The introduction

Hi there to all the hive user I am new here with a new concept , I hope you will like this concept the is quite simple.

This is just an introduction hoe this account will going to work here , this account is just to translate some good and genuine post to speech hope this will work in this amazing platform .


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most of us are too busy with our works and other stuff and didn't get enough time read a long posts but we all want to read them then this is a good service to use.

I will try to make this concept great day by day, I just need your support to grow here, I will start as soon as my account will grow here I more I will grew the more I will convert the post.

There are two rules for the whole program-
1. The post are randomly selected by @text2speech.
2. If you want to convert your post text to an speech (in audible format) then you have to just comment YES below

This is service is only for the posts With up to 10,000 characters only.

The audio file will be kept for life time.
This service is only for English contents only.
this fees will be life time, this is only one time investment and life time return.
Feel free if you have any questions in mind.

I have a lots of plan about this all the things, if everything will goes as good I have thought.

this is sample how this all will work let me know what you think.

text to speech sample
thanks. Just need your support, together we all will grow and of- course the @hive will also.
it's @text2speech

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