Hello Everyone!


I'd like to introduce myself, as I am new to Hive! Some people call me Travis, some call the Texas Traveler.

I was born and raised in Texas with the love of anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors or traveling. With both of those, this world has so much to offer and see. Growing up with dad, he would always take us camping, fishing, hunting, and even hop in his friends airplane to go have lunch at one of his favorite BBQ joints. I knew as a kid what my heart was set on.

I've currently been to 47 states in the USA (Minus- Wisconsin, Maine & Alaska) and have some pretty awesome trips all around the world getting lined up and I love to share my experiences with everyone. From the food all around the world, to sandy beaches of Jamaica and Mexico, even submarine rides over the awesome reefs of Grand Cayman, to European country hopping, I'm here to share it all! I hate no one, and love everyone! I can't wait to get to know everyone and see all the awesome post from all over the world.


Sometimes you sit and wonder where this crazy life is going to take you. In the same time, you sit and wonder how you even got to where you are now, but as long as you keep climbing and not falling, what does it even matter. Just enjoy each moment this life gives you. Im so thankful of everything good/bad in my past that has led me to where I am now.


Provo Canyon, Utah, USA