Introducing Myself to Hive - @tinman88

Hi Hive community. My name is Dion and I will be going by the username @tinman88. This feels like being invited to a party, grabbing a drink and sitting in the corner like a lost dog not knowing anybody!! I do feel a little bit nervous, which is why it has taken me a little while to fire up since I opened up my account. I have never done any blogging in my life, but I promise I will start marking conversation here. I am not going to slide out that door so easily. I promise to give the best of my abilities on this platform.

Hi Hive Community this is Me. Nice to meet you All :)


This is my beautiful Lady. The love of my life.


Just a little about me. I was born April 16th 1988 and raised in Sydney, Australia, the only child in my family, but that doesn’t bother me as I have an awesome Mum and Dad and great friends surrounding me. My main hobby is cars. I remember my Dad buying me an electric toy Mercedes for my 10th birthday and I still remember pulling this car apart then putting it all back together again without throwing any nuts or bolts over my shoulder. My Dad is an Automobile Engineer and he taught me well and now today I am still pulling cars apart and completely resorting them as a living, so you can see now how my username @tinman88 has been established. I will talk more about my passion of car rebuilding and resorting in my future blogs.

Some Cars Which I Have Resorted In My Time.







In my spare time when I am not playing with my big boys toys, I do a lot of traveling, enjoying nature and different country cultures. Escaping away from the big city to a crystal blue water tropical island listening to nothing but the waves crashing on the shoreline. I love that peace and quiet, away from the sounds of constant panel hammers banging up against them panels and smelling the paint fumes in the auto shop, even though I enjoy my work, you do need a break away from it.

Some Beaches I Have Visited Around Australia.

Woolgoolga Beach, New South Wales.


Malabar Beach Sunset, Sydney, New South Wales.


Lennox Beach, New South Wales.


There is a twist to my life style that happened 3 years ago which was made upon my own choice and that was to move and work in another country for certain reasons, and I have no regrets about this at all. This will be told in one of my upcoming blogs.

My Home Town, Sydney, Australia, that I left Behind Only Temporary.


At this point I have no one that I know on Hive. I made a decision I wanted to do some blogging and share my life hobbies, experiences and my love of nature, so I when to Google for assistance, I found Hive.

I'm hoping I'll have something meaningful to add to the community!

I like to thank you all for reading my introduction and accepting me here on Hive. I am very excited and eager to share my stories here on Hive and be Productive.

Also like to thank you all for visiting my introduction blog, I am very grateful to all of you.