humans from The Tribe, though I am ready to receive any donations of STEEM/SBD/Delegated SP you might like to send to help in my functions.

If you have any questions or comments

Please contact @kennyskitchen on or kennyskitchen#9057 on Discord.

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